Michael Phelps Ready For France This Weekend

Michael Phelps Ready For France This Weekend


Let’s see what altitude training does for Michael Phelps.

The Olympic superstar will compete at the Paris Open this weekend after high-altitude training this past month at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Phelps decided to skip the Mare Nostrum Series and USA Swimming Grand Prix in California to train in high altitude.

The theory behind high altitude training is that if you can adjust your body to perform at competitive levels with less oxygen in your blood and muscles, then when you travel to sea level to compete you should have a higher level of endurance.

The “extra” oxygen will prevent the early build-up of lactic acid and keep the heart rate lower even though a swimmer is pushing himself harder than at altitude.

Phelps will not compete on any relays. He is entered in the 100- and 200-meter freestyles, 200-meter butterfly and 200-meter individual medley.

Frenchman Alain Bernard will compete against Phelps in the 100 freestyle on Saturday. Reigning world champion Cesar Cielo will also be in the 100 field.


USA Swimming, the sport’s national governing body, has named eight open water swimmers to the 2010 Pan Pacific Championships roster for the open water 10K that will be held Aug. 22 in Long Beach, Calif.

Olympian Chloe Sutton of Mission Viejo, Calif. and Pan American Games gold medalist Fran Crippen of Conshohocken, Pa. head the roster.

The remaining members of the U.S. women’s team are Emily Brunemann of Crescent Springs, Ky., Evan Fabian of Keene, N.H. and, Christine Jennings of Longmont, Colo.

The men’s team also includes Chip Peterson of Pine Knoll Shores, N.C., Andrew Gemmel of Wilmington, Del. and Alex Meyer of Ithaca, N.H.

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SOFLO’s Campo, Goldman Go Distance On Opening Day of FGC Coral Springs Invitational

SOFLO’s Campo, Goldman Go Distance On Opening Day of FGC Coral Springs Invitational

CORAL SPRINGS—Less than a week after competing in the Texas Senior Circuit Meet at Texas A&M, Brandon Goldman wasn’t as tired as he thought he would be.

Especially after making his 1500-meter freestyle debut on the opening night of the Florida Gold Coast Coral Springs Swim Club Invitational at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex.

“I thought I was going to be more tired but I felt good in the water,” Goldman said. “I’m just a little fatigued.”

Goldman, 15, one of the youngest in the field, finished third in 17 minutes and 49.13 seconds. Ricardo Monasterio, 31, of Davie Nadadores won in a career-best 16:09.38.

“It didn’t really hurt,” Goldman said. “I am kind of disappointed with that swim. It was all right for the first time. I just thought I was going to go a lot faster.”

Goldman was able to maintain consistent splits throughout the mile.

“I was happy my splits weren’t all over the place,” said Goldman, coming off an outstanding meet in College Station, Tex. “I was consistent. I just wish I was consistently faster.

“The one thing I was happy with was that I wasn’t tired and I know I can go a lot faster,” Goldman said. “Michael (Lohberg) thinks that I will be good at the longer distances. He wants me to swim the 800. This was just good practice.”

Campo, 12, swimming in only her fourth 400-meter freestyle race, won the 11-12 age group race in a career-best 4:49.86.  Her previous best time was 4:52.09.

SOFLO teammate Carly Swanson, 12, finished second and also swam an impressive career-best 4:58.38. Her previous best was 5:03.66.

Campo was one of two SOFLO’s individual champions on opening day.

“I was happy with my swim,” Campo said. “For me it’s easy to sprint long distances. I think Coach thinks I can be a better distance swimmer.”

Campo picked up her tempo midway through the race.

“I felt a little stiff at the beginning and then I got used to the water and started going real fast,” Campo said. “On the first 100 I just wanted to keep up with everyone. At the second 100 I started progressing forward and getting ahead and the last 200 I just gave it my all.

“I like the endurance races, I have the stamina,” said Campo, who is competing in six events over four days. “I am not that tired or out of breath at all.”

Also in the girls’ 11-12 400 freestyle: Jessica Rodriguez, 11, fifth, 5:03.87, best time; Kylie Herman, 12, sixth, 5:07.41, best time; Alani Carrasco, 11, 12th, 5:28.22, best time; Monica Rodriguez, 12, 13th, 5:28.46; Emily Neville, 12, 21st, 5:47.84, best time.

SOFLO head age group coach Bruno Darzi was pleased with Goldman and Campo’s swims. Goldman has been training for longer events and the opportunity presented itself at this week’s meet, Darzi said, for him to swim the 1500. He also said Campo trains “extremely hard” and the 400 suits her.

Even though swimmers are not rested for the meet, Darzi still expects them to race well. He called the meet a “stepping stone” for future meets this summer.

“I would like them to try and go fastest in each one of their events,” Darzi said. “If you don’t want them to race you might as well pull them out. There’s no point in swimming a race if you’re not going to go.

“At this part of the season they need more racing experience,” Darzi said. “We are doing some fast stuff in practice but it’s not the same thing as going to a swim meet and racing other swimmers. The more experience they get the better they will become. This meet is great for them because they get to swim prelims and finals.”

Most of the swimmers are training for various future meets including sectionals, seniors, JOs, junior and senior nationals.

“This meet is a stepping stone to another meet that the kids are training for depending on the age group,” Darzi said.

In other races:

Emily Kopas, 13, one of the newest members of SOFLO and swimming unattached (mandatory Florida Gold Coast LSC transfer rule), knocked off Megan Moroney, 13, of St. Andrew’s Swimming in the 13-14 400-meter individual medley. She won in 5:21.45. Moroney finished second in 5:22.88.

SOFLO’s Emma Lincoln, 14, finished third in the 400 IM in a career-best 5:31.78 (her previous best was 5:40.93). SOFLO’s Kristina Brennan, 14, also swam a best time to finish sixth in 5:40.98. Her previous best was 5:53.06.

In the boys’ 11-12 400-meter freestyle, Alfredo Mesa Jr., 11, was second in a career-best 4:56.02 (5:06.65 previous best) and Raphael Mora, 12, was third in a best time 4:57.23 (5:13.15 previous best). Other results: Juan Lucas, sixth, best time 5:17.23; Gustavo Valery, 12, seventh, 5:17.91; Alexander Viloria, 12, eighth, 5:19.13, best time; Stefano Dioguardi, 12, 11th, 5:29.04; Santiago Arango, 12, 17th, 5:44.91; Ryan Capote, 12, 18th, 5:47.87.

In the boys 13-14 1500-meter freestyle, Blake Kelley, 14, was second in a career-best 18:30.04. His previous best was 18:38.37. Roger Capote, 14, was fifth in a career-best 19:42.63. His previous best was 20:01.87.

Leonie Davies, 13, coming off her national debut in Texas, was second in the girls’ 13-14 800-meter freestyle in a career-best 9:58.98. Her previous best was 10:13.99. Gabriella Fawaz, 14, was sixth in 10:56.39, another career-best. Her previous best time was 11:00.69.

In the girls’ 15-and-over 800-meter freestyle, Katie Brennan, 16, was fifth in a career-best 9:48.94 (previous best 10:00.23). Brittany Williford, 17, was ninth in 10:17.78.

Tomas Klosterman, 14, was fourth in the boys 13-14 400-meter individual medley in a career-best 5:39.43. His previous best was 6:07.79.

In the boys 15-and-over 400-meter IM, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, 19, was seventh in 4:50.20; Marc Rojas, 16, tenth, 4:56.28; Loai Tashkandi, 19, 11th, 5:00.13.

Courtney Marx, 18, was fourth in the girls’ 15-and-over 400-meter IM in 5:30.25. Kristina Nork, 15, was sixth in 5:48.45.

The four-day meet, featuring more than 600 swimmers, continues today with a full schedule of events with prelims at 8:30 a.m. and finals at 5 p.m. The public is welcome.

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