SOFLO’s Julien Pinon Breaks 25-Year-Old Florida Gold Coast Record At CSSC Invitational

SOFLO’s Julien Pinon Breaks 25-Year-Old Florida Gold Coast Record At CSSC Invitational

June 25, 2011


Julien Pinon of the South Florida Aquatic Club added another Florida Gold Coast record to his impressive list of accomplishments.

Pinon, 12, coming off his Florida Gold Coast All-Star 11-12 open water victory in Fort Myers, broke a 25-year-old FGC record in the 11-12 200-meter freestyle during Saturday morning prelims at the Coral Springs Swim Club Invitational at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex.

Pinon won the event in a career-best 2:04.14. The previous record set in 1986 was 2:05.58. Pinon’s previous best was 2:06.19.

SOFLO teammates Alfredo Mesa Jr. (2:13.89), Juan Lucas (2:16.83), Cristian Rossi (2:18.30) and Carlos Rodriguez (2:19.09) also swam career-bests during the 200-meter freestyle prelims to make it into finals that were washed out for the second consecutive night because of bad weather.

Meet committee officials have adjusted Sunday’s event lineup.

The 400-meter freestyle events are 8 a.m. followed by Sunday morning’s prelims which will now be timed finals. The finals for Friday and Saturday will begin 4:30 p.m. Time trials will also be offered after Sunday’s finals session.

Also during Saturday morning prelims, Pinon swam a career-best 1:04.74 in the 11-12 100-meter butterfly. His previous best was 1:10.12.

Only one championship final race was held Saturday night before the bad weather moved in.

Delanie Perez, 10, won the 10-and-under 200-meter freestyle in 2:32.73 and posted back-to-back career-bests. She swam 2:32.86 in morning prelims to earn the top seed. Her previous best time was 2:43.59.

During morning prelims, Perez had two other career-best swims to earn top seed.

Perez swam 1:31.73 in the 10-and-under 100-meter breaststroke. Her previous best was 1:35.55.

Perez also swam a career-best 1:21.26 in the 10-and-under 100-meter butterfly. Her previous best was 1:28.85.

Other SOFLO swimmers morning highlights:

Samuel Quintero, 10, 2:32.47 in the 10-and-under 200-meter freestyle. His previous best was 2:35.97, top seed.

Samuel Quintero, 10, 1:36.11 in the 10-and-under 100-meter breaststroke, 1:37.17 previous best, top seed.

Samuel Quintero, 10, 1:20.21 in the 10-and-under 100-meter butterfly, 1:23.35 previous best, top seed.

Allison Kopas, 12, 35.23 in the 11-12 50-meter backstroke, 35.58 previous best, top seed.

Allison Kopas, 12, 1:12.39 in the 11-12 100-meter butterfly, 1:14.52 previous best, top seed.

Gustavo Valery, 13, 32.75 in the 13-14 50-meter backstroke, previous best 32.92, top seed.

Jessica Rodriguez, 12, 1:24.96 in the 11-12 100-meter breaststroke, 1:26.88 previous best.



200-meter freestyle: 10-and-under, 1. Delanie Perez, SOFLO 2:32.73; SOFLO: 5. Jennifer Rodriguez 2:40.12, 10. Vanessa Mesa 2:53.64, 11. Delaney Biro 2:54.07, 12. Amanda Kopas 2:55.68, 13. Katherine DeBarros 2:57.57.


What: Coral Springs Swim Club Invitational

When: Sunday

Schedule: Sunday, 8 a.m. 400-meter freestyles, morning prelim races will be timed finals, 8:30 a.m., Saturday and Friday finals 4:30 p.m. followed by time trials.

Where: Coral Springs Aquatic Complex, 12441 Royal Palm Boulevard

Admission: $3 per session, $2 heat sheets per session. For information call 954-345-2121.

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