El Salvador’s Marcelo Acosta Wins; SOFLO’s Enrique Rodriguez Places Sixth On Opening Day Of CCCAN Championships

By Sharon Robb
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, June 23, 2021–Five-time national record holder Marcelo Acosta of El Salvador won his first event at the Central American and Caribbean Amateur Swimming Confederation Championships Wednesday at San Juan Aquatic Complex.

Acosta, 24, who trains with Azura Florida Aquatics, won the 1500-meter freestyle in 15:52.85, off his entry time of 15:04.79.

Acosta, a 2016 Olympian, has the 800 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 400 IM and 400 freestyle remaining to swim.

National record holder Michelle Ramirez, 18, of Honduras won the women’s 800-meter freestyle in a best time 9:08.81, dropping 5.78 seconds off her previous best of 9:14.59.

South Florida Aquatic Club’s Enrique Rodriguez, 16, of Venezuela swam the 15-17 1500-meter freestyle as an exhibition and finished in 17:10.03, slower than his entry time of 17:06.91.

Venezuela was third in the 15-17 mixed 200-meter free relay in 1:43.91 with Fabiana Pesce and Florida Gold Coast swimmers Wisthon Rendon, Renato Herran and Nicol Bellardi.

SOFLO’s other five swimmers competing are: three-time Olympian Edgar Crespo, 33, of Panama; Miguel Cancel, 21, of Puerto Rico; Mariangela Cincotti, 17, of Venezuela; Javier Colmenares, 14, of Venezuela; and Andrea Santander, 19, of Venezuela.

The CCCAN Championships are a biennial aquatics championship for countries in Central America and the Caribbean. The name of the event comes from the event’s organizers: the Central American & Caribbean Swimming Confederation, whose abbreviated name is CCCAN.

The CCCAN Championships are held every odd year, and began in 1960. In addition to CCCAN members, South American countries which border on the Caribbean also participate in the championships, including Suriname, Colombia and Venezuela. There are 28 federations.


800-meter freestyle:
13-14, 1. Ariana Valle, ESA 9:23.05, 2. Lucero Mejia, GUA 9:38.64, 3. Sofia Garcia, VEN 9:47.61; 15-17, 1. Mariana Cote, VEN 9:08.66, 2. Rebecca Ramos, GUA 9:35.86, 3. Carolina Suraez, PUR 9:52.64; 18-and-over, 1. Michelle Ramirez, HON 9:08.81, 2. Ivana Izquierdo, PUR 9:13.08, 3. Laura Figueroa, PUR 9:32.02.

1500-meter freestyle:
13-14, 1. Caleb Romano, PUR 17:10.35, 2. Jose Nolla, PUR 18:01.98, 3. Tajhari Williams, TCI 20:30.53; 15-17, 1. Fabian Gines, PUR 16:10.06, 2. Josean Massucco, PUR 16:16.24, 3. Raul Briceno, VEN 16:29.82; SOFLO: 6. Enrique Rodriguez, VEN 17:10.03; 18-and-over, 1. Marcelo Acosta, ESA 15:52.85, 2. Alexis Soto, PUR 16:11.02, 3. Alfonso Mestre, VEN 16:38.82.

200-meter free relay:
11-12, 1 Venezuela 1:52.95, 2. Virgini Islands 1:54.29, 3. Puerto Rico 1:56.70; 13-14, 1. Dominican Republic 1:45.13, 2. Puerto Rico 1:46.22; 15-17, 1. Puerto Rico 1:41.36, 2. Dominican Republic 1:43.47, 3. Venezuela 1:43.91; 18-and-over, 1. Puerto Rico 1:37.89.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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