SOFLO’s Tiffany Oliver Makes First Olympic Trials Cut With Career-Best Swim At Charlotte UltraSwim

SOFLO’s Tiffany Oliver Makes First Olympic Trials Cut With Career-Best Swim At Charlotte UltraSwim


May 14, 2011

Tiffany Oliver wasn’t even expecting to swim Saturday night at the 27th annual Charlotte UltraSwim.

The South Florida Aquatic Club swimmer was first alternate in the 50-meter freestyle after finishing 25th in 26.79 seconds in morning prelims.

“I was in the hotel when I found out I was first alternate,” said Oliver, a freshman at Florida State. “I didn’t think I would swim or need to warm-up so I went to the pool a little later.

“I brought a suit just in case. I looked at the heat sheet and saw I was swimming. I forgot my towel but at least I had my suit, cap and goggles.”

Swimming in Lane 8 against a fast field in the “C” final, Oliver, 18, swam a career-best time of 26.31 and qualified for her first Olympic trials Saturday night at the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center in downtown Charlotte. The qualifying cut time is 26.39.

The 2012 U.S. Olympic trials are June 25-July 2 at the Qwest Center in Omaha, Neb.

“Whahooooooo! Nice trials cut,” said her SOFLO Coach Chris Anderson when he learned of her time.

Anderson has worked with Oliver since she was young growing up with the Comets program at the Academic Village Pool in Pembroke Pines. She is the first West Broward High School alum to qualify for the Olympic trials in swimming.

Oliver, not fully-rested, went into the meet hoping to swim fast times but never expected an Olympic trials cut.

“I went into the meet and was going to drop time, but making the Olympic trials cut was a nice surprise,” Oliver said. “It hasn’t really hit me yet. This is the biggest thing to happen to me in swimming. It is the highest cut I ever made.”

Oliver said she treated it like any other race.

“At first I got a little nervous then I told myself it was just another race and I can only do better,” Oliver said. “I wasn’t really thinking I just went. Usually I catch them at the end of the 50 but I was leading after the first 25 meters. It was all solid.

“I feel like I can go faster,” Oliver said. “I wasn’t fully tapered. I want to go faster the next few months of summer.”

Oliver, who was doing homework during the meet Saturday night, plans to finish school on June 20th and return home to train. She plans to compete in both junior and senior nationals where “I want to drop times there.”

SOFLO teammate and two-time Olympian Vlad Polyakov qualified for his second championship final for the second consecutive day.

Polyakov, 27, was fifth-fastest qualifier in the 200-meter breaststroke in 2:20.49 and came back to finish fifth in 2:18.38. Eric Shanteau won his second gold of the meet in 2:10.95.

SOFLO’s Tyler Sell, 18, was 24th in the “C” final of the 400-meter freestyle in 4:07.48.

Other SOFLO results:

48. Kevin Bandy, Unattached, Kentucky, 200-meter butterfly, 2:09.72.

99. Kyle Bandy, Unattached, West Virginia, 200-meter butterfly 2:20.40.

In other championship finals:

Women’s 200-meter butterfly: 2008 Olympian Kathleen Hersey, 21, of Atlanta led from the start and held off Elaine Breeden, 22, to win in 2:09.12. She went out in 28.97 at the first turn and 1:02.24 at the 100.  

Women’s 50-meter freestyle: Jessica Hardy, 24, of Trojan Swim Club came from behind to overtake Kara Lynn Joyce to win in 25.13. Joyce was second in 25.17.

Women’s 100-meter backstroke: Against a strong field and swimming in Lane 2 in her first final of the meet, Olympian Natalie Coughlin, 28, won in a meet record 1:00.22.  The American record holder went out in 29.04. Missy Franklin, 16, was second in 1:00.22.

Women’s 400-meter freestyle: Chloe Sutton, 19, of Mission Viejo broke away from field for a 2:32 split and ran away with the event in 4:08.73. She was also awarded a $1,000 check for winning the Wendy’s Mystery Event.

Women’s 200-meter breaststroke: In one of the most highly anticipated races of the meet, American record holder Rebecca Soni, 24, of Trojan Swim Club, went out quick and distanced herself from the star-studded field with a crisp, tight stroke to win in 2:23.33. Her 100 split was 1:09.28. Olympian Amanda Beard, 29, was second in 2:26.24.

Men’s 200-meter butterfly: China’s Wu Peng, 23, of Club Wolverine overtook Michael Phelps in the final 50 meters to win in 1:56.83. Phelps, 25, was  second in 1:58.22. Phelps went out in 26.12 and 56.39 and was leading after 100 meters but Peng turned it into a two-man race down the final stretch. 

Men’s 50-meter freestyle: Two days after losing the world championship 50-meter swim-off, Josh Schneider revenged the loss winning in 22.51, just .01 seconds ahead of SwimMAC teammate Cullen Jones who won the swim-off. “After Thursday I was pretty mopey since it was my first, real hard defeat in the sport of swimming,” Schneider said. “I took a nap today, woke up and told myself that enough was enough. The real challenge today was getting here and performing. I’m extremely, extremely happy with how I did.”

Men’s 100-meter backstroke: After a 25.80 opening split, David Plummer of Minnetonka won in 54.04, ninth fastest time in the world this year. Ryan Lochte was fourth.

Men’s 400-meter freestyle: Swiss Olympian Dominik Meichtry, 26, of Trojan Swim Club wonhis second gold in 3:52.00 ahead of Conor Dwyer of Gator Swim Club in 3:53.65. Ryan Lochte was ninth in 3:56.42. 

Other Florida Gold Coast results:

Women’s 200-meter butterfly: 14. Ana Anaya, Metro Aquatics 2:18.41; 30. Chelsea Britt, FLA 2:20.74.

Women’s 50-meter freestyle: 45. Zeineb Khalafallah, Pine Crest 27.38; 49. Carmen Cianci, Davie 27.45; 95. Maria Sosa Quintero, Davie 28.15.

Women’s 100-meter backstroke: 9. Carol Colorado, Davie 1:03.36; 41. Chelsea Britt, FLA 1:06.00; 57. Carmen Cianci, Davie 1:06.91.

Women’s 400-meter freestyle: 18. Lauren Driscoll, FLA 4:19.22; 43. Olivia Katcher, FLA 4:29.00; 52. Maria Munoz, Davie 4:30.87.

Women’s 200-meter breaststroke: 11. Mhyria Miller, Florida Keys 2:35.38; 66. Patricia Casellas, Davie 2:46.55

Men’s 200-meter butterfly: 12. Torres Montoya, Davie 2:04.01; 19. Juilo Galofre, Davie 2:05.90; 50. Daniel Roa, Davie 2:09.95; 65. Aaron Dsouza, Davie 2:11.37; 70. Carlos Omana, Metro Aquatics 2:11.73; 86. Julio Ballestas, Metro Aquatics 2:14.88.

Men’s 50-meter freestyle: 50. Ricardo Munoz, Metro Aquatics 24.46; 83. Stephen Lichtner, Metro Aquatics 25.12; 94. Nicholas Coard, FLA 25.27; 100. Julio Ballestas, Metro Aquatics 25.54.

Men’s 100-meter backstroke: 20. J. Perez Molina, Davie 57.39; 72. Diguan Pigot, Metro Aquatics 1:01.99.

Men’s 400-meter freestyle: 11. Ricardo Monasterio, Davie 4:00.46; 20. Carlos Omana, Metro Aquatics 4:04.10.

Men’s 200-meter breaststroke: 9. Jorge Murillo, Davie 2:19.11; 27. Ryan Rosenbaum, FLA 2:28.88.

Prelims and finals are 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. are Sunday. Race footage of both prelims and finals will be webcast live by USA Swimming at

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SOFLO Has Big Day At IM Extreme Challenge; SOFLO’s Allison Kopas, University School Win Middle School Title

SOFLO Has Big Day At IM Extreme Challenge; SOFLO’s Allison Kopas, University School Win Middle School Title


May 14, 2011

South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers, looking to get in a practice meet of racing, won ten individual events Saturday at the IM Xtreme Challenge at Plantation Central Park Aquatic Complex.

Emily Kopas, 14, won all three of her races in the 200-meter backstroke, 200-meter breaststroke and 400-meter individual medley.

SOFLO girls dominated the 200-meter backstroke winning three of the five age groups.

Tyla Martin won the 13-year-old title, Kopas won the 14-year-old title and Emily Greenwood won the 16-year-old title.

Emma Lincoln was fourth among 15-year-olds in a career-best 2:47.97. Her previous best was 2:52.46.

Lindsey McKnight won the 17-and-over 400-meter individual medley race in 5:05.05 finishing ahead of teammate Julie Stupp in 5:07.93.

In the boys’ competition, Keegan Boisson-Yates won the 15-year-old 200-meter backstroke in 2:22.08; Brandon Goldman won the 16-year-old 200-meter backstroke in 2:16.88; Luke Torres won the 16-year-old 200-meter breaststroke in 2:34.51 and Leo Andara won the 17-and-over 200-meter breaststroke in 2:28.52.

SOFLO’s Allison Kopas is having a busy week.

On May 11, the 12-year-old played a role in University School winning the May 11 Middle School Swimming Championships for the second year in a row at the Nova Southeastern Aquatic Complex.

On Saturday against a strong field of 12-year-olds, Kopas swam a career-best 2:27.09 to finish third in the 200-meter freestyle. Her previous career-best freestyle time was 2:30.99. She was also third in the 200-meter individual medley in 2:46.82.

On Sunday, Kopas is scheduled to swim the 100-meter backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly events.

SOFLO’s 33-swimmer contingent will conclude racing at the IM Xtreme Challenge on Sunday, also at the Plantation Central Park Aquatic Complex. There are two sessions scheduled.



200-meter backstroke: 13-year-olds, 1. Tyla Martin, SOFLO 2:35.25; SOFLO: 7. Jenna Deal 2:57.87; 14-year-olds, 1. Emily Kopas, SOFLO 2:36.55; 15-year-olds, 1. Sivan Fraiman, PST 2:38.81; SOFLO: 2. Kristina Brennan 2:41.14, 4. Emma Lincoln 2:47.97; 16-year-olds, 1. Emily Greenwood, SOFLO 2:48.98; SOFLO: 2. Anne Kuczynski 2:57.17; 17-and-over, 1. Gaby Garcia, AK Sharks 2:44.97.

200-meter breaststroke: 13-year-olds, 1. Chloe Gerena, PST 3:04.76; 14-year-olds, 1. Emily Kopas, SOFLO 2:48.82; 15-year-olds, 1. Peyton Brown, North Palm Beach 3:03.12; SOFLO: 5. Emma Lincoln 3:10.79; 16-year-olds, 1. Khamai Simpson, AK Sharks 3:15.35; SOFLO: 2. Kristina Nork 3:16.64; 17-and-over, 1. Gaby Garcia, AK Sharks 3:03.91.

400-meter individual medley: 13-and-under, 1. Namill Sanchez, ASC 5:29.36; SOFLO: 2. Tyla Martin 5:30.08; 14-year-olds, 1. Emily Kopas, SOFLO 5:29.92; 15-year-olds, 1. Geena Squartino, Swim Fast 5:29.90; 16-year-olds, 1. Khamai Simpson, AK Sharks 5:50.97; SOFLO: 2. Kristina Nork 5:58.78; 17-and-over, 1. Lindsey McKnight, SOFLO 5:05.05; SOFLO: 2. Julie Stupp, 5:07.93.


200-meter backstroke: 13-year-olds, 1. David Stoddard, SOFLO 2:41.11; 14-year-olds, 1. Boleck Depawlikowski, Rockway 2:16.80; SOFLO: 3. August Charni 2:37.57, 5. Bryce Pierce 2:43.13; 15-year-olds, 1. Keegan Boisson-Yates, SOFLO 2:22.08; SOFLO: 4. Marco Hosfeld 2:26.96; 16-year-olds, 1. Brandon Goldman, SOFLO 2:16.88; 17-and-over, 1. Augie Manganiello, AK Sharks 2:16.89; SOFLO: 3. Valerio Rasi 2:19.60.

200-meter breaststroke:  13-year-olds, 1. Hank Contich, PST 2:57.72; 14-year-olds, 1. Boleck Depawlikowski, Rockway 2:47.53; 15-year-olds, 1. L. Santiesteban, Rockway 2:41.64; SOFLO: 2. Marco Hosfeld 2:44.63; 16-year-olds, 1. Luke Torres, SOFLO 2:34.51; SOFLO: 2. Brandon Goldman 2:41.07; 17-and-over, 1. Leo Andara, SOFLO 2:28.52.

400-meter individual medley: 13-and-under, 1. Hank Contich, PST 5;45.88; 14-year-olds, 1. Boleck Depawlikowski, Rockway 4:50.94; 15-year-olds, 1. L. Santiesteban, Rockway 5:09.42; 16-year-olds, 1. Derek Chait, AK Sharks 4:52.42; 17-and-over, 1. Augie Manganiello, AK Sharks 4:50.09; SOFLO: 3. Loai Tashkandi 4:59.83.



200-meter individual medley: 9-year-olds, 1. Andrea Santander, MBS 3:05.37; 10-year-olds, 1. Urbina Cortes, PST 3:02.35; 11-year-olds, 1. Abigail Fossas, PST 2:51.19; 12-year-olds, 1. Rose Smiddy. AK Sharks 2:38.00; SOFLO: 3. Allison Kopas 2:46.82.

200-meter freestyle: 9-year-olds, 1. Andrea Santander, MBS 2:44.63; 10-year-olds, 1. Thea McKenna, Unattached 2:40.57; 11-year-olds, 1. Abigail Fossas, PST 2:34.99; 12-year-olds, 1. Rose Smiddy, AK Sharks 2:23.29; SOFLO: 3. Allison Kopas 2:27.09.


200-meter individual medley: 9-year-olds, 1. Gabriel Segui, BMHG 3:07.86; 10-year-olds, 1. Kyle DiMatteo, Sea Dragons 2:50.71; 11-year-olds, 1. Bryan Quintero, MBS 2:46.20; 12-year-olds, 1. Pablo Suarez, ASC 2:42.81.

200-meter freestyle: 9-year-olds, 1. Gabriel Segui, BMHG 2:52.04; 10-year-olds, 1. Kyle DeMatteo, Sea Dragons 2:29.14; 11-year-olds, 1. Bryan Quintero, MBS 2:29.15; 12-year-olds, 1. Panlo Suarez, ASC 2:24.30.


What: IM Xtreme Challenge

When: Sunday

Where: Plantation Central Park Aquatic Complex, 9151 NW Second St.

Schedule: Sunday, 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Admission: $3 per session, $3 heat sheets. For more information call 954-452-2526.

Sharon Robb can be reached at