SOFLO Swimmers Shine In High School Meets

SOFLO Swimmers Shine In High School Meets


By Sharon Robb

September 18, 2014—Abby Oyetunji of Somerset Academy was her girls’ team only individual winner Wednesday during a dual meet against University School.

Oyetunji won the 200-yard freestyle in 2:06.36 and was second in the 500-yard freestyle in 5:43.18. She also led off the second-place 400-yard freestyle relay.

SOFLO teammates Melissa Marinheiro, Whitney Johnson, Bianca Monti and Stephanie Mlujeak led West Broward to a 114-38 win over Western.

Marinheiro was a double winner in the 200-yard freestyle (1:59.50) and 500-yard freestyle (5:09.59). Whitney Johnson won the 100-yard butterfly in 1:05.72. Bianca Monti won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:25.87.

West Broward also won the 200-yard medley relay with SOFLO swimmers Mlujeak, Monti, Johnson and Marinheiro.

University School tuned up for its own invitational on Saturday at Nova Southeastern Aquatic Center by sweeping Somerset Academy. The boys team won, 118-32 and the girls won, 111-38.

University School swept all three girls relays and won every event except one. The University School boys swept all three relays and won most of the individual events except three, all by different swimmers.

Esteban Diaz of Somerset Academy was the only double winner capturing the 100-yard butterfly in 56.39 and 100-yard backstroke in 56.49.

University School will host nine schools Saturday morning in its annual invitational. American Heritage Plantation heads the field.


University School 111, Somerset Academy 38


200-yard medley relay: 1. University School 2:04.52 (Annabella Lyn, Allison Kop,as Amanda Kopas, Abigail Carswell), 2. Somerset 2:27.95 (Megan Biggs, Alani Carrasco, Natalia Hanabergh, Jayra Mendez).

200-yard freestyle: 1. Abby Oyetunji, SA 2:06.36, 2. Laryssa Bedley, US 2:22.93,3. Alexandra Downey, US 3:00.60.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Madison Kozel, US 2:33.75, 2. Abigail Carswell, US 2:39.61, 3. Denise Dorra, US 3:35.70.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Madison Kozel, US 29.81, 2. Natalia Hanabergh, SA 31.77, 3. Megan Biggs, SA 32.16.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Laryssa Bedley, US 1:20.23.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Allison Kopas, US 54.04, 2. Megan Biggs, SA 1:08.85, 3. Alani Carrasco, SA 1:10.83.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Annabella Lyn, US 5:32.26, 2. Abby Oyetunji, SA 5:43.18, 3. Amanda Kopas, US 5:56.98.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. University School “A” 1:51.00 (Annabella Lyn, Laryssa Bedley, Abigail Carswell, Allison Kopas). 2. University School “B” 2:14.79, 3. University School “C” 2:31.87.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Allison Kopas, US 1:00.54, 2. Abigail Carswell. US 1:16.09, 3. Michelle Bandel, US 1:41.35.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Annabella Lyn, US 1:21.72, 2. Alani Carrasco, SA 1:28.54, 3. Madison Aponte, US 1:30.80.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. University School “A” 4:42.74 (Madison Aponte, Laryssa Badley, Amanda Kopas, Alexandra Donoway), 2. Somerset Academy 5:08.67 (Abby Oyetunji, Victoria Rodriguez, Jayra Mendez, Megan Biggs), 3. University School “B” 5:24.88.


University School 118, Somerset Academy 32


200-yard medley relay: 1. University School “A” 1:46.17 (Matthew Lyn, Daniel Pereira, Maxamillian Asnis, Patrick Groters), 2. Somerset Academy “A” 1:50.65 (Esteban Diaz, Ricardo Roche, Federico Molina, Eduardo Graziano), 3. University School 2:02.34.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Daniel Pereira, US 1:50.18, 2. Maxamillian Asnis, US 1:51.32, 3. Matthew Lyn, US 1:54.12.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Grant Besner, US 2:24.43, 2. Gregory Maineri, US 3:01.60.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Federico Molina, SA 25.95, 2. Max Elam, US 26.06, 3. Joel Osborn, US 32.56, 5. Eduardo Graziano, SA 37.55.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Esteban Diaz, SA 56.39, 2. John Silvera, US 56.66, 3. Patrick Groters, US 57.21.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Maxamillian Asnis, US 52.05, 2. Samuel Asnjis, US 54.36, 3. John Silvera, US 54.52.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Max Elam, US 6:14.89, 2. Alejandro Fischer, US 7:11.60.

200-yard freestyle: 1. University School “A” 1:39.67 (John Silvera, Maxamillian Asnis, Samuel Asnis, Grant Besner), 2. University School “B” 2:00.25, 3. University School “C” 2:07.69.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Esteban Diaz, SA 56.49, 2. Daniel Pereira, US 57.10, 3. Matthew Lyn, US 1:00.55.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Patrick Groters, US 1:07.67, 2. Ricardo Roche, SA 1:12.04, 3. Grant Besner, US 1:15.64.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. University School “A” 3:33.52 (Matthew Lyn, John Silvera, Patrick Groters, Daniel Pereira), 2. University School “B” 4:16.01.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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