South Florida Aquatic Club Swimmers Take A Bow At Annual Banquet

By Sharon Robb

FORT LAUDERDALE—South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers were honored recently at the club’s annual banquet at Bonaventure Resort and Spa.

Swimmers, parents and coaches got a chance to let loose after outstanding long and short course seasons and accomplishments.

In front of a full house, the following swimmers were honored:

SOFLO 8-and-under girls: Shelby Evans, Most Valuable; Jordan Evans, Most Improved; Jemma Baldwin, Most Dedicated.

SOFLO 9-10 girls: Fiorella Di Salvo, Most Valuable; Pilar Duranti, Most Improved; Alessandra Gendarmi, Most Dedicated.

AKS/SOFLO 9-10 girls: Elise Dinehart, Most Valuable; Lydia Smutny, Most Improved; Olivia Watson, Most Dedicated.

SOFLO 11-12 girls: Mariana Pinto, Most Valauble; Natalia Sibug, Most Improved; Gabriela Avila, Most Dedicated.

AKS/SOFLO 11-12 girls: Isabelle Wilson, Most Valuable; Alexandra Estevez, Most Improved.

SOFLO 13-14 girls: Victoria Torres, Most Valuable; Hartley Pitters-Hinds, Most Improved; Alexis Christensen, Most Dedicated.

AKS/SOFLO 13-14 girls: Olivia Dinehart, Most Valuable; Madeline Smutny, Most Improved; Elene Dinehart, Most Dedicated.

SOFLO 15-16 girls: Mallory Schleicher, Most Valuable; Molly Golding, Most Valuable; Lucy Smutny, Most Dedicated; Sarah Acevedo, Coach’s Award.

SOFLO 17-18 girls: Mary Smutny, Most Valuable; Kathleen Golding, Most Dedicated; Hailey Jerew, Coach’s Award.

Nationals Award: Kathleen Golding.

Gold Award: Daniela Barreto.

Mako Sharks Award: Olivia Ware.

SOFLO 8-and-under boys: Preston Christensen, Most Valuable; Matthew Ortiz, Most Improved; Julian Sibug, Most Dedicated.

SOFLO 9-10 boys: Stefano Mazzi, Most Valuable; Juan Vallmitjana, Most Improved; Oleksii Viazmetinov, Most Dedicated.

AKS/SOFLO 9-10 boys: Reed Woodward, Most Valuable; Logan McPeek, Most Improved.

SOFLO 11-12 boys: Javier Colmenares, Most Valuable; Hashan Ekanayake, Most Improved; Lucas Porven, Most Dedicated.

AKS/SOFLO 11-12 boys: Ethan McPeek, Most Valuable; Nicholas Pelaez, Most Improved; Thomas Pereira-Ramallo, Most Dedicated.

SOFLO 13-14 boys: Sebastian Lares, Most Valuable; Juan Mora, Most Improved; Alex Golding, Most Dedicated.

AKS/SOFLO 13-14 boys: Adrian Hernandez, Most Valuable; Sean Shanahan, Most Improved; Austin Nelson, Most Dedicated.

SOFLO 15-16 boys: Lance Lesage, Most Valuable; Dominic Bono, Most Dedicated; Miguel Sierra, Coach’s Award

SOFLO 17-18 boys: Rafael Rodriguez, Most Valuable; Leonardo Mateus, Coach’s Award.

Nationals Award: Philopatier Ibrahim.

Blue Sharks Award: Rafael Frable.

Mako Sharks Award: Will Cunningham.

Great White Sharks Award: Garrett Oliver.


Dippers Award: Aanya Robinson.

Asteroids Award: Connor Jimenez.

Meteorites Award: Saree Young.

Bronze Award: Leah Pando.

Silver Award: Juan Colmenares.

Age Group Development Award: Isabella Garcia.

Senior Development Award: Ventura Torres.

Gold Award: Nicolas Rossi.

In other award presentations, Sophia Bedoya was named Volunteer of the Year for her timeless work, contribution and commitment to SOFLO.

Sharon Robb can be reached at

Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

Welcome to the South Florida Aquatic club, a premier community swim team dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement to all team members, from the beginner to the seasoned Olympic athlete in their pursuit of excellence. The year-round development program for competitive swimming features life-enhancing qualities including integrity, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and health and fitness. We invite you to navigate the club’s portal for information about the team.

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