By Sharon Robb

February 24, 2106—South Florida Aquatic Club heads the field for this weekend’s Florida Gold Coast Area III Developmental Championships at Academic Village Pool.

The two-day meet is a last chance meet for swimmers to make time standards for the March 4-6 FGC Junior Olympics at Coral Springs and March 18-20 FGC Senior Championships at SOFLO.

Others who already have their cuts will go after best times in off events.

The meet is for swimmers ages 7-14 who don’t have their FGC Junior Olympic cuts and 15-18-year-olds who don’t have a Senior Championship qualifying time in an event the swimmer is entered in.

SOFLO is sending 83 swimmers (45 girls and 38 boys) to the Area meet, one of three Area meets being held throughout the Florida Gold Coast. The others are at Lake Lytal and Sunrise.

SOFLO’s top seeds in their age group are:

Michelle Marinheiro, 13, 100-yard backstroke, 1:07.84; 100-yard freestyle, 58.83.

John Paul Handal, 13, 100-yard backstroke, 1:03.53.

Zariya Harris, 16, 100-yard backstroke, 1:10.04; 50-yard freestyle, 28.06; 200-yard freestyle, 2:11.78.

Samuel Quintero, 15, 100-yard backstroke, 1:01.87; 100-yard individual medley, 1:04.78.

Alexandra Crespo, 15, 50-yard butterfly, 31.37; 200-yard butterfly, 2:24.49; 200-yard individual medley, 2:29.14; 100-yard butterfly, 1:05.07.

Eiza Gantus, 14, 50-yard butterfly, 29.16; 50-yard breaststroke, 33.54.

Chris Vasquez, 12, 100-yard breaststroke, 1:23.44; 200-yard individual medley, 2:38.16; 100-yard butterfly, 1:15.14.

Marcos Vazquez, 13, 50-yard backstroke, 30.29.

Daniela Curbelo, 13, 100-yard breaststroke, 1:17.94; 50-yard freestyle, 27.09.

Natasha Testa, 17, 100-yard breaststroke, 1:17.51.

Mark Andre De Gracia, 12, 50-yard freestyle, 29.67.

Luna Delgado, 10, 200-yard freestyle, 2:47.41.

Lucas Porven, 10, 200-yard freestyle, 2:39.96; 50-yard backstroke, 40.68.

Sebastian Navarro, 11, 200-yard freestyle, 2:18.97.

Valentina Carrion, 13, 200-yard freestyle, 2:08.36; 200-yard breaststroke, 2:46.49.

Brennan Binder, 12, 100-yard individual medley, 1:13.40.

Kellie Wilcox, 15, 100-yard individual medley, 1:11.28; 100-yard freestyle, 1:00.08.

Logan Gonzalez, 11, 100-yard freestyle, 1:04.80; 50-yard breaststroke, 39.14.

Leah Pando, 9, 50-yard backstroke, 39.72.

Kaitlyn Barrios, 10, 100-yard butterfly, 1:29.09.

Mia Escudero, 11, 50-yard breaststroke, 38.87.

Among top FGC teams competing are Gulliver Swim Club, Miami Swimming, North Miami, Miami Beach, Hurricanes, AquaKids Sharks, Metro Aquatics, Florida Keys, and City of Miami Parks.

The Booster Club will host all SOFLO swimmers entered in the Area 3 meet at a pre-champs dinner on Friday at 6 p.m. in the cafeteria following practice. The dinner is to celebrate the SOFLO swimmers who qualified for the meet.


What: Florida Gold Coast Area III Developmental Championships

When: Saturday, prelims 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., finals 5-6:30 p.m.; Sunday, prelims 8:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m., finals 5-7 p.m.

Where: Academic Village Pool, 17191 Sheridan Street, Pembroke Pines

Admission: $3 per session, $3 heat sheets per session. Parking is free. For information call 954-538-3721 or email

Sharon Robb can be reached at