Alia Atkinson, Dylan Carter Named CAC Athletes Of The Year

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, December 31, 2020–Alia Atkinson and Dylan Carter were named Central American and Caribbean Female and Male Athletes of the Year.

The honors were mainly based on the swimmers’ International Swimming League second season performances, one of the few international competitions held because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Atkinson, 32, of South Florida Aquatic Club, a four-time Jamaican Olympian and former Sportswoman of the Year for Jamaica, was selected for the sixth year. Atkinson also earned the honor in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019.

Atkinson, 32, ended her pro season ranking in the ISL as No. 15 on the prize money list. She was also No. 21 on the high point list.

At the ISL final in November in Budapest, Hungary, Atkinson, racing for the London Roar for the first year, finished the 100-meter breaststroke just under the world record of 1:02.36 with a time of 1:02.66 to win the first semifinal. Her time broke the league record and was the second fastest time in 2020. Atkinson finished second behind American Lilly King, who won in a record 1:02.50.

Atkinson was also a third-place finisher in the 50-meter breaststroke in the final at the ISL with 28.88 seconds giving her four of the 10 fastest times in race history. She also competed in the 100-meter butterfly in the first semifinal, setting a Jamaican national record in 57.13 seconds.

She ended the season ranked second in the world in the 100 short course meters breaststroke in 1:02.66 and third in the world in the 50 short course meters breaststroke in 28.88. She has the top-two fastest performances of all time in the 50.

Atkinson ended up earning more than $62,000 not including team bonuses, stipends and perks.

Carter, 24, a Plantation American Heritage and USC alum who represents Trinidad and Tobago internationally, also had a successful ISL season for the LA Current helping them make the final. He earned $17,169 in prize money not including team bonuses, stipends and perks.

Carter, a 2016 Olympian, set national records for Trinidad and Tobago in the 100 backstroke (49.91), 100 freestyle (46.56) and 100 butterfly (50.70), now giving him seven national records in short course meters and nine long course meters.

With a playoff berth hanging in the balance, Carter swam well in the regular-season finale, going 50.11 in the 100 backstroke to help the LA Current take a 1-2 finish. Known more as a butterflyer and freestyler, Carter continued to do well in the backstroke, going 23.28, 23.93 and 24.99 in the 50 backstroke skin race to highlight a 1-2 sweep for his team.

The LA Current finished fourth overall in the ISL final.

Carter, a Commonwealth Games and Pan American Games medalist, was also named Sportsman of the Year at the 2020 ceremony, held virtually because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

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South Florida Aquatic Club Ranked Among Nation’s Top 35 USA Swimming Clubs

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, December 31, 2020–The hard work and dedication continues to pay off for South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers and coaches.

For the first time in the club’s 20-year history, SOFLO has been ranked 33rd in the nation for the Virtual Club Championship.

SOFLO was again ranked No. 1 in the Florida Gold Coast for the virtual championship. SOFLO, a USA Swimming Silver Medal club, is the largest and most diverse LLC in the FGC.

In a year of uncertainty because of the global coronavirus pandemic that affected so many swim clubs around the nation, putting many out of business, SOFLO swimmers and coaches rose above the adversity and cleared every hurdle put in front of them.

“I want to congratulate all of you for a great start to our season,” SOFLO CEO and head coach Chris Anderson told his staff. “This is a testament of how when we all work together we can achieve great things!”

The purpose of the Virtual Club Championship program is to recognize and highlight clubs that are developing athletes and achieving success at multiple levels in club swimming emphasizing the team element. This program serves as a key part of the Athlete Development and Performance component of the Club Recognition Program.

All registered USA Swimming clubs were scored automatically. The USA Swimming Star Times Data Base was used in combination with the Hy-Tek Single-Year Age Group Power Point system. The program scores single age groups from 11-16 years old and has a combined 17-18 age group. After all eligible swims were scored using the power point system, a team score for each registered USA Swimming club was calculated. The tabulation occurred once every evening.

Each team was limited to two entries per event by age group and gender. The program automatically tabulated which two events in combination with other teammates produced the highest team score.

Each swimmer was limited to four events. The program was automatically tabulated which four events in combination with other teammates produced the highest team score.

The following event results were tabulated for both men and women: 11 and 12-year olds; 50 freestyle, 100s of each stroke, 200 freestyle, 4/500 freestyle and 200 individual medley (eight events); 13, 14, 15, 16, 17-18 year olds; all recognized Olympic events (13 races) plus the long distance event not held at the Olympics (men’s 1000-yard/800-meter freestyle and women’s 1650-yard/1500-meter freestyle). No relays were scored.

The Virtual Club Championship rankings were updated nightly with any new times submitted by Local Swim Committee (LSC) times volunteers.

SOFLO finished with 190,135 total power points. The event breakdown for SOFLO’s combined age groups was: sprint freestyle, 43,229 points; distance freestyle, 33,848; backstroke, 27,986; breaststroke 29,751; butterfly, 27,633; and individual medley, 27,688.

The top two scorers in each age group event were:

Girls 11: 50-yard freestyle, Mackenzie McPherson, 531; Stella McCranie, 464; 100-yard freestyle, Mackenzie McPherson, 454; Stella McCranie, 391; 200-yard freestyle: Amanda Grubbs, 503; Sofia Gomez, 460; 500-yard freestyle, Amanda Grubbs, 443; 100-yard backstroke, Sofia Gomez 404, Mackenzie McPherson, 391; 100-yard breaststroke, Sofia Gomez, 365; Ainsley Miller, 244; 100-yard butterfly, Amanda Grubbs, 504; Isabella Quingatuna, 281; 200-yard individual medley, Mackenzie McPherson, 429; Sofia Gomez, 340.

Girls 12: 50-yard freestyle, Elise Dinehart, 627; Genesis Escobar, 580; 100-yard freestyle, Sofia Lugo, 566, Genesis Escobar, 532; 200-yard freestyle, Pilar Duranti, 574; Amanda Grubbs, 548; 500-yard freestyle, Pilar Duranti, 547; Sarah Vazquez, 511; 100-yard backstroke, Pilar Duranti, 530; Elise Dinehart, 506; 100 breaststroke, Elise Dinehart, 660; Sarah Vasquez, 495; 100-yard butterfly, Lydia Smutny, 554; Sofia Lugo, 527; 200-yard individual medley, Elise Dinehart, 623; Sarah Vasquez, 485.

Girls 13: 50-yard freestyle, Genesis Escobar, 544; Pilar Duranti, 528; 100-yard freestyle, Genesis Escobar, 427; Charlotte Olmo, 340; 200-yard freestyle, Charlotte Olmo, 289; Melane Palmira, 283; 500-yard freestyle, Mariana Pinto, 542; Amelie Bicerne, 491; 1,000-yard freestyle, Amelie Bicerne, 526; 1,650-yard freestyle, Izzy Wilson, 636; Amelie Bicerne, 518; 100-yard backstroke, Charlotte Olmo, 364; Melanie Palmira, 265; 200-yard backstroke, Amelie Bicerne, 530; Melanie Palmira, 324; 100-yard breaststroke, Fiorella Di Salvo, 535; Calista Harries, 308; 200-yard breaststroke, Fiorella Di Salvo, 507; Calista Harries, 385; 100-yard butterfly, Mariana Pinto, 322; Calista Harries, 18; 200-yard individual medley, Fiorella Di Salvo 564, Mariana Pinto, 467; 400-yard individual medley, Fiorella Di Salvo, 513; Mariana Pinto, 485.

Girls 14: 50-yard freestyle, Gabriela Avila, 671; Maria Legaspi, 375; 100-yard freestyle, Gabriela Avila, 623; Andrea Freites, 561; 200-yard freestyle, Gabriella Deluna, 460; Andrea Freites, 379; 500-yard freestyle, Izzy Wilson, 646; Mariann Catalasan, 325; 1,000-yard freestyle, Izzy Wilson, 562; Gabriela Avila, 390; 1,650-yard freestyle, Izzy Wilson, 730; 100-yard backstroke, Julianne McCranie 732, Gabriella Deluna, 591; 200-yard backstroke, Julianne McCranie, 761; Gabriella Deluna, 666; 100-yard breaststroke, Mariann Catalasan, 515; Maria Legaspi, 447; 200-yard breaststroke, Mariann Catalasan, 553; Maria Legaspi 414; 100-yard butterfly, Julianne McCranie, 818; Andrea Freites, 565; 200-yard butterfly, Gabriela Avila, 462; Andrea Freites, 346; 200-yard individual medley, Gabriella Deluna, 650; Julianne McCranie, 548; 400-yard individual medley, Mariann Catalasan, 433; Dahlia Hirsh, 293.

Girls 15: 50-yard freestyle, Sofia Hernandez, 491; Valerie Vank, 434; 100-yard freestyle, Sophia Grubbs, 496; Sofia Hernandez, 437; 200-yard freestyle, Olivia Dinehart 779, Maddy Smutny, 737; 500-yard freestyle, Alexis Christensen, 615; Sophia Grubbs, 476; 1,000-yard freestyle, Alexis Christensen, 584; Sabrina Osorio, 441; 1,650-yard freestyle, Alexis Christensen, 635; 100-yard backstroke, Elena Dinehart 786, Alexis Christensen, 511; 200-yard backstroke, Elena Dinehart, 769; Sofia Osorio, 434; 100-yard breaststroke, Sophia Grubbs, 821; Valerie Vank, 516; 200-yard breaststroke, Olivia Dinehart, 903; Sophia Grubbs, 780; 100-yard butterfly, Maddy Smutny, 756; Elena Dinehart, 717; 200-yard butterfly, Maddy Smutny, 813; Elena Dinehart, 636; 200-yard individual medley, Maddy Smutny, 695; Olivia Dinehart, 687; 400-yard individual medley, Olivia Dinehart, 842; Sofia Osorio, 422.

Girls 16: 50-yard freestyle, Jennamarie Brames, 612; Sofia Jackson, 583; 100-yard freestyle, Jennamarie Brames, 600; Sofia Jackson 500; 200-yard freestyle, tie, Daniela Barreto, 353; Sofia Jackson, 353; 500-yard freestyle, Mallory Schleicher, 706; Jennamarie Brames, 526; 100-yard backstroke, Sofia Osorio, 458; Jena Legaspi, 445; 200-yard backstroke, Jena Legaspi, 553; Sofia Osorio, 502; 100-yard breaststroke, Sally Golding, 646; Sabrina Osorio, 536; 200-yard breaststroke, Sally Golding, 654; Sabrina Osorio, 633; 100-yard butterfly, Jena Legaspi, 359; Daniela Barreto, 343; 200-yard butterfly, Sara Quintero, 631; Sally Golding, 609; 200-yard individual medley, Sally Golding, 652; Jennamarie Brames, 444; 400-yard individual medley, Sabrina Osorio, 546; Daniela Barreto, 400.

Girls 17-18: 50-yard freestyle, Lucy Smutny, 576; Ana Frable, 500; 100-yard freestyle, Paige Lane, 731; Mariangela Cincotti, 510; 200-yard freestyle, Paige Lane, 638; Mariangela Cincotti, 573; 500-yard freestyle, Lucy Smutny, 605; Mariangela Cincotti, 579; 1,000-yard freestyle, Michelle Marinheiro, 521; Mariangela Cincotti, 469; 1,650-yard freestyle, Mallory Schleicher, 829; 100-yard backstroke, Mallory Schleicher, 759; Lucy Smutny, 702; 200-yard backstroke, Lucy Smutny, 659; Sara Quintero, 588; 100-yard breaststroke, Molly Golding, 776; Ana Frable, 394; 200-yard breaststroke, Molly Golding, 753; Ana Frable, 418; 100-yard butterfly, Paige Lane, 774; Molly Golding, 709; 200-yard butterfly, Paige Lane, 745; Sara Quintero, 704; 200-yard individual medley, Molly Golding, 740; Daniela Barreto, 324; 400-yard individual medley, Mallory Schleicher, 817; Sara Quintero, 654.

Boys 11: 50-yard freestyle, Juan Vallmitjana, 769; Connor Jimenez, 623; 100-yard freestyle, Ryan Harries, 557; Ian Barrios, 546; 200-yard freestyle, Juan Vallmitjana, 824; Oleksii Viazmetinov, 558; 500-yard freestyle, Juan Vallmitjana, 840; Oleksii Viazmetinov, 576; 100 backstroke, Connor Jimenez, 622; Daniel Fernandez, 450; 100 breaststroke, Ryan Harries, 664; Joshua Menezes, 619; 100 butterfly, Juan Vallmitjana, 744, Joshua Menezes, 496; 200-yard individual medley, Connor Jimenez 563, Joshua Menezes 551.

Boys 12: 50-yard freestyle, Abraham Penaloza, 566; Matthew Jimenez, 355; 100-yard freestyle, Mason Jimenez, 365; Kenny Paas, 275; 200-yard freestyle, Mason Jimenez, 410; Kenny Paas, 234; 500-yard freestyle, Mason Jimenez, 469; Kenny Paas, 223; 100-yard backstroke, Leo Shee, 397; Matthew Jimenez, 268; 100-breaststroke, Abraham Penaloza, 609, Leo Shee, 591; 100-yard butterfly, Abraham Penaloza, 562; Leo Shee, 353; 200-yard individual medley, Abraham Penaloza, 463; Leo Shee, 405.

Boys 13: 50-yard freestyle, Kevin Moya, 714, Derek Hau, 689; 100-yard freestyle, Kevin Moya, 703; Derek Hau, 689; 200-yard freestyle, Kevin Moya, 639; Alexander Miller, 611; 500-yard freestyle, Felix Gonzalez, 662; Jaden Amores, 523; 1,000-yard freestyle, Felix Gonzalez, 605; 1,650-yard freestyle, Felix Gonzalez, 690; 100-yard backstroke, Kevin Moya, 580, Ethan McPeek, 492; 200-yard backstroke, Jaden Amores, 529; Ethan McPeek, 459; 100-yard breaststroke, Derek Hau, 694; Felipe Rodriguez, 442; 200-yard breaststroke, Derek Hau, 656; Alexander Miller, 582; 100-yard butterfly, Oliver Tejada, 696; Jaden Amores, 566; 200-yard butterfly, Oliver Tejada, 732; Jaden Amores, 517; 200-yard individual medley, Oliver Tejada, 649; Felix Gonzalez, 572; 400-yard individual medley, Oliver Tejada, 669; Ethan McPeek, 498.

Boys 14: 50-yard freestyle, Marvan Ekanayake, 537; Luca Hincapie, 508; 100-yard freestyle, Nicholas Pelaez, 509; Luca Hincapie, 489; 200-yard freestyle, Hashan Ekanayake, 597; Adrian Hernandez, 571; 500-yard freestyle, Hashan Ekanayake, 613; Adrian Hernandez, 588; 1,000-yard freestyle, Hashan Ekanayake, 598; Nicholas Pelaez, 491; 1,650-yard freestyle, Hashan Ekanayake, 621; Nicholas Pelaez, 613; 100-yard backstroke, Diego Nazario-Vazquez, 594; Austin Nelson, 551; 200-yard backstroke, Diego Nazario-Vazquez, 548; Austin Nelson, 542; 100-yard breaststroke, Javier Colmenares, 889; Alexander Miller, 654; 200-yard breaststroke, Javier Colmenares, 882; Alexander Miller, 738; 100-yard butterfly, Diego Nazario-Vazquez, 701; Luca Hincapie, 547; 200-yard butterfly, Diego Nazario-Vazquez, 575; Nicholas Pelaez, 559; 200-yard individual medley, Javier Colmenares, 791; Austin Nelson, 518; 400-yard individual medley, Javier Colmenares, 799; Ethan McPeek, 449.

Boys 15: 50-yard freestyle, Aldo Zepeda, 635; Christian Tijero, 520; 100-yard freestyle, Zackary Harris, 609; Christopher Hau, 588; 200-yard freestyle, Nathaniel Garrick, 602; Christian Tijero, 532; 500-yard freestyle, Nathaniel Garrick, 607; Christian Tijero, 538; 1,000-yard freestyle, Enrique Rodriguez, 561; 1,650-yard freestyle, Nathaniel Garrick, 613; Christian Tijero, 586; 100-yard backstroke, Alejandro Mateus 690; Aldo Zepeda, 651; 200-yard backstroke, Austin Nelson, 682; Aldo Zepeda, 608; 100-yard breaststroke, Christopher Hau, 599; Zackary Harris, 499; 200-yard breaststroke, Christopher Hau, 673; Zackary Harris, 528; 100-yard butterfly, Alejandro Mateus, 678; Zackary Harris, 529; 200-yard butterfly, Alejandro Mateus, 646; Enrique Rodriguez 625; 200-yard individual medley, Adrian Hernandez, 621; Ivan Grass, 499; 400-yard individual medley, Adrian Hernandez 685; Alejandro Mateus, 579.

Boys 16: 50-yard freestyle, Matthew Tarafa, 699, Agustin Rodriguez, 673; 100-yard freestyle, Juan Mora, 818; Matthew Tarafa, 752; 200-yard freestyle, Matthew Tarafa, 715; Agustin Rodriguez, 651; 500-yard freestyle, Agustin Rodriguez, 706; Alex Golding, 669; 1,650-yard freestyle, Enrique Rodriguez 629; 100-yard backstroke, Juan Mora, 869; Juan Colmenares, 720; 200-yard backstroke, Juan Colmenares, 675; Nathaniel Garrick, 631; 100-yard breaststroke, Juan Mora, 903; Anthony Robaina, 741; 200-yard breaststroke, Juan Mora, 911; Alex Golding, 789; 100-yard butterfly, Juan Colmenares, 715; Matthew Tarafa, 676; 200-meter butterfly, Enrique Rodriguez, 685; Agustin Rodriguez, 681; 200-yard individual medley, Alex Golding, 698; Juan Colmenares, 684; 400-yard individual medley, Alex Golding, 715; Christopher Hau, 528.

Boys 17-18: 50-yard freestyle, Miguel Sierra, 764; Michael Arias, 733; 100-yard freestyle, Lance Lesage 799; Michael Arias, 777; 200-yard freestyle, Lance Lesage 796, Michael Arias, 726; 500-yard freestyle, Dominic Bono, 760; Philopatier Ibrahim, 656; 1,650-yard freestyle, Dominic Bono, 829; Philopatier Ibrahim, 618; 100-yard backstroke, Lance Lesage, 869, Miguel Sierra, 704; 200-yard backstroke, Lance Lesage 839; Dominic Bono, 786; 100-yard breaststroke, Joseph Lee, 724; Javier Roman, 671; 200-yard breaststroke, Joseph Lee, 728; Javier Roman, 707; 100-yard butterfly, Miguel Sierra, 859; Joseph Lee, 619; 200-yard butterfly, Miguel Sierra, 894; Philopatier Ibrahim, 785; 200-yard individual medley, Philopatier Ibrahim, 709; Javier Roman, 591; 400-yard individual medley, Dominic Bono, 834; Javier Roman, 635.

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