SOFLO’s Marinheiro, Rojas Going The Distance On Final Day Of Speedo Junior Nationals

SOFLO’s Marinheiro, Rojas Going The Distance On Final Day Of Speedo Junior Nationals


August 16, 2012

South Florida Aquatic Club’s Melissa Marinheiro and Marc Rojas will compete in their final events Friday on the fifth and final day of the USA Swimming Speedo Junior Nationals at IU Natatorium in Indianapolis.

Marinheiro, 15, competing in her first junior nationals, will compete in the 1500-meter freestyle. On Thursday, she swam 1:08.00 in a 100-meter butterfly time trial.

Rojas, 18, appearing in his second junior nationals, will swim the 800-meter freestyle. He tuned up in Thursday’s 200-meter freestyle prelims in 2:00.37.

Brandon Goldman of the Coral Springs Swim Club swam his third and fourth career-best times in three days.

Goldman, 17, swam 58 seconds for the first time in his swimming career in the 100-meter backstroke. Goldman swam 58.91 bettering his previous best time of 59.26 in morning prelims. His splits were 28.78 and 30.13. In a 200-meter individual medley time trial, he also swam a best time 2:11.42.

In championship finals on Thursday night:

Gillian Ryan, 16, of North Baltimore Aquatic Club, the top seed in the 200-meter freestyle in 2:02.29 just off her best of 2:00.95, went on to win the event, her third of the week, in a best time 1:59.22. She was the only swimmer to break 2 minutes. She also won the 400- and 800-meter freestyles and took a second in the 100 freestyle.

In the final event, Ryan also helped her teammates lower the meet record the 800-meter freestyle relay in 8:12.15. The previous record was

Asphalt Green’s Michael Domagala was the only boy to crack 1:50 in the 200-meter freestyle in a best time 1:49.88, just missing the meet record of 1:49.37. It is the fastest time by a 16-year-old this year.

Allie Szekely, 14, also won her third event of the week in the 100-meter breaststroke in 1:10.62, fastest time by a 14-year-old in the nation this year. She was eighth after the first 50 meters. Earlier in the week, she won the 200-meter breaststroke and 400-meter individual medley.

Carsten Vissering, 15, of Curl Burke won the 100-meter breaststroke in 1:03.44. The top five swimmers finished within .36 seconds of each other.

Hannah Weiss, 16, of King Aquatic Club won the 100-meter backstroke in 1:02.22.

Taylor Dale of Carpet Capital Aquatics won the boys’ 100-meter backstroke in 55.98, missing the meet record of 55.46.

Heading into the final day of the meet, SwimMAC leads the boys’ team race with 259 points, just 31 points ahead of the Pleasanton Seahawks. North Baltimore is the girls’ leader in team standings.

Thursday Night Final Results

Women’s 200-meter freestyle: 1. Gillian Ryan, North Baltimore 1:59.22.

Men’s 200-meter freestyle: 1. Michael Domagala, Asphalt Green 1:49.88.

Women’s 100-meter breaststroke: 1. Allie Szekely, Central Bucks 1:10.62.

Men’s 100-meter breaststroke: 1. Carsten Vissering, CUBU 1:03.44.

Women’s 100-meter backstroke: 1. Hannah Weiss, King Aquatics 1:02.22.

Men’s 100-meter backstroke: 1. Taylor Dale, Carpet Capital 55.98.

Women 4×200-meter freestyle relay: 1. North Baltimore Aquatic Club 8:12.15, meet record.

Women’s team totals: 1. North Baltimore Aquatic Club 196, 2. Sarasota YMCA Sharks 164, 3. Pleasanton Seahawks 143, 4. Mission Viejo 117, 5. SwimMAC Carolina 114, 6. York YMCA 97, 7. Irvine Novaquatics 81.5, 8. King Aquatics 76.5, 9. Central Bucks 72, 10. Santa Clara 54.

Men’s team totals: 1. SwimMAC Carolina 145.5, 2. Dayton Raiders 138, 3. Orinda Aquatics 112, 4. Tualatin Hills 110, 5. Cubu 89, 6. Pleasanton Seahawks 85, 7. King Aquatics 84.5, 8. Terrapins 81.5, 9. Mission Viejo 77, 10. Crimson Aquatics 68, 12. Davie Nadadores 60, 25. AK Sharks 31, 36. Swim Fort Lauderdale 17.

Day Four Florida Gold Coast Results

Women’s 200-meter freestyle: 52. Olivia Katcher, Swim Fort Lauderdale 2:06.96.

Men’s 200-meter freestyle: 37. Lance Rutkin, Swim Fort Lauderdale 1:55.47, 47. Franco Lupoli, Davie Nadadores 1:55.88, 52. Miguel Davila 1:56.14, 114. Marc Rojas, South Florida Aquatic Club 2:00.37.

Men’s 100-meter breaststroke: 59. Jordy Groters, Davie Nadadores 1:07.37.

Men’s 100-meter backstroke: 47. Brandon Goldman, Coral Springs Swim Team 58.91, best time.

Women’s 100-meter butterfly time trials: Melissa Marinheiro, South Florida Aquatic Club 1:08.00.

Men’s 200-meter individual medley: Brandon Goldman, Coral Springs Swim Club 2:11.42.


Gracia Leydon-Mahoney was in first place after the women’s 3-meter springboard semifinals and Toby Stanley was leading the men’s 10-meter platform semifinals on Day 3 of the AT&T USA Diving National Championships in Greensboro, N.C.

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AQUATIC NOTEBOOK, Issue 186: Former Pine Crest Swimmer Diana Nyad Ready For Another Try

AQUATIC NOTEBOOK, Issue 186: Former Pine Crest Swimmer Diana Nyad Ready For Another Try


August 16, 2012

It looks like it’s a go.

Marathon swimmer Diana Nyad has contacted her crew to gather in Key West on Thursday night in anticipation of beginning her fourth attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida.

Her support boat, Voyager, has left for Cuba to wait for Nyad’s arrival.

If the weather and conditions hold up, Nyad will enter the waters off the Havana shore at 7 a.m. on Sunday, four days before her 63rd birthday.

The former Pine Crest swimmer and International Swimming Hall of Famer holds the record for the farthest unaided open water swim in history from the Bahamas to Florida. Now she is attempting to swim the tricky 103-mile swim from Cuba to Florida across the Florida Straits.

The swim will take an estimated 60 hours.

“Red alert, red alert, we are a go,” Nyad tweeted.

The swimmer came up short on her three other bids in 1978 and twice in 2011 because of shoulder pain, asthma, jellyfish stings and ocean swells.

In her last attempt, Nyad had a support crew of 30 people aboard five yachts including shark divers and four kayakers. Her first attempt earlier this year ended with an asthma attached after 29 hours and second attempt after about 40 hours because of extreme pain and partial paralysis from jellyfish stings on her face and body.

This time Nyad also has a new jellyfish-proof wetsuit created by FINIS. The company spent four months researching and developing the suit for Nyad. It was been approved and does not contain any unfair floatation material.


Life after the Olympics seems to agree with 17-year-old Missy Franklin. She got a hero’s welcome at the Denver International Airport on Monday and again at her high school on Thursday where she started her classes in forensic science, advanced dance, economics, philosophy and AP classes in literature and composition class. One of the highlights so far has been her appearance on the Tonight Show Wednesday night. Franklin, winner of four gold medals and one bronze, told Jay Leno that offers to turn pro have poured in since she competed at the Olympics but said “Swimming in college has always been a dream. I love swimming on a team.” She explained her dual citizenship. Her parents are Canadian and she was born in Pasadena, Calif. Her family moved to Colorado when she was just two days old. “This is my country and my home, so it was never really a choice,” she told Leno when he asked about why she decided to swim for Team USA instead of Canada. She also got her Olympic rings tattoo. The first-time Olympian had been talking about it before, during and after the Olympics. She refers to her first tattoo as her “one and only.” Her position choice was on the right hip, a popular pick among woman so it shows when wearing a swim suit…

Michael Phelps is enjoying his post-Olympic rewards. Phelps, who has been vacationing with his guy friends in the Maldives, fishing, boating and relaxing in the sun, is featured on the current box of Wheaties for the second time. He was last featured on the box after the 2004 Olympics. After the 2008 Olympics, Phelps jumped ship to rival Kellogg Co. and was on the cover of Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes. The limited edition boxes will be available nationally starting next month…Phelps was also photographed by famed photographer Annie Lebowitz for a Luis Vuitton ad that has Phelps sitting in a bath tub full of water in his Speedo with a Vuitton satchel next to the tub. The ad is appearing is most of the top magazines…Phelps told Rolling Stone that he amped up during the Games by listening to Lil Wayne, Afrojack and Steve Aoki, Avicii and Young Jeezy…

Ryan Lochte may need a few acting classes. On the set of CW’s 90210, according to Access Hollywood, Lochte said he had trouble memorizing his lines as well as walking and talking at the same time. Producers decided to keep Lochte shirtless for his scene to distract viewers from his awkward line readings. The season premiere is Oct. 8 and Lochte’s episode airs on Monday, Oct. 29th at 9 p.m…

China’s Sun Yang, the first Chinese male swimmer to win an Olympic gold medal and break a world record in the 1500-meter freestyle, will be awarded $18 million in endorsements with the stipulation that two-thirds of the money will be given to the country’s swimming federation and Olympic team members. Coca-Cola is the major contributor to the funding. The pay day is the biggest ever for a Chinese Olympic athlete in any sport including diving. The federation will receive $6 million and each of his Olympic teammates will receive $150,000. His Aussie coach, Denis Cotterrell was also paid a $250,000 bonus for his success. Chinese swimmers have been training in Australia for months…

Another Chinese swimmer, Ye Shiwen, is lashing back at doubters. The teenager who won two Olympic gold medals told a Chinese television station in a recent interview that she was disappointed that Fort Lauderdale’s ASCA head and SwimFast coach John Leonard and others suggested that she relied on performance-enhancing drugs to break the world record in the 400-meter individual medley without having any concrete drug testing results. She said that Leonard “was not professional.”…

Tyler Clary will be at the Aug. 24-26 GoPro Grand Prix and will get the chance to get behind the wheel of a race car for some Indy car racing in Sonoma with Mario Andretti. “Dario Franchitti has promised it’ll be a good ride!!” Clary tweeted…

Canadian pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen told Access Hollywood she was thrilled with the U.S. Olympic swim team doing a video parody of her song Call Me Maybe. She was particularly impressed with Brendan Hansen’s underwater dancing. She had not seen it until Access Hollywood showed her the video. “Oh wow, she said. “There’s an underwater swimmer. That’s impressive. I said underwater swimmer, I meant dancer. That’s made my day. That’s so rad. It means the world to me. I think it’s just one of those things that you can’t take it in. It’s crazy they know the song and took the time to make their own spin on it. It just makes me really happy.”…

South African Chad LeClos’ 14-year-old brother Jordan is wearing a new t-shirt. It reads “My Brother, My Player, The Phelps Slayer.” LeClos returned to the pool for the South African Short Course Championships this week and has already qualified for world short course in he 200-meter freestyle and 50-meter butterfly…

Olympic gold medalist diver David Boudia is thinking about competing in both gymnastics and diving at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Boudia competed in gymnastics as a child and is good. He is thinking about the vault and 10-meter platform synchro.

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