SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding Swims Back-To-Back Best Times, Makes “C” Final At Speedo East Winter Junior National Championships

By Sharon Robb

December 12, 2015—Kathleen Golding of South Florida Aquatic Club lowered her personal best twice in the 100-yard freestyle Saturday at the Speedo East Winter Junior National Championships at Georgia Tech’s McAuley Aquatic Center.

Golding, 15, broke 51 seconds for the first time in morning prelims in 50.48, bettering her previous best time of 51.22.

Golding came back in the “C” final to lower it again in 50.25 to finish third in the “C” final and 19th overall.

Golding has turned in three best times during her third junior national meet appearance. After a slow start earlier in the week, she warmed up quickly. On Friday, she lowered her 200-yard freestyle time in 1:49.64.

Golding will swim Sunday’s time trials. Golding will swim the 400-meter individual medley (4:55.80), trying to get her second U.S. Olympic cut, in Session One and 200-meter breaststroke (2:47.70) in Session Two.

SOFLO teammate Jessica Rodriguez, 16, will also swim time trials on Sunday in the 100-meter butterfly (1:09.52) and 200-meter individual medley (2:29.15).

Marta Ciesla, 17, of Pine Crest Swimming was among Florida Gold Coast’s top finishers. After winning her second junior national title in the 50, she came back and finished third in the 100-yard freestyle in a best time 48.97. She was seeded second going into finals.

Raiz Tjon-A-Joe, 18, of Azura Florida Aquatics was second in the 100-yard freestyle in a best time 44.03, dropping from 45.05. He was seeded sixth going into finals.

In other events:

Madison Homovich, 15, of Raleigh Marlins led from start to finish to win the 1,650-yard freestyle in 16:09.63, nearly a nine-second margin of victory.

Taylor Delk, 18, of SwimAtlanta won the men’s 1,650-yard freestyle in 15:16.42.

Kaitlin Harty, 18, swimming unattached won the 200-yard backstroke in 1:51.27.

Michael Taylor, 16, of Dynamo won the 200-yard backstroke in 1:41.94.

Isabel Ivey, 15, of Gator Swim Club won the 100-yard freestyle in 48.44.

Michael Jensen, 17, of Upper Dublin won the 100-yard freestyle in 43.64.

Allie Raab, 15, of Nashville Aquatics broke the meet record in the 200-yard breaststroke to win in 2:09.69. The previous record was 2:10.03 set in 2010 by Mary Olsen of Sun Devil Aquatics.

Charles Vaughan, 17, of Carmel won the 200-yard breaststroke in 1:58.25.

Grace Oglesby, 17, of Cardinal Aquatics won the 200-yard butterfly in 1:55.39.

Camden Murphy, 16, of Kingfish won the 200-yard butterfly in 1:44.31.



1,650-yard freestyle: 1. Madison Homovich, Marlins of Raleigh 16:09.63, 2. Kendall Brent, Swim Florida 16:18.52, 3. Madelyn Donohoe, The Fish 16:21.09.

200-yard backstroke: 1. Kaitlin Harty, Unattached 1:51.27, 2. Alex Walsh, Nashville 1:52.07, 3. Asia Seidt, Lakeside 1:53.79.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Isabel Ivey, Gator SC 48.44, 2. Erika Brown, SwimMAC 48.94, 3. Marta Ciesla, PC 48.97; 19. Kathleen Golding, SOFLO 50.25, best time.

200-yard breaststroke: 1. Allie Raab, Nashville 2:09.69, 2. Brooke Forde, Lakeside 2:11.29, 3. Kennedy Lohman, Lakeside 2:11.72.

200-yard butterfly: 1. Grace Oglesby, Cardinal Aquatics 1:55.39, 2. Hannah Kukurugy, Crown Point 1:55.64, 3. Lauren Case, Chattahoochee 1:56.12.


1,650-yard freestyle: 1. Taylor Delk, SwimAtlanta 15:16.42, 2. T.C. Smith, Sarasota 15:16.96, 3. Trey Freeman, Baylor 15:19.65.

200-yard backstroke: 1. Michael Taylor, Dynamo 1:41.94, 2. Ethan Taylor, Carpet Capital 1:43.52, 3. Nathan Murray, SwimMAC 1:44.13.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Michael Jensen, Upper Dublin 43.64, 2. Raiz Tjon-A-Joe, Azura 44.03, 3. Tyler Rice, Bolles 44.22.

200-yard breaststroke: 1. Charles Vaughan, Carmel 1:58.25, 2. Matthew Otto, Delaware 1:58.27, 3. Jacob Montague, Grosse Pointe 1:58.66.

200-yard butterfly: 1. Camden Murphy, Kingfish 1:44.31, 2. Nicolas Albiero, Cardinal 1:46.35, 3. Aaron Schultz, Nova 1:46.58.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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