Ransom Everglades Sweeps District 12-1A Team Titles; Cutler Bay Finishes Runnerup With SOFLO Swimmers

By Sharon Robb

MIAMI, October 26, 2019—Ransom Everglades won the girls and boys team titles in the District 12-1A Swimming and Diving Championship team titles.

The girls won with 443 and boys with 426 points.

Buoyed by several talented South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers, Cutler Bay girls and boys teams finished runners-up. The girls were 42 points behind Ransom Everglades with 401. The boys were 24 points behind with 402.

Cutler Bay won the girls 200-yard medley and 400-yard freestyle. The foursome of Elena Dinehart, Olivia Dinehart, Madeline Smutny and Lucy Smutny won the medley relay in 1:52.98. Lucy Smutny turned in a 25.70 anchor leg. Ransom Everglades was a distant second in 1:56.03. The same foursome won the 400 freestyle relay in 3:42.54.

SOFLO’s Elena and Olivia Dinehart and Madeline Smutny were all double winners.

Elena Dinehart, a freshman, won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:58.46 and 100-yard backstroke in 1:00.27.

Olivia Dinehart, a freshman, won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:09.31 and 100-yard breaststroke in 1:06.66.

Madeline Smutny, a freshman, won the 100-yard butterfly in 59.44 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:07.39.

SOFLO’s Miguel Sierra of Cutler Bay was a member of boys’ winning 200-yard medley and 400-yard freestyle relays. Sierra also won the 100-yard butterfly in 51.94 and second in the 100-yard backstroke in 54.70.

The results were released officially on Saturday and can be found at fhsaa.org.

The top two finishers in each event from each district meet as well as the next overall best times at-large for a field of 24 from the remaining best times among top 16 finishers in the district meets will move on to regions.

For relays, the district champion advances plus the next overall best times at-large for a field of 16 from the remaining best times among eight finishers.

In diving, the top two in each district plus 18 at-large spots from the divers who placed in the top 16 in district meets. All divers must meet the minimum qualifying score of 280 points in the district meet.

NSU University School will host the Region 4-1A Swimming and Diving Championships on Nov. 1 with a 9 a.m. start time for swimming and 10 a.m. for diving.

1. Ransom Everglades 443, 2. Cutler Bay Academy 401, 3. Carrollton 344, 4. Coral Shores 276, 5. Doctors Charter 188, 6. Miami Country Day 150, 7. Riviera Prep 52, 8. Sports Leadership Academy 24.


200-yard medley relay:
1. Cutler Bay 1:52.98 (Elena Dinehart, Olivia Dinehart, Madeline Smutny, Lucy Smutny), 2. Ransom Everglades 1:56.03, 3. Doctors Charter 1:59.43.

200-yard freestyle:
1. Elena Dinehart, CB 1:58.46, 2. Corley Smith, CS 2:01.00, 3. Isabelle Wilson, CAR 2:02.89.

200-yard individual medley:
1. Olivia Dinehart, CB 2:09.31, 2. Beverly Muzii, DC 2:17.22, 3. Sophia Grubbs, CB 2:18.95.

50-yard freestyle:
1. Brooke Mundy, DC 25.52, 2. Natalie Gembicki, CB 25.64, 3. Alexandra Hommen, RE 26.03.

1-meter springboard diving:
1. Pia Cortes-Guerrero, CAR 314.30.

100-yard butterfly:
1. Madeline Smutny, CB 59.44, 2. Sophia Granite, RE 59.70, 3. Georgia Murphy, RE 1:04.73.

100-yard freestyle:
1. Brooke Mundy, DC 54.69, 2. Natalie Gembicki, CB 54.98, 3. Alexandra Hommen, RE 57.41.

500-yard freestyle:
1. Madeline Smutny, CB 5:07.39, 2. Lucy Smutny, CB 5:20.18, 3. Isabelle Wilsin, CAR 5:23.74.

200-yard freestyle relay:
1. Ransom Everglades 1:43.57 (Sophia Granite, Lauren Heller, Georgia Murphy, Alexandra Hommen), 2. Coral Shores 1:47.22, 3. Carrollton 1:50.81.

100-yard backstroke:
1. Elena Dinehart, CB 1:00.27, 2. Zoe Marchetti, CS 1:01.68, 3. Lucy Smutny, CB 1:02.39.

100-yard breaststroke:
1. Olivia Dinehart, CB 1:06.66, 2. Sophia Grubbs, CB 1:07.86, 3. Meredith Hutchinson, RE 1:14.57.

400-yard freestyle relay:
1. Cutler Bay 3:42.54 (Elena Dinehart, Madeline Smutny, Lucy Smutny, Olivia Dinehart), 2. Ransom Everglades 3:49.30, 3. Coral Shores 3:53.12.

1. Ransom Everglades 426, 2. Cutler Bay Academy 402, 3. Riviera Prep 276, 4. Coral Shores 201, 5. Miami Country Day 172, 6. Doctors Charter 97, 7. Archimedean Upper Conservatory 81, 8. Westminster Christian 57, 9. Sports Leadership Academy 56.


200-yard medley relay:
1. Cutler Bay 1:46.63 (Matthew Hebert, Tobias Sanchez, Miguel Sierra, Alejandro Brunet), 2. Riviera Prep 1:52.69, 3. Miami Country Day 1:56.05.

200-yard freestyle:
1. Magnus Kron, RE 1:52.95, 2. Ivan Grass, CB 2:00.58, 3. Santiago Lozano, RP 2:01.44.

200-yard individual medley:
1. Alexander Freedline, RE 2:13.86, 2. Tobias Sanchez, CB 2:18.13, 3. Andrew Amkreutz, RP 2:23.53.

50-yard freestyle:
1. Benjamin Wilson, DC 22.63, 2. David Perez Mivales, RP 22.83, 3. Alejandro Brunet, CB 23.53.

1-meter springboard diving:

100-yard butterfly:
1. Miguel Sierra, CB 51.94, 2. Dylan Smiley, CD 53.20, 3. David Chavez, SA 55.18.

100-yard freestyle:
1. Magnus Kron, RE 51.48, 2. Alejandro Brunet, CB 51.50, 3. Evan Wilson, DC 51.65.

500-yard freestyle:
1. Ivan Grass, CB 5:14.60, 2. Santiago Lozano, RP 5:20.24, 3. Paolo Rebessi, RE 5:41.33.

200-yard freestyle relay:
1. Ransom Everglades 1:37.03 (Magnus Kron, Nicholas Valls, Victor Perez, Alexander Freedline), 2. Riviera Prep 1:37.10, 3. Coral Shores 1:38.92.

100-yard backstroke:
1. Benjamin Wilson, DC 53.81, 2. Miguel Sierra, CB 54.70, 3. Ilan Zenatti, CD 1:09.86.

100-yard breaststroke:
1. Dylan Smiley, CD 1:01.23, 2. Evan Wilson, DC 1:04.34, 3. David Chavez, SA 1:07.22.

400-yard freestyle relay:
1. Cutler Bay 3:29.32 (Alejandro Brunet, Miguel Sierra, Matthew Hebert, Mason Thompson), 2. Ransom Everglades 3:32.48, 3. Coral Shores 3:44.83.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

Welcome to the South Florida Aquatic club, a premier community swim team dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement to all team members, from the beginner to the seasoned Olympic athlete in their pursuit of excellence. The year-round development program for competitive swimming features life-enhancing qualities including integrity, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and health and fitness. We invite you to navigate the club’s portal for information about the team.

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