FHSAA State High School Meet Moves To Martin County

FHSAA State High School Meet Moves To Martin County

Written by Sharon Robb

March 23, 2013

South Florida swimmers and divers will have a little less drive time to the state high school meet for the next three years.

The Sailfish Waterpark and Aquatic Athletics Center was selected as the host site of the Florida High School Athletic Association State High School Swimming and Diving finals.

The Martin County Parks and Recreation Department was chosen over Ransom Aquatics Center in Coconut Grove, Sarasota YMCA and Cecil Recreation Aquatics Center in Jacksonville.

The economic impact has been estimated at $750,000 for Treasure Coast businesses including hotels, restaurants and stores. Host organizers will return 100 percent of the gate receipts to the FHSAA. In the past it has been less than 100 percent.

The venue was signed to a three-year contract with an option for two more.

The meet annually attracts 1,600 swimmers, coaches and support staff and expects 5,500 spectators.

Former elite local triathlete and duathlete and Miramar High alum Kevin Abbate, director of Martin County Parks and Recreation, played a key role in securing the meet that will be held Nov. 8-9 and Nov. 15-16. The facility was able to accommodate every one of the FHSAA’s requests.

Swimming and diving is expanding from three to four classifications for the first time this fall.

The state meet has been held indoors the past six years at the Orlando International YMCA Aquatic Center.

Martin County’s state-of-the art facility features a Colorado timing system, video streaming scoreboard, and Myrtha pool with a minimum depth of seven feet and a no-resistance liner.

The two local high schools and national champion Indian River State College will come together to host the meet.

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SOFLO Leads After Day One Of Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships

SOFLO Leads After Day One Of Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships


March 22, 2013

All the days, weeks and months of training leading up to the championship meets have been paying off big time for South Florida Aquatic Club.

Still one of the youngest teams in the Florida Gold Coast, SOFLO is looking like a polished, veteran club with outstanding swims at the Junior Olympics, which SOFLO won; Speedo Champions Series Sectionals; and Senior Championships, which SOFLO currently leads after the opening day of competition at Plantation Aquatic Complex.

SOFLO, buoyed by talent and depth, leads the women’s combined team standings with 651 points and boys standings with 709, ahead of a field of 28 teams from the FGC and out-of-state.

“This just didn’t happen overnight, the swimmers and coaches have been working and training very hard for all of this,” SOFLO head coach Chris Anderson said. “Across the board our kids are doing well and it shows.”

SOFLO won the girls 200-yard freestyle in 1:37.72 with Maria Lopez, sisters Marcella and Melissa Marinheiro and three-time Jamaican Olympic swim queen Alia Atkinson. SOFLO’s “B” relay also finaled, finishing eighth in 1:42.05 with Amber Hunter, Kelley Heron, Evelin Jimenez and Whitney Johnson.

SOFLO also won the girls 400-yard freestyle relay in 3:30.26 with the same foursome. SOFLO “B” relay was 12th in 3:48.65 with Rigau, Hunter, Heron and Evelin Jimenez.

Melissa Marinheiro, 15, won the 500-yard freestyle in 4:55.23. In the 200-yard backstroke, Melissa Marinheiro also finished third in a best time 2:05.55, dropping from 2:07.51.

Kylie Herman, 15, swam a best time 2:18.97 in morning prelims of the 200-yard backstroke. Herman also swam a best time of 2:17.74 in the 200-yard butterfly prelims, dropping from 2:20.42.

Atkinson won the 50-yard breaststroke in a best time 26.96, dropping from 28.18. She was second in the 200-yard backstroke in 2:04.57, improving her prelim time of 2:07.25. Her seed time was long course in 2:39.35.

Kaitlin Armstrong went a best time 57.54 in the 100-yard freestyle. Also in the event, Daniela Jimenez swam a best time 57.43.

Maria Lopez, 17, was second in the 200-yard butterfly in a best time 2:05.22, dropping from 2:05.88. Also in the 200-yard butterfly, Haley Wright, 16, swam a best time 2:18.52 in finals, dropping from 2:21.39. Natasha Testa, 14, swam a best time 2:19.19, dropping from 2:22.52.

Jordan Colon, 15, broke five minutes in the 500-yard freestyle in a lifetime-best 4:55.05. His previous best was 5:02.79. Colon also turned in a lifetime-best 51.51 in the 100-yard freestyle, bettering his previous best of 52.78. Colon swam his third best time of the day in the 50-yard breaststroke to finish fourth in 28.49, dropping from 29.64.

SOFLO boys 400-yard freestyle relay was third in 3:10.22 with Xavier Brown, Jacob Walters, Ivan Parada and Endi Babi.

SOFLO was seventh in the boys 200-yard freestyle in 1:30.74 with the same foursome. SOFLO “B” was 13th in 1:33.16 with Ryan Capote, Colon, Juan Lucas and Gustavo Valery.

Ryan Capote had a big time drop in the 200-yard backstroke finishing 13th in the 200-yard backstroke in 2:04.96, bettering his previous best of 2:07.08. Fernando Quintero, 16, also swam a best time 2:08.82, dropping from 2:11.92.

Juan Lucas, 14, dropped from 2:01.51 to 2:01.45 in the 200-yard backstroke.

Ryan Capote, 15, swam a best time in the 100-yard freestyle in 50.26, finishing 14th and dropping from 51.00.

Jacob Walters, 17, cracked 50 seconds for the first time in the 100-yard freestyle in 49.89 for 13th place. His previous best was 50.43. Also in the event, Roger Capote swam a best time 52.44, dropping from 53.55. Cristian Rossi swam a best time 53.18, dropping from 53.46.

Endi Babi, 24, was fifth in the 200-yard butterfly in a best time 1:56.03, dropping from 1:57.27. CJ Kopecki swam a best time 2:05.20 dropping from 2:06.67 to finish 13th.

Bowie Suen, 16, swam a best time 30.85 in the 50-yard breaststroke, dropping from 31.25. Edward Kon swam a best time 31.13, dropping from 31.34.

Roger Capote, 17, broke 30 seconds for the first time in the 50-yard breaststroke in 29.61, to finish 13th and drop from 30.59.

In the Area 1, 2, 3 Senior Championships, SOFLO “A” won the 200-yard freestyle relay in 1:55.85 with Genesis Pabon, Jessie Cordero, Karina Medina and Astrid Rigau.

Pabon, 16, swam a best time in the 100-yard freestyle in 1:01.49, a big drop from her previous best of 1:05.20. Also in the event, Karina Medina swam a best time 1:07.74, dropping from 1:08.22.

SOFLO boys “A” 200-yard freestyle relay was second in 1:43.82 with Nikolas Ujueta, Simon Ortiz, Daniel Lee and Juan Saldana.

Ortiz swam a best time in the 100-yard freestyle in 57.22, dropping from 57.46. In the same event, Mathew Delvalle swam a best time 1:00.76 dropping from 1:01.45.

Federico Molina swam a best time in the 50-yard breaststroke in 38.58, dropping from 39.41.

Ortiz also swam a lifetime-best in the 500-yard freestyle in 5:25.73 dropping from 5:37.54 and Delvalle swam a best time 5:47.32 dropping from 5:51.14.


WOMEN: 1. South Florida Aquatic Club 651, 2. Metro Aquatics 582, 3. AK Sharks 489, 4. Coral Springs Swim Club 428.5, 5. St. Andrew’s 418, 6. Swim Fort Lauderdale 412.5, 6. Plantation 412.5, 8. Lake Lytal Lightning 342, 9. Heritage Aquatic Tea, 276, 10. Allegheny North 214.

MEN: 1.South Florida Aquatic Club 709, 2. Metro Aquatics 654, 3. AK Sharks 521, 4. Coral Springs Swim Club 466.5, 5. St. Andrew’s Swimming 466, 6. Swim Fort Lauderdale 446.5, 7. Plantation 422.5, 8. Lake Lytal Lightning 368, 9. Heritage Aquatic Team 326, 10. Allegheny North Swim Club 250.



200-yard freestyle relay:

1.SOFLO “A” 1:37.72 (Maria Lopez, Marcella Marinheiro, Alia Atkinson, Melissa Marinheiro), 8. SOFLO “B” 1:42.05 (Amber Hunter, Kelley Heron, Evelin Jimenez, Whitney Johnson).

200-yard backstroke:

15-16, 1. Darby Goodwin, SAS 2:00.03; SOFLO: 3. Melissa Marinheiro 2:05.55, 16. Kylie Herman 2:21.33; Open, 1. Clara Smiddy, AK Sharks 1:56.71; SOFLO: 2. Alia Atkinson 2:04.57, 5 Marcella Marinheiro 2:08.13, 7. Jessica Rodriguez 2:14.91.

100-yard freestyle:

15-16, 1. Arianna Ortiz, Jupiter Dragons 53.11; SOFLO: 17. Haley Wright 56.53, 29. Whitney Johnson 57.08, 32. Kaitlin Armstrong 57.54; Open, 1. Clara Smiddy, AK Sharks 51.63; SOFLO: 4. Marcella Marinheiro 53.64, 10. Maria Lopez 56.64, 17. Evelin Jimenez 55.86, 19. Bianca Monti 56.46, 29. Daniela Jimenez 57.43, 32. Natasha Testa 57.65.

200-yard butterfly:

15-16, 1. Megan Moroney, SAS 2:05.10; SOFLO: 9. Kylie Herman 2:22.27, 11. Haley Wright 2:18.52; Open, 1. Isabella Paez, MAC 2:00.88; SOFLO: 2. Maria Lopez 2:05.22, 8. Amber Hunter 2:14.24, 11. Natasha Testa 2:19.19, 12. Evelin Jimenez 2:21.55.

50-yard breaststroke:

15-16, 1. Emily Kopas, Davie 30.12; Open, 1. Alia Atkinson, SOFLO 26.96; SOFLO: 4. Jessica Rodriguez 32.91, 15. Natasha Testa 35.55.

500-yard freestyle: 15-16, 1. Melissa Marinheiro, SOFLO 4:55.23; SOFLO: 12. Haley Wright 5:22.06, 18. Kylie Herman 5:26.79; Open, 1. Jessie Randolph, PST 4:58.09; SOFLO: 15. Daniela Jimenez 5:28.82.

400-yard freestyle relay:

1.SOFLO “A” 3:30.26 (Maria Lopez, Marcella Marinheiro, Alia Atkinson, Melissa Marinheiro), 12. SOFLO “B” 3:48.65 (Astrid Rigau, Amber Hunter, Kelley Heron, Evelin Jimenez).


200-yard freestyle:

1.St. Andrew’s 1:26.83 (Gage Kohner, Dillon Copa, Kevin Matheis, Quinn Cassidy), 7. SOFLO “A” 1:30.74 (Ivan Parada, Jacob Walters, Xavier Brown, Endi Babi), 13. SOFLO “B” 1:33.16 (Ryan Capote, Jordan Colon, Juan Lucas, Gustavo Valery).

200-yard backstroke:

15-16, 1. Boleck DePawlokowski, MAC 1:52.28; SOFLO: 13. Ryan Capote 2:04.96, 15. Fernando Quintero 2:08.82; Open, 1. Brandon Goldman, CSSC 1:50.45; SOFLO: 14. Juan Lucas 2:01.45.

100-yard freestyle:

15-16, 1. Gage Kohner, SAS 46.85; SOFLO: 14. Ryan Capote 50.26, 24. Jordan Colon 51.51; Open, 1. Raphael Marcoux, SFTL 47.61; SOFLO: 11. Ivan Parada 49.04, 13. Jacob Walters 49.89, 17. Endi Babi 50.20, 28. Xavier Brown 50.82, 32. Gustavo Valery 51.41, 36. Alex Monti 51.69, 44. Roger Capote 52.44, 48. Juan Lucas 52.83, 53. Cristian Rossi 53.18, 55. Esteban Diaz-Velasco 54.10.

200-yard butterfly:

15-16, 1. Alejandro Vassallo, PB 1:56.08; Open, 1. Zachary Buerger, Allegheny 1:50.43; SOFLO: 5. Endi Babi 1:56.03, 8. Jacob Walters 1:59.46, 13. CJ Kopecki 2:05.20.

50-yard breaststroke:

15-16, 1. AJ Reid, Team FLA 27.74; SOFLO: 4. Jordan Colon 28.49, 16. Bowie Suen 30.85, 19. Edward Kon 31.13; Open, 1. Casey Melzer, Allegheny 27.45; SOFLO: 13. Roger Capote 29.61, 19. Alexander Monti 30.38.

500-yard freestyle:

15-16, 1. Shawn Zylberberg, St. Andrew’s 4:41.19; SOFLO: 11. Jordan Colon 4:55.05, 18. Edward Kon 5:09.05; Open, 1.

400-yard freestyle relay:

1.St. Andrew’s 3:07.47, 2. MAC 3:09.55, 3. SOFLO “A” 3:10.22 (Xavier Brown, Jacob Walters, Ivan Parada, Endi Babi), 12. SOFLO “B” 3:23.07 (Gustavo Valery, Alex Monti, Ryan Capote, Roger Capote).



200-yard freestyle relay:

15-and-over, 1. SOFLO “A” 1:55.85 (Genesis Pabon, Jessie Cordero, Karina Medina, Astrid Rigau).

200-yard backstroke:

15-and-over, 1. Fernanda Tilkian, Miami Swimming 2:33.05; SOFLO: 2. Jessie Cordero 2:35.67, 3. Astrid Rigau 2:41, 5. Andrea Iglesia 2:44.37, 7. Genesis Pabon 2:47.98, 8. Karina Medina 3:23.22.

100-yard freestyle:

1.Carlota Sanchez, FLA 58.44; SOFLO: 6. Genesis Pabon 1:01.49, 9. Jessie Cordero 1:03.18, 20. Karina Medina 1:07.74, 23. Andrea Iglesia 1:09.59, 28, Emely Nunez 1:22.62.

200-yard butterfly:

15-and-over, 1. Jesitt, FLA 2:31.90.

50-yard breaststroke:

15-and-over, 1. Allison Abad, PST 35.99; SOFLO: 4. Astrid Rigau 38.02, 7. Karina Medina 39.48, 13. Emely Nunez 42.35.

500-yard freestyle:

15-and-over, 1. Catalina Gonella, CSSC 5:49.74; SOFLO: 6. Genesis Pabon 6:25.38.


200-yard freestyle relay:

15-and-over, 1. North Miami 1:40.45, 2. SOFLO “A” 1:43.82 (Nikolas Ujueta, Simon Ortiz, Daniel Lee, Juan Saldana).

200-yard backstroke:

15-and-over, 1. Trevor Stade, AK Sharks 2:14.53; SOFLO: 5. Daniel Lee 2:31.92.

100-yard freestyle:

15-and-over, 1. Andrew Szatkowski, CSSC 52.50; SOFLO: 5. Nikolas Ujueta 55.08, 16. Simon Ortiz, 57.22, 19. Henry Perillo 57.85, 23. Mathew Delvalle 1:00.76, 26. Daniel Lee 1:05.17.

200-yard butterfly:

15-and-over, 1. Alexander Sismanoglous, NM 2:14.25; SOFLO: 4. Nikolas Ujueta 2:35.10.

50-yard breaststroke:

15-and-over, 1. Patrick Costello, FLA 32.00; SOFLO: 9. Federico Molina 38.58.

500-yard freestyle:

15-and-over, 1. Justin Torres, CSSC 5:13.24; SOFLO: 3. Simon Ortiz 5:25.73, 7. Mathew Delvalle 5:47.32, 8. Henry Perillo 6:00.74.


What: Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships & Area 1, 2, 3, Senior Championships

When: Sunday

Schedule: Seniors: Sunday, prelims 8:30 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Area 1, 2, 3 Seniors: Sunday, 11:30 a.m., finals 5 p.m.

Where: Plantation Aquatic Complex, 9151 NW Second Street, off Broward Blvd., Plantation

Admission: $3 per session, heat sheets per session. For information call 954-452-2526.

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Georgia, California In Dogfight After Day Two Of NCAA Division I Women’s Championships

Georgia, California In Dogfight After Day Two Of NCAA Division I Women’s Championships


March 23, 2013

Two-time defending champion California is not making it easy for upset-minded Georgia, a two-time runner-up, after two days of the NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships at IU Natatorium in Indianapolis.

Georgia still remains in the lead with 300 points but California is closing the gap, currently in second place with 285. Tennessee is third with 263.5 points. Florida is eighth, University of Miami is 22nd, mainly because of its diving, and Florida State is 30th.

American record holder Breeja Larson of Texas A&M defended her 100-yard breaststroke in a meet record in 57.63.

Auburn junior Olivia Scott, a runner-up last year, won the 100-yard butterfly in 51.64. She finished ahead of Cal’s Rachel Bootsma in 51.68 and Florida’s Ellese Zalewski in 52.69.

Bootsma, a freshman, swam the second fastest backstroke in NCAA history, to win in 50.13. Florida freshman Sinead Russell, a Canadian Olympian, was second in 51.46 and Brooklyn Snodgrass of Indiana, another Canadian, was third in 51.52.

University of Florida junior Elizabeth Beisel won her second NCAA title and first in the 400-yard individual medley in 4:00.49.

The Gators are eighth with 189 points going into the third and final day of the meet.

“I am really proud of how the team came back after yesterday,” said Gators coach Gregg Troy. “I thought we swam really well in the morning. We are still not quite firing on all cylinders. We raced tough the whole time, everybody was in the races. Elizabeth did great in the 400 IM.”

In the relay competition, Tennessee won the 200-yard medley relay in 1:34.95. Cal was second in 1:35.53. Georgia did not final. In the 800-yard freestyle relay, Georgia came back to win in 6:54.43 with Olympian Allison Schmitt anchoring. Cal was third in 6:57.44.

Schmitt also won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:41.85 ahead of Cal’s Elizabeth Pelton in 1:42.13. Georgia swept three of the top four places with Megan Romano and Shannon Vreeland.

Casey Mathews, a junior at Purdie, won the 3-meter springboard title with 386.55 points.
SOFLO’s Tiffany Oliver competed on Florida State’s relays but did not swim the 200-yard freestyle opting instead for a declared false start.


TEAM TOTALS: 1. Georgia 300, 2. California 285, 3. Tennessee 263.5, 4. Arizona 246, 5. Texas A&M 216, 6. Southern California 194, 7. Stanford 189.5, 8. Florida 189, 9. Texas 115, 10. Minnesota 99,22. University of Miami 24, 30. Florida State 9.

200-yard medley relay:

1.Tennessee 1:34.95, 2. California 1:35.53, 3. Arizona 1:35.69, 4. Florida 1:36.06, 26. Arizona State (Taylor Wohrley, Alexandra Popa, Carolina Kuczynski, Shannon Landgrebbe).

400-yard individual medley:

1.Elizabeth Beisel, Florida 4:00.49, 2. Maya Dirado, Stanford 4:01.02, 3. Caitlin Leverenz, California 4:02.98, 39. Sonia Perez-Arau, Florida International 4:16.25, 40. Lauren Driscoll, California 4:16.32.

100-yard butterfly:

1.Olivia Scott, Auburn 51.64, 2. Rachel Bootsma, California 51.68, 3. Ellese Zalewski, Florida 51.69, 22. Caroline Kuczynski, Arizona State 53.01.

200-yard freestyle:

1.Allison Schmitt, Georgia 1:41.85, 2. Elizabeth Pelton, California 1:42.13, 3. Megan Romano, Georgia 1:42.64, 48. Lindsey McKnight, Florida 1:48.49.

100-yard breaststroke:

1.Breeja Larson, Texas A&M 57.63, 2. Kasey Carlson, Southern Cal 58.36, 3. Katie Meili, Columbia 59.14, 41. Sofia Johansson, Miami 1:01.56, 47. Eszter Bucz, Florida Atlantic 1:03.27.

100-yard backstroke:

1.Rachel Bootsma, California 50.13, 2. Sinead Russell, Florida 51.46, 3. Brooklyn Snodgrass, Indiana 51.52, 49. Johanna Gustafsdottir, Florida International 54.92, 50. Emma Svensson, Florida Gulf Coast 55.31.

3-meter springboard diving:

1.Casey Matthews, Purdue 386.55, 2. Hailey Casper, Arizona State 377.70, 3. Kelly Hendricks, Eastern Michigan 356.05, 8. Lindsey Lester, Miami 320.45, 24. Carrie Dragland, Miami 294.25, 35. Kara McCormack, Miami 262.80.

800-meter freestyle relay:

1.Georgia 6:54.43, 2. Arizona 6:57.26, 3. California 6:57.44, 7. Florida 7:02.54., 16. Florida State (Kaitlyn Dressel, Tiffany Oliver, Madison Jacobi, Elizabeth Pepper).

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