Phelps Goes Five-For-Five At Indianapolis Grand Prix

Phelps Goes Five-For-Five At Indianapolis Grand Prix


March 5, 2011

Michael Phelps is beginning to look like the old Michael Phelps.

The 14-time Olympic gold medalist walked away from the USA Swimming Indianapolis Grand Prix feeling a lot better about his swims than he did after the Austin Grand Prix.

On the third and final night, Phelps added two more gold medals in world-best times at the Indiana University Natatorium.

After a disappointing 2010, Phelps looks to be on his way back with the World Championships in China and 2012 London Olympics firmly in sight.

In a much-anticipated race against Ryan Lochte, Phelps won the 200-meter individual medley in 1:56.88. In a close race, Phelps pulled away at the 150-meter mark. Lochte was second in 1:59.88.

Phelps also came on strong at the end to win the 100-meter freestyle in 48.89 to finish with five gold medals.

“I felt awesome coming home the last 50,” Phelps said. “Coming off the wall felt incredible. The first 50 didn’t feel that great, but then being able to get in and out of the wall fairly quick and then building some momentum and speed coming off that wall, I just felt good.”

Lochte, who is training through the meet, pulled off a challenging triple that included the 200 IM, 200 backstroke and 100 freestyle consolations. He won the backstroke by more than a second.

“I’m seeing spots right now,” Lochte said. “That was probably the hardest triple I have ever done in my life. My legs are still kind of shaking from it. Overall swimming those events back-to-back in the matter of time that I did, I am pretty pleased with the times I posted.”

Lochte knew it would be a tough meet going in. His current training is geared more towards weightlifting and less swimming.

“As I get older, there’s less focus on swimming and more focus on the little things outside of the pool,” Lochte said. “My coach says this is the best he’s seen me in the past four years.”

Phelps, meanwhile, will return to North Baltimore with longtime coach Bob Bowman to fine tune.

“This year is a big year for me,” Phelps said. “Coming out of the world championships, we’ll be one year away from the Olympic Games. I really want to be able to have a program set by the end of this summer that I am confident with going into the Olympic trials.”

Teenager Missy Franklin, competing in six finals over three days, won the 200-meter backstroke, nearly five seconds ahead of the women’s field in 2:07.96. She was also fourth in the 100-meter freestyle in 54.93.

“I’m pretty tired,” Franklin said. “A nice comfy bed sounds really nice right now.”

Olympian Dana Vollmer won her third event of the meet in the 100-meter freestyle in 54.36.

Olympian Chloe Sutton won her second event of the meet in the 800-meter freestyle in 8:29.20.

International winners included Erica Morningstar of Canada in the 200-meter individual medley in 2:12.59, a world-best, and Ous Mellouli of Tunisia in the 1,500-meter freestyle in 15:04.16. It was his third win of the meet after capturing both the 400 IM and 400 freestyle.


Two-time Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Adlington and Robbie Renwick won the first two gold medals on the opening day of the British Gas National Swimming Championships at Manchester Aquatics Center.

The reigning Olympic 400-meter freestyle champion, despite a head cold and back spasms, won the event in 4:02.84, seventh fastest in British history.

“I wanted to get in and swim well but to do it in 4:02 is amazing,” Adlington, 22, said after the race. “I am so happy to get back down to my time in Beijing and especially in a 100 percent textile suit. I can’t ask for anything more.”

Renwick won the men’s 400-meter freestyle in 3:51.90.

The top two finishers in each event qualify for this summer’s World Championships in Shanghai, China.

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SOFLO’s Lincoln Breaks Through With Career-Bests; McKnight, Atkinson, Rodriguez Win At FGC Seniors

SOFLO’s Lincoln Breaks Through With Career-Bests; McKnight, Atkinson, Rodriguez Win At FGC Seniors


March 5, 2011

Emma Lincoln is leaving her mark on this weekend’s Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships in Plantation.

The South Florida Aquatic Club swimmer is four-for-four in career-best times including two on Saturday night.

Lincoln, 15, broke a minute in the 100-yard butterfly for the first time in 59.09 to finish fourth and had another big time drop in the 200-yard freestyle, cracking the 1:58 barrier twice including 1:53.80 in finals to finish second.

Unlike most of her teammates, Lincoln tapered for the three-day meet to focus on swimming best times and making zones.

“She is on fire,” SOFLO coach Kathleen Klein Prindle said. “It’s very exciting to watch. She wanted to do well at this meet. She has broken through a few hurdles.”

On Friday, Lincoln swam career-best times in the 100-yard freestyle (53.00 in prelims and 53.33 in finals to finish second) and 500-yard freestyle (5:07.87 to finish fourth in finals). She has the 50-yard freestyle and 200-yard individual medley remaining on Sunday, the third and final day of the meet.

“This meet is more like a stepping stone,” Lincoln said. “My times are getting where they should be. I am hoping for more drops in the future. I have to say this is a pretty good meet for me.

“I have just been training hard. I love the training program at SOFLO.”

Lincoln said “a weight had been lifted off my shoulders” when she touched the wall in the butterfly.

“Oh my God, it was such a relief to break a minute in the fly,” Lincoln said. “I have been mad about that lately. It was the one event consistently through high school I was trying to break a minute. I was so close (1:00.12) every single time.

“Once you break a minute in the 100 and 30 in the 50, once you’re past that, the drops almost come easier even though you still have to work hard for them. It helps mentally. It’s been pretty fun. If I wasn’t having fun I wouldn’t be doing this.”

Lincoln said it helped having teammate Lindsey McKnight swimming alongside her in the races.

“That was huge,” Lincoln said. “Swimming next to Lindsey really helps. She has a lot more experience than me. She’s gone to bigger meets like the Olympic trials. It’s nice having her to race against, to have that motivation to see how close I can get to her and see roughly where I am.”

McKnight, 16, looking ahead to sectionals, didn’t shave or taper for the meet. With her broken toe completely healed, McKnight was focusing on working on her walls and underwater kicks.

McKnight won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:51.06, the fastest swim of the night among 15-16 and open women. She was also second in the 100-yard butterfly in 56.41.

McKnight and Lincoln also teamed with Katie Brennan and Linea Cutter on the “A” 800-yard freestyle relay to finish second in 7:47.69.

“I am swimming through this meet,” McKnight said. “Bruno made it very clear that I was training through it with no rest whatsoever. I wasn’t looking to go crazy fast but I didn’t want to be completely off my best times. I wanted to maintain a good stroke and try to work on what I do in practice.”

After sectionals, where she hopes to swim best times, McKnight plans to train in April and May with no meets and then compete in Europe in June.

“This meet is another stepping stone for me, a fun meet with great atmosphere,” McKnight said. “I am around people I have known and raced against since I was 8 years old. I feel very comfortable. I still love it. I couldn’t imagine my life without swimming.”

Other SOFLO milestone swims:

Anne Kuczynski, 16, swimming under 2 minutes in the 200-yard freestyle twice (1:59.86 in prelims and 1:57.45 in finals to finish sixth). 

Brandon Goldman, 15, with an impressive time drop in the 400-yard individual medley in 4:08.21 to finish second. His previous best time was 4:15.20. “That was phenomenal, just great,” Prindle said.

Two-time Olympian Alia Atkinson, 22, won the 200-yard breaststroke in a career-best 2:11.90. Her previous best was 2:15.53.

Alex Rodriguez, 19, won the 200-yard breaststroke in 2:03.39 bettering his career-best of 2:04.50.

After two days, Fort Lauderdale Aquatics leads the combined, women’s and men’s team standings.



1.FLA 2,074, 2. Davie Nadadoes 1,449.50, 3. MAC 1,407, 4. SOFLO 1,184.50, 5. Lake Lytal Lightning 881.


1.FLA 1,165, 2. Lake Lytal Lightning 746, 3. SOFLO 668.50, 4. Davie Nadadoes 632.50, 5. Metro Aquatic Club of Miami 609.50.


200-yard freestyle: 15-16, 1. Lindsey McKnight, SOFLO 1:51.06; SOFLO: 2. Emma Lincoln 1:53.80, 4. Marcella Marinheiro, Unattached-SOFLO 1:55.91, 6. Anne Kuczynski 1:57.45, 19. Maria Lopez 2:02.01, 30. Amber Hunter 2:05.66, 49. Brianna Giordamella 2:16.59; Open, 1. Damaris Iriondo, FLA 1:52.39, SOFLO: 12. Linea Cutter 1:58.21, 13. Katie Brennan 1:59.63, 30. Brittany Williford 2:06.04.

50-yard backstroke: 15-16, 1. Chelsea Britt, FLA 26.13, SOFLO: 2. Emily Greenwood 27.87, 3. Marcella Marinheiro, Unattached-SOFLO 28.36, 17. Rachel Ling 30.48, 18. Amber Hunter 30.56; Open, 1. Carol Colorado, DANA 26.45.

200-yard breaststroke: 15-16, 1. Gaby Garcia, AK Sharks 2:25.46; SOFLO: 5. Anne Kuczynski 2:35.38, 8. Kristina Nork 2:41.02; Open, 1. Alia Atkinson, SOFLO 2:11.90; SOFLO: 3. Gina Gautieri 2:21.55, 2. Elle Weberg 2:23.10, scratched finals.

100-yard butterfly: 15-16, 1. Chelsea Britt, FLA 55.49, SOFLO: 2. Lindsey McKnight 56.41, 4. Emma Lincoln 59.09, 8. Maria Lopez 1:00.30, 19. Amber Hunter 1:01.65, 21. Kristina Brennan 1:02.22, 37. Kristina Nork 1:08.34; Open, 1. Ana Anaya, MAC 56.32; SOFLO: 16. Linea Cutter 1:03.73, 14. Natalie Montana 1:03.27.

400-yard individual medley: 15-16, 1. Ali Schulhofer, DANA 4:28.58; SOFLO: 9. Kristina Brennan 4:51.67, 17. Belinda De La Torre 5:26.04; Open, 1. Rebecca Aiello, FLA 4:31.85.

800-yard freestyle relay: 1. FLA 7:40.56 (Chelsea Britt, Lauren Driscoll, Flavia Segatto, Damaris Iriondo); SOFLO: 2. “A” 7:47.69 (Katie Brennan, Emma Lincoln, Linea Cutter, Lindsey McKnight), 11. “B” 8:23.14 (Brittany Williford, Maria Lopez, Kristina Brennan, Amber Hunter).

TIME TRIALS: 100-yard freestyle: 1. Linea Cutter, SOFLO 53.85.


1.FLA 909, 2. Davie Nadadores 817, 3. MAC 797.50, 4. Unattached-Davie 706.50, 5. SOFLO 516.


200-yard freestyle: 15-16, 1. Julio Ballestas, MAC 1:40.46; SOFLO: 21. Mike Franco 1:52.34, 32. Darryl Perez 1:54.28, 47. Kyle Desrosiers 1:57.58, 48. Roger Capote 1:57.92; Open, 1. Fernando Santos, Unattached 1:37.93; SOFLO: 12. Hazem Tashkandi 1:44.96, 17. Marco Hosfeld 1:47.07, 24. Valerio Rasi 1:49.19, 28. Mauricio Hidalgo 1:51.08, 42. Fernando Cardenas 1:55.08, 45. Jaafar Bouland 1:55.82.

50-yard backstroke: 15-16, 1. Diguan Pigot, MAC 24.41; SOFLO: 2. Brandon Goldman 25.34, 3. Keegan Boisson-Yates 25.59, 33. Xavier Brown 31.58; Open, 1. Vinic Kleinert, DANA 23.43; SOFLO: 11. Fernando Cardenas 25.88.

200-yard breaststroke: 15-16, 1. Ryan Rosenbaum, FLA 2:07.39; SOFLO: 3. Luke Torres 2:10.51, 8. Daniel Lee 2:21.11, 26. Joshua Cutter 2:37.73; Open, 1. Alex Rodriguez, SOFLO 2:03.39; SOFLO: 6. Marc Rojas 2:15.01, 9. Brian Arnaud 2:19.85, 10. Marco Hosfeld 2:23.00.

100-yard butterfly: 15-16, 1. Julio Ballestas, MAC 51.16; SOFLO: 20. Javier Menchaca 56.74, 22. Mike Franco 56.88, 23. Xavier Brown 56.94, 27. Darryl Perez 57.32, 37. Jacob Walters 58.54, 46. Daniel Lee 59.47; Open, 1. Julio Galofre, Unattached 48.87; SOFLO: 11. Abbas Qali 52.23, 11. Zain Qali 52.90, 20. Valerio Rasi 54.29, 28. Mauricio Hidalgo 55.02, 38. Fernando Cardenas 56.26, 52. Jaafar Bouland 58.64, 57. Nicholas Perez 1:00.95.

400-yard individual medley: 15-16, 1. Julian Radice, Unattached 4:05.96; SOFLO: 2. Brandon Goldman 4:08.21, 9. Mike Franco 4:28.65, 26. Javier Menchaca 4:45.86; Open, 1. Carlos Omana, MAC 4:04.70; SOFLO: 8. Marc Rojas 4:20.37.

800-yard freestyle relay: 1. Davie Nadadores 6:50.04 (Jesus Marin, Glen Sochackyj, Yousef Alaskari, Aaron Dsouza); SOFLO: 6. “A” 7:20.69 (Marc Rojas, Marco Hosfeld, Hazem Tashkandi, Keegan Boisson-Yates); 9. “B” 7:29.02 (Daniel Lee, Abbas Qali, Darryl Perez, Mike Franco).


What: Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships

When: Sunday

Where: Plantation Central Park Aquatic Complex, 9151 NW 2nd Street

Schedule: Sunday, prelims 9 a.m., finals 5 p.m.

Admission: $3 per session, $3 heat sheet per session. For information call 954-452-2526.

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