SOFLO’s Golding, Wynter Have Best Showing; Bolles Leads Combined, Boys Standings At Winter Junior Nationals


By Sharon Robb

December 11, 2014—South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers got off to a good start at the Speedo Winter Junior National Championships Thursday at Weyerhauser King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way, Wash.

Despite the pressure-packed atmosphere in the national spotlight, Kathleen Golding, 14, had an impressive showing in the 200-yard individual medley.

Golding dropped nearly a second for a lifetime-best 2:03.98 in short course. Her long course time is 2:21.43. Her splits were 26.81 (butterfly), 31.73 (backstroke), 36.62 (breaststroke) and 28.82 (freestyle).

Jamaican Timothy Wynter, 18, won his 100-yard freestyle time trial. Despite a late start, Wynter swam 45.32, just off his best time of 45.01.

“Timothy did a nice job,” SOFLO coach Chris Anderson said. “It’s giving him a lot of confidence. I think he is going to pop a nice one.”

Melissa Marinheiro and Jessica Rodriguez, who also swam on Thursday, round out SOFLO’s four-swimmer contingent, one of the largest groups SOFLO has qualified for junior nationals.

“Being here is all about experience for our swimmers,” Anderson said. “I still want to see results but I know it’s going to take time for them to get used to being at this level.”

Bolles Sharks made it a clean sweep in the medley relay national age group records.

A day after Bolles broke the 15-16 national age group record in the 200-yard medley relay, the foursome of Dakota Mahaffey, 16, James Daugherty, 16, Ariel Spektor, 15, and Tyler Rice, 16, broke the 15-16 NAG record in the 400-yard medley relay in 3:16.18 and finished second overall.

The Sharks broke the old record by nearly three seconds. The previous mark of 3:18.91 was held by Aquazot.

The splits were 49.19 by Mahaffey, 54.05 by Daugherty, 48.82 by Spektor and blistering 44.12 anchor leg by Rice.

Bolles “A” relay was third in 3:16.33 with Andy Song An, Andrea Vergani, Javier Barrena and Jabari Baptiste.

The finish of the 400-yard medley relays were delayed when a wind storm passing through the area knocked out the power in the middle of a race leaving the indoor facility in pitch dark and swimmers on their backstroke leg during heat six of the women’s relays. The meet was delayed for 30 minutes. Officials decided to complete the remainder of the relay races. After a 15-minute warm-up, the meet resumed.

“Yes, it’s crazy,” wrote Olympian Maritza Correia McClendon of Nike on her Facebook page after posing a video of the black out.

After Day Two, Bolles leads the combined team standings with 292 points ahead of Palo Alto Stanford with 256. Bolles lead the men’s standings with 194 followed by Palo Alto Stanford with 151. Spartaquatics leads the women’s standings with 117 points. Palo Alto Stanford is second with 105 and Bolles is third with 98 points.

Two more NAG records were broken on Thursday.

Nitro’s top-seed Sean Grieshop, 16, broke the 15-16 NAG record in the 500-yard freestyle in 4:16.59.

Ryan Hoffer, 16, of Scottsdale broke his own 15-16 national age group record twice, first in morning prelims in 19.45 and then finals to win in 19.38. His previous mark was 19.53.

Canyon Aquatic Club broke a meet record in the women’s 400-yard medley relay and won in 3:37.37 with Mik Ranslem, Nikol Popov, Tamara Santoyo and Abbey Weitzeil.

Palo Alto Stanford broke the meet record in the men’s 400-yard medley relay in 3:14.80 with Benjamin Ho, Joe Kmak, Joe Molinari and Alberto Gwo.

Friday’s events are 400-yard individual medley, 100-yard butterfly, 200-yard freestyle, 100-yard breaststroke, 100-yard backstroke and 200-yard freestyle relay.

Prelims and finals will be webcast live at Prelims are noon and finals at 8:30 p.m. EST.

The state of Florida is well-represented at junior nationals with 27 teams.

In addition to Bolles, there is South Florida Aquatic Club Loggerhead Aquatics, Miami Swimming, Highlander Aquatics, Southwest Stars, Azura Florida Aquatics, Academy Aquatics, Blue Dolfins, Gator Swim Club, Central Florida, West Florida, Area Tallahassee, Makos Aquatics, Swim Florida, Patriot Aquatics, Pine Crest Swimming, Tampa Bay Aquatics, Greater Tampa, Coral Springs Swim Club, Clearwater Aquatics, Charlotte County, Wahoos of Wellington, Kissimmee Swimming, Fast Lane Aquatics, West Florida and St. Augustine.



500-yard freestyle: 1. Taylor Ruck, SAC-AZ 4;41.38, 2. Lauren Pitzer, LAC 4:42.80, 3. Sandra Soe, SCSC 4:45.18; FLORIDA: 5. Katie Duggan, Highlands 4:45.71, 12. Morgan Tankersley, Great Tampa Swimming 4:49.36, 19. Reilly Lanigan, Patriot Aquatics 4:49.68, 26. Hannah Burns, Gator Swim Club 4:51.72, Alena Kraus, Makos Aquatics 4:52.70, 29. Alena Kraus, MAC 4;52.70, 40. Emma Layton, Area Tallahassee 4:54.64, 45. Kahra Williams, Gator Swim Club 4:55.14, 49. Kendall Dawson, Fast Lane Aquatics 4:55.93, 66. Melissa Marinheiro, South Florida Aquatic Club 4:58.65, 69. Harley Lopez Miro, Bolles 4:59.21, 74. Paulina Watson Valero, Bolles 5:00.36, 77. Kensey McMahon, Bolles 5:01.32, 81. Katelyn Kilpatrick, Central Florida 5:02.91.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Ella Eastin, SCAL 1:56.55, 2. Lauren Barber, JCCS 1:57.98, 3. Kim Williams, BC 1:59.58; FLORIDA: 57. Annie Kyriakidis, Bolles 2:03.92, 60. Kathleen Golding, South Florida Aquatic Club 2:03.98, 62. Hannah Burns, Gator Swim Club 2:04.04, 67. Lindsey Swartz, Pine Crest 2:04.20, 80. Laine Morgan, Miami Swimmng 2:04.70, 83. Carley Lowe, Highlander 2:04.85, 113. Claire Rasmus, Bolles 2:06.14, 119. Ashley Boddiford, BD 2:06.29, 132. Isabel Ivey, Gator Swim Club 2:06.86, 150. Olga Lapteva, Bolles 2:07.57, 165. Jessica Rodriguez, South Florida Aquatic Complex 2:08.94.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Stanzi Moseley, Roadrunner Aquatics 22.11, 2. Katrina Konopka, YSSC 22.43, 3. Kasey Schmidt, Bolles 22.55, 4. Marta Ciesla, Pine Crest Swimming 22.56; FLORIDA: 17. Sherridon Dressel, Bolles 23.07, 22. Morgan Tankersley, GTSA 23.48, 53. Taylor Anderson, Tampa Bay 23.66, 58. Katie Schorr, STAR 23.70, 66. Claire Rasmus, Bolles 23.74, 72. Nata Gvakharia Mgebrishvi, Bolles 23.76, 74. Gracie Redding, Highlander 23.77, 75. Alena Kraus, MAC 23.78, 78. Abby Burke, Highlander 23.79, 83. Catharine Cooper, CSSC 23.84, 85. Paige Hamilton, Highlander 23.86, 106. Isabel Ivey, Gator Swim Club 24.04, 109. Abbey Duncan, Clearwater 24.06, 112. Lindsey Trematerra, Gator Swim Club 24.08, 112. Jessica Nava, Pine Crest 24.08.

400-yard medley relay: 1. Canyon 3:37.37 (Mik Ranslem, Nikol Popov, Tamara Santoyo, Abbey Weitzeil), 2. Spartaquatics 3:39.62, 3. Aquazot 3:49.87; FLORIDA: 4. Bolles “A” 3:41.80 (Sherridon Dressel, Annie Kyriakidis, Nata Gvakharia Mgebrishvi, Kasey Schmidt), 12. Bolles “B” 3:46.45 (Annika Kollevoll, Olga Lapteva, Chloe Miller, Claire Rasmus), 28. Highlander 3:49.37 (Abby Burke, Carley Lowe, Paige Hamilton, Gracie Redding), 39. Gator Swim Club 3:51.26 (Isabel Ivey, Hannah Burns, Kahra Williams, Lindsey Trematerra), 43. Southwest Stars Swim Club 3:53.25 (Sofia Aledo, Sami Schieffelin, Emily Kliewer, Katie Schorr).


500-yard freestyle: 1. Sean Grieshop, NITRO 4:16.59, 2. Aidan Burns, SCSC 4:21.17, 3. Walker Higgins, TNAQ 4:23.13; FLORIDA: 59. Eric Geunes, Gator Swim Club 4:33.49, 62. Dakota Mahaffey, Bolles 4:33.97, 67. Scott Bole, Bolles 4:34.29, 68. Stanislav Van Genderen Swim Florida 4:34.31, 84. Brandon Christian, West Florida 4:36.94, 85. Jake Gibbons, Bolles 4:37.08, 87. Nicholas De La Osa, Patriot Aquatics 4:37.58, 96. Pablo Martinez, Bolles 4:42.60.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Michael Thomas, UDAC 1:45.54, 2. Michael Andrew, IS 1:45.75, 3. Aidan Burns, SCSC 1:47.04; FLORIDA: 6. Rio Kurihara, Bolles 1:47.84, 18. Javier Barrena, Bolles 1:48.93, 24. Mateo Gonzalez, Azura 1:51.23, 29. Tyler Rice, Bolles 1:50.30, 40. Joey Carbone, Bolles 1:50.97, 49. Marco Guarente, Azura 1:51.74, 57. John Fulginiti, Blue Dolfins 1:52.18, 75. Ariel Spektor, Bolles 1:52.81, 92. Austin Sellers, AAC 1:53.57, 105. Fernando Alatorre, Azura 1:54.13, 110. Marco Leo, SWIM 1:54.20, 117. Daniel Pereira, Azura 1:54.59, 123. Gian Garcia, Bolles 1:54.90, 129. Jason Tillotson, SWIM 1:55.47, 133. Nicholas De La Osa, Patriot Aquatics 1:55.72, 136. Cristian Tapia-Vera, Bolles 1:55.82, 141. Richard Graves, AAC 1:56.58, 142. Ziemowit Sokolowski, Bolles 1:56.66.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Ryan Hoffer, SAC 19.38, 2. Tate Jackson, NITRO 20.09, 3. Albert Gwo, PASA 20.11; FLORIDA: 8. Andrea Vergani, Bolles 20.48, 11. Cooper Hoffman, Tampa Bay 20.61, 21. Jabari Baptiste, Bolles 20.72, 22. Noah Hensley, Bolles 20.78, 24. Cody Cline, Wahoos of Wellington 21.21, 26. Tyler Rice, Bolles 20.77, 34. Raiz Tjon-A-Joe, Azura 20.90, 42. Jhonny Perez, Unattached 21.00, 56. Hans Schroeder, CCS 21.10, 68. Marco Guarente, Azura 21.22, 76. Stefan Spiric, West Florida 21.29, 93. Walker Brooks, KSA 21.44, 104. John Fulginiti, Blue Dolfins 21.62, 117. Joey Carbone, Bolles 24.48.

4×100-yard medley relay: 1. Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics 3:14.80, 2. Bolles “B” 3:16.18 (Dakota Mahaffey, James Daugherty, Ariel Spektor, Tyler Rice), 3. Bolles “A” 3:16.33 (Andy Song An, Andrea Vergani, Javier Barrena, Jabari Baptiste), FLORIDA: 16. Blue Dolfins 3:21.54 (Zachary Poti, Ben Whitty, Noah Hensley, John Fulginiti), 17. Azura 3:22.38 (Fernando Alatorre, Marco Guarente, Mateo Gonzalez, Raiz Tjon-A-Joe), 37. Academy Aquatic Club 3:29.48 (Sam Sands, Austin Sellers, Richard Graves, Tommy Shaffer).

Sharon Robb can be reached at

Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

Welcome to the South Florida Aquatic club, a premier community swim team dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement to all team members, from the beginner to the seasoned Olympic athlete in their pursuit of excellence. The year-round development program for competitive swimming features life-enhancing qualities including integrity, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and health and fitness. We invite you to navigate the club’s portal for information about the team.

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