By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, May 16, 2021–Swimming truly is a family affair for Lucy Smutny.

With five siblings (two older brothers, two younger sisters and one older sister) and parents who swam in college, it was inevitable she would grow up around a swimming pool, but she didn’t mind. She loves it.

“Both my parents swam at college so they put my brothers in it and then we all just followed after,” Smutny said. “It’s nice because we can all relate to the daily life and when we’re tired.

“We’re all home schooled and my parents are so happy we all did the same thing. They don’t have to travel across the world to get us to places. It’s really nice.”

And yes, the siblings are competitive.

“Oh, we are competitive,” Smutny said. “No one has killed each other yet. There would be smack talk and that would push the other person to want to go faster. And, surprisingly we are all still living under one roof.

“We used to live on a lake and we would just jump in swimming and racing each other. I think that’s where it all started.”

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown was a challenge for Smutny and her family.

“It was a bit of a struggle at the beginning,” she said. “Swimming always got us out of the house and we were able to do something. Once that stopped we were sitting in the house asking ‘what are we going to do now?’ A few of us would work out together in the garage and we’d go to my grandpa’s pool and swim a little bit so it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be.”

Twelve years after competing for AquaKids Sharks and South Florida Aquatic Club, Smutny, 18, is headed to the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn., where she will continue swimming for the Division III program and study civil engineering. She leaves for college at the end of June.

“I have been around a pool since I was so small,” Smutny said. “My brothers swam forever. I just grew up with it. I have no idea where I would be without swimming.”

Smutny is home schooled. She competed for Cutler Bay’s swim team for three years, where she was team captain two years and qualified for the state meet all three seasons.

“I think I will remember my last state meet as most special to me just because it was the last one,” Smutny said. “I went up there and I didn’t care how I did, I just wanted to have fun because it was my last one.”

Her turning point in swimming came in middle school, she said.

“I had a coach who was really pushing us to do our best,” Smutny said. “I watched my older brothers in the senior group and they talked about finding colleges that had swim teams. I thought, ‘wow, that is awesome, I really hope I can do that one day.’ I think that helped push me forward.”

Smutny also competed in water polo at the end of her junior year. “I just wanted to try it out,” she said. “It was fun.”

But swimming has always been her passion. Her longevity in the sport is a tribute to her coaches, she said.

“The coaches are really good at what they do,” Smutny said. “They always make sure you are doing okay, that you’re not being overworked. They are really understanding. They always want you to do your best. They are also good with communicating with their swimmers. That’s what really got me going and kept me motivated.”

Home schooling has been beneficial for her swimming. “It’s really nice because you can shape everything around your school. It creates free time and you’re not locked down to a schedule. Swimming has helped with time management for everything.

“School was always the priority. Even the coaches stressed how school comes first and we needed to get good grades if we wanted to keep swimming. My parents also stressed education or else there would be consequences.”

Smutny has enjoyed her time with her teammates and swimming in a 6-lane, 25-yard pool on the campus of Westminster Christian School.

“I think I’m going to miss everything honestly,” she said. “I’m sitting there at practices and I can see everything and I really am going to miss it all. There is nothing I can really pinpoint.

“I think I will be emotional because I have grown up with everyone on our side of the team. Leaving them is probably going to stir up a little emotion.”

Smutny is one of 23 graduating seniors who will be honored Sunday, May 23 during Seniors Night in an intimate setting at Academic Village Pool.

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By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, May 13, 2021–For nearly thirteen years at South Florida Aquatic Club, Nicolas Rossi always has a smile on his face.

Rossi had the work ethic, drive and passion for the sport, but more importantly he made swimming fun and was fun to be around on the pool deck.

“He made everyone laugh, he was always a clown, he made me laugh,” said SOFLO age group coach Rose Lockie, who coached him for three years. “Nico is always smiling. How can you get angry at Nico? He is well-liked and a nice kid. He always made it a point to say hello even after he left my group and got older.”

Added Rossi, “As a person, I don’t take much stuff seriously, I like to mess around, but not in a bad way. I like to stay loose and not stress about a lot. I like to bring that out and calm everyone down. If everyone is relaxed around me, I guess it worked.”

Rossi, 18, graduates from American Heritage Plantation High School on Saturday at Hard Rock Stadium. He is headed to Florida State this fall but has chosen not to swim collegiately. He is undecided about his major.

“I want to be able to find a passion that I will be able to do happily for the rest of my life,” Rossi said.

“It will be a change not swimming,” Rossi said. “I think I’m going to take a break for a while. But I think I will end up going back to it, it’s been such a big part of my life.”

Rossi said he will miss his teammates the most.

“I will miss the camaraderie and messing around at practice,” Rossi said. “When you swim, for the most part it is an individual sport, so being able to have people who support you and are there whenever you need them is a big thing.

“I don’t remember any bad moments at SOFLO. I had a great time every day I was there. The 13 years, training, sacrifice…100 percent worth it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I think I accomplished everything I wanted to at SOFLO. I don’t have any regrets that really stand out.”

Rossi has been swimming as long as he can remember. His father was also a swimmer. Rossi played football, basketball and baseball but found his niche in swimming. If he wasn’t swimming, he said he would probably be playing wide receiver in football.

“Swimming kind of engaged me more,” Rossi said. “When I was younger I was good at it so the competitiveness was a huge part of it. I liked not having to depend on anyone else and having the pressure being solely on me to do well. I think I always took the sport seriously.”

Despite a few injuries including a shoulder injury during the summer before his junior year, Rossi has been most pleased with his consistency throughout the years.

Thanks to swimming, Rossi was disciplined with his time when it came to both the classroom and training.

“Obviously, if you don’t have any after-school activities you’re going to have six hours out of the day where you just kind of have nothing to do. Swimming gave me something to do and let my energy out.

“It helped me focus on time management outside of school and take control of my life. I learned how to manage the academics along with the athletics. It just really shaped who I am. I wouldn’t be the person I am without having swimming for 13 years. It’s almost like swimming is part of my personality now.”

Rossi is one of 23 graduating seniors who will be honored Sunday, May 23 during Seniors Night in an intimate setting at Academic Village Pool.

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SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Michelle Marinheiro

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, May 10, 2021–In the last twelve years, Michelle Marinheiro not only grew up as a swimmer at South Florida Aquatic Club but as a person.

It was only natural she follow in the footsteps of her older sisters, Marcella and Melissa, both longtime SOFLO swimmers.

“I started swimming at SOFLO because of my two older sisters,” she said. “I was always around there. I would run around the pool deck and people were scared I was going to jump in but my mom would say, ‘it’s okay, she loves the water.’

“I always like to say I was born into it, because I really didn’t have a choice. I remember sleeping on the pool deck when I was little while my mom and sisters were swimming. I found out I could sleep through everything.”

Marinheiro, 18, who graduates from West Broward High School on June 10, forged friendships with coaches and swimmers with memories at SOFLO that will last a lifetime.

Asked what she will miss the most, Marinheiro said “I guess basically everything. SOFLO is like a family. You fight and bicker sometimes, but there are moments where everyone comes together and has your back. I have a lot of memories.”

While living in Brazil, her mother put her in the water when she was 3 months old to make her water-safe. When they were in South Florida for the summer, she started lessons with SOFLO Coach George Mersinger at age 4 1/2. Since then Marinheiro is one of the few swimmers in the program that has worked with every member of the coaching staff.

She played soccer when she was young in Brazil and flag football in eighth grade in South Florida, but swimming became her passion.

“I think when I was with Coach Rose and started getting better I actually thought I could do this,” Michelle said. “When I moved into Travis (Lockie) group I realized I really did enjoy the sport. It wasn’t just something I was put into because of my sisters.”

There were times Marinheiro had her doubts.

“Like any sport, there are some points where you feel like you are doing everything you can, but the results aren’t showing,” she said. “You just have to be patient. I learned that the hard way because I am kind of stubborn.

“Your brain eventually clicks that you can do it. The moment you step back and listen to what your coaches are telling you to do, it will click. They are giving you everything you need to succeed but it’s up to you to use it and make something out of it.

“My advice to the younger kids would be ‘as much as it feels like whatever you are doing is not enough, keep doing it because it does take time to get where you want to be. Take the time that you need and you will get there eventually.'”

After her father passed away, Marinheiro was away from the pool off and on for about five to six months. She came back stronger than ever and knows he is always with her. At Senior Championships she competed in the mile after only two weeks of training.

“My teammates needed the points and I wanted to see what I could do. I was a minute slower but after I finished the event it showed me that I could do it no matter what happens. As long as you try and do what you have to do, the outcome is unlimited. It definitely motivates you.”

Swimming has helped her with everyday life including time management and discipline. If she wasn’t swimming, she said she would be doing performing arts or theater in school.

“Swimming has actually helped me a lot and given me a sense of responsibility,” Marinheiro said. “It helps you understand you have to get things done and prioritize your time. You have to wake up in the morning at 5 a.m. You have practice, then 10 minutes to get ready for school and then after school literally eating in the car before another practice, then homework and going to sleep on time.”

Like her teammates, she managed to survive the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown with zoom dryland workouts and some limited training in her grandmother’s community pool before it was closed.

“At first we thought it would be two weeks, a little break to chill but after it hit the third week we were like seriously, we just want to go outside and get back in the pool,” she said. “The zoom drylands were a bit more of normalcy in a situation that wasn’t normal. It started getting better as time progressed.

“When we finally got back in the pool the first day I was flying through the water. The second day I was swimming so slow. It took a while to get back to where I was.”

Marinheiro is undecided about college but said “I am definitely going to keep swimming for a long time. I really do enjoy the sport. I like the feeling of just swimming.”

She’s also been a role model and when needed helps coach young SOFLO swimmers just coming up including Little Dipper Ellie Phan, at 6, the youngest to compete in several local meets. She wrote a card to Marinheiro that touched her heart.

“She said that because of how I helped her that she basically started to love the sport and to me that really hit home,” Marinheiro said fighting back tears. “The fact that you can share your love for the sport with somebody, it’s the best feeling in the world…a really rewarding feeling and it makes me realize why I do love the sport.”

Marinheiro is one of 23 graduating seniors who will be honored Sunday, May 23 during Seniors Night in an intimate setting at Academic Village Pool. “I can’t promise anything, but I will try not to cry,” she said. “I will bring tissues.”

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Twelve SOFLO Swimmers Earn Miami Herald All-County Honors In Broward, Dade

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, February 18, 2021–Even though the 2020 high school swimming and diving season was anything but normal, South Florida Aquatic Club had twelve swimmers earn All-County first team honors.

While most public schools opted out of the state series for swimming and diving last fall because of the COVID-19 pandemic, private schools did compete during an abbreviated season.

Public school swimmers just completed their COVID-abbreviated four-week season but were not honored because the All-County teams were selected earlier this year.

SOFLO’s Julianne McCranie and Lance Lesage of St. Thomas Aquinas and Enrique Rodriguez of Somerset Academy earned first-team honors for the Broward edition of the Miami Herald.

Dominic Bono of Coral Reef, Michael Arias of Mater Academy, Miguel Sierra of Cutler Bay, Juan Mora of Doral, Anthony Robaina of Mater Lakes, Agustin Rodriguez of Mater Lakes, Elena Dinehart of Cutler Bay, Olivia Dinehart of Cutler Bay and Maddy Smutny of Cutler Bay were awarded first-team honors for the Miami-Dade edition of the Miami Herald.

Lesage, a senior, was selected in the 100-yard backstroke. He was a state 3A runner-up in 48.80 Lesage also made it on the 200-yard medley relay.

Rodriguez, a sophomore, was in the 500-yard freestyle. He was ninth at the State 2A meet in 4:49.34.

McCranie, a freshman, was in the 100-yard butterfly. She was fifth in the State 3A meet in 57.03. She was also a member of the 400-yard freestyle relay.

Bono, a senior, was in the 200-yard individual medley. He was fifth at the state 4A meet in 1:55.05.

Arias, a senior, was in the 50-yard freestyle. He was fifth at the state 3A in 21.52.

Sierra, a senior, made it in the 100-yard butterfly. He was third at the state 1A in 47.93. He also made it in the 100-yard backstroke where he was state runner-up in 50.78.

Mora, a junior, was in the 100-yard breaststroke. He was state 3A runner-up in 56.58. Mora was also a member of the Class 4-3A region 400-yard freestyle relay winner in 3:20.24.

Robaina and Rodriguez were members of the state 2A champion 200-yard freestyle that won in 1:27.84. They were also on the 200-yard medley relay first team that finished state 2A runner-up in 1:37.31.

Olivia Dinehart made it in the 200-yard individual medley where she was fourth in the state 1A meet in 2:04.19. She also made it in the 100-yard breaststroke where she was state 1A runner-up in 1:02.79.

Maddy Smutny made it in the 100-yard butterfly. She was eighth at the state 1A meet in 56.50. She also made it in the 500-yard freestyle where she was sicth at state 1A in 5:00.31.

Elena Dinehart was in the 100-yard backstroke where she was fifth at the state 1A in 58.25.

Olivia Dinehart, Elena Dinehart and Maddy Smutny were members of the first team 200-yard medley relay that finished third at the state 1A meet in 1:47.02.

The Miami Herald featured swimmer photos and designated events and used ballots and coaches’ input to select All-County.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel announced their teams in mid-January with no individual first team photos or designated events in a special section.

SOFLO first-teamers were Nathaniel Garrick, Archbishop McCarthy sophomore; Joseph Lee of American Heritage Plantation, senior; Lance Lesage, St. Thomas Aquinas, senior; Enrique Rodriguez, Somerset, sophomore; Julianne McCranie, St. Thomas Aquinas, freshman; and Sara Quintero, Sagemont, junior.

The teams can be found on both newspapers’ website.

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200-yard medley relay: 1. Cypress Bay 1:55.38, 2. Cooper City 1:55.74, 3. Pembroke Pines Charter 2:00.53, 4. Fort Lauderdale 2:00.60, 5. Douglas 2:01.74.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Mallory Schleicher, CC 1:54.85, 2. Samira Zambrano, WES 2:00.51, 3. Nicol Bellardi, CB 2:03.31, 4. JennaMarie Brames, CC 2:03.79, 5. Kaitlyn Bonasera, CGL 2:03.86, 6. Samantha Trodick, NOVA 2:06.03, 7. Kaitlyn Jorgensen, PPC 2:06.64, 8. Payton Ward, DOUG 2:07.57, 9. Brianna Hernandez, SB 2:08.38, 10. Kaitlyn Bonasera, CGL 2:10.74, 11. Daniela Barreto, PPC 2:10.84, 12. Sarah Acevedo, EVER 2:12.07.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Sally Golding, CC 2:13.03, 2. Mariana Cote, CB 2:16.12, 3. Amber Candido, CS 2:16.62, 4. Samantha Trodick, NOVA 2:16.87, 5. Anna Rosa, DOUG 2:17.05, 6. Giulianna Garcia, MON 2:17.32, 7. Ana Villamil, CB 2:18.40, 8. Victoria Torres, PPC 2:19.40, 9. Rylie Barnhardt, FTL 2:19.73, 10. Imriel Coughlin, CC 2:20.66, 11. Kaitlyn Jorgensen, PPC 2:23.20, 12. Imriel Coughlin, CC 2:24.68.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Tawannah McLemore, FTL 25.17, 2. Sidney Anton, WES 25.36, 3. Kate Kaplan, CC 25.46, 4. Summer Schulte, PB 25.65, 5. Emily Rose, DOUG 25.77, 6. Paige Lane, CB 25.96, 7. Rianna Martin, TAR 26.00, 8. Jemma Kelly, CB 26.10, 9. Mercy McLemore, ELY 27.00, 10. Maria Herne, PPC 27.20, 11. Daniela Barreto, PPC 27.69, 12. Sofia Jackson EVER 27.73.

One-meter diving: 1. Catherine Kilroy, FTL 236.90, 2. Cara Barkey, CC, 201.58, 3. Samantha Moy, NOVA 177.70, 4. Hannah Egert, WES 169.40, 5. Julia Maier, FTL 165.65.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Riley McCormick, CSC 58.77, 2. Molly Golding, CC 59.25, 3. Giulianna Garcia, MON 59.92, 4. Sidney Anton, WES 1:00.80, 5. Brianna Hernandez, SB 1:01.98, 6. Gabriella DeLuna, CB 1:03.43, 7. Karina Manrique, CB 1:04.75, 8. Sarah Acevedo, EVER 1:05.96, 9. Kate Kaplan, CC 1:06.60, 10. Mercy McLemore, Ely 1:07.51, 11. Daniela Barreto, PPC 1:08.58, 12. Rylie Barnhardt, FTL 1:09.12, 13. Jena Legaspi, PPC 1:09.32, 14. Valeria Anzures, DOUG 1:10.01.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Paige Lane, CB 55.78, 2. Kate Kaplan, CC 56.29, 3. Anna Rosa, DOUG 56.33, 4. Nicole Creed, DOUG 56.75, 5. Summer Schulte, PB 57.04, 6. JennaMarie Brames, CC 57.10, 7. LeeAnn Ranalli, CC 58.43, 8. Sidney Anton, WES 58.71, 9. Kaitlyn Jorgensen, PPC 58.80, 10. Rianna Martin TAR 58.96, 11. Brianna Hernandez, SB 58.97, 12. Maria Herne, PPC 59.83, 13. Sofia Jackson, EVER 1:00.15, 14. Sarah Acevedo, EVER 1:00.49.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Mallory Schleicher, CC 5:04.58, 2. Mariana Cote, CB 5:14.34, 3. Amber Candido, CS 5:17.25, 4. Samira Zambrano, WES 5:21.78, 5. Rylie Barnhardt, FTL 5:22.01, 6. JennaMarie Brames, CC 5:33.40, 7. Kaitlyn Jorgensen, PPC 5:34.01, 8. Victoria Torres, PPC 5:34.47, 9. Sarah Acevedo, EVER 5:40.09, 10. Kaitlyn Bonasera, CGL 5:41.39, 11. Daniela Barreto, PPC 5:46.03, 12. Sarah Vasquez, PPC 5:52.53.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Douglas 1:22.98, 2. Taravella 1:33.98, 3. Cypress Bay 1:45.04, 4. Cooper City 1:46.92, 5. Fort Lauderdale 1:47.32, 6. Douglas 1:49.10, 7. Pompano Beach 1:50.95, 8. Pembroke Pines Charter 1:53.46, 9. Nova 1:58.54.

100-yard backstroke: 1. LeeAnn Ranalli, CC 1:00.69, 2. Nicole Creed, DOUG 1:01.21, 3. Imriel Coughlin, CC 1:02.98, 4. Ava Martinez, MON 1:04.52, 5. Kaitlyn Bonasera, CGL 1:05.21, 6. Gabriella DeLuna, CB 1:05.50,7. Kaitlyn Jorgensen, PPC 1:06.58, 8. Tawannah McLemore, FTL 1:06.65, 9. Ilari Rilo, WES 1:07.27, 10. Jena Legaspi, PPC 1:07.82, 11. Julia Fernandez, PB 1:09.49, 12. Shayna Blitz, FLAN 1:13.71, 13. Sarah Vazquez, PPC 1:14.34, 14. Molly Masson, PPC 1:16.39.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Brianna Hernandez, SB 1:07.76, 2. Molly Golding, CC 1:08.33, 3. Victoria Torres, PPC 1:09.63, 4. Samantha Trodick, NOVA 1:09.99, 5. Emily Rosa, DOUG 1:10.84, 6. Sally Golding, CC 1:10.93, 7. Ana Villamil, CB 1:11.77, 8. Tawannah McLemore, FTL 1:14.47, 9. Maria Legaspi, PPC 1:17.69.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Cooper City 3:45.59, 2. Cypress Bay 3:52.28, 3. Douglas 3:54.63, 4. Pompano Beach 3:58.54, 5. Western 4:01.44, 6. Coral Springs Charter 4:01.63, 7. Pembroke Pines Charter 4:05.20, 8. Fort Lauderdale 4:14.63, 9. South Broward 4:26.38.


  1. Cooper City, 2. Douglas, 3. Fort Lauderdale, 4. Pompano Beach, 5. Pembroke Pines Charter.

200-yard medley relay: 1. Everglades 1:39.29, 2. Cooper City 1:41.64, 3. Cypress Bay 1:42.40, 4. Pompano Beach 1:42.52, 5. Western 1:44.00, 6. Fort Laudderdale 1:45.79, 7. Coral Glades 1:46.99, 8. Taravella 1:49.98.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Jason Bonasera, CGL 1:48.17, 2. Matthew Gocke, FTL 1:49.35, 3. Juan Colmenares, EVER 1:50.81, 4. Wisthon Rendon, CB 1:50.93, 5. Alexis Sanchez, PLAN 1:51.31, 6. Giuliano Brunetti, PB 1:51.58, 7. Joshua Cajuste, PB 1:52.56, 8. Javier Colmenares, EVER 1:53.65, 9. Aldo Zepeda, EVER 1:53.63, 10. Zackary Harris, PPC 1:53.81, 11. Emilio Barrantes, DB 1:55.28, 12. Andrew Brantmeyer, FTL 1:55.65.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Patrick Doyle, CGL 1:54.71, 2. Javier Colmenares, EVER 1:59.60, 3. Jackson Wampler, SB 2:02.71, 4. Christopher Hau, CC 2:03.43, 5. tie, Alex Golding, CC 2:06.50 and Alejandro Mateus, EVER 2:06.50, 7. Grant Voet, FTL 2:07.97, 8. Yannai Michael, WES 2:08.21, 9. Stephen Kim, CB 2:10.24, 10. Gianni Famiano, PB 2:11.27, 11. Zackary Harris, PPC 2:12.89, 12. Christian Tijero, PPC 2:15.01, 13. Julian Villarta, PPC 2:15.97, 14. Justin Khan, CGL 2:17.26.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Michael Cline, CC 21.65, 2. Daniel Lilley, FTL 21.77, 3. Alejandro Alvarez, DOUG 22.11, 4. Renato Harran, PLAN 22.20, 5. Harris Aversa, CC 22.38, 6. Raphael Santos, PB 22.40, 7. Jose Robles, PLAN 22.55, 8. Andre Declet-Tirado, WES 23.24, 9. Alex Golding, CC 23.75, 10. Renzo Nuzzi, CB 24.15, 11. Keith Rogers, FTL 24.19, 12. Robbie Wilson, CC 24.22, 13. Ryan Alfonso, PPC 24.33, 14. tie, Grant Voet, FTL 24.77 and Christian Vasquez, PPC 24.77, 16. Joshua Arteaga, CS 24.79, 17. Grayson Yellin, CGL 24.90.

Diving: 1. Tyler Flowers, CC 271.05, 2. Nicholas Dolton, CC 170.45, 3. Jackson Wampler, SB 127.20.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Renato Herran, PLAN 51.76, 2. Daniel Lilley, FTL 51.82, 3. Juan Colmenares, EVER 52.91, 4. Alejandro Mateus, EVER 53.69, 5. Steven Gary, PB 55.00, 6. Javier Colmenares, EVER 55.35, 7. Brian Gonzalez, CGL 55.80, 8. Alex Golding, CC 56.63, 9. Jimmy McCrady, FTL 56.68, 10. Landon Kyser, CB 57.02, 11. Christian Tijero, PPC 57.34, 12. Jason Cuffe, FTL 57.45, 13. Robbie Wilson, CC 57.56, 14. Jose Rebaza, CGL 58.31, 15. Cole Narbone, CGL 59.30, 16. Luca Hincapie, PPC 59.34.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Jason Bonasera, CGL 48.23, 2. Alejandro Alvarez, DOUG 48.50, 3. Aiden Kohanyi, WES 49.54, 4. Brian Bencie, DB 50.62, 5. Jose Robles, PLAN 50.80, 6. Robbie Wilson, CC 51.38, 7. Juan Colmenares, EVER 51.56, 8. Emilio Barrantes, DB 51.70, 9. Manuel Melendez, EVER 51.78, 10. Josh Justin, TAR 51.92, 11. Matthew Gocke, FTL 52.96, 12. Andrew Declet-Tirado, WES 53.20, 13. Jack D’Avi, CB 53.33, 14. Ryan Alfonso, PPC 53.72, 15. Keith Rogers, FTL 54.03, 16. Tanner Gibson, PPC 55.06, 17. Grayson Yellin, CGL 55.77.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Brian Gonzalez, CGL 4:51.58, 2. Andrew Brantmeyer, FTL 4:57.79, 3. Matthew Gocke, FTL 4:58.44, 4. Steven Gary, PB 4:58.72, 5. Javier Roman, CC 4:58.75, 6. Wisthon Rendon, CB 4:58.96, 7. Giuliano Brunetti, PB 4:59.49, 8. Alejandro Mateus, EVER 5:03.98, 9. Brian Bencie, DB 5:05.34, 10. Grant Voet, FTL 5:10.54, 11. Jimmy McCrady, FTL 5:12.33, 12. Zackary Harris, PPC 5:13.26, 13. Christian Tijero, PPC 5:16.50, 14. Alexis Sanchez, PLAN 5:17.67, 15. Cole Narbone, CGL 5:20.35, 16. Manuel Melendez, EVER 5:28.13.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pompano Beach 1:31.76, 2. Fort Lauderdale 1:32.36, 3. Taravella 1:37.37, 4. Douglas 1:37.80, 5. Cypress Bay 1:38.65, 6. Pembroke Pines Charter 1:38.91, 7. Cooper City 1:39.14, 8. South Broward 1:41.65, 9. Coral Springs 1:42.62, 10. Nova 1:44.20, 11. Coral Glades 1:46.48, 12. Monarch 1:47.00.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Patrick Doyle, CGL 52.15, 2. Michael Cline, CC 53.74, 3. Juan Colmenares, EVER 54.59, 4. Jackson Wampler, SB 54.72, 5. Aldo Zepeda, EVER 55.78, 6. Landon Kyser, CB 56.99, 7. Renato Herran, PLAN 57.30, 8. Jason Cuffe, FTL 58.30, 9. Alex Golding, CC 59.40, 10. Alejandro Mateus, EVER 59.48, 11. Zackary Harris, PPC 1:00.54, 12. Jason Cuffe, FTL 1:00.95, 13. Jason Bonasera, CGL 1:01.04, 14. Jack D’Avi, CB 1:01.58, 15. Zackary Harris, PPC 1:01.69.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Aiden Kohanyi, WES 59.70, 2. Javier Colmenares, EVER 1:00.66, 3. Javier Roman, CC 1:02.22, 4. Christopher Hau, CC 1:02.87, 5. Manuel Melendez, EVER 1:02.94, 6. Wilson Ward, DOUG 1:03.73, 7. Richard Martin, TAR 1:05.06, 8. Javier Roman, CC 1:05.12, 9. Stephen Kim, CB 1:06.38, 10. Gianni Famiano, PB 1:06.78, 11. Andre Declet-Tirado, WES 1:08.57, 12. Julian Villarta, PPC 1:10.08, 13. Brian Gonzalez, CGL 1:10.39, 14. Jackson Wampler, SB 1:11.62.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Cooper City 3:17.59, 2. Everglades 3:19.97, 3. Fort Lauderdale 3:20.65, 4. Pompano Beach 3:23.82, 5. Coral Glades 3:24.83, 6. Everglades 3:25.20, 7. Cypress Bay 3:25.58, 8. Pembroke Pines Charter 3:36.13, 9. Taravella 4:30.22, 10. South Broward 3:42.13.


  1. Cooper City, 2. Fort Lauderdale, 3. Pompano Beach, 4. Everglades, 5. Coral Glades, Pembroke Pines Charter.

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Palm Beach Dominates Broward In Two-County Dual Meet; Cooper City Top Broward Team; Mallory Schleicher Top SOFLO Finisher

By Sharon Robb
Palm Beach County won bragging rights Tuesday in the Broward-Palm Beach Dual County Swimming and Diving Championships at Coral Springs Aquatic Complex Michael Lohberg Pool of Champions.

Twenty-five girls’ teams including 11 from Palm Beach and 22 boys’ teams with nine from Palm Beach competed in the three-hour timed final meet.

The meet gave public high school swimmers an opportunity to compete for post-season honors after opting out of the state series in the fall because of COVID-19, unlike the private schools.

“It was a little stressful, but it went well,” said host Jupiter coach Kiril Zahariev. “There were events Palm Beach swimmers did well and other events Broward swimmers did better.

“Our Jupiter swimmers did very well. The kids got pumped up. This was kind of like their state meet so they were very excited. They did the best they could and swam well. I prefer states but I am glad we had this meet.”

Jupiter girls and Wellington boys dominated the meet. Jupiter swept the boys and girls team titles.

Cooper City girls were runners-up with 285 points. Cooper City boys were third ith 202. They were the top Broward team finishers.

In the girls’ competition, Faith Mutschler of Palm Beach Central, Paige Maceachern of Boca Raton and Heidi Smithwick of Jupiter were double winners.

Phillip Moldovanu of Wellington, Maximilian Zum Tobel of Boca Raton and Caleb Petranchuk of Jupiter were boys’ double winners.

Several South Florida Aquatic swimmers, coming off this past weekend’s sectionals, competed.

Mallory Schleicher of Cooper City was second in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:54.85 and third in the 500-yard freestyle in 5:09.54.

Sally Golding of Cooper City was second in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:13.03.

Molly Golding of Cooper City was third in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:08.63.

Javier Colmenares of Everglades was third in the 200-yard individual medley in 1:59.60.

Broward vs. Palm Beach
: 1. Jupiter 403, 2. Cooper City 285, 3. Douglas 190, 4. Wellington 146, 5. Forest Hill 139, 6. Fort Lauderdale 128, 7. Pompano Beach 112, 8. Suncoast 98, 9. Palm Beach Central 86, 10. Dreyfoos School of the Arts 78, 11. Monarch 66, 12. Western 60, 13. Coral Springs Charter 59, 14. Dwyer 57, 15. Nova 56, 16. Seminole Ridge 55, 17. Taravella 46, 18. South Broward 45, 19. Boca Raton 40, 20. Palm Beach Gardens 34, 21. Everglades 22, 22. tie, McArthur Spanish River 19, 24. Coral Glades 18, 25. Ely 6.

200-yard medley relay: 1. Jupiter 1:48.20 (Morgan Cogle, Heidi Smithwick, Isabella Kauppi, Kiara Caamano), 2. Cooper City 1:55.74 (Imriel Coughlin, Molly Golding, Sally Golding, Mallory Schleicher), 3. Forest Hill 1:56.79.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Faith Mutschler, PBC 1:53.90, 2. Mallory Schleicher, CC 1:54.85, 3. Riley MacVane, DWY 1:56.87.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Paige Maceachern, BR 2:04.81, 2. Sally Golding, CC 2:13.03, 3. Sophia Ruppert, WELL 2:14.71.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Heidi Smithwick, JUP 23.25, 2. Kiara Caamano, JUP 24.16, 3. Maya Amersi, JUP 24.72.

1-meter diving: 1. Olivia Seminara, PBG 236.85, 2. Leila Glowka, JUP 230.95, 3. Lily Remillard, PBC 201.70.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Heidi Smithwick, JUP 54.30, 2. Megan Murphy, FH 55.59, 3. Riley McCormick, CSC 1:05.50: SOFLO: 8. Molly Golding, CC 1:00.31, 12. Sarah Acevedo, EVER 1:05.96.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Kiara Caamano, JUP 52.97, 2. Morgan Cogle, JUP 54.33, 3. Kate Kaplan, CC 56.29; SOFLO: 9. JennaMarie Brames 57.10.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Faith Mutschler, PBC 5:00.16, 2. Jessica Smith, WELL 5:09.52, 3. Mallory Schleicher, CC 5:09.54; SOFLO: 9. JennaMarie Brames, CC 5:33.40, 10. Sarah Acevedo 5:40.09

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Douglas 1:22.98 (Elizabeth Olsen, Payton Ward, Sophie Etchevers, Anna Rosa), 2. Taravella 1:33.98, 3. Jupiter 1:42.39, 4. Cooper City 1:46.92 (LeeAnn Ranalli, JennaMarie Brames, Ava Kuznik, Kate Kaplan).

100-yard backstroke: 1. Megan Murphy, FH 55.59, 2. Riley MacVane, DWY 1:00.21, 3. LeeAnn Ranalli, CC 1:00.69.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Paige Maceachern, BR 1:03.77, 2. Brianna Hernandez, SB 1:07.76, 3. Molly Golding, CC 1:08.63; SOLFO: 6. Sally Golding, CC 1:10.93

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Jupiter 3:31.10 (Heidi Smithwick, Kiara Caamano, Morgan Cogle, Maya Amersi), 2. Cooper City 3:45.59 (Sally Golding, Imriel Coughlin, Molly Golding, Mallory Schleicher), 3. Forest Hill 3:50.60.

1. Jupiter 279.5, 2. Wellington 207, 3. Cooper City 202, 4. Fort Lauderdale 181.5, 5. Pompano Beach 171, 6. Everglades 168, 7. Spanish River 142, 8. Suncoast 123, 9. Coral Glades 106, 10. Taravella 78, 11. South Broward 77, 12. tie, Douglas, Western 59, 14. Plantation 57, 15. Dreyfoos School of the Arts 54, 16. Palm Beach Central 53, 17. Boca Raton 46, 18. Nova 34, 19. Dwyer 30, 20. Deerfield Beach 25. Seminole Ridge 21, 22. Monarch 8.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Jupiter 1:38.15, 2. Everglades 1:39.29 (Juan Colmenares, Javier Colmenares, Alejandro Mateus, Aldo Zepeda), 3. Spanish River 1:41.33, 6. Western 1:44.00 (Yannai Michael, Aiden Kohanyi, Andre Declet-Tirado, Diego Diaz).

200-yard freestyle: 1. Phillip Moldovanu, WELL 1:41.50, 2. Jason Bonasera, CGL 1:48.17, 3. Matthew Gocke, FTL 1:49.35.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Patrick Doyle, CGL 1:54.71, 2. Nicolas Gallego, JUP 1:56.06, 3. Javier Colmenares, EVER 1:59.60; SOFLO: 5. Christopher Hau, CC 2:03.43.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Maximilian Zum Tobel, BR 20.72, 2. Michael CLine, CC 21.65, 3. Varis Monrie, JUP 21.77; SOFLO: 15. Alex Golding 23.75, 16. Robbie Wilson 24.22.

1-meter diving: 1. Tyler Flowers, Cooper City 271.05, 2. Thomas Dowling, SUN 236.70, 3. Christian Torres, DWY 215.05.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Caleb Petranchuk, JUP 50.20, 2. Renato Herran, PLA 51.76, 3. Daniel Lilley, FTL 51.82; SOFLO: 4. Juan Colmenares 52.91, 5. Alejandro Mateus 53.69, 10. Alex Golding, CC 56.63.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Maximilian Zum Tobel, BR 45.28, 2. Varis Monroe, JUP 45.75, 3. Han Lee, WELL 47.87; SOFLO: 15. Robbie Wilson, CC 52.19

500-yard freestyle: 1. Phillip Moldovanu, WELL 4:37.02, 2. Brian Gonzalez, CGL 4:51.58, 3. Andrew Brantmeyer, FTL 4:57.79; SOFLO: 7. Javier Roman 4:58.75, 10. Alejandro Mateus 5:03.98.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Wellington 1:27.52, 2. Pompano Beach 1:31.76, 3. Spanish River 1:32.07, 8. Cooper City 1:39.14 (Alexander Yaremenko, Alec Tamaroff, Tyler Flowers, Christopher Hau).

100-yard backstroke: 1. Patrick Doyle, CG 52.15, 2. Nicolas Gallego, JUP 52.86, 3. Michael Cline, CC 53.74; SOFLO: 4. Juan Colmenares 54.59, 8. Aldo Zepeda, EVER 55.78.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Caleb Petranchuk, JUP 58.56, 2. Aiden Kohanyi, WES 59.70, 3. Jacques Sonnier, SR 59.91; SOFLO: 4. Javier Colmenares 1:00.66, 5. Javier Roman, CC 1:02.22, 6. Christopher Hau, CC 1:02.87, 8. Manuel Melendez, EVER 1:02.94.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Wellington 3:10.92, 2. Jupiter 3:11.11, 3. Cooper City 3:17.59 (Robbie Wilson, Javier Roman, Alex Golding, Michael Cline), 4. Everglades 3:19.97 (Javier Colmenares, Aldo Zepeda, Manuel Melendez, Juan Colmenares).

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Broward-Palm Beach Dual County Swimming And Diving Championships Set For Tuesday; SOFLO’s Acevedo, Golding, Schleicher Top Seeds

By Sharon Robb
CORAL SPRINGS, February 15, 2021—Undefeated Fort Lauderdale, Cooper City, Jupiter and Wellington head the field for Tuesday in the Broward-Palm Beach Dual County Swimming and Diving Championships.

The meet, hosted by Jupiter High School, will be held at Coral Springs Aquatic Complex Michael Lohberg Pool of Champions.

Warm-up is 9 a.m. and competition begins 10 a.m. The individual and relay events are timed finals with no prelims.

The meet was created to give public school swimmers a chance to compete for post-season honors after they opted out of the state series in the fall because of COVID-19, unlike the private schools. Dade County was originally scheduled but teams were not prepared to compete.

Other teams entered are Boca Raton, Coral Glades, Douglas, Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Dwyer, Everglades, Forest Hill, Monarch, Nova, Palm Beach Central, Pompano Beach, South Broward, Spanish River, Suncoast, Taravella and Western.

South Florida Aquatic Club will be well-represented.

Mallory Schleicher of Cooper City is seeded first in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:53.99.

Sarah Acevedo of Everglades is seeded first in the 500-yard freestyle in 5:04.10 just ahead of Schleicher in 5:04.58.

Sally Golding of Cooper City is seeded first in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:06.82 ahead of teammate Molly Golding in 1:06.82.

The remaining top seeds in individual events are:

Boys 200-yard freestyle: Phillip Moldovanu, Wellington 1:40.63.

Girls 200-yard individual medley: Paige Maceachern, Boca Raton 2:10.09.

Boys 200-yard individual medley: Patrick Doyle, Coral Glades 1:55.70.

Girls 50-yard freestyle: Heidi Smithwick, Jupiter 23.40.

Boys 50-yard freestyle: Raphael Santos, Pompano Beach 20.96.

Girls 1-meter diving: Leila Glowka, Jupiter.

Boys 1-meter diving: Christian Torres Dwyer.

Girls 100-yard butterfly: Heidi Smithwick, Jupiter 54.58.

Boys 100-yard butterfly: Renato Herran, Plantation 50.63.

Girls 100-yard freestyle: Kiara Caamano, Jupiter 53.51.

Boys 100-yard freestyle: Varis Monroe, Jupiter 46.80.

Boys 500-yard freestyle: Phillip Moldovanu, Wellington 4:34.22.

Girls 100-yard backstroke: Megan Murphy, Forest Hill 57.08.

Boys 100-yard backstroke: Patrick Doyle, Coral Glades 51.37.

Boys 100-yard breaststroke: Aiden Kohanyi, Western 58.87.

Because of COVID-19 safety protocols no spectators will be allowed, only coaches, officials and volunteer timers working the meet. Swimmers will be requested to wear masks and social distance.

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Fort Lauderdale Flying L’s Finish BCAA Season Undefeated With Win Over Monarch

By Sharon Robb
FORT LAUDERDALE, February 13, 2021–With lopsided victories over Monarch, Fort Lauderdale boys and girls swim teams finished the BCAA regular season undefeated on Friday.

The girls team defeated Monarch, 80-10, and boys team, 85-8, at the Flying L’s pool.

Both teams finished 9-0. Fort Lauderdale was the only high school to have both its teams finish the COVID19-shortened BCAA season undefeated.

Rylie Barnhardt, Cecilia Mirones and Tawannah McLemore were double winners. The Flying L’s also swept all three girls relays.

Barnhardt, a sophomore, won the 200-yard freestyle in 2:07.30 and 100-yard butterfly in 1:09.29.

Mirones, a freshman, won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:34.09 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:57.84.

McLemore, a freshman, won the 50-yard freestyle in 25.31 and 100-yard breaststroke in 1:10.62.

The boys’ team was led by double winners Matthew Gocke and Daniel Lilley. The boys also swept all three relays.

Gocke won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:56.60 and 100-yard freestyle in 52.71.

Lilley won the 50-yard freestyle in 23.00 and 100-yard butterfly in 58.16.

Fort Lauderdale 80, Monarch 10

200-yard medley relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 2:04.91 (Cecilia Mirones, Tawannah McLemore, Rylie Barnhardt, Isabella Maisonette), 2. Fort Lauderdale B 2:20.04.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Rylie Barnhardt, FTL 2:07.30, 2. Maya Coan, FTL 2:25.04, 3. Evangeline Meyler, FTL 2:34.63.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Cecilia Mirones, FTL 2:34.09, 2. Maggie Gonio, FTL 2:48.04.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Tawannah McLemore, FTL 25.31, 2. R. Maxwell, MON 29.81, 3. Isabella Maisonette, FTL 30.18.

1-meter diving: 1. Catherine Kilroy, FTL 242.20, 2. Julia Maier, FTL 187.80, 3. Carole Hynes, FTL 150.40.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Rylie Barnhardt, FTL 1:09.29, 2. Maya Coan, FTL 1:17.71, 3. Giuliana Silva, FTL 1:27.10.

100-yard freestyle: 1. R. Maxwell, MON 1:06.19, 2. Isabella Maisonette, FTL 1:10.89, 3. Alexandra Medrano, FTL 1:15.15.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Cecilia Mirones, FTL 5:57.84, 2. Maggie Gonio, FTL 6:57.39.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 1:54.35 (Rylie Barnhardt, Isabella Maisonette, Cecilia Mirones, Tawannah McLemore), 2. Fort Lauderdale B 2:09.40.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Evangeline Meyler, FTL 1:25.10, 2. Ana Mazin, FTL 1:39.03, 3. Natalie Carpenter, FTL 1:40.84.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Tawannah McLemore, FTL 1:10.62, 2. Azana Wooden, FTL 1:32.21, 3. Ana Mazin, FTL 1:40.29.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 4:42.69 (Alexandra Medrano, Evangeline Meyler, Giuliana Silva, Maya Coan), 2. Fort Lauderdale B 5:12.25.

Fort Lauderdale 85, Monarch 8

200-yard medley relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 1:48.99 (Grant Voet, Matthew Gocke, Dominck Mitchell, Daniel Lilley), 2. Fort Lauderdale B 1:51.04.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Matthew Gocke, FTL 1:56.60, 2. Sean Nehme, FTL 2:14.82, 3. Roman Bennett, FTL 2:23.27.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Andrew Brantmeyer, FTL 2:14.52, 2. Jason Cuffe, FTL 2:22.87.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Daniel Lilley, FTL 23.00, 2. Grant Voet, FTL 24.06, 3. Keith Rogers, FTL 24.25.

1-meter diving: None

100-yard butterfly: 1. Daniel Lilley, FTL 58.16, 2. Keith Rogers, FTL 1:04.18, 3. Michael Gonio, FTL 1:07.68.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Matthew Gocke, FTL 52.71, 2. Dominick Mitchell, FTL 53.64, 3. Roman Bennett, FTL 1:00.92.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Grant Voet, FTL 5:06.12, 2. Andrew Brantmeyer, FTL 5:13.68.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 1:39.62 (Grant Voet, Keith Rogers, Matthew Gocke, Daniel Lilley), 2. Fort Lauderdale B 1:49.54, 3. Monarch 2:12.03 (L. Martins, G. Alai, D. Pineiro, K. Taylor).

100-yard backstroke: 1. Dominick Mitchell, FTL 1:03.45, 2. Jason Cuffe, FTL 1:03.57, 3. D. Pineiro, MON 1:44.91.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. L. Martins, MON 1:08.50, 2. Trent Jacklich, FTL 1:19.78, 3. Adam Solymosi, FTL 1:21.94.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A (Andrew Brantmeyer, Jason Cuffe, Michael Gonio, Dominick Mitchell), 2. Fort Lauderdale B 4:16.93, 3. Monarch 5:37.57.

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Fort Lauderdale Sweeps, Wins Four-Team Meet

By Sharon Robb
FORT LAUDERDALE, February 13, 2021–Fort Lauderdale continued its success during the COVID19-shortened BCAA season with convincing wins over Taravella, Coral Springs Charter and Coral Glades Thursday at the Flying L’s pool.

The girls’ team defeated Taravella, 122-29; Coral Springs Charter, 107-64; and Coral Glades 129-19.

The boys’ team breezed past Taravella, 99-49; Coral Springs Charter, 112-10; and Coral Glades 111-8.

The girls were led by double winners Rylie Barnhardt and Tawannah McLemore. The Flying L’s also won two relays.

Barnhardt, a sophomore, won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:24.27 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:41.27.

McLemore, a freshman, won the 100-yard backstroke in 1:05.39 and 100-yard breaststroke in 1:11.66.

Freshman diver Catherine Kilroy won the 1-meter event with 265.30 points.

Rianna Martin of Taravella was a double winner in the 50- and 100-yard freestyles.

Alejandra Gil Restrepo of Coral Springs Charter won the 100-yard butterfly in 1:12.16. Coral Springs Charter also won the final event, the 400-yard freestyle relay in 4:56.65.

In the boys’ competition, the Flying L’s swept all three relays. Matthew Gocke amd Daniel Lilley were double winners.

Grant Voet and Jason Cuffe won individual events for Fort Lauderdale.

Gocke won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:54.62 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:16.10.

Lilley won the 50-yard freestyle in 23.17 and 100-yard butterfly in 57.69.

Josh Justin and RJ Martin won individual events for Taravella.

Fort Lauderdale 122, Taravella 29
Coral Springs Charter 95, Taravella 36
Fort Lauderdale 107, Coral Springs Charter 64
Taravella 58, Coral Glades 32
Fort Lauderdale 129, Coral Glades 19
Coral Springs Charter 108, Coral Glades 21

200-yard medley relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 2:04.02 (Cecilia Mirones, Tawannah McLemore, Rylie Barnhardt, Charlotte Lucas), 2. Coral Springs Charter 2:13.00, 3. Fort Lauderdale B 2:17.96.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Maya Coan, FTL 2:21.92, 2. Emma Baker, CSC 2:31.19, 3. Evangeline Meyler, FTL 2:39.18.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Rylie Barnhardt, FTL 2:24.27, 2. Alejandra Gil Restrepo, CSC 2:30.86, 3. Cecilia Mirones, FTL 2:34.33.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Rianna Martin, TAR 26.56, 2. Charlotte Lucas, FTL 27.90, 3. Hailey Wells, CSC 28.77.

1-meter diving: 1. Catherine Kilroy, FTL 265.30, 2. Julia Maier, FTL 182.90, 3. Carole Hynes, FTL 145.45.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Alejandra Gil Restrepo, CSC 1:12.16, 2. Maya Coan, FTL 1:15.57, 3. Samantha Springer, CSC 1:27.50.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Rianna Martin, TAR 58.55, 2. Charlotte Lucas, FTL 1:02.34, 3. Gaby Bautista, CSC 1:07.06.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Rylie Barnhardt, FTL 5:41.27, 2. Riley Floyd, CSC 6:18.64, 3. Sofia Grajales, FTL 9:21.16.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 1:50.75 (Rylie Barnhardt, Charlotte Lucas, Cecilia Mirones, Tawannah McLemore), 2. Coral Springs Charter 1:57.01, 3. Fort Lauderdale B 2:04.17.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Tawannah McLemore, FTL 1:05.39, 2. Cecilia Mirones, FTL 1:12.48, 3. Hailey Wells, CSC 1:17.55.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Tawannah McLemore, FTL 1:11.66, 2. Briana Dattile, CSC 1:24.13, 3. Azana Wooden, FTL 1:32.27.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Coral Springs Charter A 4:56.65 (Morgan Wizst, Emma Hedlund, Gia Dattile, Gaby Bautista), 2. Fort Lauderdale A 4:58.81, 3. Coral Springs Charter B 5:04.02.

Fort Lauderdale 99, Taravella 49
Taravella 90, Coral Springs Charter 10
Fort Lauderdale 112, Coral Springs Charter 10
Taravella 85, Coral Glades 24
Fort Lauderdale 111, Coral Glades 18
Coral Glades 31, Coral Springs Charter 15

200-yard medley relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 1:48.37 (Grant Voet, Matthew Gocke, Dominick Mitchell, Daniel Lilley), 2. Taravella A 1:52.22, 3. Fort Lauderdale B 1:52.28.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Matthew Gocke, FTL 1:54.62, 2. Andrew Brantmeyer, FTL 1:55.34, 3. Alexander Zapata, CGL 1:58.19.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Grant Voet, FTL 2:10.94, 2. Michael Gonio, FTL 2:34.26, 3. Nick Potosky, TAR 2:38.53.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Daniel Lilley, FTL 23.17, 2. Alexander Zapata, CGL 24.34, 3. Grant Voet, FTL 24.43.

1-meter diving: None.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Daniel Lilley, FTL 57.69, 2. Dominick Mitchell, FTL 58.76.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Josh Justin, TAR 52.00, 2. RJ Martin, TAR 52.97, 3. Andrew Brantmeyer, FTL 53.21.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Matthew Gocke, FTL 5:16.10, 2. Julian Anton, TAR 7:56.06.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 1:36.27 (Grant Voet, Matthew Gocke, Keith Rogers, Daniel Lilley), 2. Taravella A 1:39.14, 3. Fort Lauderdale B 1:47.66.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Jason Cuffe, FTL 1:00.64, 2. Josh Justin, TAR 1:01.12, 3. Sean Nehme, FTL 1:16.32.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. RJ Martin, TAR 1:08.96, 2. Keith Rogers, FTL 1:11.72, 3. Sean Meyler, FTL 1:14.29.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Fort Lauderdale A 3:41.33 (Dominick Mitchell, Jason Cuffe, Michael Gonio, Andrew Brantmeyer), 2. Fort Lauderdale B 4:34.13, 3. Taravella A 5:24.50.

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Cooper City Sweeps Everglades, Flanagan; SOFLO Swimmers Shine

By Sharon Robb
COOPER CITY, February 12, 2021–Cooper City added four more wins to its BCAA COVID-19 abbreviated season after sweeping Everglades and Flanagan Thursday at the Cowboys’ pool.

The girls’ team defeated Everglades, 134-23 and Flanagan, 134-26. The boys’ team topped Everglades, 112-61 and Flanagan, 138-22.

The girls were led by double winners Sally Golding and Molly Golding and swept all three relays.

Sally Golding won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:14.90 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:18.51.

Molly Golding won the 100-yard butterfly in 59.32 and 100-yard breaststroke in 1:11.16.

Teammates LeeAnn Ranalli, JennaMarie Brames, Imriel Coughlin and diver Cara Barkey won individual events.

Alex Golding and Michael Cline were double winners for the Cowboys boys team. Cooper City also won the 200-yard freestyle relay. Tyler Flowers won the 1-meter diving.

Golding won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:51.72 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:12.26. Cline won the 50-yard freestyle in 22.35 and 100-yard backstroke in 55.48.

Javier Colmenares was a double winner for Everglades in the 100-yard butterfly and 100-yard breaststroke. Everglades also swept the 200-yard medley and 400-yard freestyle relays.

The BCAA season ends on Tuesday with the BCAA Championship Dual Meet between Broward County and Palm Beach at Coral Springs Aquatic Complex.

Cooper City 134, Everglades 23
Cooper City 134, Flanagan 26
Flanagan 43, Everglades 38

200-yard medley relay: 1. Cooper City 2:00.75, 2. Cooper City 2:34.65, 3. Cooper City 2:58.54

200-yard freestyle: 1. JeannaMarie Brames, CC 2:05.79, 2. L. Kentis 3:06.34, CC, 3. E. Rilling, CC 3:19.68.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Sally Golding, CC 2:14.90, 2. Imriel Coughlin, CC 2:25.04, 3. Shayna Blitz, FLAN 2:33.34.

50-yard freestyle: 1. S. Jackson, EVER 27.53, 2. J. Feudo, CC 33.44, 3. H.J. Dolce, FLAN 33.45.

1-Meter Diving: 1. Cara Barkey, CC 2:58.30.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Molly Golding, CC 59.32, 2. Sarah Acevedo, EVER 1:14.84, 3. Carleigh Schleicher, CC 1:16.27.

100-yard freestyle: 1. LeeAnn Ranalli, CC 58.97, 2. S. Jackson, EVER 1:00.69, 3. Carleigh Schleicher, CC 1:08.48.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Sally Golding, CC 5:18.51, 2. JennaMarie Brames, CC 5:30.36, 3. Sarah Acevedo, EVER 5:39.16.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Cooper City 2:03.68, 2. Flanagan 2:21.87, 3. Cooper City 2:26.69.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Imriel Coughlin, CC 1:05.44, 2. LeeAnn Ranalli, CC 1:05.49, 3. Shayna Blitz, FLAN 1:14.88.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Molly Golding, CC 1:11.16, 2. M. Jocker, CC 1:37.18, 3. Taveres, FLAN 1:43.63.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Cooper City 3:458.53, 2. Cooper City 4:45.37, 3. Cooper City 5:34.10.

Cooper City 112, Everglades 61
Cooper City 138, Flanagan 22
Everglades 69, Flanagan 56

200-yard medley relay: 1. Everglades 1:42.13, 2. Cooper City 1:46.58, 3. Cooper City 1:59.53.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Alex Golding, CC 1:51.72, 2. Aldo Zepeda, EVER 1:56.36, 3. A. Licht, CC 2:18.43.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Juan Colmenares, CC 2:00.16, 2. Christopher Hau, CC 2:07.15, 3. J. Tamaroff, CC 2:26.06.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Michael Cline, CC 22.35, 2. Otrello, EVER 25.58, 3. Harris Aversa, CC 26.32.

Diving: 1. Tyler Flowers, CC 283.22, 2. Nicholas Dolton, CC 203.20.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Javier Colmenares, EVER 54.28, 2. Alejandro Mateus, EVER 56.50, 3. L. Kim, CC 1:02.29.

100-yard freestyle: 1. G. Otrello, EVER 55.91, 2. A. Tamaroff, CC 58.84, 3. Harris Aversa, CC 1:02.21.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Alex Golding, CC 5:12.26, 2. L. Kim, CC 6:57.97, 3. B. Joseph, CC 6:58.59.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Cooper City 1:41.84, 2. Cooper City 1:48.49, 3. Flanagan 1:53.07.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Michael Cline, CC 55.48, 2. Juan Colmenares, EVER 56.25, 3. Alejandro Mateus, EVER 56.62.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Javier Colmeneares, EVER 1:00.26, 2. Christopher Hau, CC 1:04.53, 3. Imriel Coughlin, CC 1:15.37.

400-yard freestyle: 1. Everglades 3:27.06, 2. Cooper City 3:33.90, 3. Cooper City 4:06.29.

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