SOFLO Leads Southern Zone Sectional Championships After Day One

By Sharon Robb

March 10, 2016—South Florida Aquatic Club opened the Speedo Southern Zone Sectional Championships Thursday night at Plantation Aquatic Complex with a top five world-ranked time.

The women’s 200-meter medley relay of Carolina Colorado, Alia Atkinson, Claire Donahue and Kathleen Golding won in 1:54.38, the fourth fastest time in the world this year.

The foursome finished ahead of the Colorado Stars relay that finished second in 1:57.70. The relay featured Olympic four-time gold medalist Missy Franklin going head-to-head with SOFLO’s Jamaican three-time Olympian Alia Atkinson.

SOFLO’s “B” relay of Kelley Heron, Ksen Golovkina, Catalina Mendieta and Alina Schulhofer was third in 2:00.29.

Atkinson, Donahue, Colorado and Mendieta finished second in the 200-yard freestyle relay in 1:46.35.

SOFLO’s Rafael Rodriguez, 14, was third in the 800-meter freestyle in 8:46.04. Rodriguez was the youngest among the top 10 finishers. Marcelo Acosta of Azura won in 8:06.67, a 30-second margin of victory.

Rodriguez was one of three SOFLO swimmers in the Top 10. Max Asnis, 16, was fifth in 8:49.20 and Ricardo Roche, 16, was ninth in a best time 8:52.63.

SOFLO’s men’s relay of Esteban Diaz-Velasco, Kile Aukerman, Juan Diaz and Ryan Capote was third in the 200-meter medley relay in 1:50.50.

SOFLO’s mixed 200 medley relay of Heron, Marc Rojas, Golding and Ryan Capote was third in 1:55.55.

SOFLO leads the combined with 302 points and women’s team standings with 134 after Day One. The men’s team is second with 108.

The four-day meet, which has attracted 750 swimmers and 80 teams, continues on Friday with prelims and finals.


COMBINED TEAM TOTALS: 1. South Florida Aquatic Club 302, 2. Colorado Stars 262, 3. Blue Dolfins 216, 4. Azura Florida Aquatics 204, 5. Seacoast Swimming 179, 6. Gator Swim Club 154, 7. Swim Fort Lauderdale 116, 8. Metro Aquatics 96, 9. Bluefish Swim Club 92, 10. Colorado Springs 90.

WOMEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. SOFLO 134, 2. Seacoast 111, 3. Colorado Stars 84, 4. Gator Swim Club 62, 5. Swim Fort Lauderdale 58.

MEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. Azura Florida Aquatics 130, 2. SOFLO 108, 3. Metro Aquatics 96, 4. Colorado Stars 62, 5. Blue Dolfins 60.


1500-meter freestyle:

1.Kate Magill, SSA 17:29.99, 2. tie, Irena Putikova, AZAC 17:41.75 and Audrey Mason, PC 17:41.75.

200-meter medley relay:

1.SOFLO A 1:54.38 (Carolina Colorado, Alia Atkinson, Claire Donahue, Kathleen Golding), 2. Colorado Stars 1:57.70, 3. SOFLO B 2:00.29 (Kelley Heron, Ksen Golovkina, Catalina Mendieta, Alina Schulhofer).

200-meter freestyle relay:

1.Colorado Stars 1:44.15, 2. SOFLO A 1:46.35 (Alia Atkinson, Claire Donahue, Carolina Colorado, Catalina Mendieta), 3. Gator Swim Club 1:46.87, 5. SOFLO B 1:51.21 (Kathleen Golding, Ksen Golovkina, Alina Schulhofer, Kelley Heron).

Mixed 200-meter medley relay:

1.Colorado Stars 1:52.64, 2. Gator Swim Cub 1:52.89, 3. SOFLO A 1:55.55 (Kelley Heron, Marc Rojas, Kathleen Golding, Ryan Capote).

Mixed 200-meter freestyle relay:

1.Colorado Stars 1:39.58, 2. Gator Swim Club 1:41.68, 3. Blue Dolfins 1:44.15, 5. SOFLO A 1:46.67 (Marc Rojas, Emiliana Pelaez, Carly Swanson, Ryan Capote).


800-meter freestyle:

1.Marcelo Acosta, Azura 8:06.67, 2. Matthew Strickland, SWIM 8:42.79, 3. Rafael Rodriguez, SOFLO 8:46.04; SOFLO: 5. Max Asnis 8:49.20, 9. Ricardo Roche 8:52.63, best time, 13. Juan Diaz 8:58.03, best time, 14. Leonardo Mateus 8:58.06, best time, 21. Sam Asnis 9:06.31.

200-meter medley relay:

1.Azura 1:46.60, 2. Blue Dolfins 1:49.03, 3. SOFLO 1:50.50 (Esteban Diaz-Velasco, Kile Aukerman, Juan Diaz, Ryan Capote), 11. SOFLO 1:53.53 (Kevin Porto, Marc Rojas, Alejandro Zambrano, Ervin Marin).

200-meter freestyle relay:

1.Azura 1:35.41, 2. Swim Fort Lauderdale 1:36.76, 3. Colorado Stars 1:37.18, 9. SOFLO 1:40.41 (Ryan Capote, Marc Rojas, Alejandro Zambrano, Ervin Marin), 17. SOFLO B 1:44.19 (Max Asnis, Kevin Porto, Ricardo Roche, Rafael Rodriguez).


What: Speedo Southern Zone Sectional Championships

When: Friday-Sunday, prelims 9 a.m., finals 5 p.m.

Where: Plantation Aquatic Complex, 9151 NW Second St.

Admission: $5 per session, heat sheets $3. For information call 954-452-2526.

Sharon Robb can be reached at


Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

Welcome to the South Florida Aquatic club, a premier community swim team dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement to all team members, from the beginner to the seasoned Olympic athlete in their pursuit of excellence. The year-round development program for competitive swimming features life-enhancing qualities including integrity, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and health and fitness. We invite you to navigate the club’s portal for information about the team.

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