Erika Pelaez Leads SOFLO Swimmers At Sunrise Sizzler

By Sharon Robb

October 10, 2014—Erika Pelaez of South Florida Aquatic Club was red-hot Friday at the Sunrise Sizzler at Sunrise Civic Center.

Pelaez, 8, swept all four events and posted two best times.

Pelaez won the 25-yard backstroke in a best time 17.20 and 25-yard freestyle in a best time 14.91. She also won the 25-yard breaststroke and butterfly events.

Pelaez was the only SOFLO individual winner among SOFLO’s nine-swimmer contingent.

Pelaez will also compete Saturday and Sunday at the Sunrise Swimming Open Invite.


25-yard butterfly:

6-and-under, 1. Marguerite McPhillips, HAT 22.87: SOFLO: 8. Giada Porven 30.81; 7-8, 1. Erika Pelaez, SOFLO 15.72; SOFLO: 6. Luna Delgado 19.82, best time, 9. Kerry Cunningham 20.33, best time, 10. Kaitlyn Barrios 20.61, best times, 15. Mariann Catalsan 21.96, best time, 24. Maria Legaspi 24.03, best time, 58. Antonia Ortiz 32.17.

25-yard backstroke:

6-and-under, 1. Marguerite McPhillips, HAT 23.00; SOFLO: 6. Giada Porven 28.36; 7-8, 1. Erika Pelaez, SOFLO 17.20, best time; SOFLO: 3. Luna Delgado 21.09, best time, 4. Kaitlyn Barrios 21.31, best time, 7. Kerry Cunningham 22.03, 8. Mariann Catalasan 22.17, best time, 36. Maria Legaspi 26.62, 48. Antonia Ortiz 28.75.

25-yard breaststroke:

6-and-under, 1. Marguerite McPhillips, HAT 27.59; SOFLO: 7. Giada Porven 33.23; 7-8, 1. Erika Pelaez, SOFLO 20.47; SOFLO: 6. Kaitlyn Barrios 23.45, best time, 8. Kerry Cunningham 24.71, best time, 9. Luna Delgado 24.83, best time, 12. Maria Legaspi 25.02, best time, 16. Mariann Catalasan 25.51, 55. Antonia Ortiz 33.84.

25-yard freestyle:

6-and-under, 1. Lena Lajko, Swim Fort Lauderdale 20.21; SOFLO: 4. Giada Porven 23.04; 7-8, 1. Erika Pelaez, SOFLO 14.91, best time; SOFLO: 4. Kaitlyn Barrios 17.36, best time, 7. Luna Delgado 18.07, best time, 10. Kerry Cunningham 18.69, best time, 21. Mariann Catalasan 20.99, 33. Maria Legaspi 22.23, best time, 44. Antonia Ortiz 23.52, best time.

100-yard freestyle relay:

8-and-under, 1. SOFLO “A” 1:07.18, 2. Pine Crest “A” 1:18.05, 3. Sunrise “A” 1:19.09, 6. SOFLO “B” 1:29.05.


25-yard butterfly:

6-and-under, 1. Rafael Landron, Sunrise 21.23; SOFLO: 2. Farouk Musa 21.29; 7-8, 1. Jason Cuffe, Swim Fort Lauderdale 16.82; SOFLO: 7. Luca Hincapie 20.61, best time, 18. Alessandro Pereira 22.68, best time, 22. Lucas Porven 23.87, 47. Owen Sines 30.05, 58. Benjamin Kim 32.27.

25-yard backstroke:

6-and-under, 1. Rafael Landron, Sunrise 26.15; 7-8, 1. Padraig McPhillips, HAT 20.13; SOFLO: 12. Lucas Porven 22.47, 17. Alessandro Pereira 22.95, 25. Luca Hincapie 23.62, best time, 38. Owen Sines 25.80, 52. Benjamin Kim 28.25.

25-yard breaststroke:

6-and-under, 1. Jordan Edwards, MWA 28.40; 7-8, 1. Giancarlo Suarez, Blue Marlins 21.02; SOFLO; 13. Alessandro Pereira 24.89, 16. Lucas Porven 25.13, 17. Owen Sines 25.38, 35. Luca Hincapie 28.65.

25-yard freestyle:

6-and-under, 1. Rafael Landron, Sunrise 21.88; 7-8, 1. Jason Cuffe, Swim Fort Lauderdale 15.33; SOFLO: 9. Lucas Porven 17.89, 18, Alessandro Pereira 18.83, best time, 32. Owen Sines 20.76, 49. Luca Hincapie 22.76, 71. Benjamin Kim 28.14.

100-yard freestyle relay:

8-and-under, 1. Blue Marlins 1:09.88, 2. HAT 1:13.05, 3. Swim Fort Lauderdale 1:17.60, 4. SOFLO “A” 1:18.42.

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October 10, 2014

Kellie Wilcox of South Florida Aquatic Club is the Nike Swimmer of the Month for September.

Wilcox, 13, an eighth grader at Silver Trail Middle School in Pembroke Pines, has only been swimming for four years but has made remarkable progress.

Wilcox recently moved up to the Senior Development Group and is working on making her qualifying cuts for the Florida Gold Coast Junior Olympics.

Her introduction to swimming was at a summer camp in Davie.

“I took lessons there and liked it,” Wilcox remembered. “I guess I was pretty good at it. What I liked about it was I didn’t sweat.”

She credits her SOFLO coaches, particularly Rose Lockie, for helping her progress in the sport. The former cheerleader started swimming at SOFLO in 2010.

“It’s mostly been because of my coaches,” Wilcox said. “Coach Rose helped me with my strokes. When I was in Bronze Group I knew I really needed to step up my game.

“I really like the sport,” she said. “It keeps me in shape and I get to hang out with my friends. I can be myself in the water. I made all these friends when I started swimming.”

Her favorite events are the 50-yard backstroke and 100-yard breaststroke.

“I am on the path of becoming better,” said Wilcox, who hopes to swim at West Broward High School next season as a freshman.

Wilcox, who is 5-foot-6 ½, qualified for her first JOs at age 12. She competed in the 50 backstroke, 100 backstroke, 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 50 breaststroke and 100 breaststroke.

“I was really excited to be at JOs no matter what happened,” Wilcox said. “I am happy with my swimming. I am training for Winter Championships and trying to make my first JO cut this weekend.”

Wilcox joins other SOFLO Swimmers of the Month sisters Kathleen and Molly Golding for January, Sebastian Sierra for February, Jessica Rodriguez for March, Leonardo Mateus for April, Rafael Rodriguez for May, Valentina Carrion for June, Erika Pelaez for July and Isabella Di Salvo for August.

The Nike Swimmer of the Month award, chosen by the SOFLO coaching staff, is awarded each month to the swimmer who excels at both swim meets and practice sessions.—Sharon Robb

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