SOFLO Shines On Day One Of Speedo Sectional Championships

SOFLO Shines On Day One Of Speedo Sectional Championships


By Sharon Robb

March 13, 2014

Emily Brunemann and Michael Klueh of Club Wolverine put on a show on the opening day of the Speedo Championships Series Southern Zone South Sectional Championships Thursday at the Plantation Aquatic Complex.

Brunemann, 27, a world-class open water swimmer and NCAA champion, won the women’s 1500-meter freestyle in 16 minutes, 54.73 seconds.

Klueh, 26, ran away with the 800-meter freestyle title in 8:08.78. Marcelo Acosta, 17, was second in 8:20.24 and Joey Pedraza, 26, was third in 8:20.53.

South Florida Aquatic Club teenager Melissa Marinheiro, 16, was second in the 1500-meter freestyle in 17:10.38.

Marinheiro anchored SOFLO’s winning 200-meter freestyle relay that won in 1:49.40 with teammates Maria Lopez, three-time Jamaican Olympian Alia Atkinson and Kathleen Golding.

Marinheiro, Atkinson, Lopez and Olivia Katcher were second in the 200-meter medley relay in 2:00.87, just behind Marlin Aquatic in 1:59.10 with Emma Ball, Genevieve Robertson, Danielle D’Aoust and Samantha Stratford.

“Our kids swam pretty strong,” SOFLO coach Chris Anderson said. “We are trying to bring our team together a little closer. They are in the middle of a taper so it’s nice to see some of the kids go best times even though they are not shaved for this meet.

“Plantation did a nice job of running the meet,” Anderson said.

Azura swept the top two places in the men’s 200-meter medley relay. The “A” squad of Mateo Gonzalez, Alex Morgan, Luis Martinez and Carlos Herrera were first in 1:48.06 followed by its “B” relay of Joey Pedraza, Marco Guarente, Arvin Moradi and Joshua Romany in 1:50.14.

Blue Dolfins won the men’s 200-meter freestyle relay in 1:38.79 with Noah Hensley, Zachary Poti, John Fulginiti and Jackson Auer.

SOFLO women and Azura men lead the individual team standings after Day One. Blue Dolfins lead the combined team standings.


COMBINED TEAM TOTALS: 1. Blue Dolfins 215, 2. Azura Florida Aquatic 212, 3. South Florida Aquatic Club 205, 4. Pine Crest Swimming 134, 5. Swim Fort Lauderdale 104, 6. FLA Aquatics 84, 7. Plantation Swim Team 78, 8. Loyola Blakefield Aquatics 76, 9. Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club, 10. tie, Performance Aquatics, Swim Florida 42.

WOMEN: 1. South Florida Aquatic Club 121, 2. Blue Dolfins 113, 3. Pine Crest Swimming 66, 4. tie, Plantation Swim Team, Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club 64, 6. Azura Florida Aquatic 50, 7. Thunder Bay Thunderbirds 34, 8. Swim Fort Lauderdale, FLA Aquatics, Falfins Swimming 30.

MEN: 1. Azura Florida Aquatic 162, 2. Blue Dolfins 102, 3. South Florida Aquatic Club 84, 4. Loyola Blakefield Aquatics 76, 5. Swim Fort Lauderdale 74, 6. Pine Crest Swimming 70, 7. FLA Aquatics 56, 8. Performance Aquatics 26, 9. YMCA of Broward County 22, 10. Club Wolverine 20.


1500-meter freestyle: 1. Emily Brunemann, Club Wolverine 16:54.73, 2. Melissa Marinheiro, SOFLO 17:10.38, 3. Daniella Vandenberg, Azura 17:59.44, 4. Geena Squartino, SF 18:02.33, 5. Florencia Almada, Swim FLA 18:11.28; SOFLO: 11. Kylie Herman 18:47.26.

200-meter medley: 1. Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club 1:59.10 (Emma Ball, Genevieve Robertson, Danielle D’Aoust, Samantha Stratford), 2. SOFLO 2:00.87 (Melissa Marinheiro, Alia Atkinson, Maria Lopez, Olivia Katcher), 3. Pine Crest 2:02.57, 4. Swim Fort Lauderdale 2:03.63, 5. Plantation Swim Team 2:06.79.

200-meter freestyle relay: 1. SOFLO 1:49.40 (Maria Lopez, Alia Atkinson, Kathleen Golding, Melissa Marinheiro), 2. Pine Crest Swimming 1:49.48, 3. Blue Dolfins 1:53.69, 4. Plantation Swim Team 1:53.91, 5. Azura 1:53.95.


800-meter freestyle: 1. Michael Klueh, Club Wolverine 8:08.78, 2. Marcella Costa, Unattaced 8:20.24, 3. Joey Pedraza, Azura 8:20.53, 4. Eric Stobbe, Unattached 8:21.48, 5. Marco Hosfield, Swim Fort Lauderdale 8:32.60; SOFLO: 10. C.J. Kopecki 8:49.23, 12. Julien Pinon 8:52.65, 23. Ervin Marin 9:08.75, 24. Kevin Porto 9:10.98.

200-meter medley relay: 1. Azura “A” 1:48.06 (Mateo Gonzalez, Alex Morgan, Luis Martinez, Carlos Herrera), 2. Azura “B” 1:50.14, 3. Blue Dolfins 1:50.70, 4. Swim Fort Lauderdale 1:52.41, 5. Loyola Blakefield Aquatics 1:52.42; 8. SOFLO “A” 1:56.98, 10. SOFLO “B” 2:00.24.

200-meter freestyle relay: 1. Blue Dolfins 1:38.79 (Noah Hensley, Zachary Poti, John Fulginiti, Jackson Auer), 2. Azura 1:39.70, 3. Swim Fort Lauderdale 1:40.93, 4. Pine Crest Swimming 1:41.19, 5. Loyola Blakefield Aquatics 1:41.49, 7. SOFLO “A” 1:42.73, 9. SOFLO “B” 1:44.71.


What: Speedo Championships Series Southern Zone South Sectional Championships

When: Friday-Sunday

Schedule: Friday, prelims 9 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Saturday, prelims 9 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Sunday, prelims 9 a.m., finals 5 p.m.

Where: Plantation Aquatic Complex, 9151 NW Second Street, Plantation

Admission: $3 per session, $3 heat sheets per session. For information call 954-452-2526.

Sharon Robb can be reached at

Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

Welcome to the South Florida Aquatic club, a premier community swim team dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement to all team members, from the beginner to the seasoned Olympic athlete in their pursuit of excellence. The year-round development program for competitive swimming features life-enhancing qualities including integrity, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and health and fitness. We invite you to navigate the club’s portal for information about the team.

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