SOFLO Swimmers Head Talented Field For This Weekend’s SOFLO Distance IMX/IMR TYR Challenge

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, September 29, 2022—South Florida Aquatic Club and other Florida Gold Coast swimmers will get a chance to see how they stack up against the rest of the nation’s age group swimmers this weekend at the SOFLO Distance IMX/IMR TYR Challenge at Academic Village Pool.

The three-day meet begins Friday at 5:30 p.m. with the girls and boys 1,650-yard freestyle events. Warm-up is 4:30 p.m.

It continues on Saturday with two sessions beginning at 8:30 a.m. and concludes on Sunday, again with two sessions starting at 8:30 a.m. Warm-up is 7:30 a.m.

SOFLO heads the field with 174 (91 girls and 83 boys) swimmers in 879 individual events. Among other Florida Gold Coast teams in the field are Pine Crest, Metro Aquatics, Plantation Swim Team, Midtown Weston, Olympus Swim Club, North Miami Swim Team and Hialeah Swim Club. It is one of the most competitive fields ever assembled for the meet.

Up-and-coming swimmers, ages 10-and-under, will compete in the IMR (Ready) Challenge. All sessions are timed finals. Events are 100 individual medley, 100 freestyle, 50 backstroke, 50 breaststroke and 50 butterfly.

The USA Swimming-sanctioned meet is a fun, motivational meet to help young swimmers reach the next level in their swimming careers.

The IMR Challenge allows swimmers to see how they compare to other swimmers around the nation in their age group. Swimmers must compete in all the events required for their age group to establish a score.

Once a swimmer competes in each IM Ready event at least once in an official meet, swimmers and parents can check their rankings on USA Swimming’s website.

The IMX (Xtreme) Challenge is the next step-up from the IMR competition. It includes a series of five events for 10-and-unders and 11-12 or six events for 13-and-over. Once swimmers complete the IMX program they can also see where their score ranks nationally, among their local LSC and own swim club.

IMX: 10-and-under events, 200 individual medley, 200 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 100 breaststroke, 100 butterfly.

IMX: 11-12, 200 individual medley, 500 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 100 breaststroke, 100 butterfly.

IMX: 13-and-over, 200 individual medley, 400 individual medley, 500 freestyle, 200 backstroke, 200 breaststroke, 200 butterfly.

The meet will be scored. Swimmers who complete all IMR events will receive an IMR score. Swimmers who complete all IMX will receive an IMX score. Swimmers who do not complete all required events will receive a score of zero.

Scoring for the various age groups will be based on the following points systems: 10-and-under Hytek Age Group Points; 11-14 Hytek Single Age Points; and 15-and-over Hytek Open Points.

Admission is $5 per person, per session. Heat sheets are available for free online at and Meet Mobile.

Meet title and club sponsor TYR SOFLO is an American designer, developer and manufacturer of recreational and competitive swimwear, caps, goggles, triathlon gear and accessories and one of the nation’s top companies. TYR, created by athletes, is named for the Norse god of warriors in Germanic mythology.

The company’s mission statement is starting from, powered by and made for athletes, we strive to create and re-imagine technologies that enhance experience and performance at every level.

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SOFLO Heads Field For SOFLO TYR Last Chance Summer Invite

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, June 23, 2022—Swimmers will have another opportunity to qualify for various upcoming meets at this weekend’s SOFLO TYR Last Chance Summer Invite at Academic Village Pool.

The three-day meet, featuring several of the Florida Gold Coast top swimmers and one of the most competitive fields, begins Friday with prelims at 8 a.m. for swimmers 13-and-older followed by prelims for 12-and-unders at 12:30 p.m. Championship finals are 7 p.m.

Action continues Saturday, again with prelims at 8 a.m. for 13-and-older followed by prelims for 12-and-unders at 12:30 p.m. Championship finals are 7 p.m. Finals events will swim in the following order: 10-and-under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-over girls, then 10-and-under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-over boys.

On Sunday, timed finals begin 10:30 a.m. and expected to end at 11:37 a.m.

SOFLO heads the field with 112 swimmers (61 boys and 51 girls) in 628 individual events.

Among SOFLO top seeds are:
Ricardo Roche, 22, 100 backstroke, 59.66.
Elena Dinehart, 17, 100 backstroke, 1:04.98; 200 backstroke 2:17.97.
Olivia Dinehart, 17, 100 breaststroke, 1:12.54; 200 IM 2:22.11; 200 breaststroke 2:34.85; 400 IM 4:59.47.
Maddie Smutny, 17, 400 freestyle, 4:24.72; 100 butterfly 1:03.50; 200 freestyle 2:06.10.
Sofia Gomez, 12, 100 backstroke 1:19.74.
Jemma Baldwin, 11, 400 freestyle 5:15.61; 200 freestyle 2:28.56.
Wisthon Rendon, 17, 200 backstroke 2:10.52.
Jiana Amores, 11, 50 freestyle 31.33.
Ellie Jackson, 11, 50 backstroke 33.26; 200 backstroke 1:22.78.
David Valdiviezo, 12, 100 butterfly 1:16.95.
Dominic Bono, 18, 1500 freestyle 16:28.94.
Sarah Vasquez, 14, 50 butterfly 35.19; 50 breaststroke 45.41.
Rainier Leyva Riestra, 14, 200 butterfly, 1:21.56.
Isabella Bartoli, 14, 50 backstroke 42.02.
Luca Hincapie, 15, 50 butterfly 28.99; 50 breaststroke 35.62.
Armando Bertea, 15, 50 backstroke 33.26.

In addition to host SOFLO, among other Florida Gold Coast clubs competing are Azura, Swim Fort Lauderdale, Gulliver, Boca Raton Swim Team, Olympus, Coral Springs Swim Club, Shelton Doral, Hialeah Swim Club, Florida Keys Swim Club, Cooper City Cyclones, North Miami Swim Team and Miami Swimming.

Admission is $5 per session. Admission allows spectators to enter the pool only within the barricaded area.

Meet and SOFLO club sponsor TYR is a USA manufacturer of recreational and competitive swimwear, caps, goggles, triathlon gear and accessories and one of the nation’s top companies.

TYR, created by athletes, is named for the Norse god of warriors in Germanic mythology.

Among its sponsored athletes are 2020 Olympians Michael Andrew, Tom Shields, Nic Fink, Townley Haas, Bobby Finke, Jordan Wilimovsky, Simone Manuel, Katie Ledecky, Lilly King, Annie Lazor, Ashley Twichell, Torri Huske, Claire Curzan and other elite swimmers Matt Grevers, Maxime Rooney, Jacob Pebley, Ryan Lochte, David Curtiss, Melanie Margalis, Molly Hannis and Kelsi Dahlia.

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SOFLO White & Blue Intrasquad Meet Gets Under Way Friday

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, April 21, 2022–South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers will turn up the team spirit at the SOFLO White & Blue Dual Meet at Academic Village Pool.

The intrasquad meet begins Friday with Session I for swimmers in the 13-14 and 15-and-over age groups at 5:30 p.m. On Saturday, Session II for 12-and-unders begins 11 a.m.

Nearly 180 swimmers (100 boys and 74 girls) will compete in 650 events including relays over two days in a spirited atmosphere.

Awards will be presented to top eight finishers, improvement, team spirit, team support and sportsmanship, determined by SOFLO coaches, USA Swimming official and Booster Club Board of Director member.

Among some of the 13-and-over top-seeded swimmers and some of their events are Maddie Smutny of White, 200-meter freestyle; Sebastian Lares of White, 200-meter freestyle; Mallory Schleicher of Blue, 100-meter backstroke; Javier Colmenares of Blue, 100-meter breaststroke; Olivia Dinehart of White, 100-meter breaststroke; and Ana Villamil of Blue, 50-meter freestyle.

Some of the top-seeded 12-and-unders are Sofia Gomez of White, 200-meter freestyle; Ryan Harries of White, 200-meter freestyle; Noah Mejias of White, 200-meter individual medley; Jemma Baldwin of White, 100-meter freestyle; and Eric Ferrer of Blue, 100-meter freestyle.

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SOFLO Hosts 10&Under Spring Invitational On Saturday

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, April 8, 2022–A field of nearly 100 up-and-coming young swimmers will compete in the SOFLO 10&Under Spring Invitational Saturday at Academic Village Pool.

The session begins 11 a.m. and expected to end 2:08 p.m.

SOFLO has 48 swimmers (26 girls and 22 boys) entered in 213 individual events and one relay.

SOFLO’s Maya Barrizonte, 8, is seeded first in four events: 25-yard backstroke, 27.43; 25-yard breaststroke, 33.51; 25-yard butterfly, 28.46; and 25-yard freestyle, 22.71.

SOFLO teammate Valentina Remmele, 10, is seeded first in the 100-yard individual medley in 1:28.19.

SOFLO also has two of the three top-seeded mixed 100-yard freestyle relays.

In addition to SOFLO, four teams will compete. They are Cyclones Swim Team, Metro Aquatics, SwimFast and SwimRight Michael-Ann Russell JCC Swim Team.

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SOFLO Hosts Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships That Begin Thursday

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, March 15, 2022–Defending champion South Florida Aquatic Club will host the Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships Thursday through Sunday at Academic Village Pool.

SOFLO is among thirty-seven teams from Broward, Palm Beach and Metro-Dade competing over four days.

Thursday timed finals begin at 5:10 p.m. and feature the 100 IM, 500 freestyle and 400 IM. The remainder of the meet will have prelims at 8:40 a.m. and finals at 6 p.m. On Sunday, the mixed 1,650-yard freestyle is 3 p.m.

Among other top teams are St. Andrew’s Aquatics, fresh off its first FGC 14-and-under Junior Olympics combined team title in the club’s 16-year history; Azura Florida Aquatics, Eagle Aquatics, Pine Crest Swimming, Metro Aquatics, Jupiter Dragons and Wahoos of Wellington.

After a year’s hiatus for the meet in 2020 because of the pandemic, SOFLO won the 2021 short course combined team title. SOFLO won combined with 2,007 points followed by Pine Crest and Gulliver. SOFLO also won the men’s and women’s team titles.

This year SOFLO will be going after its eighth senior championship title. SOFLO qualified 53 swimmers (32 boys and 21 girls) in 301 individual events. There are also 16 relay teams entered.

SOFLO’s contingent is led by Honduran Olympian Julio Horrego. Horrego, 23, who is competing in the 100-yard individual medley (49.85); 100-yard freestyle (44.71); 100-yard breaststroke (53.85); and 200 IM (1:47.55).

The only other SOFLO top seed is Olivia Dinehart, 17, 400 IM 4:22.12, 200 breaststroke 2:13.50, 100 breaststroke, 1:02.28; and 200 IM (1:47.55).

Among other top swimmers in a fast field are: Nicole Aguilar, 17, of Wahoos of Wellington; USA Swimming Junior National team member Julia Podkoscielny, 17,of Pine Crest Swimming; Dylan Felt, 17, of Swim Fort Lauderdale; Nestor Montero, 20, Metro Aquatics; Kyle Korvick, 18, Gulliver; Heidi Smithwick, 18, Jupiter Dragons; Kaii Winkler, 15, Eagle Aquatics; Giulian Martin, 15, Hurricane Aquatics; Davidson Vincent, 20, Azura Florida Aquatics; Sirena Rowe, 24, Azura; Yeziel Morales, 26, Azura; Josiah Morales, 27, PAQ; and Giuliano Brunetti, 16, of Pompano Beach Piranhas.

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SOFLO Heads Field For FGC Short Course BB South Championships

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, February 24, 2022—The championship season continues for South Florida Aquatic Club with the Florida Gold Coast Short Course BB South Championships.

The three-day meet, hosted by SOFLO and Comets Swim Team Booster Club, begins Friday at Academic Village Pool at 6 p.m. with the 500-yard freestyle and 400-yard individual medley events.

The meet continues on Saturday and Sunday with boys and girls morning prelims at 9 a.m. and finals at 6 p.m. The 1,650-yard freestyle is Sunday at 4 p.m. between sessions.

Host SOFLO has the largest team entered with 79 swimmers (42 boys and 37 girls) in 346 individual events.

Among SOFLO top seeds are: Toma Petkov, 9; Saree Young, 12; Eric Ferrer, 11; Tania Mantilla, 14; Jose Rincon, 13; Maria Catalasan, 15; Joan Valdiviezo, 10; Tristan Dons, 13; Sofia Hernandez, 16; Amelie Bicerne, 14; Genesis Escobar, 14; Daniela Barreto, 18; Leo Shee, 13; Zachary Snigur, 10; Sofia Gomez, 12; Marvan Ekanayake, 15; Valentina Remmele, 10; and Dahlia Hirsh, 15.

The BB North Championships are being hosted by Lake Lytal Lightning in West Palm Beach.

Among Florida Gold Coast teams competing at Lake Lytal and Academic Village Pool are: Azura, Boca Raton Swim Team, Coral Springs Swim Club, Delray Stingers, Eagle Aquatics, FAST, Florida Keys, Gulliver, Heritage Aquatics, Hurricane Aquatics, Jupiter Dragons, Lake Lytal Lightning, Martin County Swimming, Metro Aquatics, Miami Country Day, Midtown Weston, North Palm Beach, PAQ, Pine Crest, Plantation Swim Team, Pompano Beach Piranhas, Ransom Everglades, St. Andrew’s Aquatics, Shelton Doral, Sunrise Swimming, Swim Fort Lauderdale, TS Aquatics, Tsunami Swim Team, Wahoos of Wellington and Westminster Academy.

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Pembroke Pines Charter Sweeps Nova, Stranahan In BCAA Season-Opener

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, September 2, 2021–Pembroke Pines Charter head coach Rose Lockie got the chance to see her entire team in action Wednesday night at Academic Village Pool.

The Jaguars swept Nova and Stranahan in their BCAA season-opener. The girls defeated Stranahan 146-4, and Nova 146-24. In the other tri-meet matchup, Nova defeated Stranahan, 65-4.

The boys team topped Stranahan, 146-7, and Nova, 139-36. In the other matchup, Nova defeated Stranahan, 123-15.

Kaitlyn Jorgensen, Victoria Torres and Jena Legaspi were double winners for the girls.

Jorgensen, a sophomore, won the 200-yard freestyle 2:02.04 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:28.57. She also anchored the winning 200-yard medley relay and led off the winning 400-yard freestyle relay.

Torres, a senior, won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:14.78 and 100-yard breaststroke in 1:09.25. She also swam on two winning relays.

Legaspi, a senior, won the 100-yard butterfly in 1:08.50 and 100-yard backstroke in 1:07.31. She also led off the winning 200-yard medley relay.

Junior Christian Tijero and sophomore Luca Hincapie were double winners for the boys.

Tijero won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:52.34 and 100-yard butterfly in 57.19 and anchored the winning 200-yard medley relay.

Hincapie won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:13.37 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:27. He also swam on two winning relays.

Pembroke Pines Charter’s next meet is Thursday, Sept. 9 against Coral Springs Charter and Douglas at 7 p.m. at Academic Village Pool.

Pines Charter 146, Stranahan 4
Nova 65, Stranahan 5
Pines Charter 146, Nova 24

200-yard medley relay: 1. Pembroke Pines Charter 1:51.07 (Jena Legaspi, Victoria Torres, Sarah Vazquez, Kaitlyn Jorgensen), 2. Pembroke Pines Charter B 2:01.88, 3. Pembroke Pines Charter C 2:50.78.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Kaitlyn Jorgensen, PPC 2:02.04, 2. Daniela Barreto, PPC 2:16.13, 3. Kaitlyn Consuegra, PPC 2:16.90.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Victoria Torres, PPC 2:14.78, 2. Sarah Vazquez, PPC 2:30.66, 3. Antonia Ortiz, PPC 2:45.16.

50-yard freestyle: 1. tie, Lorelei Santos, PPC and Silvana Dioguardi, PPC 28.03, 3. Molly Masson, PPC 28.69.

1-meter diving: 1. Samantha Moy, NOVA 166.30, 2. Sarena Samuels, NOVA 107.90.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Jena Legaspi, PPC 1:08.50, 2. Kaitlyn Consuegra, PPC 1:13.94, 3. Silvana Dioguardi, PPC 1:17.19.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Maria Legaspi, PPC 1:04.32, 2. Antonia Ortiz, PPC 1:09.72, 3. Kathia Jaramillo, PPC 1:10.31.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Kaitlyn Jorgensen, PPC 5:28.57, 2. Sarah Vazquez, PPC 5:43.30, 3. Molly Masson, PPC 6:26.32.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pembroke Pines Charter 1:57.13 (Silvana Dioguardi, Maria Legaspi, Molly Masson, Daniela Barreto), 2. Pembroke Pines Charter B 2:05.22, 3. Pembroke Pines Charter C 2:18.59.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Jena Legaspi, PPC 1:07.31, 2. Stella Dioguardi, PPC 1:21.85, 3. Mia Hennequin, PPC 1:31.16.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Victoria Torres, PPC 1:09.25, 2. Maria Legaspi, PPC 1:15.62, 3. Lorelei Santos, PPC 1:18.75.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pembroke Pines Charter 4:00.63 (Kaitlyn Jorgensen, Daniela Barreto, Sarah Vazquez, Victoria Torres), 2. Pembroke Pines Charter B 4:25.47, 3. Pembroke Pines Charter C 5:23.69.

Pines Charter 146, Stranahan 7
Nova 123, Stranahan 15
Pines Charter 139, Nova 36

200-yard medley relay: 1. Pembroke Pines Charter 1:51.81 (Luca Hincapie, Julian Villarta, Zackary Harris, Christian Tijero), 2. Pembroke Pines Charter 1:59.16, 3. Nova 2:09.50.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Christian Tijero, PPC 1:52.34, 2. Zackary Harris, PPC 1:53.31, 3. Abraham Penaloza, PPC 2:12.84.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Luca Hincapie, PPC 2:13.37, 2. Tanner Gibson, PPC 2:22.62, 3. Karvin Ortiz, PPC 2:30.19.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Julian Villarta, PPC 25.35, 2. Karvin Ortiz, PPC 26.25, 3. David Castrillon, NOVA 26.32.

1-meter diving: 1. Preston Gonzalez, NOVA 100.90.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Christian Tijero, PPC 57.19, 2. Abraham Penaloza, PPC 1:07.38, 3. Christian Perez, NOVA 1:08.22.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Anthony Fernandez, PPC 54.75, 2. Matthew Kim, PPC 1:00.19, 3. Andrew Camargo, PPC 1:00.34.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Luca Hincapie, PPC 5:27.00, 2. Mason Jimenez, PPC 5:29.44, 3. Lucas Porven, PPC 5:57.22.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pembroke Pines Charter 1:43.41 (Anthony Fernandez, Benjamin Kim, Karvin Ortiz, Julian Villarta), 2. Pembroke Pines Charter B 1:48.44, 3. Nova 2:02.65.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Benjamin Kim, PPC 1:04.69, 2. Matthew Kim, PPC 1:04.84, 3. Tanner Gibson, PPC 1:05.25.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Zackary Harris, PPC 1:06.97, 2. Julian Villarta, PPC 1:15.75, 3. Matias Eiletz Bottaro, PPC 1:19.94.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Pembroke Pines Charter 3:39.63 (Christian Tijero, Luca Hincapie, Tanner Gibson, Zackary Harris), 2. Pembroke Pines Charter B 3:58.09, 3. Pembroke Pines Charter C 4:17.75.

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SOFLO Swimmers Ready To Race Saturday In SOFLO/TYR Back To School Developmental Meet

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, August 26, 2021–Now that students are back to school and settling in, swimmers will get a chance to race at the fall season-opening SOFLO/TYR Back To School Developmental Meet Saturday at Academic Village Pool.

Host SOFLO heads the field with 82 swimmers (56 boys and 26 girls) in 267 individual events and three relay events with 18 relay teams for the one-day meet.

In addition to SOFLO, other teams competing are Metro Aquatics and SwimFast.

The meet opens with Session One at 10 a.m. featuring the 8-and-under swimmers. Session Two follows at 11:30 a.m. for the 9-and-over swimmers.

SOFLO dominates the top-seeded spots. They are:

Ellie Phan, 6, 25-yard butterfly, 25.18; 25-yard backstroke, 25.24.

Gabriel Ferrer, 8, 25-yard butterfly, 23.90.

Leonardo Zuluaga, 8, 25-yard freestyle, 22.66; 25-yard backstroke, 23.94; 25-yard breaststroke, 24.93.

Gabriella Ordonez, 10, 50-yard butterfly, 42.68; 50-yard backstroke, 42.00; 50-yard freestyle, 36.68

Jose Donayre, 17, 50-yard butterfly, 38.72; 50-yard freestyle, 26.72.

Jiana Connor, 13, 50-yard butterfly, 43.32.

Mikhel Martin, 12, 50-yard backstroke 38.73; 50-yard breaststroke, 45.40.

Judith-Allison Natino, 15, 50-yard butterfly, NT; 50-yard backstroke, 37.00.

Matthew Ortiz, 10, 50-yard butterfly, 44.26.

Ethan Phan, 9, 50-yard backstroke, 42.91; 50-yard freestyle, 37.20.

David Valdiviezo, 11, 50-yard backstroke, 36.13.

Dominique Balli, 15, 50-yard backstroke, 45.60; 50-yard freestyle, 36.62.

Sakima Coradin, 14, 50-yard backstroke, 36.33.

Alessandro Suarez Cabrera, 9, 50-yard breaststroke, 48.00; 100-yard individual medley, 1:32.60.

Mati Eiletz Bottaro, 16, 50-yard backstroke, NT; 50-yard breaststroke, 37.70.

Sofia Duranti, 10, 50-yard breaststroke, 47.82.

Maximiliano Remmele, 12, 50-yard freestyle, 30.60.

Luke Mercier, 14, 50-yard freestyle, 28.07.

Joanna Valdiviezo, 10, 100-yard individual medley, 1:35.08.

Martin Petkov, 12, 100-yard individual medley, 1:15.93.

Alexander Chaussky, 13, 100-yard individual medley, 1:15.48.

With the ongoing pandemic, COVID protocols will continue at Academic Village Pool. Swimmers, coaches, officials and volunteers are required to wear masks. There is a designated spectator area on the pool deck. Spectators are encouraged to social distance. The meet will not be live streamed. Admission is free. Heat sheets are also free and available on Meet Mobile or

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SOFLO Hosts BC Challenge This Weekend To Kick Off A Fun And Busy Summer Season

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, June 24, 2021–South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers will be looking to swim fast and achieve qualifying standards at this weekend’s SOFLO BC Challenge at Academic Village Pool.

Swimmers will be looking for their first or additional BB times to qualify for the July 16-18 Florida Gold Coast LCM BB South Championships at Pompano Beach Aquatic Center.

For this weekend’s meet, two sessions are scheduled for Saturday at 10:30 a.m. for ages 9-12 and 2:30 p.m. for ages 13-and-over and again on Sunday at 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. The meet cap is 250 swimmers per session.

SOFLO heads the field with the largest contingent with 77 swimmers (49 boys and 28 girls) competing in 383 individual events.

SOFLO’s top-seeded swimmers are:

Gianna Martin, 10, 100-yard backstroke, 1:32.19.

Matthew Sankey, 10, 50-yard freestyle, 35.26.

Gabriella Ordonez, 10, 100-yard butterfly 1:41.06; 100-yard freestyle 1:21.59; 50-yard butterfly 42.68.

Matt McVeigh, 13, 100-yard backstroke 1:08.55.

Andres Gonzalez, 14, 50-yard breaststroke 36.05; 100 IM, 1:08.83.

Armando Bertea, 14, 50-yard freestyle 28.05.

Isabella Bartoli, 100-yard butterfly, 1:18.95.

Yanjun Wang, 16, 100-yard butterfly 1:04.51.

Joanna Valdiviezo, 9, 50-yard backstroke 42.54.

Victor Valdiviezo, 14, 200-yard freestyle 2:14.03; 100 freestyle 1:02.09.

David Valdiviezo, 11, 50-yard butterfly 35.12.

Daniel Chaussky, 10, 50-yard butterfly 41.38.

Gabriela Marin, 12, 200 IM 2:55.00.

David Gonzalez, 10, 200 IM 3:37.25.

Sarah Bedoya, 13, 100 IM 1:20.10; 50 backstroke 34.46; 200 IM 2:37.94.

Cali Harries, 14, 100 breaststroke 1:21.90.

Garcia-Studdard, 15, 100 freestyle 58.17.

Judith-Alison Natino, 15, 100 freestyle 1:04.52.

Among Florida Gold Coast teams competing are Ransom-Everglades, Sunrise Swimming, Miami Country Day, Swim Fort Lauderdale, Plantation Swim Team, Cooper City Cyclones, Hurricanes Swimming, Gulliver and SwimFast.

There is a designated standing area only for spectators. Parents are asked to return to their cars or tents once they are done watching their children swim. No chairs or umbrellas are allowed. Parent tents are allowed on the grass next to the parking lots.

Athletes, coaches, officials, and meet volunteers must maintain social distancing at all times. Face coverings are optional, however social distancing will still be encouraged. Marshals and security officers are charged with enforcing the above protocols. Non-compliance may result in ejection from the venue and school grounds.

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SOFLO Swimmers Shine At Three-Day SoFlo Memorial Day Intrasquad Long Course Challenge

By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, May 30, 2021—South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers rose to the occasion at the SoFlo Memorial Day Intrasquad Long Course Challenge at Academic Village Pool.

After the third and final day of competition on Sunday, SOFLO swimmers totaled a one-meet record 131 new long course Junior Olympic qualifying cut times.

After nearly two years of not being able to swim long course meets because of the COVID-19 pandemic, swimmers more than made up for lost time and looked good doing it.

In the girls’ competition, Jemma Baldwin, Elise Dinehart, Jenesys Amores and Nat Gembicki were double winners.

Baldwin, 10, won the 50-meter freestyle in a best time 34.01, dropping 3.76 and 200-meter freestyle, also a best time 2:42.97, dropping an impressive 22.03. The 50- and 200-meter freestyle times were two of four new JO cuts over three days. She also had new cut times in the 400 freestyle and 100 freestyle.

Amores, 12, won the 50-meter freestyle in 31.91 and 50-meter backstroke in 37.60. She had new JO cuts in the 50 butterfly, 100 freestyle, 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke and 200 freestyle.

Dinehart, 12, won the 50-meter breaststroke in a best time 41.50, dropping 5.06 and 200-meter freestyle, another best time in 2:27.17 and whopping 22.72-second time drop. She posted JO cuts in the 400 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 100 breaststroke, 200 IM, 50 breaststroke, 50 freestyle and 200 freestyle.

Gembicki, 16, won the 50-meter freestyle in 29.65 and 200-meter freestyle in 2:18.90.

In the boys’ competition, Jose Rincon, Giorgio Rusconi, Javier Colmenares and Hashan Ekanayake were double winners.

Rincon, 12, won the 50-meter freestyle in a best time 30.46, dropping 6.72 and 100-meter butterfly in 1:13.77. He posted new JO cuts in the 400 freestyle, 50 butterfly, 50 backstroke, 100 freestyle in addition to the 50 freestyle and 100 butterfly.

Rusconi, 14, won the 50-meter breaststroke in 34.80 and 200-meter breaststroke in 2:50.25. He had new JO cuts in the 100 breaststroke and 200 breaststroke.

Colmenares, 14, won the 50-meter freestyle in a best time 25.96, dropping 4.60 and 100-meter butterfly in a best time 1:00.12, dropping 3.90. He had a new JO cut in the 50 freestyle.

Ekanayake, 14, won the 200-meter backstroke in a best time 2:28.11, dropping 8.82 and 200-meter freestyle in 2:09.69, dropping 6.90 seconds. He posted new JO cuts in the 400 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 50 freestyle, 200 backstroke and 200 freestyle.

The three-day meet was part of a holiday doubleheader at Academic Village Pool. It gave 114 SOFLO swimmers (64 boys and 50 girls) the opportunity to race long course, fine tune, improve times and make qualifying cuts for various meets.

Between sessions of the two meets, the always-entertaining SOFLO alum and coaches Jack Davies and Jessica Rodriguez came out of retirement briefly for a Battle of the Sexes. Davies just out-touched Rodriguez. “Almost had him,” Rodriguez wrote on social media.

All COVID-19 pandemic safety precautions were observed. The venue was not open to spectators. Face coverings were worn at all times within the venue. Only athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers were allowed on the pool deck.


50-meter breaststroke: 11-12: 1. Elise Dinehart 41.50, time drop 5.06, 2. Ainsley Miller 42.53, 3. Olivia Wilson 45.70, time drop 7.76.
13-14, 1. Fiorella Di Salvo 38.54, time drop 1.95, 2. Dahlia Hirsh 40.05, time drop 1.10, 3. Anjana Andapally 43.26, time drop 7.09.
15-18, 1. Sofia Osorio 44.96, time drop 1.35.

200-meter breaststroke: 13-14, 1. Isabella Perez 3:08.07, time drop 5.04, 2. Dahlia Hirsh 3:08.85, time drop 21.19, 3. Fiorella Di Salvo 3:16.30.
15-18, 1. Sally Golding 2:59.40, 2. Maria Legaspi 2:59.88, time drop 4.71, 3. Mariann Catalasan 3:00.30.
50-meter freestyle: 10-and-under, 1. Jemma Baldwin 34.01, time drop 3.76, 2. Christie Ann Lumsden 35.55, 3. Jianna Amores 35.68.
11-12, 1. Jenesys Amores 31.91, 2. Elise Dinehart 32.15, time drop 2.72, 3. Lydia Smutny 32.28, time drop 2.72.
13-14, 1. Katelyn Gembicki 30.71, 2. Dahlia Hirsh 30.86, time drop 2.97, 3. Genesis Escobar 31.44, time drop 1.71.
15-and-over, 1. Nat Gembicki 29.65, 2. JennaMarie Brames 30.98.

100-meter butterfly: 11-12, 1. Amanda Grubbs 1:14.29, 2. Lydia Smutny 1:14.78, time drop 10.97, 3. Mackenzie McPherson 1:24.17.
13-14, 1. Gabriella DeLuna 1:09.58, 2. Isabella Montes 1:15.72, 3. Sarah Vasquez 1:18.66, time drop 18.28.
15-18, 1. Michelle Marinheiro 1:10.81, 2. Sally Golding 1:12.29, 3. Lucy Smutny 1:14.09.

50-meter backstroke: 11-12, 1. Jenesys Amores 37.60, 2. Alexandra Strong 38.36, time drop 2.88, 3. Amanda Grubbs 38.50.
13-14, 1. Pilar Duranti 36.51, time drop 5.67, 2. Sarah Bedoya 38.36, time drop 3.96, 3. Kaylee Del Rio 41.84.

200-meter backstroke: 13-14, 1. Gabriella DeLuna 2:38.56, 2. Fiorella Di Salvo 2:40.15, 3. Izzy Wilson 2:41.28, time drop 11.50.

200-meter freestyle: 10-and-under, 1. Jemma Baldwin 2:42.97, time drop 22.03, 2. Sofia Rodriguez 2:48.06, 3. Jianna Amores 2:50.76.
11-12, 1. Elise Dinehart 2:27.17, time drop 22.72, 2. Jenesys Amores 2:29.72, 3. Lydia Smutny 2:31.11, time drop 14.41.
13-14, 1. Izzy Wilson 2:22.26, 2. Amelie Bicerne 2:26.73, time drop 4.08, 3. Sarah Vasquez 2:27.10, time drop 7.28.
15-and-over, 1. Nat Gembicki 2:18.90, 2. Lucy Smutny 2:19.56, 3. Michelle Marinheiro 2:19.63.

50-meter breaststroke: 11-12, 1. Joshua Menezes 40.87, time drop 3.41, 2. Ryan Harries 40.92, time drop 3.55, 3. Connor Jimenez 41.69, time drop 6.52.
13-14, 1. Giorgio Rusconi 34.80, 2. Felipe Rodriguez 37.24, 3. Nicholas Pelaez 38.79, time drop 6.10.
15-18, 1. Vinay Gurnani 35.22, 2. Sebasti Fernandez 38.30, time drop 5.63, 3. Giovanni Otrello 39.73.

200-meter breaststroke: 13-14, 1. Giorgio Rusconi 2:50.25, 2. Felix Gonzalez 2:51.42, 3. Ethan McPeek 2:58.78.
15-18, 1. Manuel Melendez 2:37.99, time drop 5.91, 2. Alan Bertea 2:51.89, 3. Zackary Harris 2:52.42.

50-meter freestyle: 10-and-under, 1. Eric Ferrer 34.13, time drop 13.39, 2. Guillermo Mantilla 34.16, time drop 9.89, 3. Noah Mejias 35.88.
11-12, 1. Jose Rincon 30.46, 2. Connor Jimenez 31.25, time drop 0.51, 3. Ryan Harries 31.76, time drop 5.64.
13-14, 1. Javier Colmenares 25.96, time drop 4.60, 2. Hashan Ekanayake 27.85, time drop 2.98, 3. Luca Hincapie 27.90, time drop 3.08.
15-and-over, 1. Michael Arias 25.30, 2. Robert Wilson 27.08, 3. Enrique Rodriguez 27.37, time drop 1.65.

100-meter butterfly: 11-12, 1. Jose Rincon 1:13.77, 2. Juan Vallmitjana 1:13.79, time drop 11.12, 3. David Valdiviezo 1:26.25.
13-14, 1. Javier Colmenares 1:00.12, time drop 3.90, 2. Luca Hincapie 1:06.54, time drop 12.46, 3. Jaden Amores 1:07.49, time drop 16.24.
15-18, 1. Adrian Hernandez 1:02.99, time drop 1.06, 2. Brennan Binder 1:03.80, 3. Christian Tijero 1:04.81, time drop 1.96.

50-meter backstroke: 11-12, 1. Connor Jimenez 35.89, time drop 0.37, 2. Jose Rincon 36.57, time drop 8.42, 3. Maximilliano Remmele 38.35.
13-14, 1. Matt McVeigh 35.70, time drop 4.40, 2. Benjamin Kim 36.17, time drop 2.51, 3. Mason Jimenez 37.40, time drop 6.12.
15-18, 1. Diego Nazario-Vazquez 31.60, time drop 3.24, 2. Zackary Harris 31.78, time drop 0.78, 3. Nico Rossi 33.85, time drop 6.22.

200-meter backstroke: 13-14, 1. Hashan Ekanayake 2:28.11, time drop 8.82, 2. Andres Tejada 2:32.00, 3. Jaden Amores 2:33.67.
15-18, 1. Enrique Rodriguez 2:24.52, 2. Nathaniel Garrick 2:30.31, time drop 2.88, 3. Zackary Harris 2:40.73.

200-meter freestyle: 10-and-under, 1. Noah Mejias 2:44.84, 2. Eric Ferrer 2:45.05, 3. Guillermo Mantilla 2:52.52.
11-12, 1. Juan Vallmitjana 2:15.90, time drop 13.31, 2. Joshua Menezes 2:31.01, time drop 21.71, 3. Martin Petkov 2:44.92.
13-14, 1. Hashan Ekanayake 2:09.69, time drop 6.90, 2. Luca Hincapie 2:15.95, time drop 18.47, 3. Jaden Amores 2:16.00.
15-and-over, 1. Ivan Grass 2:06.36, time drop 9.15, 2. Adrian Hernandez 2:07.20, time drop 0.54, 3. Manuel Melendez 2:08.10, time drop 15.30.

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