SOFLO’s Oliver Wins Again, Teammates Swim Seven Best Times At Speedo Champions Series

SOFLO’s Oliver Wins Again, Teammates Swim Seven Best Times At Speedo Champions Series


July 15, 2012

Against a well-stacked field of elite swimmers, some of them headed to London this week, South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers did well on the final day of the Speedo Champions Series Southern Zone Sectionals.

Tiffany Oliver, 19, swept the freestyle events winning the 100-meter freestyle in 57.05, a U.S. Open qualifying time. Oliver, a junior at Florida State, tied for the 50-meter freestyle win on Saturday.

Six of her SOFLO teammates turned in seven lifetime-best times on the final day of the four-day meet hosted at Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex.

University of Florida-bound Luke Torres, 18, clocked two best times. Torres swam a best time in the 200- breaststroke in 2:26.31, bettering his previous best of 2:29.47 to finish second in the championship finals.

Torres finished fourth in the 100-meter freestyle in a best time 53.22 lowering his previous best of 53.48.

Keegan Boisson Yates, 17, finished 13th in the 100-meter freestyle in a best time of 53.92, lowering his previous best 53.94.

Melissa Marinheiro finished fourth in the 800-meter freestyle in a best time of 9:07.32, lowering her previous best of 9:07.89.

Maria Lopez, competing in her biggest senior meet, finished off a successful showing turning in another best time in the 200-meter butterfly in 2:22.21 in morning prelims. Her previous best was 2:23.54. She came back to finish sixth in 2:22.43.

Amber Hunter swam back-to-back best times in the 100-meter freestyle. She lowered her previous best time of 1:03.02 in prelims in 1:02.98 and finals in 1:02.33.

Jessica Rodriguez finished second in the “C” final of the 200-meter breaststroke in 2:54.38 lowering her previous best of 2:56.00.

SOFLO women’s and men’s teams finished in the Top 10. The women’s team with 13 swimmers finished fifth with 364 points and the men’s team with 13 swimmers finished eighth with 222 points.

Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club won the women’s team title with 857 points followed by Golden Panther Aquatics with 452 and Davie Nadadores with 433.

Westminster Academy’s Swim Club, buoyed by its relays and Austin Saunders, won the men’s team title with 647 points followed by Metro Aquatics with 602 and Davie Nadadores with 559.


1.Area Tallahassee  857, 2. Golden Panthers Aquatics 452, 3. Davie Nadadores 433, 4. Metro Aquatics 382, 5. South Florida Aquatic Club 364, 6. Swim Fort Lauderdale 300, 7. Adirondack AC 236, 8. Plantation 226, 9. Gator Swim Club 189, 10. Seacoast Swimming 174.


800-meter freestyle:

1.Autumn Finke, St. Petersburg 8:54.43; SOFLO: 4. Melissa Marinheiro 9:07.32.

200-meter butterfly:

1.Isa Paez, Metro Aquatics 2:16.24; SOFLO: 6. Maria Lopez 2:22.43, 12. Amber Hunter 2:27.31, 17. Evelin Jimenez 2:35.20.

100-meter freestyle:

1.Tiffany Oliver, SOFLO 57.05; SOFLO: 23. Marcella Marinheiro 1:01.35, 34. Maria Lopez 1:02.23, 35. Amber Hunter 1:02.33, best time; 68. Evelin Jimenez 1:04.34, 74. Hannah Coombs 1:05.41.

200-meter breaststroke:

1.Emily Kopas, Davie Nadadores 2:34.42; SOFLO: 11. Gina Gautieri 2:48.75, 22. Jessica Rodriguez 2:54.38.

200-meter backstroke:

1.Johanna Gustafsdottir, Golden Panthers Swim Club 2:17.52; SOFLO: 13. Marcella Marinheiro 2:29.99, 37. Jessica Rodriguez 2:38.16.

400-meter freestyle relay:

1.Area Tallahassee 3:58.20, 6. SOFLO 4:08.80 (Marcella Marinheiro, Amber Hunter, Maria Lopez, Melissa Marinheiro).


1.Westminster Academy Swim Club 647, 2. Metro Aquatics 602, 3. Davie Nadadores 559, 4. Area Tallahassee 404, 5. Swim Fort Lauderdale 349, 6. Swim Florida 345, 7. Gator Swim Club 281, 8. South Florida Aquatic Club 222, 9. Charles River Aquatics 165, 10. Adirondack Aquatic Club 129.


200-meter butterfly:

1.Max Abreu, Westminster Academy 2:04.36.

100-meter freestyle:

1.Yousef Alaskari, Davie Nadadores 52.85; SOFLO: 2. Nick Schwab 52.95, 4. Luke Torres 53.22, 13. Keegan Boisson-Yates 53.92, 68. Xavier Brown 57.64, 76. Jacob Walters 57.95, 83. Ivan Parada 58.34.

1500-meter freestyle:

1.Logan Samuelson, Swim Florida 16:07.67.

200-meter breaststroke:

1.Ryan Rosenbaum, Swim Fort Lauderdale 2:21.82; SOFLO: 2. Luke Torres 2:26.31, 43. Jordan Colon 2:46.11, 48. Alexander Monti 2:47.79, 58. Roger Capote 3:00.27.

200-meter backstroke:

1.Eric Ress, Santa Clara Swim Club 2:00.98; SOFLO: 41. Gustavo Valery 2:27.89, 43. Ivan Parada 2:30.46.

400-meter freestyle relay:

1.Westminster Academy 3:30.55 (Nick Schuttinger, John Walsh, Nick Carter, Austin Saunders), 16. SOFLO 3:59.28 (Xavier Brown, Gustavo Valery, Jacob Walters, Ivan Parada).

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