Double Winners Sevilla, Oyetunji, Gibson Lead SOFLO On Opening Day Of Area 3 Developmental Meet

Double Winners Sevilla, Oyetunji, Gibson Lead SOFLO On Opening Day Of Area 3 Developmental Meet


By Sharon Robb

March 3, 2014

South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers got a chance to flex their muscles at this past weekend’s Florida Gold Coast Area 3 Developmental Championships at Academic Village Pool.

The two-day meet attracted one of the most competitive fields making for several competitive races and impressive time drops.

On Saturday, Day One, SOFLO’s 13-14 boys 200-yard freestyle won in 1:41.68 with Christopher Sanchez, Juan Osorio, Andres Arias and Bruno Berti. The foursome bettered its seed time of 1:42.44.

Among SOFLO’s individual champions were:

Erika Pelaez, 7, 500-yard freestyle, best time 6:31.00, dropping from 7:15.21.

Zackary Harris, 9, 500-yard freestyle, best time 6:16.41, dropping from 7:08.36.

Valentina Carrion, 11, 500-yard freestyle, best time 6:02.49 dropping from 6:24.93.

Sebastian Sevilla, 12, 100-yard backstroke, best time 1:13.48, dropping from 1:27.35 and best time 100-yard individual medley, 1:12.52, dropping from 1:13.78.

Sally Golding, 9, 50-yard butterfly, best time 36.69, dropping from 38.66.

Tyler Gibson, 14, 50-yard butterfly, best time 27.41, dropping from 29.29; and 50-yard freestyle, best time 25.42, dropping from 26.75.

Abolade Oyetunji, 14, 50-yard freestyle, 27.32 and swam best time 27.13 in prelims; and 200-yard freestyle, 2:06.70 and best time 2:06.65 in prelims, dropping from 2:08.69.

Jasmine Ahmet, 10, 200-yard freestyle, best time 2:35.09, dropping from 2:44.74.

Bella Leggett, 10, 100-yard individual medley, best time 1:21.96. dropping from 1:33.47.

Juan Osorio, 14, 400-yard individual medley, best time, 4:52.38, dropping from 5:20.01.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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