Florida Gold Coast Central Division II Meet Ends On Good Note For SOFLO

Florida Gold Coast Central Division II Meet Ends On Good Note For SOFLO


July 11, 2010

South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers, full of hope for the future, ended on a good note Sunday night.

On the third and final night of the Florida Gold Coast Central Division II meet at the Academic Village Pool in Pembroke Pines, SOFLO turned in some outstanding swims including FGC Junior Olympic cuts and career-best times.

“Our kids swam well,” said SOFLO head age group coach Bruno Darzi.

Third grader Amanda Kopas, 8, one of SOFLO’s newest members, competed in her second meet since her family moved to South Florida from New York.

“I am happy, really happy with the meet,” said Kopas, who started swimming when she was 5. “My best event was the 50 breaststroke. I didn’t get any JO cuts. I had fun.”

On Sunday, Kopas finished second in the 50-meter breaststroke in 52.59, after swimming 52.44 in prelims. She was also sixth in the girls 10-and-under 50 backstroke in 50.09, bettering her prelim time of 51.05.

Eighth grader Nicole Gautieri, 13, who started swimming in the Swim America program at age 4, was fourth in the girls 13-14 50-meter backstroke in a career-best 38.92. Her previous best was 39.33. She was also seventh in the 50-meter breaststroke in 43.74.

“Overall, I think I had a very good meet,” Gautieri said. “Some of my races I was happy with but some of them I should have tried a little bit better.

“I was happiest with my 50 backstroke,” Gautieri said. “It’s the event I took the most time off.”

Rebecca Wilkerson, 13, also an eighth grader, recently aged up two weeks ago into a new age group.

“I am really close to my cuts,” said Wilkerson, who also started in Swim America at age 3.

“I was happiest with my 200 breaststroke,” Wilkerson said. “It was really good. I dropped 38 seconds. I’ve been working hard in practice. My goal is to go to the Olympics someday.”

Wilkerson, who competed in six events, finished third in the 13-14 50-meter backstroke in a career-best 38.77, bettering her prelim time of 41.32. Her previous career-best time was 39.26. She was also fifth in the 50-meter breaststroke in 42.77, bettering her prelim time of 43.39.

Eighth grader Cara Vota, 13, also competed in six events. She has made a smooth transition since switching from gymnastics to swimming three years ago.

Vota finished second in the 50-meter backstroke in 38.01. She swam a career-best in morning prelims in 37.93, a FGC Junior Olympic cut. Her previous best time was 40.35.

“I am very happy with my meet,” Vota said. “I probably like the 200  backstroke. I got first and dropped a lot of time. I got my JO cuts in the 50, 100 and 200 backstroke. I like improving.”

Charlene Forti, 11, won the girls’ 11-12 100-meter freestyle in a career-best 1:16.21. Her previous best time was 1:17.93 which she bettered in morning prelims in 1:17.83.

Ten-year-old Maya Ginzburg continued her best meet of her young career. She swam back-to-back career-bests to win the 50-meter breaststroke. She won in 50.63. Her prelim time was 50.88. Her previous best time was 56.45.

Ginzburg also won the 100-meter freestyle in a JO cut time and career-best 1:20.82. Her previous best was 1:32.98 which she bettered in prelims in 1:23.21.

Other SOFLO highlights were:

Boys 13-14, 200-meter individual medley

4.Bryce Pierce, 13, career-best 2:59.90 finals, 3:00.75 prelims, 3:17.28 seed.

Girls 10-and-under 50-meter backstroke

2. Isabella Pittinger, 10, 46.16 final, 53.15 prelim, no seed.

3. Megan Schimansky, 10, 47.22 final, 46.38 prelim, 45.92 seed.

Girls 11-12 50-meter backstroke

4. Charlene Forti, 11, 42.62 final, 43.33 prelim, 41.83 seed.

Boys 11-12 50-meter backstroke

6. Luiz Hosfeld, 12, 49.22 final, 48.86 prelim, 44.17 seed.

Boys 11-12 100-meter freestyle

7. Luiz Hosfeld, 12, 1:20.42 final, 1:23.08 prelim.

Girls 15-18 50-meter backstroke

3. Kimberly Sauer, 15, career-best 42.85 final, 45.45 prelim, 43.45 seed.

Girls 10-under, 100-meter freestyle

2.Hannah Virgin, 9, 1:25.27 final, 1:27.73 prelim, 1:25.08 seed.

5.Megan Schimansky, 10, career-best 1:25.55, 1:24.38 prelim, 1:25.56 seed.

7.Delaney Biro, 8, 1:27.88 final, career-best 1:24.79 prelim, 1:26.93 seed.

Girls 11-12 50-meter breaststroke

4.Lindsey Kaufman, 11, 47.35 final, 48.12 prelim.

5.Charlene Forti, 11, career-best 47.42 final, 49.33 prelim, 47.81 seed.

BOYS 15-18, 50-meter breaststroke

6.Nicholas Nocera, 17, 42.33 final, 42.05 prelim, 40.70 seed.

Girls 11-12 100-meter freestyle

6. Lindsey Kaufman, 11, career-best 1:20.14 final, 1:24.52 prelim, 1:21.57 seed.

7. Camila Vara, 11, career-best 1:20.67 final, 1:23.80 prelim, 1:24.65 seed.

Girls 13-14 100-meter freestyle

5.Lindsey Sauer, 13, 1:09.94 final, 1:09.33 prelim, 1:09.13 seed

Boys 13-14 100-meter freestyle

8. Bryce Pierce, 13, 1:09.47 final, 1:10.04 prelim, 1:09.03 seed

Girls 15-18 100-meter freestyle

6.Kimberly Sauer, 15, 1:17.19 final, 1:19.56 prelim, 1:17.14 seed

Boys 15-18 100-meter freestyle

2.Nicholas Nocera, 17, career-best 1:03.04, 1:04.56, 1:07.25 seed

3. Aaron Ojalvo, 19, career-best 1:03.07, 1:03.96, 1:05.05 seed

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GOLD’s Hughes, Mitchell, Sargeant All Come Up Big On Final Day Of St. Pete Masters Meet

GOLD’s Hughes, Mitchell, Sargeant All Come Up Big On Final Day Of St. Pete Masters Meet


GOLD’s Hughes, Mitchell, Sargeant All Come Up Big On Final Day Of St. Pete Masters Meet


On the final day of the St. Pete Masters Long Course Swimming Championships at North Shore Pool, GOLD produced several individual champions.

Pat Sargeant, 57, was a triple winner and swam two career-best times.

Sargeant won the 55-59 50-meter freestyle in 31.79; 100-meter backstroke in a career-best 1:24.98, bettering her previous best of 1:27; and 200-meter individual medley in 2:58.19, another career best bettering her previous time of 3:12.

Jeannie Mitchell, 64, also brought home three firsts, a second and career-best time in the 60-64 age group competition.

Mitchell won the 400-meter freestyle in a career-best 6:58.21, bettering her previous best of 7 minutes. She won the 50-meter backstroke in 45.20 and 100-meter backstroke in 1:37.21. She was also second in the 50-meter freestyle in 40.16.

Maureen Hughes, 57,  won the 55-59 50-meter backstroke in 39.14. Hughes was also second in the 100-meter backstroke in 1:34.05, third in the 50-meter freestyle in 36.77.

Other GOLD finishers were:


40-44 50-meter freestyle: 3. Ann Stewart, 40, 33.80; 50-meter backstroke: 4. Ann Stewart 39.04; 100-meter backstroke: 4. Ann Stewart 1:27.86; 100-meter butterfly: 2. Ann Stewart 1:31.35; 400-meter freestyle: 1. Ann Stewart 6:01.89.

55-59 50-meter freestyle: 2. Barbara Protzman, 56, 35.11; 100-meter butterfly: 1. Peggy McDonnell, 55, 1:24.00, 2. Barbara Protzman, 56, 1:35.81; 200-meter individual medley: 2. Peggy McDonnell, 55, 3:02.34 best time; 3. Barbara Protzman, 56, 3:17.97.


18-24 50-meter freestyle: 1. JC Mejia, 24, 32.08, career-best, 34.00 seed; 50-meter breaststroke: 1. JC Mejia 37.92; 200-meter breaststroke: 1. JC Mejia 3:16.47.

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