SOFLO’s Oliver Wins, Marinheiro Makes Junior National Cut On Day 3 Of Speedo Champions Series

SOFLO’s Oliver Wins, Marinheiro Makes Junior National Cut On Day 3 Of Speedo Champions Series


July 14, 2012

Tiffany Oliver of South Florida Aquatic Club, seeded third going into the championship final, tied to win in the 50-meter freestyle Saturday night at the Speedo Champions Series Zone Sectionals at Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex.

Oliver, 19, seeded with the third fastest time of 26.33, tied former University of Miami swimmer Kelsi Hall, 22, in 26.11, a U.S. Open cut time.

SOFLO teammate  Melissa Marinheiro, 15, earned her junior national cut time in the 400-meter freestyle.

Marinheiro swam a lifetime best time 4:23.25 in morning prelims for the cut and came back to finish fifth in finals in 4:23.57. Her previous best was 4:24.25.

Marinheiro has withdrawn from zones to compete at junior nationals next month in Indianapolis.

SOFLO’s Keegan Boisson-Yates, 17, turned in a best time in the 100-meter backstroke in 1:01.12 to finish 13th. His previous best time was 1:01.24.

Former Coral Springs Swim Club swimmer Nick Schwab was seventh in the 200-meter individual medley in 2:11.58. He went 2:07.22 in prelims, second fastest morning swim.

Other individual winners were:

Al Yambor-Maul, 17, Area Tallahassee, 100-meter backstroke 1:05.46. She also led off ATAC’s 400-meter medley relay that won in 4:24.22.

Johanna Gustafsdottir, 21, of Golden Panthers Aquatics, 200-meter individual medley, 2:20.61

Andreina Pinto, 20, of Gator Swim Club and Venezuela, 400-meter freestyle, 4:16.79

Ark Vyatchanin, 28, of Gator Swim Club, 100-meter backstroke, 54.65

Eric Ress, 21, Santa Clara Swim Club, 200-meter individual medley, 2:05.05

Westminster Academy’s 400-meter medley relay won in 3:53.21 with Nick Carter, Gregory Penny, Garland Sullivan and Nick Schuttinger.

During the finals, Olympic swimmer and coach and former Fort Lauderdale Swim Team coach Jack Nelson, 80, was honored by his peers and former swimmers for his contribution to the sport and City of Fort Lauderdale. The Hall of Famer’s wife Sherrill was by his side.



1.Area Tallahassee 600, 2. Golden Panther Aquatics 332, 3. Davie Nadadores 319, 4. Metro Aquatics 289, 5. South Florida Aquatic Club 281.


100-meter backstroke:

1.Al Yambor-Maul, Area Tallahassee 1:05.46; SOFLO: 10. Marcella Marinheiro 1:08.13, 34. Amber Hunter 1:10.25, 36. Samantha Stinemire 1:10.60, 49. Maria Lopez 1:11.90.

200-meter individual medley:

1.Johanna Gustafdottir, Golden Panther 2:20.61; SOFLO: 44. Jessica Rodriguez 2:37.98.

50-meter freestyle:

1.Tiffany Oliver, SOFLO and Kelsi Hall, Unattached, tie, 26.11; SOFLO: 27. Maria Lopez 28.89, best time, 52. Marcella Marinheiro 29.14, 64. Samantha Stinemire 29.48, 73. Evelin Jimenez 29.67, 78. Rachel Ling 29.84, 84. Bianca Muniz 30.02.

400-meter freestyle:

1.Andreina Pinto, Gator Swim Club 4:16.79; SOFLO: 5. Melissa Marinheiro 4:23.57.

400-meter medley relay:

1.Area Tallahassee 4:24.22, 12. SOFLO 4:42.49 (Marcella Marinheiro, Bianca Muniz, Maria Lopez, Melissa Marinheiro).


1.Metro Aquatics 455, 2. Westminster Academy SC 440, 3. Davie Nadadores 404, 4. Area Tallahassee 297, 5. Gator Swim Club 281, 6. Swim Florida 279, 7. Swim Fort Lauderdale 243, 8. SOFLO 164.


100-meter backstroke:

1.Ark Vyatchanin, Gator Swim Club 54.65; SOFLO: 13. Keegan Boisson-Yates 1:01.12, 32. Carlo Morante 1:04.62, best time, 57. Ivan Parada 1:07.48, 61. Gustavo Valery 1:07.95.

200-meter individual medley:

1.Eric Ress, Santa Clara Swim Club 2:05.05; SOFLO: 7. Nick Schwab 2:11.58, 37. Marc Rojas 2:21.11, 53. Carlo Morante 2:22.90.

50-meter freestyle:

1.Pavel Babaev, Swim Florida 22.98; SOFLO: 13. Luke Torres 24.63, 39. Xavier Brown 25.57, 68. Ivan Parada 26.30, 97. Jacob Walters 26.96, 122. Gustavo Valery 28.00.

400-meter freestyle:

1.Dan Wallace, Gator Swim Club 3:59.01; SOFLO: 30. Marc Rojas 4:27.08.

400-meter medley relay:

1.Westminster Academy 3:53.21, 13. SOFLO 4:21.24 (Ivan Parada, Marc Rojas, Jacob Walters, Xavier Brown). 

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