SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding Swims Best Time At Speedo East Winter Junior National Championships

By Sharon Robb

December 11, 2015—Kathleen Golding, despite swimming back-to-back events, lowered her time in the 200-yard freestyle on Day Three of the Speedo East Winter Junior National Championships Friday at Georgia Tech’s McAuley Aquatic Center.

Competing in her third junior nationals, the 15-year-old South Florida Aquatic Club swimmer was 30th in the 200-yard freestyle in a best time 1:49.64, the first time she cracked 1:50. Her previous best was 1:51.58. Her splits were 25.54, 27.81, 28.52, 27.77.

“That was really a nice swim for her, we are happy about that,” SOFLO head coach Chris Anderson said.

Golding swam her best time just moments after she was 44th in the 100-yard butterfly prelims in 56.01, just off her seed time of 55.18.

Golding will swim the 100-yard freestyle (51.22) on Saturday.

Golding will also swim in Sunday’s time trials. Golding will swim the 400-meter individual medley (4:55.80) in Session One and 200-meter breaststroke (2:47.70) in Session Two.

SOFLO teammate Jessica Rodriguez, 16, competing in her second junior nationals, was 77th in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:06.91. Rodriguez has scratched from Saturday’s 200-meter breaststroke. She will also swim time trials on Sunday in the 100-meter butterfly (1:09.52) and 200-meter individual medley (2:29.15).

The top Florida Gold Coast finisher was Pine Crest Swimming’s Jessica Nava, fourth in the 100-yard butterfly in 53.46.

In other events:

Brooke Forde, 16, of Lakeside won the 400-yard individual medley in 4:07.49, nearly three seconds ahead of Savanna Faulcon, 17, of Spartaquatics.

Charlie Swanson, 17 of Nova of Virginia won the 400-yard individual medley in 3:47.65.

Grace Oglesby, 17, of Cardinal Aquatics broke the meet record in the 100-yard butterfly in 52.41. The previous record was 52.44.

Camden Murphy, 16, of Kingfish Aquatics won the 100-yard butterfly in a meet record in 46.25.

Hannah Cox, 17, of Upper Valley Aquatics won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:44.67.

Michael Jensen, 17, of Upper Dublin Aquatics won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:34.93.

Allie Raab, 15, of Nashville Aquatics won the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:00.02.

Will Chan, 15, of SwimMAC won the 100-yard breaststroke in 53.99.

Alex Walsh, 14, of Nashville Aquatics won the 100-yard backstroke in a meet record 51.62. Kaitlin Harty, 18, swimming unattached also swam below the old record in 51.67.

Ethan Young, 17, of Carpet Capital won the 100-yard backstroke in a meet record 46.66, breaking Ryan Murphy’s 2011 record of 46.72.

Saturday’s events are the 200-yard backstroke, 100-yard freestyle, 200-yard breaststroke, 200-yard butterfly, 1,650-yard freestyle and 4x100yard freestyle relay.

Prelims are 9 a.m. and finals at 5 p.m. The meet is being live streamed at

The Speedo West Winter Junior National Championships are being held simultaneously this week at the University of Texas’ Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center.



400-yard individual medley: 1. Brooke Ford, Lakeside 4:07.49, 2. Savanna Faulcon, Y-Spartaquatics 4:10.32, 3. Isabel Ivey, Gator Swim Club 4;12.08.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Grace Oglesby, Cardinal Aquatics 52.41, meet record, 2. Asia Seidt, Lakeside 52.83, 3. Lauren Case, Chattahoochee 53.04; 44. Kathleen Golding, SOFLO 56.01.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Hannah Cox, Upper Valley, 1:44.67, 2. Tatum Wade, Nashville 1:44.78, 3. Erika Brown, SwimMAC 1:45.32.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Allie Raab, Nashville 1:00.02, 2. Kennedy Lohman, Lakeside 1:00.14, 3. Madison Winstead, Highbridge 1:00.87.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Alex Walsh, Nashville 51.62, meet record, 2. Kaitlin Harty, Unattached 51.67, meet record, 3. Asia Seidt, Lakeside 52.57.

4×50-yard freestyle relay: 1. SwimMAC 1:30.09, meet record, 2. Nashville Aquatics 1:32.45, 3. Gator Swim Club 1:32.71.

4×100-yard medley relay: 1. Lakeside Swim Team 3:36.61, meet record; 2. SwimMAC 3:37.57, 3. Nashville Aquatics 3:38.66.


400-yard individual medley: 1. Charlie Swanson, Nova 3:47.65, 2. Jarrett Jones, Zuwallack, 3:49.92, 3. Cooper Hodge, Mason Manta Rays 3:51.69.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Camden Murphy, Kingfish 46.25, meet record, 2. Michael Jensen, Upper Dublin 47.28, 3. Ariel Spektor, Bolles 47.62.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Michael Jensen, Upper Dublin 1:34.93, 2. Jake Sannem, Upper Dublin 1;36.46, 3. Drew Kibler, Carmel 1:37.47.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Will Chan, SwimMAC 53.99, 2. Chandler Bray, Avon 54.12, 3. Jacob Montague 54.13.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Ethan Young, Carpet Capital 46.66, meet record, 2. Dean Farris, Metro Atlanta 47.36, 3. Michael Taylor, Dynamo 48.02.

4×50-yard freestyle relay: 1. Bolles 1:21.10, 2. Upper Dublin 1:21.49, 3. Bernal’s gators 1:22.64.

4×100-yard medley relay: 1. Bolles (Andy Song An, James Daugherty, Ariel Spektor, Tyler Rice) 3:14.51, meet record, 2. Upper Dublin 3:14.89, 3. Dynamo 3:16.53.


Team USA, led by American records from Simone Manuel, Cody Miller and Tom Shields and world record by the women’s 400 medley relay, Team USA took a stunning 74-48 advantage over Team Europe Friday night at the seventh Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool at the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis.

The U.S. has all but locked up its seventh victory over Team Europe in meet history.

The U.S. foursome of Courtney Bartholomew, Katie Meili, Kelsi Worrell and Simone Manuel broke the world record in the 400 medley relay in 3:45.20, breaking the 2011 record of 3:45.56.

Manuel won the 100 freestyle in an American record 51.69 breaking Natalie Coughlin’s 51.88 mark. Miller took down the American record in the 200 breaststroke in 2:02.33. Shields won the 100 butterfly in an American record 48.63.

St. Petersburg’s Melanie Margalis knocked off Russian Yulia Efimova in the 200-meter breaststroke in 2:18.35 to 2:18.55.

Ryan Lochte of Daytona Beach won the 400 individual medley in 4:02.78 ahead of Dan Wallace (4:04.10). The duel continues on Saturday afternoon.

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