SOFLO Has Four Swimmers Selected For Southern Zone Age Group LSC Championships

By Sharon Robb

June 15, 2015—South Florida Aquatic Club will be well-represented at the Southern Zone Age Group LSC Championships set for August 4-8 in Tupelo, Mississippi.

The team was announced and swimmers were contacted on Monday by head coach John Shipman of St. Andrew’s Swimming.

SOFLO swimmers selected are Paige Lane, 11-12; Jie Hoon Lee, 11-12; Rafael Rodriguez, 13-14; and CJ Kopecki, 15-18.

USA Swimming’s Zone Championships feature top regional swimmers at the age group level who qualify. There are four zones: southern, western, central and eastern.

The Shockwave Swim Club is hosting the meet, which is expected to be webcast at the Tupelo Aquatic Center.

The girls and boys rosters are:

Girls 11-12: Claudia Acosta Hialeah; Iliza Aguiar, FLA; Gabrianna Banks Heritage Aquatics; Mattie Barfield, FLA; Madelyn Hebert, East Coast Aquatics; Paige Lane, SOFLO; Paige Lane, SOFLO; Paige MacEachern, St. Andrew’s Swimming; Jocelyn Ruiz, Blue Marlins.

Girls 13-14: Emily Cordovi, Gulliver Swimming; Madison Cummings, East Coast Aquatics; Hailey Jerew, AquaKids Sharks; Alexandra Meszaros, Pine Crest Swimming; Andrea Santander, Gulliver Swimming; Jennifer Secrest, North Palm Beach; Mary Smutny, AquaKids Sharks; Eriana Temperino, East Coast Aquatics.

Girls 15-18: Marissa Brannan, Heritage Aquatics; Tiffany Korb, St. Andrew’s Swimming; Sara Lacusky, Martin County; Victoria Miyamoto, Pompano Beach Piranhas; Sloan Sizemore, Pompano Beach Piranhas.

Boys 11-12: Victor Valdes, Hialeah; Lance Lesage, Plantation Swim Team; Kevin Fanjul, Blue Marlins; Joshua Zuchowski, East Coast Aquatics; Jie Hoon Lee, SOFLO; Alexander Meyer, Coral Springs Swim Club; Varis Monroe III, North Palm Beach.

Boys 13-14: Rafael Rodriguez, SOFLO; Matthew Petreski, Pine Crest Swimming; Bryan Rivero, Hialeah; Adrian Aguilar, Metro Aquatics; Diego Machado, Azura Florida Aquatics; Izaak Bastian, St. Andrew’s Swimming; Aaron Rodriguez, Hialeah Swim Club; Elvis Kotikovski, Azura Florida Aquatics.

Boys 15-18: CJ Kopecki, SOFLO; Sebastian Vargas, Coral Springs Swim Club; Adrian Moya, Metro Aquatics; Brandon Vives, Metro Aquatics; Marcelo Lavzurique, Big Gator; Cameron Anderson, Martin County; Tyler Zuyus, Pompano Beach Piranhas; Diego Faucher, Metro Aquatics.

In addition to Shipman, the coaching staff features assistant coach Norman Abril of Metro Aquatics; girls 11-12 coach Jackson Leonard of Gulliver Swimming; girls 13-14 coach Ewa Dorante of Pine Crest Swimming; girls 15-18 coach Cathy Silveira of Metro Aquatics; boys 11-12 coach Marcello Gatti of FLA; boys 13-14 coach Jonathan Zuchowski of East Coast Aquatics; and boys 15-18 coach Lingard Miller of YMCA BST.

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