SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding Competes Friday In 200 Freestyle At Speedo Junior National Championships

By Sharon Robb

August 10, 2017—Kathleen Golding of South Florida Aquatic Club has three events remaining in the Speedo Junior National Championships at Nassau County Aquatics Center in East Meadow, N.Y.

Golding will swim the 200-meter freestyle on Friday and 200-meter individual medley and 50-meter freestyle on Saturday.

Golding is seeded 15th in the 200-meter freestyle in 2:01.99; seventh in the 200-meter individual medley in 2:17.69 and 20th in the 50-meter freestyle in 26.24.

On Thursday morning, Golding finished 28th in the 100-meter butterfly in 1:01.95, just 0.21 off her best time. She was seeded 32nd in the event.

Golding, 16, a junior at Cooper City High School and 2016 U.S. Olympic trials qualifier, qualified in six events.

Thursday night winners were:

Taylor Ault, 18, of La Mirada Armada won the 400-meter freestyle in 4:11.62, just 0.05 her best time.

Alexander Zettle, 17, of Lakeside Aquatic won the 400-meter freestyle in 3:51.44.

Dakota Luther, 17, of Austin Swim Club won the 100-meter butterfly in a lifetime-best and junior national meet record in 58.59 with a time drop of 1.20.

Shaine Casas, 17, of Nitro and Alexei Sancov, 17, of Terrapins tied in the 100-meter butterfly in 53.24. Sancov broke the Moldavia national record in the event. In prelims and finals it was the first times he cracked 54 seconds. Casas posted a best time by 2.04.

The top Florida Gold Coast finisher were:

Mary Smutny, 16, AquaKids Sharks, 400-meter freestyle, 24th, 4:21.10 prelims, 24th 4:22.31; 100-meter butterfly, 25th, 1:01.75.

Alessandra Baldari, 17, Unattached, 100-meter butterfly, 27th, 1:01.83.

Jennifer Secrest, 16, North Palm Beach, 100-meter butterfly, 31st, 1:02.14

Marcella Ruppert-Gomez, 18, Gulliver Swim Club, 400-meter freestyle, 45th, 4:24.83.

Emily Cordovi, 16, Gulliver Swim Club, 100-meter butterfly, 49th, 1:02.81.

Alessandro Xella, 18, Unattached, 100-meter butterfly, 94th, 58.06.

Tyler Zuyus, 17, Pompano Beach Piranhas, 100-meter butterfly, 100th, 58.62.

SwimMAC continues to lead the combined team standings with 221 points, 13 points ahead of the Mason Manta Rays with 208, the only teams with 200-plus points. Mason Manta Rays leads the men standings with 182 and Magnolia Aquatic Club leads the women with 125.

The five-day meet runs through Saturday. Prelims are 9 a.m. and finals 6 p.m. All sessions will be live streamed at


COMBINED TEAM TOTALS: 1. SwimMAC 221, 2. Mason Manta Rays 208, 3. Irvine Novaquatics 157, 4. Lakeside 153, 5. Carmel 105, 6. Sandpipers 102, 7. Terrapins 97.5, 8. Scarlet Aquatics 90, 9. Austin Swim Club 85, 10. Pleasanton Seahawks 83.

MEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. Mason Manta Rays 182, 2. Irvin Novaquatics 141, 3. SwimMAC 126, 4. Nitro Swimming 100.5, 5. Terrapins 94.5, 7. Scarlet Aquatics 87, 8. Pleasanton 67, 9. Bolles 63, 10. North Texas, Delaware 51.

WOMEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. Magnolia Aquatic Club 125, 2. SwimMAC 95, 3. Austin Swim Club 83, 4. Lakeside 79, 5. Carmel 75, 6. Sandpipers 72, 7. North Baltimore 59, 8. Nation’s Capital 57, 9. Metroplex 46, 10. Chelsea Piers 45.5.


400-meter freestyle: 1. Taylor Ault, RMDA 4:11.62, 2. Erica Sullivan, SAND 4:12.92, 3. Lauren Pitzer, LAC 4:13.29.

100-meter butterfly: 1. Dakota Luther, ASC 58.59, 2. Olivia Carter, EAC 59.38, 3. Lucie Nordmann, MAC 1:00.13.


400-meter freestyle: 1. Alexander Zettle, LAC 3:51.44, 2. Tal Davis, TG 3:52.26, 3. Jack LeVant, NTN 3:52.86.

100-meter butterfly: 1. tie, Shaine Casas, NTRO 53.24, Alexei Sancov, TERA 53.24, 3. Jake Johnson, DST 53.80.

4×200-meter freestyle relay: 1. Irvine Novaquatics 7:31.63, 2. Mason Manta Rays 7:32.40, 3. Terrapins Swim Team 7:35.55.

Sharon Robb can be reached at


Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

Welcome to the South Florida Aquatic club, a premier community swim team dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement to all team members, from the beginner to the seasoned Olympic athlete in their pursuit of excellence. The year-round development program for competitive swimming features life-enhancing qualities including integrity, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and health and fitness. We invite you to navigate the club’s portal for information about the team.

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