Chris Anderson Updates SOFLO Parents On Fall Season During Members Meeting

By Sharon Robb

PEMBROKE PINES, September 19, 2020—-South Florida Aquatic Club CEO and head coach Chris Anderson held an informative zoom session for parents on Saturday morning.

Between practice sessions Saturday morning at Academic Village Pool, Anderson outlined the fall plan for swimmers including home and away meets, re-capped the summer season and addressed other club business.

The following is Anderson’s detailed 51-minute discussion:

“I haven’t seen too many people during the summer, so basically this is our summer re-cap.

“Obviously, it was a very stressful and busy summer for a lot of us. But the one thing our membership all had in common was we got to come together and we got to do some training.

“We really are proud about some of the things that we did with our creativity, especially the consistency that we had throughout the summer and the things that we have done at South Florida Aquatic Club.

“We also this summer got to really spend some time with our Class of 2020. With all the different things and all the different schools were going through, we had a wonderful, wonderful dinner on our pool deck. It was a very nice environment. I think those kids are having a great time at their different universities wherever they are from.

“The other thing we are quite proud of is that we got to run some swim meets. We had four of them. The really cool thing was our staff was very creative in finding different ways to reach out to all of our membership, whether it was our 8-and-unders or our people who had their senior national cuts. We found a way to have a bunch of meets with 30 athletes in their training groups. We’re quite proud of the fact that we were able to reach out to our membership as well as, of course, get some competition in. Most of the kids swam probably three races in different times over a period of two weeks. I think it was pretty good that we started the meets sometime in July, I think it was July 31st and ran them throughout the month of August leading into what we are trying to do this fall.

“Another thing that we’ve done I know our coaches as well as our membership has looked into. Coach Lou and I have been doing a coaching search for a long time to try and find the right fit. We finally have hired a coach, if you haven’t heard already from our Blog, we hired Jack Davies. He is a former swimmer of ours, he swam in our program for four years. He got a Mathematics and education degree at McKendree University. He has been coaching at the age group level for the CSP Tideriders, a club in Illinois, it’s quite a good club as well, just like ours. It’s going to be a really nice transition to have him come in starting on Sept. 28th. The significance of that is he will basically be coming in at the very beginning of the season where he will really be focusing on the 13-14 group, he will be assisting with some of the age group workouts as well as really concentrating and improving our senior development, our senior fit group that has been doing quite wonderful throughout the summer. We will be welcoming him again on Sept. 28th and welcoming him to our coaching family and hopefully the environment of the Silver group. Again Silver, Gold, National, all of our training groups’ ability and training environment is looking really positive, so he will be a really nice addition to our staff moving forward.

“The other things that we have been doing quite recently, ten of our coaches from our staff have been attending ASCA clinics, different meetings throughout the entire week. We have been on it a few times and discussed different philosophies, whether it was age group swimming, senior swimming or even just swimming in general as far as some things we would like to either improve as a philosophy as a program or tweak or even change for that matter. We will be having some more staff meetings, of course, our coaches have been meeting by Zoom, which has actually been kind of an improvement from what we have been doing in the past. We have really been able to do a great job of communicating especially with the two sites, one south and one north, are really trying to get things done so we are kind of rolling with that.

“As far as our team training, just a quick review, what we have really tried to do over the summer is we were really trying to improve our legs. We knew we had a little time constraint and of course, another constraint of maybe not having doubles on a daily basis because we were trying to get all our athletes in the water. But one of the things that we did was to try to improve our legs and our kicking. It really kind of worked in to what the ASCA Clinic and other coaches were talking about in their philosophy. We really found after 14, 15 weeks that not only the senior group or age group program, we really did a great job over the summer of really improving those legs. As you probably know, all of our kids, all of our members and all of our athletes have grown so much because they are resting a little bit more. It hasn’t gone unnoticed four our coaching staff and our training groups. The improvement of the kick and really committing to the first five or six weeks of building up and then five or six weeks of really improving our legs. We are really looking for that to be a weapon coming up into the fall. It’s probably really going to help. The other thing I did say is because we have all of our groups broken up in such a manner, in such a way on our pool deck, spread out among the 23 lanes that we have, whether it’s one per lane or two per lane on opposite sides, we really found both at the AK site as well as here that the atmosphere of all our training groups is really quite canny, they are really healthy. If you look at it, the kids are really supporting one another, they are really motivating each other and they are really, really good solid training groups. It’s really the first time in the club after 20 years that we really have on all-cylinders, whether it’s age group, pre-age group, pre-teen, swim lessons, senior program that we have had this healthy a membership. I think a lot of that has to, of course, be the parent-leadership at home. But the kids really missed the swimming over the summer. I think they missed some of that interaction they had and it’s really come out. One of the things we talked about as a coaching staff is another benefit from the summer was the fact of our attendance. We had people not miss any workouts for 15 weeks. We’re not talking about a few athletes, we are talking 60 to 80 percent. Those that did miss only missed one or two. That consistency coupled with working on the legs on a daily basis, we are really at a place we really can say that we really moved forward and improved, not only the base level training but overall program as far as our legs and what we can do hopefully coming into this fall season.

“The atmosphere again is 100 percent, looking great. We are very excited that we started and again we had to have an ending point to start for the new season. We picked Monday, August 31st, it really worked with some of the different things that we’re doing as training. So we started with Week One, previous with that what we did spend a lot on before we started our new season the whole month of August you might have seen a change in the kids’ energy levels. We did a lot of technique and kind of talking and discussing. As you probably know, some of the kids had small, quick Zoom meetings for 15 minutes on some days where we really went over the stroke. And as you probably know in some of the lineups we have outside the pool where the kids are socially distanced, we tried to do some of extensive talks and we hit all the strokes as well as IM. We went through IM transitions, distance free training, talked about freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. We tried to refine that. And again, I think because it was right before or during the kids were kind of in school, the kids really got a lot at the beginning of August, the first couple of weeks as far as their stroke improvement. Coupling that with the legs and training environment, it’s really been a pleasure to work with the athletes, doing what we are doing and moving forward.

“The other thing we did because we have only had four meets, actually six meets, over the summer, what we tried to do at the end of August and we are trying to do it now with some different types of test sets that are trickling down from senior to age group, we tried to make some things a little bit more challenging. We tried to do a couple things without so much using blocks, but trying to create more like meet atmosphere during practice where there were meet warm-ups, then there were sets where we just basically go up and get up and go fast with a lot of rest in between or smooth swimming going back and forth. So we introduced some of those and again that competitiveness, we really tried to call out times and talking to the athletes, ‘these are your goals, this is what we want you to do,’ but we try to find how to accomplish that within a practice, having more rest. I think some of that has really kind of matured our entire group. It seems to me they are getting a little more confident when it comes to practice and moreso, getting confident in doing something very fast, taking six minutes of doing easy swimming and then coming back and repeating that, much like they would do in a swim meet if they had 15 to 20 minutes between races. As far as that, training those sets and trying to keep the kids a little bit more engaged and understand we are going to have competition again. It’s going to be the goal of our staff, after we talked a little bit about the fall meet schedule of 2020, we are going to find different ways to try and motivate those athletes throughout the entire week so when we do race on a Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday that they are ready to go and they really take advantage of the opportunity in the meets that they have as far as competition is concerned.

“Moving on to the fall schedule and I know we kind of have a schedule up there, but as you probably know things are still kind of different facilities not being open, different organizations, different municipalities and different counties all having separate rules, we kind of have a skeleton schedule. We will get the schedule out probably in the next couple of days. My staff has it. But we basically have kind of looked at it and there are a couple of small changes that we are having to do.

“To kind of go into the fall schedule, we started off the summer, of course, with our in-house virtual meets. We now will be moving on and doing a couple of meets, one on Oct. 2-3. It will be a virtual dual meet against Sarasota Y. I am trying to find some good competition throughout the state, throughout the country on the East coast who we can do this with. This virtual meet will consist of us having a competition, kind of a college format, a two-day format. It’s as close as we can get without being totally official and getting in all the events. For our 13-and-overs on a Friday evening and Saturday. You might have already seen it on Team Unify and I know some of our coaches are starting to do the entries for the athletes now. The middle school kids or the 12-and-under kids will be going on a Saturday morning and we’re going to run through the high school order format. 12-and-unders will be able to do four races for the meet and 13-and-overs will be able to do three races per session. This will be the first time, too, we will be doing some relays. There will be an “A” and “B” with our fastest athletes. They will be socially separated as far as the blocks and lanes that we are doing. We are definitely looking forward to that Oct. 2-3.

“We will be following that up with another virtual dual meet (Oct. 23-24) with the Mason Manta Rays, they are from Ohio. It’s a very, very, very good competitive club. We will be doing the same format, we may have some tweaks in there. I actually feel that our athletes have the familiarity of the format will actually help us a little bit in October. So the kids will kind of go into it with open eyes, will compete against another club and we will put all the points together. We basically are scoring Top 10 and then they will have an idea. I think we will do even a little stronger on the 23rd and 24th. They can do different events still but they will still be swimming up to six races for the 13-and-overs and four races in the one session for the 12-and-unders.

“Then in November, we are looking at the 20-24 for an age group specific dual meet. This is where we are going to invite some clubs to our pool, being that hopefully things kind of keep continuing with numbers going down with COVID and nothing changes as far as Broward County, city or even organizational-wise. If we feel it’s safe, what we would like to do is a couple of dual meets where we bring in a bunch of 10-and-unders for a set of races. They will get up and perform together with another club. Then we are going to do the 11-12 age group in another session, then we will do the 13-14 in another single session and then we will finish it off with a 15-and-over. As of right now, we have Plantation committed in 13-14 and 15-and-over. We are trying to keep it pretty much small.

“So that will be the first two meets in October will be virtual meets, then the one in November we will start bringing in some local competition to swim against age group-wise. We are still trying to keep the numbers on our pool deck about 120 to 140 including officials and timers as well as the different age groups.

“The meets in October and November will not be capped for our club. It’s not like the last meet where we had 30 athletes in and that was it. These meets will be open so you don’t have to stress out about entries. I know it’s locked right now as far as Team Unify. Like I said, our coaches are working on the entries, but it will be for our entire membership. We are going to be running heats. It will be a little different from the first round. We will have heats but we will have kids separated on the pool deck with social distancing marks. That’s how we will be doing that session. We probably will have old school meet marshals, too. We had a couple of coaches, Coach George was out there for the other meets, influencing and making sure the kids’ masks were on and that sort of thing. We’ll go over different protocols a little bit later on for the meets.

“Furthering on, we are still going to Winter Champs, Dec. 10-13, right now and Holiday Champs at Sunrise, Dec. 18-20. As discussed to our athletes and kids, we are very firm on peaking our club somewhere in the beginning part of December, whether it’s Dec. 10th or 18th, we will be peaking all of our athletes. It will be like the 16th or 17th week of training in the fall season. We are really looking for us to get up and perform, whether it’s our tech suits for our 13-and-overs or basically getting ready. We will be peaking for that part of the year. Both of those meets we don’t know what the caps are going to be, but we have been in communication with the meet hosts. We have reserved spots there.

“There’s also another meet that we have been working on. One of the Southern Zone committees are putting together a Florida State Championship, basically four sites set up in the state of Florida. There will be sectional level cuts. One of those level meets will be hosted at our facility, four a couple of counties on the west coast as well as all of Broward County and us. Another pool will be Sailfish Aquatic Park. They are looking somewhere in the Sarasota-Clearwater area and another one in Gainesville. They will be run similar at the same time and all the results will come together at the very end. We are very lucky and fortunate enough that we will be able to have one of those meets. Some of the safety precautions for the meets which we know now is a women’s prelim session and men’s prelims session and then a combined final session on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be more details about that meet, but that’s in a nutshell our fall 2020 meet schedule. And again there are some different safety precautions we’ll probably have to have and they will be in the meet information.

“Looking over the summer and what some of our officials had to do and our volunteers and looking toward the future, we do have a huge commitment from our officials, a huge commitment from our Booster Club as far as creating these situations, creating these meets. And, of course a huge commitment from our staff. Coming in I know some of the meets start at 6 a.m. for warm-up and 6:50 a.m. start which is kind of early. The October, November and December meets will be a little bit closer to what you guys are used to.

“As far as spectators for any of these meets we are going to try and improve our ability to film and stream these meets and put them on different types of social media. At this point as far as Broward County and I am pretty sure it’s going to stay that way, there has to be different types of permits to set up for special events. I don’t have spectators. We are keeping the meets safe. It’s worked really well and again we are going to try and improve our skills as far as commentating and trying to get a little more video technique out there so we can have people at least virtually watching some of these meets when they are going on.

“The other aspect is we are opening up for 12 timers for a lo of these meets. As things if keep improving we will be able to open up to more volunteers so that’s a real good way of getting those hours.

“Something we will talk about a little bit later as far as our Booster Club. We are starting a new year as of Sept. 1 which I will explain a little bit later after we over the meets. So again we will get these meets out next week. There’s just a couple more dates that need to be cleaned up so they can be finalized and set in stone, so you guys can all plan. The October meets, again, we are starting meet entries already currently.

“With that being said, and again I’ll be brief and I will get this out to you guys on email. Basically, our 2021 home schedule has been approved by the Florida Gold Coast. We are basically hosting eight meets ranging from our January meet to a BB Championship in February. Again some of the meets may have to change as far as meet information but we are quite confident that we will be able to host these championship meets at our facility.

“Also, we have basically March 19-21 we will have Senior Champs again. We are very fortunate and lucky again where we have Senior Champs for not only March of 2021 but we’ll have it in 2022 in short course season as well. We have kind of moved on and done some planning in that aspect. Moving on from there, we will have a dual meet again where we will bring in other athletes. We will keep you abreast of that.We will have a Developmental Meet in August 2021, moving on to our Distance Challenge in October and then we have our Last Chance Prelim-Final meet that we have in November. We did pick up another meet, too, the first week of July, the BC Championships for Broward County. I just put that out there so just so you guys know but it also ties in a little bit also with the Booster Club as far as the meets are concerned that there will be hours available in the future which again we will talk about that a little more. We will get the 2021 home meet schedule skeleton out to you guys.

“Moving on from there, as far as safety protocols, we are still in Phase One of our swimming safety protocols, the one that we put out as far as the directions being in the parking lot, trying to do the best we can with social distancing with masks, limited bathrooms and sanitizing coming in and out. We are not stopping any of that as of this point in time. We’re still for the most part in there at that time, trying to keep everything safe at our facility and we’re working with the City and having them approve what some of the things we are doing as well as Coach Lou with the safety protocols at AK Sharks.

“If it wasn’t for you guys, the parents, keeping your kids entertained at home and all the different things that we’ve had and also at the pool. Again I feel so lucky and fortunate that we are all taking care of our membership, taking care of our kids, both here at practice but also at home. We have been very fortunate and lucky throughout this pandemic as far as the program. I want to continue that so we are going to take slow steps forward to really try and keep everything safe here at the pool.

“As you probably know in Broward County and some different things in Dade, they will be making some more announcements. Private schools are in session, whether it’s at school or at home. As of Oct. 5th, there is a plan out there and you will be able to opt to go to school or stay home. Again there are so many different schools, there are so many different things going on, even at our own Charter School. So Oct. 5th there may be some safety protocols that we will be doing as far as dropping off and picking up, depending on times when school is in session and where everything is going on. We won’t be changing any of the practice times. About a week and a half to two weeks around Oct. 19th, there could possibly be some changes but keep in mind we will remind you there may be some different protocols when it comes to dropping off and picking up. But once again we have been very fortunate with it working very well, even during the rain delays for the most part pretty good as far as the social distancing when it comes to as many athletes and coaches as we have with cars picking up. We have been very fortunate with a large parking lot that we have been able to manage that. Countless hours of Maria going out and sanitizing and managing, and George and people who have coordinated all the different things.

“There will be updates, again Oct. 5th kids go back to school so you may have some drop-off and pick up changes. Of course, we have already looked into Daylight Savings. We are starting to think about that as well.

“Real quick, some of the resources we have and I really do want people to take advantage of some of these things. Whether you know it or not, Sharon Robb, she is in charge of our Sports Information. She writes a blog and does stories, she has interviewed our kids, she keeps a handle on things. She really keeps me and other staff members abreast when it comes to the high school meetings, school meetings, USA Swimming and convention meetings, all the different things that are going on, whether it’s our staff meetings, team meetings, our zoom classes, what we did with drylands back in April and May. But please if you don’t already have the RSS feed and not getting those stories, it really is a way to kind of keep you engaged of what our club is doing. So that’s Sharon Robb and we will get that out on Remind if you don’t already have the RSS feed. If you are not getting information or not somehow seeing the stories, it’s on our website homepage, Facebook…we try to get it out as many places as possible but you can get it directly on your phone. And again it’s really a great tool to understand when we are having these meetings, different changes in the schedule or different things that are going on with the high school season which is still kind of crazy with the different things that are going on but I know there are different committees working hard to try to have some type of season.

“Also, we have Natasha Moodie, she is our college prep specialist. She has a whole list of facts plus the newsletter that goes out. It is mandatory for anybody that is a freshman, even eighth grade, but freshmen for sure to be a part of that. We want to keep our student-athletes informed, we want to keep them informed about academic scholarships, about different changes in the recruiting world that’s changing on a daily basis. We want to make sure they are informed about the different colleges and universities that have different programs that are coming up soon. The process of getting to that next level of swimming has been a goal of my entire program. It’s about getting the age group swimmer to the senior program and then it’s about getting our senior athletes prepared to go to Division I, II or III or junior college. That is the program’s philosophy. Natasha and the rest of our staff have done some great, wonderful things through our newsletter and education. We’re not only successful but we are improving upon that success and getting more and more relationships on that second level after age group swimming and senior swimming to get to that third tier, collegiate swimming, which we are doing very well in.”

Anderson also talked about raising club fees for the first time since 2016 and will have more details in the coming weeks. He then opened the zoom up for any questions from the parents.

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Sunshine State Conference, Nova Southeastern, Lynn Universities Delay Swimming Season

By Sharon Robb

FORT LAUDERDALE, September 18, 2020–The Sunshine State Conference athletic directors and Presidents Council unanimously voted to postpone all competition in collegiate swimming and basketball through December 31, 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The conference will determine and communicate conference schedules and conference championship information for swimming at a later date.

Among the NCAA Division II eleven-member conference are local colleges Nova Southeastern University, Lynn University, Barry College and Palm Beach Atlantic.

Only NSU and Lynn have men’s and women’s swimming programs.

NSU men’s team features Colombian Brandon Moran, a Florida Gold Coast senior championship winner in the 200 breaststroke and women’s team features Solana Capalbo, a Cooper City High alum and winner of the 100 freestyle at the FGC senior championships and BCAA Championships. Both are sophomores.

Fall sports had previously been postponed in mid-July. Teams are hoping to return in January. Student-athletes are already attending classes on-campus.

“Unfortunately, this very difficult decision needed to be made at this time,” NSU athletic director Michael Mominey told the media. “However, the optimistic way to look at the news is that this decision does give us the opportunity to properly and safely plan for the return of competition in all our sports in early 2021.”

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SOFLO Will Host Membership Meeting Saturday To Announce Fall Schedule

By Sharon Robb

PEMBROKE PINES, September 16, 2020—It’s full speed ahead for South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers.

CEO and head coach Chris Anderson will host a SOFLO membership meeting Saturday morning at 9 a.m. on a Zoom platform to announce the 2020 fall schedule including exciting and innovative home and away meets for all ages.

An email invite will be distributed to all SOFLO parents and members with the Zoom link before the scheduled meeting.

The fall schedule features sanctioned virtual meets, on-site meets at Academic Village Pool and away meets in Plantation and Sunrise.

“We have made the adjustments during this pandemic and we have kids in the water every day,” Anderson said. “We are trying to address every training group. We have a plan for the fall season and on paper it looks great.

“I don’t think anyone could ask for anything more. I think we are doing a great job. There are not many clubs around the state able to do what we have been able to do.”

Two virtual meets will kick off the schedule. On Oct. 2-3, a dual meet against the Sarasota Y Sharks and Oct. 23-24 against the Mason Manta Rays will be held for 12-and-under and 13-and-over swimmers following high school and college formats.

SOFLO will host a Last Chance Meet, Nov. 20-21, single age group dual meets format for 10-and-unders, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-16. The four dual meets will be staggered. A handful of Florida Gold Coast teams including Plantation Swim Team, will be invited to compete at Academic Village Pool.

The 30th annual FGC Speedo Winter Championships, hosted by Plantation Swim Team and City of Plantation, is set for Dec. 10-13 with a cap of 400 swimmers and Holiday Championships are tentatively scheduled for Dec. 18-20 at Sunrise, if the pool is available.

The sectional Florida State Championships featuring six events will be a virtual meet held Dec. 18-19 at four sites including Academic Village Pool with a prelims and finals format. Sailfish Waterpark in Stuart is another definite site. The remaining two sites will be Jacksonville or Gainesville and Clearwater or Sarasota.

Anderson and members of his staff will also talk about dryland training and what the swimmers should be doing, practice schedules and direction the team is going as far as training.

SOFLO will continue to observe stringent local, state and federal public health COVID-19 guidelines in the unique competitive formats. As always, adjustments will be made depending on the percentage rate of COVID-19.

The larger USA Swimming-sanctioned home meets will mostly be run with volunteers and full capacity of USA Swimming officials. No spectators or fans will be permitted on deck.

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Former SOFLO Swimmer Jack Davies Returns To Join Coaching Staff

By Sharon Robb

PEMBROKE PINES, September 16, 2020—Jack Davies has come full circle with South Florida Aquatic Club.

Davies swam for SOFLO for four years (100 and 200 backstroke) before his family moved to The Woodlands in Texas. From 9 to 13-years-old, Davies was mentored by Coach George, Coach Luis and Coach Rose.

Davies will reunite with his former coaches on September 28, his first day as SOFLO’s new Silver and Senior Developmental coach at Academic Village Pool.

“I am extremely excited to be back,” Davies said. “It’s an awesome opportunity and one I can’t pass up. The coaches I was swimming for years I now am going to have the opportunity to coach with them. It is bittersweet leaving my old job, but there is a ridiculous amount of excitement to offset the sadness.”

Davies is currently wrapping up his coaching duties with the CSP Tideriders in St. Louis, Mo., where he coached all age groups and masters, from ages 4 to 60. He was also a private swim instructor at McKendree MetroRec Plex.

Davies graduated from McKendree University in Lebanon, Ill., where he swam Division II until getting injured. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a background in data analytics, projections, basic administration and business environment theoretical techniques.

Davies graduated from The Woodlands College Park High School where he was captain of his swim team. He also competed for The Woodlands club team for five years and was a junior national team member from 2014-2016.

The Bishop Auckland, England-born Davies started swimming when he was 4 years old and has been in love with the sport ever since. His passion for swimming and coaching is a win-win for SOFLO.

“When I swam at SOFLO it was a good atmosphere,” said Davies, whose sister Leonie swam for SOFLO and parents were USA Swimming officials. “I had such an all-around good experience with good coaching, good assistants and good staff. It’s such an appealing program. It’s a set-up I know and am familiar with. Any job is going to be hard work. It might as well be hard work you enjoy.”

Midway through his sophomore year at McKendree, Davies injured his back and took four months off. The injury forced him to quit competitive swimming and started doing private lessons.

“Then I made the jump to coaching and never looked back,” Davies said.

The transition from competing to coaching took time. “It was very different, I took it in steps,” Davies said. “I started with private lessons and at one stage I was running the private lessons facility, doing the scheduling and using all the instructors in addition to teaching. Stepping into a coaching role felt natural and I enjoyed it.

“Swimming is something I have done my entire life. It’s something I understand. My desire to coach goes back to being injured. I feel like I have unfinished business. Coaching allows me to stay in the sport. I definitely want more to my swimming story than what I accomplished in the water.”

Davies loves the idea of working alongside CEO and head coach Chris Anderson and his former mentors.

“I hope to stick around as long as possible,” Davies said. “They all have such great experiences in swimming and coaching. I want to have as many good experiences as possible and I know I have a good network around me during the bad experiences. Swimming provides such a great environment because it’s not just about swimming but also about growing in life.”

Davies said he has followed the success of SOFLO, the Florida Gold Coast’s largest USA Swimming Club and one of the most successful in the state.

“It’s good to see what they have accomplished, these coaches are great coaches,” Davies said. “I’m not surprised how well they have done. They have good athletes and get the most out of them.”

With SOFLO’s program back in full swing while weathering the COVID-19 pandemic for seven months, Anderson is looking forward to having another coach on staff.

“Jack is a nice addition to the program,” Anderson said. “He has a lot of passion and energy. He interviewed well with Coach Lou, Coach Rose and myself. He is extremely excited to be here. He knows the area and parents. We are very excited about it.”

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ASCA Cyber World Clinic Begins Sunday For SOFLO Coaches; Bob Bowman, Mark Schubert Head Speaker Lineup

By Sharon Robb

PEMBROKE PINES, September 11, 2020—South Florida Aquatic Club will be well-represented when the 52nd annual ASCA Cyber World Clinic gets underway on Sunday.

SOFLO’s coaching staff headed by CEO and head coach Chris Anderson, Lou Manganiello and Rose Lockie, will participate in the week-long clinic that ends on Sept. 20.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and travel and hotel restrictions, this year’s clinic will be virtual.

In addition to their SOFLO on-deck club coaching responsibilities in challenging pandemic times, SOFLO coaches will be virtually attending several lectures and clinics to further their education and coaching techniques for SOFLO swimmers.

Fort Lauderdale-based ASCA is the American Swimming Coaches Association. It is a professional service organization based on a central theme of leadership in American swimming through education, certification and co-operation.

ASCA is dedicated to creating and enhancing progressive and highly visible programs that are effective in strengthening and improving the coaching profession and building a strong swimming community. There are currently 11,000 members in ASCA.

More than 1,500 swimming coaches annually attend the ASCA World Clinic each September. It is the largest swimming clinic in the world.

The clinic will feature five days of 30 speakers and 100 exhibitors. An impressive lineup of speakers include Arizona State head coach Bob Bowman, longtime coach of Michael Phelps and several other world-class swimmers; Gator Swim Club’s high performance director Gregg Troy; Mission Viejo head coach Mark Schubert, former coach of Mission Bay in Boca Raton; Princeton coach Susan Teeter; Nation’s Capital Swimming coach Bruce Gemmell; Rose Bowl Aquatics coach Jeff Julian and University of California coach Teri McKeever.

ASCA works closely with other swimming-related organizations including USA Swimming, NCAA, YMCA, United States Aquatic Sports, College Swimming Coaches Association of America and National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association.

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NSU University School Moves Swimming, Diving Season To Spring

By Sharon Robb

FORT LAUDERDALE, September 9, 2020—The COVID-19 pandemic has forced NSU University School officials to make some tough decisions for the 2020-21 high school sports seasons.

Sharks Athletic Director Paul Herfurth announced the swimming and diving season will not be held during the fall and will move to the spring.

Aside from Pine Crest School, which had already cancelled its swimming and diving season this fall and prestigious Woodson Invitational, no other high school team in Broward has announced its plans for the swimming and diving season.

During the 2019 season, NSU University School was the top Broward finisher at the FHSAA State 1A Swimming and Diving Championships in Stuart. The Sharks finished sixth in the girls’ competition and 13th in the boys competition. The Sharks qualified all six of its relays for the state meet.

At the Region 4-1A meet, the Sharks were again top Broward finisher placing third among the boys and girls teams.

The Sharks made history at the District 11-1A Swimming and Diving Championships. The girls team won for the first time ever among a seven-team field and the boys team captured its second district title. The last time the Sharks won the boys title was 2013.

At least swimmers and divers will get the opportunity to compete. NSU University School officials decided to cancel football, girls volleyball and cheerleading this year because of COVID-19. The Sharks were considered a state football title contender this season.

Herfurth said medical officials and administrators at the high school and college advised that according to medical opinion that it was not safe for student-athletes to compete in high-risk sports.

Many of the football players, however, will play for TRU Prep Academy, an independent program at a private school in Miami Gardens. The players remain NSU University School students despite playing football at another school.

According to FHSAA bylaws, athletes are allowed to play for another team if the private school they attend does not offer the sport they want to play.

The Sharks are allowing cross country and golf to be held during the fall.

An email distributed to the coaching staff thanked them for their understanding in these trying times.

“Thank you for your support, patience, and consideration through this very challenging time. I know that our student-athletes and coaches have been anxious to return to sports and we continue to work on various plans to make that happen in the safest, most effective way possible.

“Although conditions have improved in Florida, NSU’s medical professionals and administration have determined that it is still not safe to have our student-athletes participate in what has been determined as “high risk” fall sports. We know this is a tremendous disappointment for our student-athletes who are involved in these programs, but I can assure you that we are committed to continuing these programs once we are cleared to do so. Although we will not compete in a large group capacity, our coaches are committed to setting up controlled, small group training sessions that follow all safety guidelines and protocols.

“At this time, we have been cleared to compete in boys and girls golf as well as boys and girls cross country for the fall season. We are moving the swimming and diving season to later in the school year with an anticipated March 1st start date at NSU Aquatics Center.

“NSU’s medical professionals and administration will re-evaluate our plans to move forward for our winter sports on October 1st. At that point, we will make adjustments as needed and keep you informed of updates and start dates.

“Once again, I know this is a big disappointment to our student-athletes, parents, and coaches and it personally saddens me to have to communicate this decision to you. NSU University School’s coaches and athletic department remain committed to creating positive experiences for our student-athletes as we continue to navigate through this difficult time. Thank you for your understanding.”

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International Swimming League Returns For Second Season Next Month; SOFLO’s Alia Atkinson Will Compete For London Roar

By Sharon Robb

BUDAPEST, Hungary, September 9, 2020—South Florida Aquatic Club’s Alia Atkinson will compete for the London Roar when the International Swimming League opens it second season next month.

The four-time Jamaican Olympian competed for Team Iron during the league’s inaugural season. Another breaststroker, Annie Lazor has also moved to the London Roar from the LA Current. Both are expected to be among the league’s top breaststrokers.

The 320-swimmer, 10-team professional league, sponsored by Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Grigorishin, will fund its contracted athletes with monthly payments of $1,500 from September through the July 23-August 8 Tokyo Olympics, the series announced on Wednesday.

“It’s an uncertain time for us all at the moment so this much welcomed financial grant will assist swimmers as everyone prepares for 2021,” said British world record holder and Olympic gold medalist Adam Peaty.

Japan has entered a team, Tokyo Frog Kings, coached by U.S. coach Dave Salo and led by four-time Olympic breaststroke gold medalist Kosuke Kitajima. The other new league team is the Toronto Titans.

Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the ISL will hold five weeks of racing in a bubble in Budapest, Hungary, much like the NBA is currently playing under at Disney World, during October and November before a possible championship final in Tokyo in December.

Hungary closed its borders to foreigners since Sept. 1 to stop a rise in COVID-19 cases. ISL officials said a comprehensive medical protocol would allow the swimmers to enter the country.

ISL technical director Apostolos Tsagkarakis said everyone travelling to Budapest would have to undergo two COVID-19 tests prior to departure and another on arrival.

More tests would be done 48 hours later before training could start. There would then be tests every five days.

Swimmers will stay in single rooms at hotels exclusively reserved for them on Margaret Island in the Danube.

There will be five matches in October, starting on the 16th, and five in November before semi-finals from Nov. 19-22. Four teams will qualify for the final. The racing will be broadcast to more than 80 countries.

Hungarian Olympic champion Katinka Hosszu, who swam and and managed Team Iron in 2019 said the financial support is “hugely important” for the sport and has prevented several swimmers from retiring.

“It’s a difficult time for the swimmers and it’s important to not only have something to look forward to but also to have that security in their careers,” Hosszu said.

“Aside from the salary the training camp will cut down a lot of the travel that we had in 2019 and that will help, given the problems there are with movement around the world at the moment.”

Last season the London Roar, which returns most of its top scorers, came within ten points of knocking off champion Energy Standard, winning the ISL’s first title.

The ISL plans to return to multiple events and venues for a full program in late 2021/22. The London Roar returns Melanie Marshall as head coach.

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BCAA Fall Sports Conditioning Targeted For September 21 Starting Date

By Sharon Robb

FORT LAUDERDALE, September 2, 2020–After weeks of uncertainty, Broward County sports have been given the green light to begin fall conditioning.

If the COVID-19 positivity rate continues to decline, Broward County Athletic Association teams will be allowed to begin fall conditioning on Sept. 21st.

Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie made the long-awaited announcement on Tuesday.

“If the COVID-19 positivity rate continues to decline as we’ve seen, we have identified Monday, Sept. 21st as a potential start date for voluntary workouts for fall sports,” Runcie said.

Conditioning includes cardiovascular training, weight training and drills for all sports.

Runcie said workouts will be held outdoors only for the first week. In the second week voluntary workouts will continue outside and gradually phase into gyms and weight rooms.

However, the conditioning starting date does not necessarily mean competitive seasons will begin any time soon. Teams, particularly in revenue-generating football, are expected to condition and practice for several weeks.

“We will continue to work with our sports medicine and student-athlete wellness committees, our athletic trainers, athletic directors and health advisors to ensure a safe re-start of athletics,” Runcie said.

The Greater Miami Athletic Conference has no starting date yet for its high school conditioning or sports schedules.

The Broward County Athletic Association is the largest high school athletic conference in Broward County and second largest in the state.

The BCAA includes all public schools in Broward County and several charter and private schools including Pembroke Pines Charter. However, some private schools do not have to follow BCAA decisions and have already started practicing football including state champion Chaminade-Madonna and American Heritage Plantation and plan to start competing in mid-September.

In Palm Beach County, Glades Day, which opened its football practice Aug. 24, suspended its high school practice because two students tested positive for COVID-19, but plans to resume on Sept. 8. Three public schools in the Treasure Coast also had to suspend practice because of students testing positive.

At the FHSAA’s most recent board meeting on Aug. 14, the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee remained firm and recommended further delays. SMAC determined a positive rate percent of new cases should be below five percent for at least 14 days. Still, the FHSAA decided to start practice on Aug. 24 and football season on Sept. 4 for most districts in the state.

Runcie also said Broward County officials will continue to talk with Miami-Dade and Palm Beach districts.

“Conversations will continue as it relates to the FHSAA’s involvement and participating to ensure our students will have the opportunity to participate in fall sports,” Runcie said.

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SOFLO Swimmers Have Another Good Day Of Racing In Fourth Intrasquad Meet

By Sharon Robb

PEMBROKE PINES, August 29, 2020—South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers turned in another good day of racing Saturday in SOFLO’s Fourth Intrasquad Meet.

In a controlled atmosphere at Academic Village Pool, swimmers turned in 133 best times in five events during three sessions.

Pilar Duranti, 12, won two events in the 13-and-under 200-yard freestyle in a best time 2:14.75 and 200-yard individual medley in 2:29.32. She was also second in the 100-yard butterfly in 1:12.61, another best time.

Duranti also earned women pentathlon honors with 863 points for three events. Elise Dinehart, 12, was runner-up with 678 points.

In the 12-16 girls races, Gabriella DeLuna, 14, was a triple winner in the 100-yard backstroke in 1:02.88; 200-yard freestyle in 2:05.70 and 200-yard individual medley in 2:18.57.

Nahomi Porras-Aguilar, 10, was also a triple winner in the 9-10 races. She won the 50-yard breaststroke in 57.45; 50-yard backstroke in 44.53 and 50-yard freestyle in 37.04.

In the 13-and-under competition, Alexander Miller, 13, had another good week of racing. He won three events with three best times. Over two weeks, he won six events and posted five best times.

Miller also earned pentathlon honors with 954 points ahead of Juan Vallmitjana with 323 points.

Miller won the 100-yard butterfly in 1:01.36, 200-yard freestyle in 1:59.40 and 200-yard individual medley in 2:15.21.

Javier Colmenares, 14, was a triple winner in the 12-16 competition with three best times. He won the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:02.01, 200-yard freestyle in 1:53.45 and 200-yard individual medley in 2:02.67.

Zachary Snigur, 8, won two events in the 8-and-unders in the 50-yard breaststroke in a best time 51.88 and 50-yard backstroke in 55.65. He also had a best time in the 50-yard freestyle in 45.44.

Preston Christensen, 10, and Lance Bergeron-Menard, 9, each won two events in the 9-10 competition. Christensen won the 50-yard backstroke in 43.33 and 50-yard freestyle in a best time 34.72. Bergeron-Menard won the 50-yard butterfly in 41.13 and 50-yard breaststroke in 49.74.

Host SOFLO observed stringent local, state and federal public health COVID-19 guidelines in a unique competitive format.

In a safe environment, swimmers competed with no more than ten in each heat, another ten warming up or warming down and ten in the bullpen area. The same seeded heats were maintained to avoid any cross contamination between heats.

The USA Swimming-sanctioned meet was run without volunteers (other than the minimum number of officials required). No spectators were permitted on deck.


13-and-under 100-yard butterfly: 1. Lydia Smutny 1:11.27, 2. Pilar Duranti 1:12.61, time drop, 3. Sarah Vasquez 1:15.00, time drop.

13-and-under 100-yard backstroke: 1. Sofia Lugo 1:11.51, time drop, 2. Amanda Grubbs 1:12.96, time drop, 3. Alexandra Strong 1:16.08, time drop.

13-and-under 100-yard breaststroke: 1. Elise Dinehart 1:19.86, time drop, 2. Cali Harries 1:23.02, 3. Anjana Andapally 1:29.62, time drop.

13-and-under 200-yard freestyle: 1. Pilar Duranti 2:14.75, time drop, 2. Genesis Escobar 2:15.71, 3. Sarah Vasquez 2:18.08.

13-and-under 200-yard individual medley: 1. Pilar Duranti 2:29.32, 2. Sarah Vasquez 2:36.05, 3. Sofia Lugo 2:41.08.

12-16 100-yard butterfly: 1. Manuela Gonzalez 1:04.56, 2. Gabriela Avila 1:05.46, 3. Izzy Wilson 1:09.53.

12-16 100-yard backstroke: 1. Gabriella DeLuna 1:02.88, 2. Amelie Bicerne 1:09.38, 3. Mariana Pinto 1:12.70.

12-16 100-yard breaststroke: 1. Fiorella DiSalvo 1:15.53, time drop, 2. Mariann Catalasan 1:15.67, time drop, 3. Dahlia Hirsh 1:20.50.

12-16 200-yard freestyle: 1. Gabriella DeLuna 2:05.70, 2. Izzy Wilson 2:07.96, 3. Gabriela Avila 2:08.76, time drop.

12-16 200-yard individual medley: 1. Gabriella DeLuna 2:18.57, 2. Fiorella DiSalvo 2:23.07, 3. Izzy Wilson 2:26.87.

13-and-under 100-yard butterfly: 1. Alexander Miller 1:01.36, time drop, 2. Juan Vallmitjana 1:08.80, time drop, 3. Abraham Penaloza 1:10.98, time drop.

13-and-under 100-yard backstroke: 1. Ethan Hall 1:17.50, time drop, 2. Matthew Jimenez 1:20.71.

13-and-under 100-yard breaststroke: 1. Ryan Harries 1:21.44, 2. Joshua Menezes 1:22.57, 3. Matt McVeigh 1:22.66, time drop.

13-and-under 200-yard freestyle: 1. Alexander Miller 1:59.40, time drop, 2. Juan Vallmitjana 2:10.62, time drop, 3. Felipe Rodriguez 2:14.12, time drop.

13-and-under 200-yard individual medley: 1. Alexander Miller 2:15.21, time drop, 2. Juan Vallmitjana 2:32.21, 3. Abraham Penaloza 2:34.60, time drop.

12-16 100-yard butterfly: 1. Andres Tejada 59.34, time drop, 2. Adrian Hernandez 59.42, time drop, 3. Luca Hincapie 59.54, time drop.

12-16 100-yard backstroke: 1. Jaden Amores 1:02.29, time drop, 2. Ethan McPeek 1:04.42, 3. Nicholas Pelaez 1:04.94, time drop.

12-16 100-yard breaststroke: 1. Javier Colmenares 1:02.01, time drop, 2. Derek Hau 1:07.55, time drop, 3. Felix Gonzalez 1:14.75, time drop.

12-16 200-yard freestyle: 1. Javier Colmenares 1:53.45, time drop, 2. Adrian Hernandez 1:54.77, time drop, 3. Hashan Ekanayake 1:56.50, time drop.

12-16 200-yard individual medley: 1. Javier Colmenares 2:02.67, time drop, 2. Adrian Hernandez 2:10.09, 3. Andres Tejada 2:14.68.

1. Pilar Duranti 863, 2. Elise Dinehart 678, 3. Sarah Vasquez 651, 4. Sofia Lugo 641, 5. Lydia Smutny 582.

1. Alexander Miller 954, 2. Juan Vallmitjana 323, 3. Abraham Penaloza 205, 4. Felipe Rodriguez 170, 5. Connor Jimenez 117.

GIRLS 8-and-under, 9-10:
50-yard freestyle: 9-10, 1. Nahomi Porras-Aguilar 37.04, 2. Gabriella Ordonez 37.72, time drop, 3. Devy Otero 43.66, time drop.

50-yard breaststroke: 9-10, 1. Nahomi Porras-Aguilar 57.45, 2. Gabriella Ordonez 59.56, 3. Devy Otero 1:02.10.

50-yard backstroke: 8-and-under, 1. Gabriela Ekht 54.06, time drop; 9-10, 1. Nahomi Porras-Aguilar 44.53, 2. Gabriella Ordonez 47.66, time drop, 3. Devy Otero 54.93.

50-yard butterfly: 8-and-under, 1. Gabriela Ekht 1:01.52; 9-10, 1. Gabriella Ordonez 53.25, 2. Devy Otero 1:04.96, 3. Sofia Duranti 1:10.86.

BOYS 8-and-under, 9-10

50-yard freestyle: 8-and-under, 1. Alessandro Suarez Cabrera 40.00, time drop, 2. Michael Barber 43.57, time drop, 3. Luis Escobar 45.00, time drop, 4. Zachary Snigur 45.44, time drop; 9-10, 1. Preson Christensen 34.72, time drop, 2. Lance Bergeron-Menard 34.95, 3. Matteo Castelli 39.20, time drop.

50-yard breaststroke: 8-and-under, 1. Zachary Snigur 51.88, time drop, 2. Alessandro Suarez Cabrera 52.85, 3. Luis Escobar 58.79, 4. Michael Barber 1:00.94, time drop; 9-10, 1. Lance Bergeron-Menard 49.74, 2. Preston Christensen 49.86, 3. Matteo Castelli 50.41, time drop.

50-yard backstroke: 8-and-under, 1. Zachary Snigur 55.65, 2. Michael Barber 56.86, 3. Alessandro Suarez Cabrera 57.54, 4. Luis Escobar 57.57, time drop; 9-10, 1. Preston Christensen 43.33, 2. Lance Bergeron-Menard 44.41, 3. Matteo Castelli 49.75, 4. Samuel Rico 53.20, time drop.

50-yard butterfly: 8-and-under, 1. Luis Escobar 57.40, time drop, 2. Alessandro Suarez Cabrera 59.26, 3. Michael Barber 1:04.88, time drop; 9-10, 1. Lance Bergeron-Menard 41.13, 2. Preston Christensen 49.39, 3. Matteo Castelli 52.97, Kyle Wehn 57.28.

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SOFLO Swimmers Ready For Fourth Intrasquad Meet On Saturday

By Sharon Robb

PEMBROKE PINES, August 28, 2020—If last weekend’s intrasquad meet is any indication, there will be more time drops and competitive racing at South Florida Aquatic Club’s fourth intrasquad meet.

Bronze, Silver, Meteorites and Asteroids swimmers will get another chance to race in a controlled atmosphere at Academic Village Pool.

After more than four months of not racing, South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers are not only training well but getting in some much-needed racing and fun competition in a unique format to gauge training and fitness levels.

Observing stringent local, state and federal public health COVID-19 guidelines, SOFLO is hosting its fourth intrasquad training meet with a 6:45 a.m. start. It will be live streamed on SOFLO’s Facebook page.

Last weekend 153 girl and boy swimmers had time drops in the five events’ mixed 13-and-under, 12-16 and 12-and-under sessions.

Session 1 will feature Bronze swimmers at 6:45 a.m. followed by Session 2 for Silver and Senior Fit at 8:45 a.m. and Session 3 Dippers at 10:30 a.m.

In a safe environment, swimmers will compete with no more than ten in each heat, another ten warming up or warming down and ten in the bullpen area. The same seeded heats will be maintained to avoid any cross contamination between heats. Every race will be about 25 to 30 minutes apart.

The USA Swimming-sanctioned meet will be run without volunteers (other than the minimum number of officials required). No spectators are permitted on deck.

Top-seeded swimmers and events are:

Alexander Miller, 13, 13-and-under 100-yard butterfly, 1:07.10; 200-yard freesttyle 2:07.76; 200-yard individual medley, 2:16.47.

Sofia Lugo, 11, 13-and-under 100-yard backstroke, 1:12.25.

Ryan Harries, 11, 13-and-under 100-yard breaststroke 1:20.26.

Andres Tejada, 13, 12-16 100-yard butterfly, 1:00.22.

Gabriella Deluna, 14, 12-16 100-yard backstroke, 1:02.28.

Javier Colmenares, 14, 12-16 100-yard breaststroke, 1:04.49; 200-yard individual medley 2:05.53.

Adrian Hernandez, 14, 12-16 200-yard freestyle, 1:56.40.

Preston Christensen, 10, 12-and-under 50-yard freestyle, 36.78; 50-yard breaststroke, 48.92; 50-yard backstroke, 41.07; 50-yard butterfly, 48.20.

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