Connor Jimenez Leads SOFLO At 8&Under Sunrise Sizzler

By Sharon Robb

SUNRISE, April 15, 2018—-Connor Jimenez of South Florida Aquatic Club was among top finishers Friday at the Sunrise 8&Under Sizzler at Sunrise Civic Center.

Jimenez, 8, won one event and finished in three others, all four races with time drops in the 7-8 age group in the Florida Gold Coast-sanctioned meet.

Jimenez won the 25-yard backstroke in 18.20, dropping 1.43 seconds off his previous best. He was third in the 25-yard butterfly in 17.60 with a drop of 1.60; 25-yard breaststroke in 21.29 with a 2.16 drop and 25-yard freestyle in 15.74 with an 0.14 drop.

SOFLO girls were led by Caitlyn Nguyen, 8, with two seconds and three other top five finishes all in best times.

Nguyen was second in the 25-yard breaststroke in 21.42 with a 2.89 drop and was a member of SOFLO’s runner-up 100-yard freestyle relay. She was third in the 25-yard backstroke in 19.33, a 1.54 time drop; fourth in the 25-yard freestyle in 16.59, a 1.23 drop; and fifth in the 25-yard butterfly in 18.83, a 2.25 time drop.

SOFLO teammate Shelby Evans, 7, was third in the 25-yard breaststroke in 21.51, a 0.69 time drop and was also a member of the second-place relay.

SOFLO girls had 19 best times and boys had four time drops.

Lorenzo Bagnuoli, 8, made his Sizzler debut and did well at his first meet.

The meet featured timed final 25-yard races in all four strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle and 8-and-under 100-yard freestyle relay.


25-yard butterfly:
6-and-under, 1. Eva Milevska, Azura 21.92; 7-8, 1. Alina Rodriguez, PB 16.43; SOFLO: 3. Francesca Perry 18:31, time drop, 5. Caitlyn Nguyen 18.83, time drop, 10. Shelby Evans 20.10, time drop, 21. Aanya Robinson 24.06, time drop, 24. Jordan Evans 24.64.

25-yard backstroke:
6-and-under,1. Wendy LaPietra, PST 23.74; 7-8, 1. Daryna Karachun, YSF 19.10; SOFLO: 3. Caitlyn Nguyen 19.33, time drop,11. Francesca Perry 21.77, time drop, 12. Saree Young 21.80, time drop, 16. Shelby Evans 23.05, 31. Aanya Robinson 25.31, time drop, 34. Jordan Evans 26.43.

25-yard breaststroke:
6-and-under, 1. Eva Milevska, Azura 26.74; 7-8, 1. Daryna Karachun, YSF 19.92; SOFLO: 2. Caitlyn Nguyen 21.42, time drop, 3. Shelby Evans 21.51, time drop, 6. Francesca Perry 23.46, time drop, 16. Jordan Evans 26.24, time drop, 24. Aanya Robinson 27.39, time drop.

25-yard freestyle:
6-and-under, 1. Eva Milevska, Azura 19.64; 7-8, 1. Daryna Karachun, YSF 15.88; SOFLO: 4. Caitlin Nguyen 16.59, time drop, 9. Shelby Evans 17.83, time drop, 14. Saree Young 18.78, time drop, 16. Francesca Perry 18.84, time drop, 29. Jordan Evans 21.57, time drop, 30. Aanya Robinson 21.68, time drop.

100-yard freestyle relay:
8-and-under, 1. YMCA of South Florida 1:10.88, 2. SOFLO A 1:12.78, time drop.


25-yard butterfly:
6-and-under, 1. Daniel Gil-Restrepo, CSSC 23.49; 7-8, 1. Caleb Caponera, PB 16.32; SOFLO: 3. Connor Jimenez 17.60, time drop, 19. Lorenzo Bagnuoli 23.85.

25-yard backstroke:
6-and-under, 1. Daniel Gil-Restrepo, CSSC 23.21; 7-8, 1. Connor Jimenez, SOFLO 18.20, time drop, 18. Lorenzo Bagnuoli 24.52.

25-yard breaststroke:
6-and-under, 1. Terrence Cheung, YSF 29.56; 7-8, 1. Caleb Caponera, PB 20.52; SOFLO: 3. Connor Jimenez 21.29, time drop, 40. Lorenzo Bagnuoli 32.87.

25-yard freestyle:
6-and-under, 1. Daniel Gil-Restrepo, CSSC 19.64; 7-8, 1. Liam Fothergill, UNMWA 15.51; SOFLO: 3. Connor Jimenez 15.74, time drop, 35. Lorenzo Bagnuoli 22.78.

100-yard freestyle relay:
1. Pine Crest 1:17.20.

Sharon Robb can be reached at

Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

Welcome to the South Florida Aquatic club, a premier community swim team dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement to all team members, from the beginner to the seasoned Olympic athlete in their pursuit of excellence. The year-round development program for competitive swimming features life-enhancing qualities including integrity, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and health and fitness. We invite you to navigate the club’s portal for information about the team.

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