August 2, 2013

After a long week, Marc Rojas of South Florida Aquatic Club still managed to swim another lifetime-best on the fifth and final day of the Southern Zone Senior Long Course Championships at Plantation Aquatic Complex.

Rojas, 19, earned the top seed in the 200-meter individual medley in a lifetime-best 2:12.46, lowering his previous best of 2:13.45.

Because of a storm moving into the area, meet officials decided to move several events to the morning prelim session including the 200 IM, 50 freestyle, 400 medley relay and 1500 freestyle.

Rojas finished seventh in 2:15.46.

Rojas was a member of SOFLO’s “A” 400-meter medley relay that finished fourth in 4:08.16 along with teammates Carlo Morante, Matthew Gonzalez and Ryan Capote.

SOFLO finished sixth among 35 combined teams with 516.5 points. Metroplex Aquatics won with 879 points. The Woodlands, featuring former SOFLO swimmer Leonie Davies, was third with 826.



200-meter individual medley: 1. Katie Kelsoe, MTAC 2:23.94; SOFLO: 39. Kylie Herman 2:40.32.

1500-meter freestyle: 1. Carrie Bonfield, Piranha Swimming 17:30.59.

50-meter freestyle: 1. Micaela Roemer, Sails 27.43; SOFLO: 17. Maria Lopez 28.30, 28. Amber Hunter 29.21, 40. Bianca Muniz 29.58, 64. Bianca Monti 30.26.

400-meter medley relay: 1. MTRO 4:28.99, 10. SOFLO “A” 4:43.90 (Marcella Marinheiro, Bianca Muniz, Maria Lopez, Kylie Herman).


200-meter individual medley: 1. Carter Wallace, COOG 2:10.54; SOFLO: 7. Marc Rojas 2:14.46 (2:12.46 prelims, best time), 23. Matthew Gonzalez 2:21.61, 31. Carlo Morante 2:21.67.

1500-meter freestyle: 1. Griff Hutton, Piranha Swimming 16:29.01.

50-meter freestyle: Results not posted on host website.

400-meter medley relay: 1. TG 4:03.69, 4. SOFLO “A” 4:08.16 (Carlo Morante, Marc Rojas, Matthew Gonzalez, Ryan Capote).

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