SOFLO’s Santos Top FGC Finisher At Southern Zone Senior LC Championships

SOFLO’s Santos Top FGC Finisher At Southern Zone Senior LC Championships

By Sharon Robb

July 29, 2014—Ronald Santos of the South Florida Aquatic Club was the top Florida Gold Coast finisher on opening night of the USA Swimming Southern Zone Senior Long Course Championships at Florida Gulf Coast Aquatic Center in Fort Myers.

Santos, 18, finished tenth in the 800-meter freestyle in 8:50.32, just off his best time of 8:50.30.

Plantation Swim Team’s Nick Pacitti, 14, swam a best time in the 800-meter freestyle in 9:09.72, dropping 9.33 seconds.

SOFLO’s Kevin Porto was 37th in the 800 in 9:18.72.



800-meter freestyle:

1.Haley Yelle, MAC 8:59.35, 2. Carrie Bonfield, PPST 9:03.33, 3. Delia Weber, FCST 9:04.61, 8. Lexi Gaunce, GCST 9:23.51, 13. Alex Wittman, Unattached-FL 9:27.60, 14. Kellie Roedig, CVST 9:28.99, 21. Emma Volz, CVST 9:35.58, 27. Kylie Keys, SWIM 9:39.83, 35. Maria Zambito, CVST 9:45.46, 39. Nikki McCollum, GCST 9:47.02, 47. Roe Marsala, GCST 10:00.54, 48. Samantha Hurley, SWIM 10:00.68, 56. Abby Forman, CVST 10:23.15, 57. Mikayla Puckett, GCST 10:23.95.


800-meter freestyle:

1.Tal Davis, TG 8:23.91, 2. Griff Hutton, PPST 8:36.52, 3. Connor Forsythe, GST 8:37.55, 7. Eddie Zacka IV, GCST 8:47.88, SOFLO: 10. Ronald Santos, 8:50.32, 22. Zachary Bowles, CVST 9:02.77, 23. Dylan Keer, SWIM 9:08.18, 26. Nick Pacitti, Plantation Swim Team 9:09.72, best time, 28. Dan Young, SWIM 9:12.84, 31. Corey Stein, CVST 9:14.49, 34. Stas Van Genderen, SWIM 9:15.84, 35. Darrien Heil, GCST 9:18.15, SOFLO: 37. Kevin Porto 9:18.72, 41. Elijah Benzon, GCST 9:28.43, 42. Zachary Brewer, GCST 9:35.50, 44. Kaleb Harriott, SWIM 9:40.35, 45. Matthew Strickland, SWIM 9:41.55.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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