SOFLO/Comets Host Florida Gold Coast Open Invitational

SOFLO/Comets Host Florida Gold Coast Open Invitational This Weekend


May 2, 2013

South Florida Aquatic Club/Comets Swim Team will host its first long course meters meet of the season Friday through Sunday at Academic Village Pool, weather permitting.

Rain, lightning and wind have been playing havoc at swim workouts throughout the Florida Gold Coast.

The three-day meet will give swimmers a chance to race long course meters.

SOFLO heads the field with 136 swimmers, 70 boys and 66 girls.

SOFLO is seeded first in every event except four.

Melissa Marinheiro, 16, and Julien Pinon, 14, lead the SOFLO’s large contingent.

The SOFLO girls competing are: Camila Alvarez, 11, Patricia Alvarez, 12, Kaitlin Armstrong, 16, Kristen Armstrong, 13, Daniela Barretom 9, Sophia Bedoya, 10, Lilli Calero, 14, Leysha Caraballo, 16, Valentina Carrion, 11, Kyana Castro, 10, Samantha Cortez, 10, Alexandra Crespo, 12, Kayla Cunningham, 10, Katherine DeBarros, 12, Mikaela DeGracia, 12, Isabella DiSalvo, 10, Lisa Marie Handal, 15, Zariya Harris, 13, Salma Hegazy, 10, Kylie Herman, 15, Kelley Heron, 13, Annita Huang, 11, Paola Huerta, 11, Amber Hunter, 17, Andrea Iglesia, 15, Daniela Jimenez, 17, Evelin Jimenez, 17, Whitney Johnson, 16, Elise Larin,11, Jena Legaspi, 9, Rachel Ling, 18, Rebekah Ling 11, Isabella Lizarazo, 9, Maria Lopez, 17, Marcella Marinheiro, 18, Melissa Marinheiro, 16, Michelle Marinheiro, 10, Karina Medina, 15, Andrea Melendez, 16, Vanessa Mesa, 11, Stephanie Mlujeak, 14, Anna Montgomery, 12, Gretchen Montgomery, 10, Bianca Monti, 13, Zoe Mutombo, 10, Sabrina Osorio, 8, Sofia Osorio, 8, Abolade Oyetunji, 13, Genesis Pabon, 16, Brittany Parra, 12, Erika Pelaez, 6, Delanie Perez, 12, Sara Quintero, 9, Analucia Raimont, 10, Adrianna Rigau, 10, Astrid Rigau, 17, Keren Rivera, 14, Jennifer Rodriguez, 12, Jessica Rodriguez, 14, Isabel Shashaty, 12, Lauren Siegman, 11, Carly Swanson, 15, Natasha Testa, 14, Amy-Nicole Toro, 11, Anabel Vazquez, 11, and Kellie Wilcox, 12.

SOFLO boys entered are: Andres Arias, 13, Michael Arias, 10, Endi Babi, 24, Thomas Bogota, 9, Xavier Brown, 18, Roger Capote, 17, Ryan Capote, 15, Brendan Cassie, 14, Jordan Colon, 15, Marco Crespo, 14, Miguel Crespo, 8, Mark Andre De Gracia, 9, Mathew Delvalle, 15, David Diaz Venturo, 11, Esteban Diaz-Velasco, 14, Josemiguel Fernandez, 17, Brandon Fratianni, 14, Roberto Garrido, 11, Tanner Gibson, 9, Tyler Gibson, 13, Eduardo Graziano, 15, John Paul Handal, 10, Zackary Harris, 8, Ryan Heron, 9, Ethan Hew, 12, Akira Huang, 10, Edward Kon, 16, CJ Kopecki, 13, Jie Hoon Lee, 10, Juan Lucas, 14, Adrian Marrero, 15, Alejandro Mateus, 7, Leonardo Mateus, 11, Juan Medina, 14, Matthew Menocal, 14, Alfredo Mesa, 14, Federico Molina, 16, Noah Molko, 13, Salomon Molko, 13, Alexander Monti, 15, Brandon Moran, 11, Simon Ortiz, 15, Juan Osorio, 13, Ivan Parada, 18, Henry Perillo, 16, Julien Pinon, 14, Kevin Porto, 13, Fernando Quintero, 16, Samuel Quintero, 12, Carlo Roche, 11, Ricardo Roche, 13, Rafael Rodriguez, 11, Cristian Rossi, 14, Nicolas Rossi, 10, Gabriel Saavedra, 12, Juan Saldana, 16, Daniel Saliba, 10, Tiago Salba, 12, Gabriel Segui, 11, Sebastian Sierra, 12, Sebastian Simko, 12, Jonathan Strod, 14, Bowie Suen, 16, Derek Tom 11, Nikolas Ujueta, 16, Gustavo Valery, 16, Christian Vasquez, 9, Marcos Vazquez, 10, Jacob Walters, 17, and Sam Walters, 12.

The meet opens Friday at 5:30 p.m. with the 200- and 400-meter individual medleys and 400-meter freestyle.


What: Florida Gold Coast Open Invitational

When: Friday-Sunday

Where: Academic Village Pool, 17191 Sheridan Street, Pembroke Pines

Schedule: Friday, 5:30-7:05 p.m., Saturday, 8:30 a.m.-12:48 p.m., Sunday, 8:30 a.m.-1:23 p.m.

Admission: $3 per session, heat sheets $3 per session. For more information call 954-538-3721.

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AQUATIC NOTEBOOK, Issue 236: SOFLO/Comets Celebrate Best Year In Club’s History At May 11th Awards Banquet

AQUATIC NOTEBOOK, Issue 236: SOFLO/Comets Celebrate Best Year In Club’s History At May 11th Awards Banquet


May 2, 2013

South Florida Aquatic Club and Comets Swim Team will celebrate their best year in club history on Saturday, May 11th at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel Sunrise-Sawgrass Mills.

The Tropical Bash of Champions will honor the swimmers and coaches including three-time Jamaican Olympian Alia Atkinson.

The ceremonies and dinner begin 6 p.m.

“From developing young athletes to winning medals at international competitions, everyone plays an integral part in achieving team championship titles,” said SOFLO head coach Chris Anderson. “It was an amazing year.”

SOFLO is the first club in Florida Gold Coast history to sweep the Junior Olympics and Senior Championships during the same short course season.

A special send-off will be held for the team’s seven high school seniors before they head off to college.

They are Rachel Ling (Boston University), Jacob Walters (USMAWP West Point), Evelin Jimenez (University of South Florida), Daniel Jimenez (University of South Florida), Ivan Parada (Florida State), Roger Capote (Florida International University) and Marcella Marinheiro (Western Kentucky).

SOFLO isn’t resting on its laurels, not only with hard training in the pool and dryland, but also spreading the word through the South Florida community.

SOFLO’s international swimmers Alia Atkinson, a three-time Olympian for Jamaica and Endi Babi of Albania along with Anderson was invited to speak with students at Mater Academy, where several SOFLO swimmers attend or have attended.

The swimmers talked about everything from SOFLO’s club team to swimming lessons and education to travelling around the world competing in various meets.

Also on Wednesday during SOFLO’s afternoon practice which was cut short by rain in the pool but not dryland, swimmers and coaches were treated to an educational presentation from Florida International University’s compliance department about the ins and outs of college recruiting, scholarships and other general information about the college scene that parents and swimmers may not be aware of.


Joe Bernal, former club coach of SOFLO head coach Chris Anderson, and his Bernal’s Gator Swim Team is holding a marathon swim on Monday, May 13th to help raise money for the Boston Marathon bombing victims. Anyone in the swim community as well as private citizens may donate. Olympic gold medalist Rhi Jeffrey, a former Florida Gold Coast swimmer and newest Bernal Gator team member, is helping to promote the event. All proceeds will go to One Fund Boston. Jeffrey, who is training for the 2016 Olympic trials, has set up a webpage for online donations:…

Florida Gold Coast swimmer and former Swimmer of the Year Lauren Driscoll of Cooper City has transferred from University of California-Berkeley to Tennessee. The distance swimmer was ranked sixth among the Class of 2012 swimmers. She scored 70 points at the PAC 12 Championships and qualified for the NCAA Championships as a freshman in three events. SOFLO age group coach Rose Lockie was Driscoll’s first swim coach…

Bob Bowman, longtime coach of Olympic legend Michael Phelps, was hired by Turkey’s swimming federation as a consultant to help raise awareness of its international swimming community, from grass roots programs to the elite level. Bowman is still head coach and CEO of the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. Bowman also was a consultant for the British Swimming Federation at the conclusion of the 2012 London Olympics to help the sport’s review panel explain the team’s disappointing finish and help for the new Olympic quadrennium…

After two weeks, Ryan Lochte’s new reality shows is not attracting the viewership E! network had hoped for despite all the pre-show hype and publicity. Lochte has said all along he is trying to raise awareness in swimming by just being himself and sharing his life in and out of the pool. The show’s debut attracted only 807,000 viewers for the 10 p.m. Sunday airing.

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