SOFLO’s Arlene Semeco Takes Bronze On Day Five Of XVI Pan American Games

SOFLO’s Arlene Semeco Takes Bronze On Day Five Of XVI Pan American Games

October 19, 2011


Shaking off the after-effects of a cold, SOFLO’s Arlene Semeco of Venezuela won a bronze medal Wednesday night on Day Five of the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Swimming in Lane One after a disappointing morning swim, the two-time Olympian and defending Pan Ams champion in the 100-meter freestyle, battled back to finish third in 55.43. Her splits were 26.77 and 28.66.

It was Venezuela’s seventh medal of the Games.

Americans Amanda Kendall and Erika Erndl of Naples, competing in her first international meet, finished one-two in 54.75 and 55.04. At 33, Erndl is the oldest U.S. medalist.

Also in the 100-meter freestyle “B” final, Bolivia’s Karen Torrez of Davie Nadadores was fourth in 58.84 and Miami Metro Aquatics swimmer Chinyere Pigot of Surinam was fifth in 59.03.

Semeco will compete again Friday in the 50-meter freestyle, in which she is also defending champion. SOFLO’s Alia Atkinson will compete in the 200-meter breaststroke, her fourth and final event, on Thursday.

In other final championships:

Men’s 200-meter individual medley: Brazilian Thiago Pereira, who went out hard, won in 1:58.07 and captured his tenth gold medal in the history of the Pan American Games. American Conor Dwyer made up some ground in the final 50 meters but was never close enough to challenge and took the silver in 1:58.64. Brazil’s Henrique Rodrigues was third in 2:03.41. American Tyler Harris was eighth in 2:08.25. In the men’s “B” final, Miami Metro Aquatics’ Diguan Pigot of Surinam was fourth in 2:15.11.

Women’s 800-meter freestyle: Chile’s Kristel Kobrich knocked off American Ashley Twichell to win in 8:34.71, just missing the meet record by only .06 seconds. Twichell was second in 8:38.38 and Venezuela’s Andreina Pinto was third in 8:44.55.

Women’s 200-meter butterfly: Americans Kim Vandenberg and Lyndsay DePaul go one-two in 2:10.54 and 2:12.34 but it was Mexico’s 5-foot-4 Rita Medrano who got the biggest ovation after taking the bronze medal in 2:12.43.

Men’s 4×200-meter freestyle: Conor Dwyer came back to lead off the U.S. men’s winning relay along with Douglas Robinson, Charles Houchin and Matt Patton that won in 7:15.07. Brazil, with Pereira on anchor, took the silver medal in 7:21.96 and Venezuela, with Davie Nadadores’ Daniele Tirabassi on lead-off leg, took bronze in 7:23.41. Davie swimmers have won three medals at the Games.

With three days left in swimming, Team USA has 33 medals including 15 golds, 14 silvers and four bronze. Brazil has 18 medals with seven gold, six silver and five bronze.


SOFLO’s Zain Qali of Kuwait and Loai Tashkandi of Saudi Arabia took turns on the medal stand at the inaugural GCC Games at the Shaikh Khalifa Sports City in Bahrain.

Qali won the 50 butterfly in 25.40.

Loai Tashkandi won the 200 individual medley in 2:10 and was third in the 50 breaststroke in 30.20.


It was Missy Franklin 4, Michael Phelps 2 as the final night of the FINA/Arena World Cup Series stop wrapped up in Moscow.

Franklin, USA Swimming’s rising star, won the 100-meter backstroke in 57.39 and 100-meter freestyle in 52.80, second fastest time in the world this year.

Phelps got knocked off by Germany’s Paul Biedermann in the 200-meter freestyle in 1:43.15-1:43.31 and then came back to win the 200-meter backstroke in 1:53.24. Phelps was in fourth place at the 150-meter mark.

Other winners were:

Stefan Sorak, Serbia won the 1500-meter freestyle in 15:04.07.

Valentina Artemyeva of Russia won the 50-meter breaststroke in 30.23.

Japan’s Naoya Tomita won the men’s 100-meter breaststroke in 58.81.

Izumi Kato of Japan won the women’s 400-meter individual medley in 4:34.00.

Russia’s Evgeny Korotyshkin edged American Tyler McGill to win the 100-meter butterfly , 50.72-50.86.

Russia’s Vitaly Borisov won the 50-meter backstroke, oddly in an all-Russian final in 24.22.

China’s Gong Jie won the women’s 200-meter butterfly in 2:03.91.

South African and series money leader Chad Le Clos won the 200-meter individual medley in 1:55.26 to push his series prize money earnings to $18,500.

American Allison Schmitt won the 400-meter freestyle in 4:02.23, just edging Russian Elena Sokolova in 4:02.35.

Canadian Brent Hayden won the 50-meter freestyle in 21.65.

Japan’s Kanako Watanabe won the women’s 200-meter breaststroke in 2:20.94.

Canadian won the 100-meter individual medley in 1:00.57.

Sweden’s Therese Alshammar won the 50-meter butterfly in 25.06.

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SOFLO’s Martin, Hosfeld, Pine Crest End Regular High School Season, Focus Turns To Districts

SOFLO’s Martin, Hosfeld, Pine Crest End Regular High School Season, Focus Turns To Districts

October 19, 2011


Pine Crest, along with the majority of high school swimming and diving teams in Broward County, wrapped up the regular season Wednesday night and now preparing for the upcoming district meets, the first step to qualifying for states.

SOFLO’s Tyla Martin, a freshman, ended her first regular season with a pair of wins and second place in the Panthers’ home meet against Miami Belen Jesuit and University School.

Martin, 15, making her high school swimming debut this season, won the 100-yard backstroke in 1:04.21 and was second in the 100-yard freestyle in 56.02.

Martin was also a member of the winning 400-yard freestyle relay with teammates Casey Francis, Hannah Veale and Brittany Hammond that won in 3:44.57.

University School’s Marco Hosfeld walked away with a pair of fourth places. Hosfeld was fourth in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:49.68 and 100-yard freestyle in 51.45.

Pine Crest swept the team titles. The boys team defeated Belen Jesuit, 147-96 and University School, 188.50-54.50. The girls team defeated Our Lady of Lourdes, 185-49 and University School, 166-68. In other matchups, Belen Jesuit boys defeated University School, 164-64 and University School girls defeated Our Lady of Lourdes, 146-78.

In other boys meets featuring SOFLO swimmers, St. Thomas defeated Coral Springs, 141-21; Pembroke Pines Charter defeated Coral Springs, 133-25; Douglas defeated West Broward, 102-79; Cypress Bay defeated West Broward, 121-49; Cypress Bay defeated Douglas, 99-82; Cooper City defeated Deerfield Beach, 67-35; Cardinal Gibbons defeated Deerfield Beach, 79-22; Pompano Beach defeated Taravella, 51-45; Taravella defeated Flanagan, 53-48; and American Heritage defeated Westminster Academy, 113-67.

In girls meets, St. Thomas Aquinas defeated Coral Springs, 153-14; Pembroke Pines Charter defeated Coral Springs, 143-15; Cypress Bay defeated Douglas, 98-91; West Broward defeated Cypress Bay, 103-81; West Broward defeated Douglas, 118-69; Cooper City defeated Deerfield Beach, 71-31; Cardinal Gibbons defeated Deerfield Beach, 76-25; Cardinal Gibbons defeated Cooper City, 53-48; Pompano Beach defeated Taravella, 55-39; and Flanagan defeated Taravella, 58-43.

Pine Crest will try and defend its team titles and qualify as many swimmers possible for regions at the Oct. 29 District 10-1A Meet at the Pompano Beach Aquatic Center. The diving will be held at Pine Crest, also on Oct. 29.

The full district meet scheduled is listed below.



Pine Crest 147, Belen Jesuit 96

Belen Jesuit 164, University School 64

Pine Crest 188.50, University School 54.50


200-yard medley relay: 1. Pine Crest 1:39.75 (Marcel Betschart, Michal Rokita, Adam Dear, Gotti Eisenberger), 2. Belen Jesuit 1:42.28, 3. Pine Crest “B” 1:47.37.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Julian Ballestas, BJ 1:45.33, 2. Austin Evenson, PC 1:47.86, 3. Kent Haeffner, PC 1:48.32; SOFLO: 4. Marco Hosfeld, US 1:49.68.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Adam Dear, PC 2:01.54, 2. Manuel Lopez, BJ 2:05.49, 3. Alex Evenson, PC 2:07.04.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Gotti Eisenberger, PC 21.72, 2. Marcel Betschart, PC 23.14, 3. Evan Banciela, BJ 23.36.

1-meter springboard diving: 1. Connor Gerrits, PC 209.55 and Zach Laurence, US 209.55, 3. Lyle Hayes Macaluso, PC 191.93.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Adam Dear, PC 53.89, 2. Jose Alvarez, BJ 54.96, 3. Michal Rokita, PC 57.80.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Gotti Eisenberger, PC 47.31, 2. Julian Ballestas, BJ 47.56, 3. Kent Haeffner, PC 51.06; SOFLO: 4. Marco Hosfeld, US 51.45.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Austin Evenson, PC 4:47.40, 2. Bolek Depawlikowski, BJ 4:51.50, 3. Ryan Walter, PC 5:00.28.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pine Crest 1:30.91 (Gotti Eisenberger, Alex Evenson, Kent Haeffner, Delaney Brock), 2. Belen Jesuit 1:32.61, 3. University School 1:36.98.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Marcel Betschart, PC 55.69, 2. Bolek Depawlikowski, BJ 57.15, 3. Jose Alvarez, BJ 57.66.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Manuel Lopez, BJ 1:01.72, 2. Michael Rokita, PC 1:01.86, 3. Samuel Korntner, PC 1:07.37.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pine Crest 3:20.70 (Marcel Betschart, Adam Dear, Kent Haeffner, Delaney Brock), 2. Belen Jesuit 3:24.25, 3. Pine Crest “B” 3:31.80.


Pine Crest 185, Our Lady of Lourdes 49

University School 146, Our Lady of Lourdes 78

Pine Crest 166, University School 66


200-yard medley relay: 1. Pine Crest 1:54.79 (Miriyam Ghali, Lindsey Swartz, Casey Francis, Mallory McKeon), 2. University School “B” 1:55.50, 3. University School “A” 2:14.62.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Casey Francis, PC 1:54.88, 2. Sabrina Gornisiewicz, PC 2:04.73, 3. Kristina Aguirre, OLL 2:11.84.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Lindsey Swartz, PC 2:13.85, 2. Emily Kopas, US 2:14.63, 3. Krissa Robinson, US 2:17.75.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Hannah Veale, PC 25.95, 2. Kaelah Chaney, PC 25.97, 3. Hailey Kelly, PC 27.38.

1-meter springboard diving: 1. Carolyn Chaney, PC 264.75, 2. Juliette Pozzuouli, PC 179.70, 3. Carly Ehrlich, PC 174.00.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Casey Francis, PC 1:00.53, 2. Krissa Robinson, Us 1:01.60, 3. Mallory McKeon, PC 1:04.55.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Kaelah Chaney, PC 55.32, 2. Tyla Martin, PC 56.02, 3. Hailey Kelly, PC 59.97.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Hannah Veale, PC 5:21.90, 2. Sabrina Gornisiewicz, PC 5;25.90, 3. Kristina Aguirre, OLL 5:54.70.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pine Crest 1:43.75 (Brittany Hammond, Mallory McKeon, Lindsey Swartz, Kaelah Chaney), 2. Pine Crest “B” 1:50.70, 3. University School “B” 1:56.89.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Tyla Martin, PC 1:04.21, 2. Miriyam Ghali, PC 1:06.70, 3. Evy Sands, US 1:08.79.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Emily Kopas, US 1:07.67, 2. Lindsey Swartz, PC 1:08.10, 3. Mallory McKeon, PC 1:12.74.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pine Crest 3:44.57 (Casey Francis, Tyla Martin, Hannah Veale, Brittany Hammond), 2. University School 3:57.75, 3. Pine Crest “B” 4:03.36.


District 10-1A, Oct. 29, Pompano Beach Aquatic Center

District 11-1A, Oct. 26, Plantation Central Park Aquatic Center

District 10-2A, Oct. 29, Florida Gulf Coast University

District 11-2A, Oct. 24, Lake Lytal Aquatic Complex

District 12-2A, Oct. 26, Pompano Beach Aquatic Center

District 9-3A, Oct. 28, Deerfield Beach Aquatic Center

District 10-3A, Oct. 27, Plantation Central Park Aquatic Center

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