SOFLO’s Jonathan Lozano Wins On Final Day Of IMR Challenge At Sunrise

By Sharon Robb

May 1, 2017—On the third and final day of the IMR Challenge at Sunrise Aquatic Center, Jonathan Lozano of South Florida Aquatic Club finished the meet on a winning note.

Lozano, 9, won the 10-and-under 100-meter freestyle in 1:16.40 with a time drop of 3.48.

Lozano finished with 70 points in the high point standings.

Luca Hincapie, 10, was third in the 200-meter individual medley in 3:17.73. He was also third in the 100-meter freestyle in 1:24.85. Hincapie had a team-high 88 points.

Other SOFLO point earners:

Judith-Alison Natino, 58 points.

Diego Nazario-Vazquez, 58 points.

Owen Smith, 46 points.

Pilar Duranti, 38 points.

Juan Vallmitjana, 33 points.

Abigail-Marie Natino, 23 points.

Joseph-Blake Natino, 17 points.

Mitchell Pecci, 15 points.

Sebastien Bourjolly, 14 points.

Anvitaa Pottigari, 9 points.

Annie Schulze, 6 points.

Saanvi Pottigari, 2 points.

SOFLO swimmers will now find out how they stack up against other swimmers. Up-and-coming swimmers compete around the nation in the IMR Challenge in timed finals and when all results are turned in, the times are rated.

The USA Swimming-sanctioned meet is a fun, motivational meet to help young swimmers reach the next level in their swimming careers.

The IM (Ready) Challenge allows swimmers to see how they compare to other swimmers around the nation in their age group. Swimmers must compete in all the events required for their age group to establish a score.

Once a swimmer competes in each IMR Challenge event at least once in an official meet, swimmers and parents can check their rankings on USA Swimming’s website.



100-meter freestyle:

9-and-under, 1. Carolyn Powell, CSSC 1:21.00; SOFLO: 13. Pilar Duranti 1:43.89; 10-year-olds, 1. Sara Levin, SF 1:15.91; SOFLO: 14. Annie Schulze 1:39.84, time drop, 15. Abigail-Marie Natino 1:39.90, 16. Anvitaa Pottigari 1:44.41.

200-meter freestyle:

11-year-olds, 1. Maya Sorunmu, SF 2:38.71; SOFLO: 8. Judith-Alison Natino 3:01.54, time drop; 12-year-olds, 1. Isa Troccoli, SUN 2:25.09; 13-year-olds, 1. Adriana Goodwin, Azura 2:22.89; 14-year-olds, 1. Sarah Schimansky, CSSC 2:26.67; 15-year-olds, 1. Solana Capalbo, Azura 2:16.21; 16-year-olds, 1. Zoe Abovitz, Azura 2:26.23; 17-and-over, 1. Barbara Bernal, Azura 2:20.43.

200-meter individual medley:

9-and-under, 1. Sammy Schoenborn, CSSC 3:21.23; SOFLO: 7. Pilar Duranti 37.88; 10-year-olds, 1. Sara Levin SF 3:10.22; 11-year-olds, 1. Maya Sorunmu, SF 3:01.52; SOFLO: 7. Judith-Alison Natino 3:23.93, time drop; 12-year-olds, 1. Riley McCormick, CSSC 2:47.57; 13-years-old, 1. Adriana Gooding, Azura 2:36.82; 14-year-olds, 1. Victoria Martinez-Bruno, Unattached 2:52.34; 15-year-olds, 1. Solana Capalbo, Azura 2:34.43; 16-year-olds, 1. Zoe Abovitz, Azura 2:50.34; 17-and-over, 1. Barbara Bernal, Azura 2:46.25.


100-meter freestyle:

9-and-under, 1. Jonathan Lozano, SOFLO 1:16.40, time drop; SOFLO: 6. Juan Vallmitjana 1:29.68, 12. Joseph-Blake Natino 1:38.00, time drop; 10-year-old, 1. Hashan Ekanayake, SF 1:17.27; SOFLO: 3. Luca Hincapie 1:24.85.

200-meter freestyle:

11-year-olds, 1. Mateo Shearer, SUN 2:51.80; SOFLO: 5. Diego Nazario-Vazquez 3:09.23; 12-year-olds, 1. Joshua Justin, PST 2:23.25; 13-year-olds, 1. Grant Aran, CSSC 2:14.60; SOFLO: 13. Mitchell Pecci 2:58.17, 16. Sebastian Bourjolly 3:21.64; 14-year-olds, 1. Patrick Doyle, SUN 2:13.85; 15-year-olds, 1. Santiago Gomez, Azura 2:05.42; 16-year-olds, 1. Jose Diaz, Azura 2:11.49; 17-and-over, 1. Julian Enrique Iturbe, Azura 1:59.26.

200-meter individual medley:

9-and-under, 1. Rafael Landron, SUN 3:12.85; 10-year-olds, 1. Gabriel Landron, SUN 3:15.96; SOFLO: 3. Luca Hincapie 3:17.73; 11-year-olds, 1. Mateo Shearer, SUN 3:12.99; 12-year-olds, 1. Joshua Justin, PST 2:45.87; 13-year-olds, 1. Troy Spratley, CCPR 2:38.79; SOFLO: 7. Sebastien Bourjolly 3:56.79; 14-year-olds, 1. Mikey Cline, CCPR 2:33.03; 15-year-olds, 1. Brandon Moran, Azura 2:21.07; 16-year-olds, 1. Jose Diaz, Azura 2:31.78; 17-and-over, 1. Gabriel Politi, Azura 2:12.70.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

Welcome to the South Florida Aquatic club, a premier community swim team dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement to all team members, from the beginner to the seasoned Olympic athlete in their pursuit of excellence. The year-round development program for competitive swimming features life-enhancing qualities including integrity, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and health and fitness. We invite you to navigate the club’s portal for information about the team.

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