Busy Weekend For SOFLO Swimmers Locally And Nationally

Busy Weekend For SOFLO Swimmers Locally And Nationally


May 26, 2011

Several South Florida Aquatic Club, Comets and Coral Springs Swim Club swimmers will spend the Memorial Day Weekend in a pool.

The largest contingent (111 swimmers) will compete at the Florida Gold Coast Area 2 Developmental Long Course Meters Swim Meet.

Nearly 300 swimmers from 10 teams will compete in the three-day meet that begins on Friday at the Academic Village Pool in Pembroke Pines.

Swimmers from SOFLO, Coral Springs Swim Club and Comets will compete in either the 12-and-under or 13-and-over events against an impressive field of up-and-coming swimmers.

Among SOFLO’s top seeded swimmers are:

Maya Hirian, 12, 100-meter breaststroke 1:46.97; 50-meter freestyle 34.84

Federico Maeso, 11, 100-meter breaststroke 1:39.24; 100-meter butterfly, 1:31.24

Kelley Heron, 11, 100-meter butterfly 1:27.34

Samantha Stinemire, 12, 1500 freestyle, no time available

Jack Davies, 12, 1500 freestyle, 23:21.54

Andres Lares, 11, 200-meter freestyle 2:43.88; 50-meter freestyle 34.57; 50-meter backstroke 41.24

Megan Schimansky, 11, 100-meter freestyle 1:20.02

Rodrigo Rodriguez, 12, 100-meter freestyle 1:15.79

Alex Monti, 13, 100-meter breaststroke 1:32.12

Alisa Kislych, 12, 50-meter backstroke 41.68

Luisa Suzuki, 12, 50-meter breaststroke 45.32

Guilherme Hada, 11, 50-meter breaststroke 45.76

Audrey Mason, 13, 200-meter backstroke 2:52.34

Cristian Ross, 12, 400-meter individual medley

SOFLO, Comets and Coral Springs’ girls entered are:

Melanie Alicea, 11; Megan Appelbaum, 10; Delaney Biro, 9; Melissa Blandin, 10; Sarah Bucaro, 11; Lilliana Calero, 12; Brittney Coote, 9; Megan Damon, 12; Mikaela De Gracia, 10; Valentina Diaz, 12; Treasure D’Souza, 12; Valentina Garcia, 12; Daniela Gomez, 11; Emma Gomez, 7; Cameron Grant, 13; Catalin Grant, 10; Brianna Hanks, 11; Kelley Heron, 11; Maya Hirian, 12; Annita Huang, 9; Alisa Kislych, 12; Amanda Kopas, 8; Elise Larin, 9; Taylor Lindauer, 9; Catalina Lizarazo, 11; Audrey Mason, 13; Julie Mason, 10; Molly Mason, 8; Olivia Mason, 8; Vanessa Mesa, 9; Stephanie Mlujeak, 12; Anna Montgomery, 11; Julia Montgomery, 13; Bianca Monti, 11; Linda Mylly, 11; Delanie Perez, 10; Isabella Pittinger, 11; Sara Quintero, 7; Natalia Rossi, 10; Ashley Ruf, 10; Isabella Saker-Lefkowitz, 9; Megan Schimansky, 11; Sarah Schimansky, 8; Isabel Shashaty, 10; Lauren Simm, 11; Natalie Simm, 9; Lilian Skopp, 12; Melanie Stahl, 9; Samantha Stinemire, 12; Luisa Suzuki, 12; Lydia Szakacs, 9; Ashley Tan, 10; Natasha Testa, 12; Nicole Venema, 10; Cara Virgin, 7; Hannah Virgin, 10; Kellie Wilcox, 10 and Haley Wright, 14.   

SOFLO, Comets and Coral Springs boys entered are:

Guy Bogoslavsky, 11; Collin Burt, 12; Santiago Castro, 11; Augusto Cohn, 10; Max Cope, 8; Jack Davies, 12; Mathew Delvalle, 13; Alexander Dworet, 8; Nicholas Dworet, 11; Christopher Face, 12; Roberto Garrido, 9; Tyler Gibson, 11; Alexander Goldfarb, 10; Juan Gutierrez, 10; Andre Hada, 8; Guilherme Hada, 11; Joshua Hanks, 7; Ethan Hew, 10; Luiz Hosfeld, 13; Nicholas Ismailoff, 8; Lorenzo Lanaro, 11; Andres Lares, 11; Tomas Legaspi, 14; Juan Lucas, 12; Federico Maeso, 11; Connor Marks, 8; Leonardo Mazon, 9; Matthew Menocal, 12; Salomon Molko, 11; Noah Molko, 11; Alexander Monti, 13; Kyle Oliver, 10; Simon Ortiz, 13; Nicholas Perera, 11; Christian Perez, 10; Daniel Perkowski, 12; Julien Pinon, 12; Maliik Pitter, 9; Kevin Porto, 11; Samuel Quintero, 10; Carlos Rodriguez, 12; Rafael Rodriguez, 9; Rodrigo Rodriguez, 12; Cristian Rossi, 12; Nicolas Rossi, 8; Gabriel Saavedra, 10; Tiago Saliba, 10; Gian Savino, 10; Ryan Schmuki, 6; Gannen Tages, 10; Derek Tom, 9; Sebastian Vargas, 12; and Pablo Ziehm, 9.


What: Florida Gold Coast Area 2 Developmental Meet

When: Friday-Sunday

Schedule: Friday, 6 p.m.; Saturday, 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.; Sunday, 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Where: Academic Village Pool, 17191 Sheridan Street, Pembroke Pines

Teams: Comets, Coral Springs Swim Club, Heritage Aquatic Team, Lauderhill Swim Team, Midtown Weston Aquatics, Plantation Swim Team, Pompano Piranhas USA, Swim Fast, South Florida Aquatic Club, YMCA of Broward County.

Admission: $3 per session, heat sheets $3 per session. For information call 954-538-3721.


SOFLO’s Marco Hosfeld is the only swimmer from the South Florida Aquatic Club participating in the USA Swimming Southern Zone Select Camp at the University of Louisville that started on Thursday.

Hosfeld, 14, is one of only 28 male swimmers selected from throughout the U.S. Southern Zone. He was chosen for his 200 freestyle time of 1:58.84.

It’s one of four zone camps held throughout the U.S. to help identify emerging young athletes in each zone and offer them a unique motivational and educational experience. It’s the next step for swimmers to move from local and zone levels to the national scene. The camp ends on Sunday.


SOFLO’s Gianpaolo Barelli and Valerio Rasi of Italy, Robert O’Gorman and Keegan Boisson-Yates will compete in the Fort Lauderdale Aquatics Senior Circuit Meet this weekend at Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex.

O’Gorman is trying to get junior national cut times for Sweden and Boisson-Yates, who represents Trinidad and Tobago internationally, wants to get in another weekend of racing before leaving on an overseas road trip to Italy with some of his SOFLO teammates.

The meet begins Friday with timed finals at 5:30 p.m. Timed finals continue on the weekend at 10 a.m.

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