SOFLO’s Rodriguez, Roche Make Cuts For Arena Pro Series Mesa Stop; SOFLO Men Second At Southern Zone South Sectionals

By Sharon Robb

PLANTATION—South Florida Aquatic Club teammates Rafael Rodriguez and Ricardo Roche brought out the best in each other on opening night of the Speedo Championship Series Southern Zone South Sectional Championship at Plantation Aquatic Complex.

In Thursday’s 800-meter freestyle, Rodriguez, 15, finished third in 8:33.58 with a 3.29-second time drop. Roche, 17, had a huge time drop of 8.02 seconds to finish a close fourth in 8:33.73.

The pair both made their cuts for the April 13-15 Arena Pro Swim Series at Skyline Aquatic Center in Mesa, Ariz., the third stop on the pro meet series. It will be their first major pro meet.

Buoyed by the distance swimmers and relays, SOFLO men’s team is second with 226 points. The women’s team is fourth with 134. SOFLO is fourth overall in the combined with 492 points.

SOFLO’s mixed 200-meter medley relay finished second in 1:44.00 with Kelley Heron, Marc Rojas, Jonathan Farah and Kathleen Golding.

SOFLO girls finished third in the 200-meter medley relay in 2:03.45 with Heron, Jennifer Rodriguez, Jessica Rodriguez and Golding.

In the 200-meter medley relay, SOFLO boys were fourth in 1:50.41 with Farah, Rojas, Juan Serna, Luke Lezotte).

SOFLO has 28 swimmers entered in the four-day meet. The majority will begin competing on Friday.

A field of 614 swimmers from 60 teams and 14 unattached teams are competing in the four-day meet, one of four designated USA Swimming zones. The others are Eastern, Central and Western Zone Sectionals.

Among Florida Gold Coast teams entered are Azura Florida Aquatic, East Coast Aquatic Club, Hialeah, Boca Raton Swim Team, St. Andrew’s, Pine Crest Swimming, Metro Aquatics, North Palm Beach, Martin County, Hurricane Swimming, TS Aquatics, YMCA of South Florida and host Plantation Swim Team.


COMBINED TEAM TOTALS: 1. Kamehameha Swim Club 603, 2. Azura 568, 3. East Coast 496, 4. SOFLO 492, 5. St. Andrew’s 420, 6. Pine Crest 344, 7. Bolles 302, 8. Metro Aquatics 274, 9. City of Lafayette 254, 10. Piranhas YMCA 181.

MEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. Azura 248, 2. SOFLO 226, 3. Metro Aquatics 208, 4. Kamehameha 180, 5. Bolles 144.

WOMEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. Kamehameha 251, 2. East Coast 178, 3. Bolles 158, 4. SOFLO 134, 5. City of Lafayette 132.


1500-meter freestyle:

1.Anna Auld, East Coast Aquatic Club 17:11.86, 2. Jillian Barczyk, City of Lafayette Aquatics 17:36.79, 3. Christina Neri, Piranhas YMCA of the Suncoast 17:47.54.

200-meter medley relay:

1.Pine Crest Swimming 2:01.34, 2. East Coast Aquatic Club 2:02.30, 3. SOFLO A (Kelley Heron, Jennifer Rodriguez, Jessica Rodriguez, Kathleen Golding) 2:03.45.

200-meter freestyle relay:

1.Pine Crest Swimming 1:47.90, 2. East Coast Aquatic Club 1:48.99, 3. Bolles 1:50.49; 17. SOFLO B (Jennifer Rodriguez, Marianna Serrao, Jessica Rodriguez, Delanie Perez) 1:58.11.


800-meter freestyle:

1.Michael Petrides, Kamehameha Swim Club 8:22.19, 2. Colin Rockell, Unattached 8:31.42, 3. Rafael Rodriguez, SOFLO 8:33.58, time drop, 4. Ricardo Roche, SOFLO 8:33.73, time drop; SOFLO: 11. Max Asnis 8:48.65, 24. Leonardo Mateus 9:01.80.

200-meter medley relay:

1.Azura Florida Aquatic 1:46.93, 2. Bolles 1:47.65, 3. St. Andrew’s 1:49.24, 4. SOFLO A (Jonathan Farah, Marc Rojas, Juan Serna, Luke Lezotte) 1:50.41; 12. SOFLO B (Kevin Porto, Ervin Marin, Max Asnis, Rafael Rodriguez) 1:56.03.

200-meter freestyle relay:

1.Bolles 1:36.55, 2. Metro Aquatics 1:37.11, 3. Azura 1:37.21, 8. SOFLO A (Kevin Porto, Marc Rojas, Jonathan Farah, Luke Lezotte) 1:40.30, 12. SOFLO B (Heath Brames, Ervin Marin, Max Asnis, Juan Serna) 1:41.98.

Mixed 200-meter medley relay:

1.Azura 1:53.87, 2. SOFLO A (Kelley Heron, Marc Rojas, Jonathan Farah, Kathleen Golding) 1:55.00, 3. St. Andrew’s Swimming 1:55.18, 18. SOFLO B (Samuel Quintero, Jessica Rodriguez, Juan Diaz, Abby Oyetunji) 2:06.14.

Mixed 200-meter freestyle relay:

1.Pine Crest 1:42.88, 2. East Coast Aquatic Club 1:42.98, 3. St. Andrew’s 1:43.08, 18. SOFLO B (Heath Brames, Jennifer Rodriguez, Max Asnis, Elise Larin) 1:50.74.


WHAT: USA Swimming Speedo Championship Series Southern Zone South Sectional Championship

WHEN: Friday-Sunday

SCHEDULE: Friday, prelims 9 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Saturday, prelims 9 a.m., finals 5 p.m.; Sunday, prelims 9 a.m. 5 p.m. Warm-ups 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

WHERE: Plantation Aquatic Complex, 9151 NW Second Street, Plantation.

OF NOTE: Admission $5 per session, heat sheets $3 per session. For information go to

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