SOFLO Swimmers Get Some Racing In Before Storm Hits Panther Summer Solstice

SOFLO Swimmers Get Some Racing In Before Storm Hits Panther Summer Solstice


By Sharon Robb

June 8, 2014

South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers got in some racing before thunderstorms washed out the end of the Panther Summer Solstice Sunday at Pine Crest.

Swimmers got the opportunity to swim against several strong Florida Gold Coast teams including Hurricane Aquatics, Pompano Beach Piranhas, Gulliver, St. Andrew’s, Swim Fast, Midtown Weston, Nova Southeastern Swim Club, YMCA of Broward County and host Pine Crest.

Eiza Gantus, 12, swimming unattached in the 50-meter breaststroke in 42.05. Gantus was also second in the 100-meter freestyle in 1:07.76.

Marianna Serrao, 12, was second in the 100-meter freestyle in a best tine 1:06.73, dropping .01.

Several other SOFLO swimmers turned in best times:

Zackary Harris, 9, was third in the 100-meter freestyle in 1:12.23, shaving 1.95 seconds off his previous best.

Brendan Cassie, 16, swam 2:39.02 in the 200-meter freestyle, dropping 12.18 seconds and 34.64 in the 50-meter breaststroke, dropping 3.66 seconds

Sarah Acevedo, 10, swam 58.62 in the 50-meter breaststroke, dropping 0.61 seconds.

Joseph Lee, 11, was fourth in the 50-meter breaststroke in a best time 43.95, dropping 5.03 seconds off his best time. Lee was also third in the 100-meter freestyle in a best time 1:09.58, dropping 3.99 seconds.

Tyler Gibson, 14, swam 36.76 in the 50-meter breaststroke in 36.76, dropping 0.93 seconds.

Brandon Moran, 13, swam 38.96 in the 50-meter breaststroke in 38.96, dropping .01.

Gabriel Ferdinand, 11, finished the 100-meter freestyle in 1:27.24, dropping 3.12 seconds.

Thunder, heavy rain and lightning washed out the final few events of the three-day meet including the open 100-meter freestyle and 200-meter breaststroke, six 50-meter backstroke races and six 100-meter butterfly races.



200-meter freestyle:

Open, 1. Niki Urquidi, Gulliver 2:11.01; SOFLO: 11. Abolade Oyetunji 2:22.59, 14. Marianna Serrao 2:24.09, 17. Annita Huang 2:28.63, 27. Zariya Harris 2:34.20, 42. Sophia Bedoya 3:00.89.

50-meter breaststroke:

10-and-under, 1. Chloe Hernandez, Gulliver 43.47; SOFLO: 15. Sarah Acevedo 58.62, best time, 20. Kaitlyn Barrios 1:01.26; 11-12, 1. Savannah Yates, Pine Crest 39.05; SOFLO: 2. Marianna Serrao 39.66, 5. Katrina Del Vecchio 44:23, 8. Annita Huang 44.98, 13. Sophia Bedoya 48.76, 16. Alana Acevedo 51.40; Open, 1. Fatimah Westbrook, Pompano Beach 35.97.

100-meter freestyle:

10-and-under, 1. Chloe Hernandez, Gulliver 1:15.58; 11-12, 1. Savannan Yates, Pine Crest 1:05.52; SOFLO: 2. Marianna Serrao 1:06.73, best time, 3. Annita Huang 1:07.55, 5. Isabella DiSalvo 1:09.07, 14. Katrina Del Vecchio 1:14.44, 20. Sophia Bedoya 1:22.51.


200-meter freestyle:

Open, 1. Alex Berggren, Pine Crest 2:00.58; SOFLO: 25. Tyler Gibson 2:21.13, 30. Simon Ortiz 2:23.72, 31. Eiza Gantus 2:24.77, 44. Brendan Cassie 2:39.02, best time, 53. Roberto Garrido 2:51.07.

50-meter breaststroke:

10-and-under, 1. Samuel Rivas, Gulliver 45.96; SOFLO: 7. Samuel Bullen 55.27, 13. Tanner Gibson 59.67; 11-12, 1. Eiza Gantus, SOFLO 42.05; SOFLO: 4. Joseph Lee 43.95, best time, 10. Gabriel Ferdinand 53.07; Open, 1. Hank Contich, Pine Crest 33.06; SOFLO: 4. Brendan Cassie 34.64, best time, 8. Tyler Gibson 36.76, best time, 13. Brandon Moran 38.96, best time.

100-meter freestyle:

10-and-under, 1. Calvin Frette, Gulliver 1:11.03; SOFLO: 3. Zackary Harris 1:12.23, best time, 7. tanner Gibson 1:29.50, 12. Samuel Bllen 1:49.45; 11-12, 1. Jonathan Rodriguez, Gulliver 1:05.09; SOFLO: 2. Eiza Gantus 1:07.76, 3. Joseph Lee 1:09.58, best time, 15. Roberto Garrido 1:20.38, 23. Gabriel Ferdinand 1:27.24, best time.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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