Golding Makes Debut; Moroney, Rice Lead Florida Swimmers On Day Two Of Speedo Junior Nationals

Golding Makes Debut; Moroney, Rice Lead Florida Swimmers On Day Two Of Speedo Junior Nationals

By Sharon Robb

July 31, 2014–Megan Moroney of St. Andrews Swimming and Tyler Rice of Bolles were the top Florida finishers Thursday at the USA Swimming Speedo Junior National Championships at the William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Complex in Irvine, California.

Moroney, 17, was seventh in the 100-meter freestyle in 56.74, just 0.23 off her best time.

Rice, 16, making his junior summer nationals debut, was eighth in the final of the 100-meter freestyle in 51.73. He went 51.13 in prelims.

Carmel girls team broke the meet record and 15-18 national age group record in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay to win in 3:44.88 with Rachel Hayden, Veronica Burchill, Claire Adams and Amy Bilquist. The previous record was 3:45.50 set by the Colorado Stars with Missy Franklin on anchor leg in 2010. Bolles was fourth in 3:50.43 with Claire Rasmus, Kasey Schmidt, Mckenna Debever and Christi Riley.

Upper Dublin Swim Club boys broke the 15-16 national age group record in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay in 3:29.18 with Jake Sannem, Wyatt Amdor, Michael Thoas and Michael Jensen to finish fifth overall.

South Florida Aquatic Club Kathleen Golding, making her junior national debut, was 38th in the 400-meter individual medley 4:58.69, 1.02 off her best time. At 13, she was the youngest among the field of 83 swimmers. She was seeded 45th in 4:57.67.

SOFLO teammate Melissa Marinheiro, 17, after swimming a lifetime-best in the 800-meter freestyle in 8:56.42, will swim the 400-meter freestyle (4:20.69) on Friday. It is the second of four events she is entered in. She also has the 200- and 1500-meter freestyle.

Matthew Klotz, 18, of the Sierra Marlins broke the deaf world record in his 200-meter backstroke heat in 2:04.51. It was the third time in just over 12 months where he has lowered the mark.

In other championship finals:

Girls 200-meter backstroke: Top seed Allie Szekely of Central Bucks Swim Team led from wire-to-wire to win in 2:11.29, ninth fastest national time in her age group.

Boys 200-meter backstroke: Patrick Conaton of Badger Swim Club surged in the final 50 meters to win in 1:59.67.

Girls 100-meter freestyle: Stanzi Moseley and Amy Bilquist of Carmel Swim Club were stroke-for-stroke in the last five meters with Bilquist getting her hand on the wall first in 54.85. Moseley’s time was 55.04. All eight finalist were 16-years-old.

Boys 100-meter freestyle: Townley Haas of Nova of Virginia used his back-half speed to win the race in 50.12.

Girls 400-meter individual medley: Kim Williams of Bellevue Club Swim Team had a half-body length on the breaststroke leg and pulled away on the final freestyle leg to win by a body length in 4:43.18.

Boys 400-meter individual medley: Curtis Ogden of Palo Alto Stanford was on meet record pace until the freestyle leg and won in 4:18.02.

Boys 4×100-meter freestyle relay: Indiana University Swim Team won in 3:24.62, nearly 3 seconds ahead of Tennessee Aquatics in 3:27.41. Bolles was seventh in 3:29.37 with Luke Georgiadis, Tyler Rice, Wesley Olmstead and Joey Carbone.

Friday’s events are the 400-meter freestyle, 100-meter butterfly and 4×200-meter freestyle relay.

The meet, both prelims and finals, is being live-streamed at


COMBINED TEAM TOTALS: 1. Carmel 123, 2. Palo Altero 113, 3. Aquazot 84, 4. North Baltimore 73, 5. Dynamo 66, 6. Bolles 65.

BOYS TEAM TOTALS: 1. Aquazot 78, 2. Palo Alto 70, 3. Upper Dublin 63, 4. Nitro Swimming 53, 5. Indiana 51.

GIRLS TEAM TOTALS: 1. Carmel 123, 2. Y-Spartaquatics 62, 3. North Baltimore 55, 4. Central Bucks 48, 5. Palo Alto 43.


200-meter backstroke: 1. Allie Szekely, CBST 2:11.29, 14. Elise Haan, T2 Aquatics 2:16.00, 23. Lexy Aitchison, CAT 2:18.01, best time, 31. Mckenna Debever, Bolles 2:18.67, best time, 33. Katie Duggan, HIGH 2:18.86, 33. Christian Rockway TBAY 2:18.86, 45. Morgan Carr, SYS 2:19.81, 66. Abi Wilder, Bolles 2:21.05, 74. Tierney Shimansky, GSC 2:21.55, 88. Abbey Duncan, CAT 2:23.45, 98. Ashley Boddiford, BD 2:25.18.

100-meter freestyle: 1. Amy Bilquist, CSC 54.85, 7. Megan Moroney, St. Andrew’s Swimming 56.74, 32. Marta Ciesla, Pine Crest 57.17, best time, 41. Claire Rasmus, Bolles 57.36, 43. Lexy Aitchison, CAT 57.39, 46. Sophire Cattermole, SYS 57.45, 52. Kasey Schmidt, Bolles 57.56, best time, 64. Cece Williams, ATAC 57.69, 124. Elise Haan, T2 Aquatics 59.75.

400-meter individual medley: 1. Kim Williams, BC 4:43.18, 8. Christin Rockway, Tampa Bay 4:52.28, 19. Hannah Burns, GSC 4:51.43, 18. Hannah Burns 4:55.18, 32. Sophie Cattermole, SYS 4:57.61, 38. Kathleen Golding, SOFLO 4:58.69, 39. Summer Finke, SPA 4:59.14, 49. Carley Lowe, HIGH 5:00.42, 78. Allison Kopas, SFTL 5:05.72.

4×100-meter freestyle relay: 1. Carmel Swim Club 3:44.88, 2. Palo Alto 3:48.49, 3. North Baltimore 3:49.51, 4. Bolles 3:50.43.


200-meter backstroke: 1. Patrick Conaton, BAD 1:59.67, 6. Austin Katz, Sarasota YMCA 2:02.45, 18. Matthew O’Donnell, Sarasota YMCA 2:03.90, 49. Wesley McGovern, TBAY 2:06.38, 52. Dakota Mahaffey, Bolles 2:06.46, 57. Luis Martinez, Azura Florida Aquatics 2:06.94, best time, 64. Zachary Poti, BD 2:07.32, 71. Quinn Cassidy, St. Andrew’s 2:07.68, 76. Jake Gibbons, Bolles 2:08.04, 101. Boleck De Pawlikowski, MAC 2:09.57, 111. Matthew Garcia, SYS 2:10.52, 116. Alex Pena, HIGH 2:10.83.

100-meter freestyle: 1. Townley Haas, NOVA 50.12, 8. Tyler Rice, Bolles 51.73, 11. Gage Kohner, St. Andrew’s Swimming 51.29, best time, 14. Joshua Romany, Trinidad & Tobago 51.59, 26. Noah Harasz, SPA 51.76, 41. William Pisani, Lake Lytal Lightning 52.08, best time, 41. Luke Georgiadis, Bolles 52.08, 54. Viktor Toth, DBS 52.44, 54. Ryan Peters, TBAY 52.44, 78. Wesley Olmsted, Bolles 53.00.

400-meter individual medley: 1. Curtis Ogren, PASA 4:18.02, 27. Riley Springman, HIGH 4:29.39, 38. Boleck DePawlikowski, MAC 4:31.65, 63. Quinn Poti, BD 4:34.80, 81. Campbell Lee, SYS 4:38.44, 84. Jake Gibbons, Bolles 4:40.70.

4×100-meter freestyle relay: 1. Indiana University 3:24.62, 2. Tennessee Aquatics 3;27.41, 3. Swim Atlanta 3:27.90, 7. Bolles 3:29.37.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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