Acosta, Bouti Double Winners; SOFLO Dominates Session One In PST-SOFLO Dual Meet Sizzler

By Sharon Robb
PLANTATION, May 12, 2023–South Florida Aquatic Club’s younger swimmers got off to a great start in the opening session of the Plantation Swim Team-South Florida Aquatic Club dual meet Friday at Plantation Aquatic Complex.

SOFLO’s Ivy Acosta and Dalyah Bouti were double winners in the mixed events.

Acosta, 7, won the 25-yard butterfly in 21.20 and 25-yard breaststroke in a best time 26.49, dropping 0.41. She was also second in the 25-yard freestyle in a best time 17.47, dropping 1.24 and fifth in the 25-yard backstroke in 24.54.

Bouti, 9, won the 25-yard backstroke in 21.01 and 25-yard freestyle in 16.81.

Molly Barber, 8, took second, third and fourth in the butterfly, freestyle and backstroke events.

The meet continues with Session Two later in the day. The meet wraps up Saturday at 9 a.m. with the remaining individual and relay events.

SOFLO has entered 121 swimmers (61 boys and 60 girls) in 668 individual events and four relay events.

The last time the two teams met was February 4th. The teams are meeting for the fourth time in dual meets.


25-yard butterfly:

  1. Ivy Acosta, SOFLO 21.20, 2. Molly Barber, SOFLO 23.,00, time drop 0.28, 3. Leonardo Suarez Cabrera, SOFLO 30.25; SOFLO: 6. Alyssa Barcelos 32.34, 10. Ethan Ekht 42.99.

25-yard backstroke:

  1. Dalyah Bouti, SOFLO 21.01, 2. Andres Gomez, SOFLO 22.72, 3. Thiago Mantilla, SOFLO 22.96; SOFLO: 4. Molly Barber 23.42, time drop 0.28, 5. Ivy Acosta, 24.54, 6. Alyssa Barcelos 25.51, 7. Leonardo SuarezCabrera 26.84.

25-yard breaststroke:

  1. Ivy Acosta, SOFLO 26.49, time drop 0.41, 2. Andres Gomez, SOFLO 26.64, time drop 4.50, 3. Alyssa Barcelos, SOFLO 29.63; SOFLO: 5. Thiago Mantilla 31.20, 8. Leonardo Suarez Cabrera 33.64 9. Ethan Ekht 35.62.

25-yard freestyle:

  1. Dalyah Bouti, SOFLO 16.81, 2. Ivy Acosta, SOFLO 17.47, time drop 1.24, 3. Molly Barber, SOFLO 17.68, time drop 1.99; SOFLO: 4. Alyssa Barcelos 18.96, 5. Andres Gomez 19.07, 7. Leonardo Suarez Cabrera 21.46, 8. Thiago Mantilla 24.03.

What: PST/SOFLO Dual Meet
When: Saturday
Where: Plantation Aquatic Complex, Plantation, 9151 NW 2nd Street, Plantation.
Warm-up Schedule: Saturday, Session 3 LCM, 8 a.m.
Event Schedule: Saturday, Session 3, 9 a.m.
Of note: The meet will not be scored for team points. Results will be posted on Meet Mobile. For more information 954-452-2525.

Sharon Robb can be reached at

Author: South Florida Aquatic Club - SOFLO Swimming

Welcome to the South Florida Aquatic club, a premier community swim team dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement to all team members, from the beginner to the seasoned Olympic athlete in their pursuit of excellence. The year-round development program for competitive swimming features life-enhancing qualities including integrity, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and health and fitness. We invite you to navigate the club’s portal for information about the team.

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