South Florida Aquatic Club Ranked 43rd In Nation

South Florida Aquatic Club Ranked 43rd In Nation

December 7, 2011


South Florida Aquatic Club is among the nation’s Top 50 swim clubs in the annual USA Swimming Virtual Club Championships rankings.

The two-year-old club was ranked 43rd among the nation’s 2,800 USA Swimming clubs for the current short course season.

SOFLO was ranked 39th in the final long course rankings in its first appearance in the ratings on Sept. 1.

“I’m very pleased with our standings in short course,” SOFLO CEO Chris Anderson said.

“A lot of our middle kid swimmers and main athletes haven’t competed in some of their best events. Most of our high school kids will swim their best events at Senior Championships. Being ranked 43rd is a pretty good achievement.”

Since the Pembroke Pines-based Comets Swim Team and Coral Springs Swim Club, two of the most well-respected USA Swimming clubs in the southeast United States, merged into one major club on May 1, 2010, the goal has been to become one of the nation’s top USS clubs.

By being ranked in the Top 50, ahead of several well-established, older clubs, SOFLO has reached a new level of excellence.

The Virtual Club Championships automatically ranks all USA Swimming-member clubs based on swimmer performance in both long and short course seasons.

Swim clubs see how they stack up against other clubs in their state, zone and nation.

The virtual championships recognize and highlight clubs that are developing athletes and achieving success at multiple levels emphasizing the team element in club swimming.

All registered USA Swimming clubs were scored automatically. The USA Swimming Times DataBase was used in combination with the Hy-Tek Single-Year Age Group Power Point system. The program scored single age groups from 11-16 years old and combined 17-18 age group for boys and girls.

After all eligible swims were scored using the power point system, a team score for each registered USA Swimming club was calculated.

In the short course rankings, SOFLO earned 152,273 points for its No. 43 ranking.

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