SOFLO Dominates Opening Night Distance Event

SOFLO Dominates Opening Night Distance Event



September 28, 2013

South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers dominated opening day of the three-day Florida Gold Coast Friday Distance-IMX/IMR Challenge at Academic Village Pool.

SOFLO swept the top four places in the girls’ open 1,650-yard freestyle to open the meet.

Melissa Marinheiro, 16, won the event in 17:28.51, a senior championship cut time.

She was followed by Kelley Heron, 14, in a best time 18:11.89 dropping from 18:20.16; Maria Lopez, 17, in 18:29.14 and Lilli Calero, 15, in a best time 18:57.95, dropping from 19:00.72.

The SOFLO foursome is in the midst of the high school season.

Marinheiro’s younger sister, Michelle Marinheiro, 10, finished 14th in a best time 20:34.77, dropping from 21:52.23.

In the boys distance event, CJ Kopecki, 14, of SOFLO won the boys title in 17:14.57, a best time and senior championships qualifying cut time. He bettered his previous best of 12:21.30.

SOFLO swept the next ten places including Ervin Marin, 13, 17:19.15; Juan Lucas, 14, best time 17:31.43 dropping from 17:59.96 and Jordon Colon, 16, best time 17:35.75, dropping from 17:38.56.



1,650-yard freestyle:

1.Melissa Marinheiro, SOFLO 17:28.51, SOFLO: 2. Kelley Heron 18:11.89, best time, 3. Maria Lopez 18:29.14, 4. Lilli Calero 18:57.95, best time, 7. Jennifer Rodriguez 19:30.71, best time, 8. Vanessa Mesa 19:32.45, best time, 9. Alexandra Crespo 19:55.29, best time, 10. Delanie Perez 20:02.01, 11. Katherine DeBarros 20:08.67, 12. Annita Huang 20:10.01, 13. Elise Larin 20:16.65, best time, 14. Michelle Marinheiro 20:34.77, best time, 15. Isabella DiSalvo 20:36.04, best time.


1,650-yard freestyle:

1.CJ Kopecki, SOFLO 17:14.57, best time; SOFLO; 2. Ervin Marin 17:19.15, 3. Juan Lucas 17:31.43, best time, 4. Jordan Colon 17:35.75, best time, 5. Rafael Rodriguez 17:42.64, best time, 6. Jonathan Strod 17:44.93, 7. Kevin Porto 17:47.24, 8. Gustavo Valery 17:55.61, 9. Ryan Capote 17:55.90, best time, 10. Leonardo Mateus 18:37.26, best time.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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