Pembroke Pines Charter Boys, West Broward Girls Sweep

By Sharon Robb

September 15, 2016—Undefeated Pembroke Pines Charter boys’ team, led by double winner Ricardo Roche, swept West Broward and Flanagan Wednesday night at Academic Village Pool.

The boys defeated West Broward, 129-49, and Flanagan 125-49.

Roche won the 500-yard freestyle in 4:52.01 and 100-yard backstroke in 55.06. Pembroke Pines Charter won all three boys relays.

In the girls’ competition, West Broward defeated Flanagan, 117-59 and edged Pembroke Pines Charter, 93-86.

West Broward won two relays and two individual events with Maya Coffey in the 50-and 100-yard freestyles and Alyssa Duyvelaar in diving.

Pembroke Pines Charter had double winners Katherine DeBarros and Kelley Heron.


West Broward 93, Pembroke Pines Charter 86

West Broward 117, Flanagan 59

Pembroke Pines Charter 99, Flanagan 67

200-yard medley relay:

1. West Broward 1:59.00 (Stephanie Mlujeak, Kellie Wilcox, Bianca Monti, Maya Coffey), 2. Pembroke Pines Charter 2:02.91 (Kelley Heron, Julianna Villarta, Justrina Villarta, Megan Biggs), 3. Flanagan 2:11.58 (Amy Toro, Nicole Dolce, Emily Lugo, Madison Johnson).

200-yard freestyle:

1.Katherine DeBarros, PPC 2:15.00, 2. Amy Toro, FL 2:20, 3. Justrina Villarta, PPC 2:23.81.

200-yard individual medley:

1.Kelley Heron, PPC 2:19.07, 2. Julianna Villarta, PPC 2:27.07, 3. Celenia Lumelski, WB 2:33.81.

50-yard freestyle:

1.Maya Coffey, WB 26.97, 2. Bianca Monti, WB 27.56, 3. Zariya Harris, WB 29.00.

1-meter springboard diving:

1.Alyssa Duyvelaar, WB 1:59.98, 2. Liana Ayala, WB 1:53.83.

100-yard butterfly:

1.Justrina Villarta, PPC 1:07.26, 2. Celenia Lumelski, WB 1:08.77, 3. Zariya Harris, WB 1:13.53.

100-yard freestyle:

1.Maya Coffey, WB 58.27, 2. Bianca Monti, WB 59.83, 3. Kellie Wilcox, WB 1:00.47.

500-yard freestyle:

1.Katherine DeBarros, PPC 5:59.26, 2. Jennifer Zukoski, PPC 6:19.57, 3. Autumn Canning, FL 7:22.95.

200-yard freestyle relay:

1.West Broward 1:52.63 (Stephanie Mlujeak, Kellie Wicox, Bianca Monti, Maya Coffey), 2. Flanagan 1:56.03 (Emily Dolce, Madison Johnson, Amy Toro, Taylor Lugo), 3. Pembroke Pines Charter 2:00.39 (Megan Biggs, Bianca Marius, Giuliana Peres, Maya Hirian).

100-yard backstroke:

1.Kelley Heron, PPC 1:02.18, 2. Stephanie Mlujeak, WB 1:07.76, 3. Kellie Wilcox, WB 1:08.95.

100-yard breaststroke:

1.Julianna Villarta, PPC 1:16.69, 2. Jennifer Zukoski, PPC 1:22.87, 3. Amy Toro, FL 1:25.46.

400-yard freestyle relay:

1.Pembroke Pines Charter 4:09.76 (Katherine DeBarros, Julianna Villarta, Justrina Villarta, Kelley Heron), 2. West Broward 4:23.65 (Limaris Ayala, Mariana Florez, Zariya Harris, Celenia Lumelski), 3. Pembroke Pines Charter 4:43.64 (Maya Hirian, Taylor Lindauer, Ashley Ross, Jennifer Zukoski).


Pembroke Pines Charter 129, West Broward 49

Pembroke Pines Charter 125, Flanagan 49

West Broward 91, Flanagan 79

200-yard medley relay:

1.Pembroke Pines Charter 1:42.52 (Juan Lucas, Tyler Bland, Rafael Rodriguez, Matthew Menocal).

200-yard freestyle:

1.Andres Lares,PPC 1:48.57, 2. Sebastian Sevilla, PPC 1:59.34, 3. Blaize Chin Yee, FL 2:19.28.

200-yard individual medley:

1.Rafael Rodriguez, PPC 2:02.21, 2. Ray Fang, FL 2:17.21, 3. Ryan Alfonso, PPC 2:30.34.

50-yard freestyle:

1.Casey Moya, PPC 23.75, 2. Juan Osorio, WB 24.07, 3. Patrick McAndrew, WB 26.82.

1-meter springboard diving:

1.Zachary Rene, FL 195.38.

100-yard butterfly:

1.Juan Lucas, PPC 54.77, 2. Tyler Gibson, PPC 59.16, 3. Christopher Perez, WB 1:17.37.

100-yard freestyle:

1.Juan Osorio, WB 52.76, 2. Matthew Menocal, PPC 53.41, 3. Sebastian Simko, FL 55.76.

500-yard freestyle:

1.Ricardo Roche, PPC 4:52.01, 2. Andres Lares, PPC 4:53.27, 3. Michael Toro, FL 5:45.00.

200-yard freestyle relay:

1.Pembroke Pines Charter 1:39.39 (Brandon Fratiani, Rafael Rodriguez, Casey Moya, Matthew Menocal), 2. Flanagan 1:44.39 (Sebastian Simko, Zachary Rene, Ray Fang, Michael Toro), 3. Pembroke Pines Charter 1:47.59 (Mitchell Torres, Sherard Huggins, Connor Klomparens, Sebastian Sevilla).

100-yard backstroke:

1.Ricardo Roche, PPC 55.06, 2. Juan Lucas, PPC 55.40, 3. Sebastian Simko, FL 1:07.38.

100-yard breaststroke:

1.Tyler Bland, PPC 1:05.27, 2. Tyler Gibson, PPC 1:08.19, 3. Ray Fang, FLL 1:11.82.

400-yard freestyle relay:

1.Pembroke Pines Charter 3:23.97 (Matthew Menocal, Rafael Rodriguez, Juan Lucas, Andres Lares), 2. West Broward 3:56.13 (Juan Osorio, Patrick McAndrew, Michael McCann, Bryce Carro).


In the boys’ team scores, University School boys swept Westminster Academy, 98-82 and South Florida Heat, 89-75. Westminster Academy defeated South Florida Heat, 95-83.

University School and Aruba teammates Patrick Groters and Daniel Jacobs each won two events including Groters season-best 54.02 in the 100-yard butterfly.

In the girls’ competition, South Florida Heat, led by double winner Rose Smiddy and Mary Smutny, defeated Westminster Academy, 111-64, and University School, 105-74. University School edged Westminster Academy, 89-85.


S.F. Heat 111, Westminster Academy 64

S.F. Heat 105, University School 74

University School 89, Westminster Academy 85

200-yard medley relay:

1.Westminster Academy 1:58.99 (Jessica Nava, JoJo Richter, Amanda Wood, Jackie Nava).

200-yard freestyle:

1.Mary Smutny, SFH 1:56.40, 2. Amanda Kopas, US 2:06.38, 3. Thais Carrion, US 2:09.63.

200-yard individual medley:

1.Rose Smiddy, SFH 2:13.55, 2. JoJo Richter, WA 2:15.80, 3. Riley Botting, SFH 2:30.32.

50-yard freestyle:

1.Rachel Botting, SFH 25.21, 2. Madison Kozel, SFH 27.57, 3. Jackie Nava, WA 27.37.

1-meter springboard diving:

1.Maia Goldstein, US 268.80, 2. Rachel Dickinson, US 212.30, 3. Mckenzie Blake, WA 109.88.

100-yard butterfly:

1.Mary Smutny, SFH 58.39, 2. Allison Kopas, US 1:00.47, 3. Thais Carrion, US 1:07.21.

100-yard freestyle:

1.Jessica Nava, WA 54.97, 2. Madison Kozel, SFH 58.94, 3. Jennifer Langone, US 1:02.69.

500-yard freestyle:

1.Rachel Botting, SFH 5:23.42, 2. Kaiana Kibler, US 6:05.33, 3. Madison James, SFH 6:10.51.

200-yard freestyle relay:

1.South Florida Heat 1:43.34 (Mary Smutny, Rachel Botting, Windsor Anderton, Rose Smiddy), 2.Westminster Academy 1:47.51, 3.South Florida Heat 1:58.16.

100-yard backstroke:

1.Rose Smiddy, SFH 1:03.17, 2. Jessica Nava, WA 1:03.61, 3. Amanda Kopas, US 1:04.11.

100-yard breaststroke:

1.Allison Kopas, US 1:10.73, 2. JoJo Richter, WA 1:12.64, 3. Riley Botting, SFH 1:15.47.

400-yard freestyle relay:

1.South Florida Heat 3:43.49 (Rose Smiddy, Rachel Botting, Madison Kozel, Mary Smutny), 2. University School 3:58.84, 3. South Florida Heat 4:19.79.


University School 98, Westminster Academy 82

University School 89, S.F. Heat 75

Westminster Academy 95, S.F. Heat 83

200-yard medley relay:

1.University School 1:47.74 (Patrick Groters, Daniel Jacobs, Max Asnis, Ramon Villamayar), 2. Westminster Academy 1:51.32, 3. SF Heat 1:54.16.

200-yard freestyle:

1.Daniel Jacobs, US 1:50.01, 2. Max Asnis, US 1:52.57, 3. David Garbutt, SFH 2:03.82.

200-yard individual medley:

1.Sam Bauta, SFH 2:13.38, 2. Tiago Periera, WA 2:21.97, 3. Marcelo Carrion, US 2:24.99.

50-yard freestyle:

1.Chase Perry, WA 22.97, 2. Antonio Dominguez, SFH 26.74, 3. Ramon Villamayar, US 26.94.

1-meter springboard diving:

1.Blake Shaw, WA 187.35, 2. Nicholas Cardea, WA 120.68.

100-yard butterfly:

1.Patrick Groters, US 54.02, 2. Reade Lawson, SFH 59.23, 3. Tiago Periera, WA 1:03.58.

100-yard freestyle:

1.Jack Anderton, SFH 52.92, 2. Christian Henderson, WA 55.57, 3. Trent Shaw, WA 56.80.

500-yard freestyle:

1.Daniel Jacobs, US 4:52.26, 2. Max Asnis, US 4:57.97, 3. Adam Warters, WA 6:07.22.

200-yard freestyle relay:

1.South Florida Heat 1:37.52 (David Garbutt, Jack Anderton, Bradley Johnson, Sam Bauta), 2. University School 1:48.13, 3. Westminster Academy 1:48.43.

100-yard backstroke:

1.Patrick Groters, US 56.17, 2. Chase Perry, WA 59.16, 3. Sam Bauta, SFH 1:02.83.

100-yard breaststroke:

1.Reade Lawson,SFH 1:09.22, 2. Jack Anderton, SFH 1:09.74, 3. Marcelo Carrion, US 1:13.90.

400-yard freestyle relay:

1.South Florida Heat 3:43.49 (Rose Smiddy, Rachel Botting, Madison Kozel, Mary Smutny), 2. University School 3:58.84, 3. South Florida Heart 4:19.79.


Undefeated Pine Crest defeated two-time defending boys state 2A champion American Heritage and Calvary Christian Academy at the host Panthers’ pool.

Pine Crest (7-0) used the meet as a tuneup for this weekend’s Bolles Bulldog Invitational in Jacksonville. The field is headed by 1A state champion Bolles.

The Panther boys defeated American Heritage, 173-117 and Calvary Christian, 192-105. American Heritage topped Calvary Christian, 161-119.

In the girls’ competition, Pine Crest, led by double winners Marta Ciesla and Andrea Santander, a Gulliver Prep transfer, defeated Calvary Christian, 229-79 and American Heritage, 234-60. Calvary Christian defeated American Heritage, 153-129.

Girls Results

200-yard medley relay: Pine Crest, 1:51.26 (Anabella Lyn, Hannah Virgin, Andrea Santander, Marta Ciesla).

200-yard freestyle: Marta Ciesla, PC 1:55.87.

200-yard individual medley: Thea McKenna, AH 2:20.40.

50-yard freestyle: Andrea Santander, PC 24.73.

1-meter springboard diving: Juliette Pozzuoli, PC Crest 252.15.

100-yard butterfly: Andrea Santander, PC 58.24.

100-yard freestyle: Marta Ciesla, PC 54.10.

500-yard freestyle: Sandra Meszaros, PC 5:09.53.

200-yard freestyle relay: Pine Crest 1:39.89 (Marta Ciesla, Alexandra Meszaros, Andrea Santander, Hannah Virgin).

100-yard backstroke: Jillian Contich, CALV 1:00.81.

100-yard breaststroke: Hannah Virgin, PC 1:09.32.

400-yard freestyle relay: Pine Crest 3:49.19 (Marissa Brannan, Anna Montgomery, Annabella Lyn, Alexandra Meszaros).

Boys Results

200-yard medley relay: Pine Crest 1:42.57 (Elvis Kotikovski, Jacob Silberman, Matthew Petreski, Christian Soderberg).

200-yard freestyle: Nico Ferrara, PC 1:46.97.

200-yard individual medley: Nick Vale, PC 1:59.93.

50-yard freestyle: Christian Soderberg, PC 22.66.

1-meter springboard diving: Lyle Hayes Macaluso, PC 280.35.

100-yard butterfly: Sebastian Vargas, AH 53.12.

100-yard freestyle: Nico Ferrara, PC 48.07.

500-yard freestyle: Nick Pacitti, AH 4:51.53.

200-yard freestyle relay: Pine Crest 1:32.95 (Nico Ferrara, Matthew Petreski, Nick Vale, Jacob Silberman).

100-yard backstroke: Elvis Kotikovski, PC 53.51.

100-yard breaststroke: Matt Petreski, PC 1:01.89.

400-yard freestyle relay: Pine Crest 3:16.16 (Christian Soderberg, Elvis Kotikovski, Nico Ferrara, Nick Vale).


Gulliver Prep boys, led by double winners Miguel Cancel, Adrian Aguilar and Trahern Gribble, knocked off defending state champion Doral Academy, 154-131, and defending girls state champion Gullliver Prep, led by Emily Cordovi and Alicia Mancilla, won, 199-87, to complete a sweep.

Girls Results

200-yard medley relay: 1. Gulliver Prep 1:52.75 (Emily Cordovi, Olivia Hernandez, Alicia Mancilla, Chloe Hernandez).

200-yard freestyle: Stephanie Hernandez, DOR 1:56.80.

200-yard individual medley: Alicia Mancilla, GP 2:13.78.

50-yard freestyle: Emily Cordovi, GP 25.16.

100-yard butterfly: Alicia Mancilla, GP 59.97.

100-yard freestyle: Sarah Abril, GP 55.20.

500-yard freestyle: Marcella Ruppert-Gomez, GP 5:10.58.

200-yard freestyle relay: Gulliver Prep 1:44.57 (Sarah Abril, Chloe Hernandez, Brooke Ellis, Olivia Hernandez).

100-yard backstroke: Emily Cordovi, GP 59.30.

100-yard breaststroke: Olivia Hernandez, GP 1:10.04.

400-yard freestyle relay: Gulliver Prep 3:45.12 (Sarah Abril, Emily Cordovi, Brooke Ellis, Alicia Mancilla).

Boys Results

200-yard medley relay: Gulliver Prep 1:40.67 (Trahern Gribble, Miguel Cancel, Orest Dayliv, Pablo Luchau).

200-yard freestyle: Adrian Aguilar, DOR 1:47.25.

200-yard individual medley: Trahern Gribble, GP 2:01.29.

50-yard freestyle: Pablo Luchau, GP 22.24.

100-yard butterfly: Miguel Cancel, GP 51.90.

100-yard freestyle: Diego Faucher, DOR 47.59.

500-yard freestyle: Adrian Aguilar, DOR 4:42.80.

200-yard freestyle relay: Gulliver Prep 1:34.76 (Mauro Negrao, Jalen Watson, Orest Danyliv, Jonathan Rodriguez).

100-yard backstroke: Trahern Gribble, GP 54.87.

100-yard breaststroke: Miguel Cancel, GP 1:02.63.

400-yard freestyle relay: Gulliver Prep 3:13.72 (Trahern gribble, Pablo Luchau, Jonathan Rodriguez, Miguel Cancel).

Sharon Robb can be reached at


Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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