SOFLO Swimmers Take Big Step At Arena Grand Prix

SOFLO Swimmers Take Big Step At Arena Grand Prix


February 16, 2013

South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers got a chance to rub elbows with Olympians while gaining valuable big meet racing experience against top-caliber swimmers at the Arena Orlando Grand Prix.

SOFLO wrapped up a successful three-day meet performance at the Orlando YMCA Aquatic Center.

On the final day, Julien Pinon, 14, broke his own 13-14 Florida Gold Coast age group record he had broken earlier in the meet, in a 200-meter freestyle time trial in 1:56.28.

Melissa Marinheiro, 15, enjoying one of her finest early-season meets, swam a best time in the 800-meter freestyle to finish sixth in the championship final in 9:04.32, dropping from 9:07.32.

Kelley Heron, 13, swam a lifetime-best in the 200-meter backstroke in Sunday’s prelims in 2:31.42, dropping from 2:32.51. Heron swam a 100-meter backstroke time trial in 1:11.66.

Heron and Jessica Rodriguez also swam best times in the 800-meter freestyle. Heron swam 9:46.29. Rodriguez turned in 9:49.97.

Jacob Walters swam a lifetime-best in the 100-meter butterfly in 1:00.75. Walters swam 2:06.32 in the 200-meter freestyle time trial.

“Overall, I am very happy with our team,” SOFLO head coach Chris Anderson said. “They learned a lot. It was definitely a stepping stone for the athletes who went.

“The younger kids now understand why they are training so hard and why we do the workouts we do in practice,” Anderson said. “For sure this is one of the best trips we have done. It was 100 percent successful.”

In Saturday night’s individual event championships:

Women’s 800-meter freestyle: Becca Mann of Clearwater Aquatics won her third event of the meet. She took the lead early and never relinquished it winning in a lifetime-best 8:27.37, fastest time in the world this year by two seconds. Six minutes after she finished, she jumped back in the pool for the 200-meter individual medley.

Women’s 200-meter individual medley: After swimming the 800, Mann pulled away and won her fourth event in 2:15.25 to complete a tough double. Mann took the lead on the breaststroke and took off in the freestyle. “I was hoping it was going to go like that, I was really happy,” Mann said. “It it was like a dream more than reality. I just forgot about the 800, that it never happened and focused on the IM. I felt it a little on the back, once I got to the breast and free I felt numb.”

Men’s 200-meter individual medley: Stroke for stroke after the first 100 meters, Ryan Lochte pulled away from Tyler Clary on the breaststroke to win his first event of the meet in 2:01.32. Clary was second in 2:02.91. Three 2012 Olympians were in the field.

Women’s 200-meter backstroke: Missy Franklin, 17, world record holder in the event, won her third race in 2:08.47 even though she said she felt out of rhythm.

Men’s 200-meter backstroke: Tyler Clary, after competing in the 200 IM, won in 1:57.85, the fastest time in the world this year. Clary took control on the third 50. Lochte was fifth. “I was just happy to break 2 minutes, I didn’t think I would go much faster,” Clary said. “That’s a shock. I was happy to pull it together.”

Women’s 100-meter freestyle: Missy Franklin pulled ahead of favorite Dana Vollmer in the final 10 meters to win her fourth event of the meet despite being sick in 55.37. “That felt great to race against my teammates. I think it helped to have a race before this one. I am feeling pretty good. I am definitely tired but if you don’t feel like this mid-season something is wrong with you.”

Men’s 100-meter freestyle: Anthony Ervin went out lightning-quick and held on in the last 30 meters to win in 49.85. “I just went for it and felt the pain on my way home,” Ervin said.

Men’s 1500-meter freestyle: Michael Klueh, 25, of Club Wolverine led from start to finish to win in 15:29.34. Five different countries were represented in the final that also featured two Florida Gold Coast swimmers, Lance Rutkin and Joey Pedraza.



200-meter individual medley: 1. Becca Mann, Clearwater 2:15.25, 2. Alexa Komarnycky, Island 2:16.98, 3. Carolyn McCann, King Aquatics 2:18.13; FGC Results: 11. Laura Gutierrez, Davie 2:22.60, 12. Rachael Bradford-Feldman, SAS 2:22.81, 15. Darby Goodwin, SAS 2:25.16, 16. Casey Francis, PC 2:28.47, 33. Allison Kopas, Davie 2:30.74, 34. Lindsey Swartz, PC 2:31.55, 38. Jessica Conway, SAS 2:33.05, 39. Caroline Schirmer, SAS 2:33.24, 42. Emma Madden, SAS 2:33.57, 43. Caroline Nava, PC 2:33.65, 44. Mia Fiorenzi, Davie 2:34.41, 46. Marcella Marinheiro, SOFLO 2:35.21.

200-meter backstroke: 1. Missy Franklin, Colorado 2:08.47, 2. Hilary Caldwell, PSW 2:11.11, 3. Kylie Stewart, 2:11.48; FGC Results: 8. Tasija Karosas, SAS 2:15.93, 37. Marcella Marinheiro, SOFLO 2:30.24, 39. Tyla Martin, PC 2:30.39, 40. Melissa Marinheiro, SOFLO 2:30.49, 41. Caroline Schirmer, SAS 2:30.63, 45. Kelley Heron, SOFLO 2:31.42, 50. Maria Lopez, SOFLO 2:33.52, 51. Jessica Rodriguez, SOFLO 2:34.38, 52. Allison Kopas, Davie 2:35.92.

100-meter freestyle: 1. Missy Franklin, Colorado 55.37, 2. Christine Magnuson, Tucson 55.99, 3. Dana Vollmer, California 56.06; FGC Results: 9. Megan Moroney, SAS 57.64, 35. Carla Robles, MAC 1:00.16, 38. Darby Goodwin, SAS 1:00.25, 39. Arianna Noya, MAC 1:00.41, 41. Isabella Paez, MAC 1:00.60, 46. Brenna Ruth, SAS 1:01.04, 47. Alina Schulhofer, Davie 1:01.05, 50. Angelia Cicenia, Davie 1:01.14, 53. Tyla Martin, PC 1:01.32, 54. Olivia Katcher, SFTL 1:01.35, 58. Mia Fiorenzi, Davie 1:01.77, 60. Marta Ciesla, PC 1:01.96, 64. Brittany Hammond, PC 1:02.10, 67. Marcella Marinheiro, SOFLO 1:02.33, 70. Jessica Conway, SAS 1:02.61, 71. Evita Leter, MAC 1:02.70, 72. Hannah Veale, PC 1:02.99.

800-meter freestyle: 1. Becca Mann, Clearwater 8:27.37, 2. Ashley Steenvoorden, Unattached 8:38.06, 3. Alexa Komarnycky, Island 8:41.67; FGC Results: 4. Sam Arevallo Salinas, Davie 8:46.77, 6. Melissa Marinheiro, SOFLO 9:07.32, 10. Casey Francis, PC 9:08.98, 15. Olivia Katcher, SFTL 9:19.09, 16. Daniella Vandenberg, Davie 9:19.89, 20. Daniela Veloza, Davie 9:25.59, 27. Kelley Heron, SOFLO 9:46.29, 29. Jessica Rodriguez, SOFLO 9:49.97.

400-meter medley relay: 1. Germany 4:17.11, 2. York YMCA 4:20.14, 3. Dynamo 4:21.80; FGC Results: 6. St. Andrew’s 4:25.89, 8. Davie 4:35.95.


200-meter individual medley: 1. Ryan Lochte, Daytona Beach 2:01.32, 2. Tyler Clary, Club Wolverine 2:02.91, 3. Conor Dwyer, Gators 2:03.39; 44. Fernando Bohorquez, Davie 2:20.63; 48. Kevin Matheus, SAS 2:20.94, 50. Alex Evenson, PC 2:21.33, 52. Brian Arnaud, CSSC: 2:21.75.

200-meter backstroke: 1. Tyler Clary, Club Wolverine 1:57.85, 2. Yannick Lebherz, Germany 1:59.31, 3. Ryan Murphy, Bolles 1:59.92; FGC Results: 37. Luke Hayhoe, SAS 2:16.74, 54. Nico Medina, Davie 2:25.66.

100-meter freestyle: 1. Anthony Ervin, California 49.85, 2. Robbie Renwick, Scotland 50.36, 3. Kevin Leithold, Bitterfielder SV 50.83; FGC Results: 11. Dylan Carter, Davie 52.18, 12. Roberto Gomez, Davie 52.26, 33. Jabari Baptiste, Davie 53.73, 39. Gage Kohner, SAS 54.17, 42. Yanouck Tyriseva, Davie 54.39, 43. Franco Lupoli, Davie 54.41, 44. Zuhayr Pigot, MAC 54.46, 44. Jordy Groters, Davie 54.46, 51. Keegan Boisson-Yates, CSSC 55.04, 53. Kevin Matheus, SAS 55.13, 58. Arvin Moradi, Davie 55.49, 59. Lucas Brito, Davie 55.74, 61. Shawn Warner, SAS 55.79, 64. William Haeffner, PC 56.07, 69. Quinn Cassidy, SAS 56.19, 70. Alex Lilley, Davie 56.25, 77. Wayne Denswil, MAC 56.74, 78. Nicholas Conrad, SAS 56.90, 83. Alexander Behnam, PC 57.31.

1500-meter freestyle: 1. Michael Klueh, Club Wolverine 15:29.34, 2. Esteban Enderica, Davie 15:34.82, 3. Arturo Perez Vertti, Mexico 15:48.82.

400-meter medley relay: 1. Germany 3:47.67, 2. Swim On 3:49.02, 3. Bolles 3:51.83; FGC Results: 5. Davie 3:57.48.

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