AQUATIC NOTEBOOK, Issue 113: SOFLO’s Bucz, Oliver, Cooper, Kuczynski Shine At College Meets

AQUATIC NOTEBOOK, Issue 113: SOFLO’s Bucz, Oliver, Cooper, Kuczynski Shine At College Meets

November 19, 2011


University of Florida men’s and women’s swimming teams lead the nine-team field after twelve events at the Georgia Tech Fall Invitational opening day of action.

The Gator women, led by Sarah Bateman and Elizabeth Beisel and two winning relay teams (200 freestyle and 400 medley), lead the women’s team standings with 373 points.

The men’s team earned its first automatic NCAA qualifying time in the 200-yard freestyle relay in 1:23.07.

Sophomore Marcin Cieslak won the 200-yard individual medley in 1:48.54 to help the Gators lead with 373 points.

Florida State is second in both the women’s (273) and men’s (302) standings. University of Miami’s women’s team, with SOFLO’s Dana Hatic, is fifth with 172 points.

Several SOFLO swimmers are competing in the three-day meet at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center.

FSU’s 200-yard freestyle relay with SOFLO’s Melissa Cooper and Tiffany Oliver was fourth in 1:33.21.

Oliver was sixth in the 50-yard freestyle in 23.14 after swimming 22.97 in prelims. Melissa Cooper was 20th in 24.33, slower than her 23.89 prelims time.

Florida Atlantic University junior Eszter Bucz won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:00.03, NCAA “B” standard time. She went into the final as fifth seed.

Alex Rodriguez was 29th, in the 200 IM in 1:58.75, slower than his 1:57.75 prelims time. FSU Doug Ramos finished the 200 IM in 2:00.82, slower than his 2:00.35 in prelims.

FAU senior Anthony Fermin was 38th in the 50 freestyle in 21.88 after a 21.79 in prelims.

Florida Gulf Coast broke a school record in the 200-yard freestyle relay with Emma Svenson, Vicky Cadge, Leah Daniel and Christina Tanninen, to finish third in 1:32.84.

Gator freshman Carlos Omana, a Metro Aquatics and Florida Gold Coast swimming product, was sixth in the 500-yard freestyle in 4:30.64.

Women’s Team Totals: 1. Florida 318, 2. Florida State 273, 3. Georgia Tech 227, 4. Virginia Tech 216.5, 5. Miami 172, 6. Florida Gulf Coast 153, 7. Florida Atlantic 115, 8. Clemson 112.5, 9. Auburn 58, 10. Alabama 1.

Men’s Team Totals: 1. Florida 373, 2. Florida State 302, 3. Virginia Tech 298.5, 4. Clemson 190.5, 5. Georgia Tech 167, 6. Florida Atlantic 139, 7. Alabama 36, 8. Auburn 26, 9. Miami 8.

Kuczynski, Schwab Compete 

At the Arena Invitational in Long Beach, Calif. on Friday night, SOFLO’s Caroline Kuczynski, a junior at Arizone State, was second in the 200-yard medley relay in 1:39.34, an NCAA “B” standard. Her split was 24.16. Kuczynski was fourth in the 100-yard butterfly in 53.49, also an NCAA “B” cut. She finished behind Olympians Dana Vollmer (50.44), Elaine Breeden (52.35) and Samantha Woodward (53.12)…

At the Penn State double dual meet against Virginia and Nittany Lions at McCoy Natatorium in State College, Pa., SOFLO’s Nicolas Schwab of Indiana, was a member of the fifth place in the 200-meter freestyle relay in 1:26.20. Schwab’s split was 21.59. Schwab finished the 200-yard individual medley in 1:54.62, the 100-yard breaststroke in 59.16, the 100-yard freestyle in 48.10,


Holland High School girls set a national public school record Friday night in the 200-yard medley relay in 1:41.12, with Courtney Bartholomew (24.62), Melissa VanderMeulen (29.43), Taylor Garcia (24.24), Holly Morren (22.83) during the morning prelims of the state high school meet in Holland, Michigan.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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