Winkler Wins Relay Gold, Breaks World Junior Record; Zuchowski Wins Second Silver Medal On Day Three Of Junior Pan Pacs

By Sharon Robb
HONOLULU, Hawaii, August 27, 2022—Kaii Winkler of Eagle Aquatics turned in a world-record performance Friday at the Junior Pan Pacific Championships at Mark Takai Veterans Memorial Aquatics Center.

Winkler, 16, swam anchor leg on the U.S. boys’ winning 4×100-meter freestyle relay that won in world junior record time of 3:15.79 with teammates Thomas Heilman, Henry McFadden and Daniel Diehl.

Winkler’s split was 48.95, second fastest on the relay. Diehl had the fastest in 48.66. It was the first world junior record of the meet. The previous record was 3:15.80.

Winkler also won the “B” final in the 100-meter butterfly in a best time 53.94 after finishing ninth in prelims in 54.36. His previous best was 54.18. Winkler has the 50 freestyle, his specialty event, left to swim.

U.S. teammate Josh Zuchowski of FAST won his second silver medal for the U.S. The Stanford-bound Zuchowski, 18, finished second in the 200-meter backstroke and was top American in a best time 1:58.16. He dropped 0.26 off his previous best of 1:58.42. Earlier in the week, Zuchowski also won silver in the 100 backstroke in a best time 54.51. He went 1:58.98 in prelims. Japan’s Hidek Takehara won in a Junior Pan Pac record 1:57.00, breaking American Jack Conger’s 2012 record of 1:57.20. Zuchowski has the 200 IM left to swim on the final day.

U.S. teammate Julia Podkoscielny, 17, of Pine Crest Swimming, was 19th in the 200-meter backstroke in 2:15.68. She has the 200 IM left to swim on Saturday.

The talented trio are representing the U.S. internationally for the first time and are among emerging stars from four Pan Pac charter nations (U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia) during the competitive four-day meet. In addition to the four charter nations, other select non-European Swimming League (LEN) are competing including New Zealand, Fiji and Singapore.

Competition concludes on Saturday with prelims at 3 p.m. EST and finals at 11 p.m. EST. All sessions will be streamed at

Saturday events are: 200 IM, 50 freestyle, 200 breaststroke and 4×100 medley relay.

GIRLS: 1. U.S. 168, 2. Japan 117, 3. Australia 111, 4. Canada 78, 5. New Zealand 20, 6. Singapore 12, 7. Fiji 8.
BOYS: 1. U.S. 164, 2. Australia 122, 3. Japan 104.5, 4. Canada 77.5, 5. Singapore 22, 6. New Zealand 16, 7. Fiji 7.

400-meter freestyle: 1. Erin Gemmell, US 4:05.07, 2. Jamie Perkins, AUS 4:06.64, 3. Jillian Cox, US 4:06.84.
100-meter butterfly: 1. Alex Shackell, US 58.58, 2. Airi Mitsui, JPN 58.67, 3. Bailey Hartman, US 58.71.
200-meter backstroke: 1. Yuzuki Mizuno, JPN 2:09.17, 2. Mio Narita, JPN 2:09.67, 3. Kennedy Noble, US 2:11.32.
4×100-meter freestyle relay: 1. U.S. 3:37.99 (Kayla Wilson, Anna Moesch, Erin Gemmell, Alex Shackell), 2. Australia 3:39.04, 3. Canada 3:40.90.

400-meter freestyle: 1. Joshua Staples, AUS 3:48.36, 2. Rex Maurer, US 3:49.86, 3. Alec Enyeart, US 3:51.07.
100-meter butterfly: 1. Thomas Heilman, US 51.98, 2. Jesse Coleman, AUS 52.23, 3. Tomoyuki Matsushita, JPN 53.38.
200-meter backstroke: 1. Hidekazu Takehara, JPN 1:57.00, 2. Josh Zuchowski, US 1:58.16, 3. Keaton Jones, US 1:58.98.
4×100-meter freestyle relay: 1. U.S. 3:15.79 (Thomas Heilman, Henry McFadden, Daniel Diehl, Kaii Winkler), world junior record, 2. Australia 3:18.06, 3. Japan 3:19.94.

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Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

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