SOFLO Swimmers Shine With Best Times On Opening Day Of Southern Zone Senior Long Course Championships

By Sharon Robb

August 5, 2015—South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers turned in four individual best times and one relay best time Tuesday at the Southern Zone Senior Long Course Championships in Greenville, S.C.

SOFLO, known for its strong distance program, had four boys turn in life-time bests in the 800-meter freestyle.

Max Asnis, 15, broke nine minutes for the first time with an impressive 8:47.10. His previous best was 9:00.51.

Sam Asnis, 16, swam 8:53.07, dropping from 8:59.17.

Juan Diaz, 15, turned in a 9:02.53, dropping from 9:03.84.

Leonardo Mateus, 13, swam 9:02.64, dropping from 9:04.16.

SOFLO was also eighth in the 200-meter medley relay in 1:53.74, bettering its seed time of 1:58.66. Relay members were Esteban Diaz-Velasco, 16, Jonathan Farah, 17, Juan Diaz, 15, and Max Asnis, 15.

The five-day meet continues with prelims and finals on Wednesday.



800-meter freestyle: 1. Dorothy Halmy, Woodlands 8:59.21, 2. Ashlyn Butkowski, TAC 9:12.42, 3. Flo Almada, Swim Florida 9:20.57; FLORIDA: 12. Emma Volz, CVST 9:48.91, 20. Alex Griffith, Swim Florida 10:08.70, 23. Abby Forman, CVST 10:20.01.

200-meter medley relay: 1. Gators NC 2:03.96, 2. FCST 2:04.78, 3. MMST 2:04.82, 10. Plantation Swim Team, Florida Gold Coast 2:09.48 (Meagan Abad, Krissa Robinson, Aly Pacitti, Camila Manrique), 16. Plantation Swim Team, Florida Gold Coast 2:16.84 (Carly Hyman, Skye Downey, Quinn Connor, Angie Petrillo.


800-meter freestyle: 1. Rhory Legendre, Woodlands 8:24.08, 2. Darrin Asphall, FCST 8:32.48, 3. Ryan Sharkey, Woodlands 8:32.71; FLORIDA: 6. Matthew Strickland, SWIM Florida 8:40.43, 7. Max Asnis, SOFLO FGC 8:47.10, 10. Dan Young, SWIM, Florida 8:49.06, 11. Nick Pacitti, PST, FGC 8:50.24, 13. Jason Tillotson, SWIM, Florida 8:52.27, 15. Sam Asnis, SOFLO, FGC 8:53.07, 17. Zach Bowles, CVST 8:54.73, 25. Juan Diaz, SOFLO 9:02.53, 27. Leonardo Mateus, SOFLO 9:02.64, 28. Andrew Pittman, ACE, FGC 9:03.32, 43. Dylan Weiss, PST, FGC 9:32.59, 44. Daryl Pickerell, CVST, FL 9:33.08, 45. Jack Pellegrino, SWIM, FL 9:59.17.

200-meter medley relay: 1. NFS, Florida 1:47.84 (Mel Nash II, David Li, Trista Burroughs, Tate Callahan), 2. Woodlands 1:49.47, 3. TG 1:50.11; FLORIDA: 8. South Florida Aquatic Club 1:53.74 (Esteban Diaz-Velasco, Jonathan Farah, Juan Diaz, Max Asnis), 17. Plantation Swim Team 1:59.01 (Leonardo Manrique, John Silvera, Bennett Rodriguez, Felipe Farias).

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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