Pine Crest Wins Season-Opener

Pine Crest Wins Season-Opener


By Sharon Robb

September 10, 2014—Pine Crest, with one of the county’s youngest girls teams this season, won its season-opener Wednesday at its Fort Lauderdale campus.

Pine Crest swept the boys and girls team titles. The Panthers won the combined team title, 341-196 over Westminster Academy.

In the girls competition, Pine Crest won five individual events and swept all three relays to defeat Westminster Academy, 171-99.

USA Swimming Scholastic All-American Miriyam Ghali and Tyla Martin were double winners in individual events.

Ghali won the 100-yard butterfly in 1:00.84 and 100-yard backstroke in 1:03.24.

Martin won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:58.97 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:16.63. Pine Crest swept the top three places in the distance event.

Sprinter Marta Ciesla was Pine Crest’s other individual winner in the 50-yard freestyle in 24.64. Ciesla was a state runner-up in the event last season.

Westminster Academy won four individual titles including two by freshman Jessica Nava in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:17.39 and 100-yard freestyle in 55.29.

Koral Lastella won the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:17.53 and teammate Johanna Holloway won the 1-meter springboard diving event with 267.38 points.

In the boys competition, Pine Crest defeated Westminster Academy, 170-97, and Coral Springs Christian Academy, 187-21.

Pine Crest won seven individual events and swept all three relays.

John Graner, Ryan Graff and Anton Generalov were double winners for the Panthers.

Graner won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:54.87 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:11.20.

Graff won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:09.32 and 100-yard breaststroke in 1:04.81.

Generalov won the 100-yard freestyle in 50.34 and 100-yard backstroke in 59.61.

Pine Crest won the 1-meter diving event with Austin Fields totaling 284.69 points ahead of Westminster Academy’s Alex Warters (256.57).

Westminster Academy and Coral Springs Christian Academy each had one winner.

Sprinter Jason Woodburn won the 50-meter freestyle in 23.07 just ahead of teammate Christian Soderberg (23.78).

Brendan Teeters of Coral Springs Christian Academy won the 100-yard butterfly in 54.02, the county’s fastest time this season.


Pine Crest 341, Westminster Academy 196


Pine Crest 171, Westminster Academy 99


200-yard medley relay: 1. Pine Crest “A” 1:54.38 (Jamie Flores, Miriyam Ghali, Tyla Martin, Marta Ciesla), 2. Westminster Academy 1:56.51, 3. Pine Crest “B” 2:05.75.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Tyla Martin, PC 1:58.97, 2. Caroline Nava, WA 1:59.13, 3. Sabrina Gornisiewicz, PC 2:00.88.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Jessica Nava, WA 2:17.39, 2. Daniela Gomez, PC 2:24.07, 3. Molly See, PC 2:26.66.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Marta Ciesla, PC 24.64, 2. Amy Kranz, WA 25.47, 3. Brooke Bernstein, PC 25.75.

1-meter springboard diving: 1. Johanna Holloway, WA 267.38, 2. Ali Watson, PC 244.57, 3. Ishani Singh, PC 225.90.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Miriyam Ghali, PC 1:00.84, 2. Amy Kranz, WA 1:03.44, 3. Daniela Gomez, PC 1:06.01.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Jessica Nava, WA 55.29, 2. Brooke Bernstein, PC 56.22, 3. Molly See, PC 59.32.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Tyla Martin, PC 5:16.63, 2. Sabrina Gornisiewicz, PC 5:19.95, 3. Juliana Russell, PC 5:46.47.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pine Crest “A” 1:42.89 (Marta Ciesla, Brooke Bernstein, Sabrina Gornisiewicz, Julianna Russell), 2. Westminster Academy 1:43.18, 3. Pine Crest “B” 1:49.91.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Miriyam Ghali, PC 1:03.24, 2. Caroline Nava, WA 1:04.27, 3. Jamie Flores, PC 1:05.07.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Koral Lastella, WA 1:17.53, 2. Mary-Elizabeth Mahoney, WA 1:19.17, 3. Lauren Briggs, PC 1:27.71.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pine Crest “A” 3:48.75 (Marta Ciesla, Tyla Martin, Miriyam Ghali, Sabrina Gornisiewicz), 2. Pine Crest “B” 4:01.80, 3. Westminster Academy 4:23.89.


Pine Crest 170, Westminster Academy 97

Westminster Academy 187, Coral Springs Christian 21

Pine Crest 209, Coral Springs Christian 18


200-yard medley relay: 1. Pine Crest 1:45.38 “A” (Anton Generalov, Ryan Graff, Christian Soderberg, Matthew Kronengold), 2. Westminster Academy 1:54.44, 3. Pine Crest “B” 2:05.83.

200-yard freestyle: 1. John Graner, PC 1:54.87, 2. Matthew Kronengold, PC 1:57.19, 3. Christian Henderson, WA 2:14.32.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Ryan Graff, PC 2:09.32, 2. Julian Munoz, PC 2:18.28, 3. James Sparks, WA 2:24.94.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Jason Woodburn, WA 23.07, 2. Christian Soderberg, PC 23.78, 3. Peter Jones, WA 25.02.

1-meter springboard diving: 1. Austin Fields, PC 284.69, 2. Alex Warters, WA 256.57, 3. Lyle Macaluso, PC 211.27.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Brendan Teeters, CSC 54.02, 2. Julian Munoz, PC 1:02.36, 3. Christian Urbanek, PC 1:11.37.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Anton Generalov, PC 50.34, 2. Jason Woodburn, WA 50.75, 3. Christian Soderberg, PC 53.33.

500-yard freestyle: 1. John Graner, PC 5:11.20, 2. Christian Henderson, WA 5:47.21, 3. Chase Perry, WA 6:07.89.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pine Crest 1:42.18 (Ryan Graff, John Graner, Daniel Garcia, Julian Munoz), 2. Westminster Academy “A” 1:44.68, 3. Westminster Academy “B” 1:57.98.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Anton Generalov, PC 59.61, 2. Matthew Kronengold, PC 1:02.13, 3. James Sparks, WA 1:05.75.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Ryan Graff, PC 1:04.81, 2. Brendan Teeters, CSC 1:05.07, 3. Will Scasserra, WA 1:14.03.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pine Crest “A” 3:33.24 (Anton Generalov, John Graner, Matthew Kronengold, Christian Soderberg), 2. Westminster Academy 4:14.43, 3. Pine Crest “B” 4:44.82.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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