Bolles Tradition Continues, Sweeps Team Titles; Chaney, Moroney Make History; Pine Crest Girls Win Battle For Second

By Sharon Robb

November 15, 2014—Jacksonville Bolles continued its winning tradition by sweeping the boys and girls team titles Saturday night at the Pinch-A-Penny FHSAA State 1A Swimming and Diving Championships at Sailfish Splashpark Aquatic Athletics Center in Stuart.

The boys team won its 27th consecutive team title with 495.5 points, more than doubling runner-up Sarasota Cardinal Mooney with 165 points.

The girls won their 27th state title overall and 24th consecutive title with 425 points.

Pine Crest, buoyed by four individual state titles, won the battle for second with 231 points ahead of longtime rival St. Andrew’s girls, third with 179.5 points. The Scots boys team was fifth with 130 points.

Pine Crest senior Carolyn Chaney made diving history when she became only the fifth diver in Florida high school history to win four consecutive state championships. The University of Miami-bound Chaney won the girls 1-meter springboard diving title with 498.60 points.

St. Andrew’s senior Megan Moroney also added a page to the history books by winning her fourth consecutive title in the 100-yard butterfly in 53.96, just 1/100th ahead of Trinity Prep’s Claire Maiocco for an exciting finish. Moroney is only the 11th swimmer to accomplish the feat since 1920, and first since Atlantic alum and Olympian Rhi Jeffrey won her fourth 100-yard freestyle title in 2003.

“Completing the sweep is something very special, something very few people have done,” said her longtime coach Sid Cassidy.

Moroney also won her third consecutive state title in the 200-yard freestyle (1:45.89) to finish with seven individual state titles, tied for fifth most on the state all-time and second most since the rules changed in 1945 limiting swimmers to two individual events.

Moroney also led off the Scots second-place 400-yard freestyle relay that finished in 3:26.66 with teammates Rachael Bradford-Feldman, Chelsea Scuderi and CJ McCartin.

Broward County divers swept the top four spots in girls diving. Freshman Johanna Holloway of Westminster Academy was second (438.75), University School seventh grader Maia Goldstein was third (427.95) and eighth grader Ali Watson of Pine Crest was fourth (417.10).

Pine Crest captured both diving titles with Austin Fields repeating as state boys champion with 490.45 points.

Pine Crest had two other state champions with three titles.

Sophomore sprinter Marta Ciesla, a runner-up last year, won the 50-yard freestyle against a stacked field in 22.60, just off the 2002 state record of 22.30. Ciesla also defended her title in the 100-yard freestyle, winning in 49.57. She was the only swimmer to crack 50 seconds.

In an exciting, close race, Pine Crest senior Lindsay Swartz won the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:03.78, out-touching top-seeded Bradford-Feldman, second in 1:03.99.

Swartz was also a member of the Panthers’ second place 200-yard medley relay that finished in 1:43.11 with teammates Miriyam Ghali, Tyla Martin and Ciesla.

Pine Crest was third in the 200-yard freestyle relay in 1:36.09 with Ciesla, Brooke Bernstein, Martin and Jamie Flores

Sagemont senior Mateo Gonzalez was Broward County’s only boys double winner and he knocked off two Bolles swimmers to do it.

Gonzalez won the 200-yard individual medley in 1:49.65. The field also featured his Azura teammates Fernando Alatorre of Sagemont, fourth in 1:52.24 and Daniel Pereira of University School, eighth in 1:54.64.

Gonzalez also won the 100-yard butterfly in 48.06, knocking off top seed Javier Barrena of Bolles, second in 49.19.

After morning prelims, Bolles boys secured eight top seeds including the top three qualifying spots in the 100-yard freestyle.

Bolles girls had only two top seeds in the 200- and 400-yard freestyle relays. St. Andrew’s had four top seeds and Pine Crest earned three top seeds.

Bolles swept all three boys and girls relays to compile 120 points each.

Bolles’ Tyler Rice won his first state title in the 50-yard freestyle in 20.81. Andrea Vergani won the 100-yard freestyle in 44.29 followed by Rice in 44.88. James Daugherty won the 100-yard breaststroke in 55.27.


1.Jacksonville Bolles 425, 2. Pine Crest 231, 3. St. Andrew’s 179.5, 4. Lake Highland Prep 179, 5. Montverde 144, 6. Ransom Everglades 138, 8. Westminster Academy 133, 12. University School 56, 17. South Florida Heat 36, 22. Benjamin 23, 27. Sagemont 12, 28. Oxbridge 8, 30. American Heritage Delray Beach 6, 34. Miami Carrollton 3, 36. Miami Country Day 1.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Bolles 1:42.44 (Abi Wilder, Annie Kyriakidis, Nata Gvakharia Mgebrishvi, Kasey Schmidt), 2. Pine Crest 1:43.11, 3. Trinity Prep 1:43.27, 4. St. Andrew’s 1:44.87, 5. Westminster Academy 1:46.62, 7. Ransom Everglades 1:49.05.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Megan Moroney, SA 1:45.89, 2. Abby Burke, LHP 1:48.56, 3. Claire Rasmus, BOLLES 1:49.40.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Carley Lowe, LHP 2:01.40, 2. Christin Rockway, TC 2:01.42, 3. Annie Kyriakidis, BOLLES 2:01.96, 4. Lindsey Swartz, PC 2:03.24.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Marta Ciesla, PC 22.60, 2. Kasey Schmidt, BOLLES 22.66, 3. Claire Maiocco, TP 23.30.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Megan Moroney, SA 53.96, 2. Claire Maicco, TP 53.97, 3. Jessica Nava, WA 54.05, 4. Laine Morgan, RE 55.05.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Marta Ciesla, PC 49.57, 2. Katie Schorr, Montverde 50.24, 3. Abby Burke, LHP 50.82.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Katie Duggan, LHP 4:46.05, 2. Kahra Williams, PKY 4:49.28, 3. Kendall Dawson, MONT 4:51.14.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Bolles 1:33.71 (Kasey Schmidt, Claire Rasmus, Annie Kyriakidis, Christi Riley), 2. Montverde 1:36.03, 3. Pine Crest 1:36.09 (Marta Ciesla, Brooke Bernstein, Tyla Martin, Jamie Flores), 4. Ransom Everglades 1:36.32.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Abby Duncan, AL 54.06, 2. Abi Wilder, BOLLES 55.49, 3. Katie Duggan, LHP 55.58.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Lindsey Swartz, PC 1:03.78, 2. Rachael Bradford-Feldman, SA 1:03.99, 3. Savannah Savitt, TP 1:04.15, 4. Annie Kyriakidis, BOLLES 1:04.27.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Bolles 3:23.64 (Kasey Schmidt, Claire Rasmus, Nata Gvakharia Mgebrishvi, Christi Riley), 2. S. Andrew’s 3:26.66 (Megan Moroney, Rachael Bradford-Feldman, Chelsea Scuderi, CJ McCartin), 3. Montverde 3:29.15.

1-meter diving: 1. Carolyn Chaney, PC 498.60, 2. Johanna Holloway, WA 438.75, 3. Maia Goldstein, US 427.95, 4. Ali Watson, PC 417.10.


1.Jacksonville Bolles 495.5, 2. Cardinal Mooney 165, 3. Lake Highland Prep 163, 4. Berkeley Prep 160, 5. St. Andrew’s 130, 7. University School 101, 9. Sagemont 94, 12. Pine Crest 82, 15. South Florida Heat 48, 16. Mast 38.5, 17. Calvary Christian 34, 18. North Broward Prep 33, 21. American Heritage Delray Beach 16, 23. Westminster Academy, Ransom Evergades 15, 23. Coral Springs Christian 15, 29. Oxbridge 11, 31. Pope John Paul II 10, 41. Trinity Christian 1.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Bolles 1:29.46 (Andy Song An, James Daugherty, Javier Barrena, Andrea Vergani), 2. Cardinal Mooney 1:35.92, 3. Community School 1:36.56.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Austin Katz, CM 1:38.20, 2. Scott Bole, BOLLES 1:38.23, 3. Cameron Newton, CCC 1:40.70.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Mateo Gonzalez, SAGE 1:49.65, 2. Joey Carbone, BOLLES 1:49.90, 3. Javier Barrena, BOLLES 1:51.29, 4. Fernando Alatorre, SAGE 1:52.24.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Tyler Rice, BOLLES 20.81, 2. Anton Voronin, NBP 21.15, 3. Nicholas Conrad, SA 21.24.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Mateo Gonzalez, SAGE 48.06, 2. Javier Barrena, BOLLES 49.19, 3. Joey Carbone, BOLLES 49.59, 4. Ariel Spektor, BOLLES 49.68.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Andrea Vegani, BOLLES 44.29, 2. Tyler Rice, BOLLES 44.88, 3. Anton Voronin, NBP 46.33, 4. Nicholas Conrad, SA 46.40.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Santi Corredor, BV 4:29.03, 2. Scott Bole, BOLLES 4:30.32, 3. Patrick Groters, US 4:31.82, 4. Jake Gibbons, BOLLES 4;32.64.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Bolles 1:23.30 (Andrea Vergani, Tyler Rice, Wiley Watson, Hagen Dietrich), 2. Clearwater Central Catholic 1:26.27, 3. Lake Highland Prep 1:26.32, 4. Trinity Prep 1:26.78.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Austin Katz, CM 48.82, 2. Andy Song An, BOLLES 49.64, 3. Matthew Garcia, CM 49.79.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. James Daugherty, BOLLES 55.27, 2. Joshua Monacelli, LHP 57.37, 3. Joshua Chen, SP 57.51.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Bolles 3:01.85 (Andrea Vergani, Tyler Rice, Hagen Dietrich, Scott Bole), 2. Cardinal Mooney 3:06.73, 3. Lake Highland Prep 3:07.89.

1-meter diving: 1. Austin Fields, PC 490.45, 2. Robby Costine, FP 479.55, 3. Alex Farrow, SC 452.00.

Sharon Robb can be reached at


Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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