Heron, Capote Play Role In Pembroke Pines Charter History; Chiles, Creekside Win State 3A Team Titles

By Sharon Robb

November 8, 2014—Pembroke Pines Charter, coached by South Florida Aquatic Club age group coach Rose Lockie, turned in its finest state meet appearance with several outstanding swims Saturday night at the FHSAA State 3A Swimming and Diving Championships.

On a rainy night at the Sailfish Splashpark Aquatic Athletics Center in Stuart, the boys and girls both finished among the Top 20 teams in a field of 46.

The boys team placed 13th with 65 points and girls team was 17th with 45 points and was top girls team finisher among Broward County teams.

Pembroke Pines Charter freshman Kelley Heron, making her state meet debut, made championship finals in the 200-yard individual medley and 100-yard backstroke.

Heron, the youngest swimmer in the final, was fifth in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:08.54 after going a best time 2:08.03 in prelims. Heron was also sixth in the 100-yard backstroke in 59.44 after going a best time 58.28 in prelims.

Heron also led off the 400-yard freestyle relay that won the “B” final, placing ninth overall in 3:43.57 along with teammates Andrea Melendez, Lilli Carlo and Victoria Hill.

“I never expected to make state, so when I got here I wanted to have fun and enjoy it,” Heron said. “I am really excited. I didn’t think I would do this well. I am really happy.

“Because I am a freshman I didn’t feel as much pressure as the older swimmers,” Heron said. “I wasn’t thinking about top three or finals. I am more happy with my morning swims. This definitely gives me experience for the next three years.”

Pembroke Pines Charter junior Ryan Capote, competing in his second state meet, finished eighth in the 100-yard freestyle in 48.23 after going a best time 47.48 in prelims. Capote was also 11th in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:44.41 after going a best time 1:44.34 in prelims.

Capote also led off the sixth-place 400-yard freestyle relay that finished in 3:16.57 with teammates Juan Lucas, Matthew Menocal and Andres Lares.

“I felt good tonight,” Capote said. “I wish I had done a little better in my back-end kick. I knew the 100 would be tough with the Marcoux brothers, they are really great swimmers.

“I came here ready to swim and have fun,” Capote said. “I am pretty happy about my swimming. I had best times.”

The SOFLO Florida Gold Coast club team has been a strong feeder support system for Pembroke Pines Charter, one of the most improved 3A teams in the state.

“Rose Lockie should be commended for the job she has done with that team,” SOFLO head coach Chris Anderson said. “By far that is our best state showing overall, it’s the best they have ever been.

“I am very happy with Kelley and Ryan,” Anderson added. “They are really starting to establish themselves as far as being high school competitors. The fact they made their first finals and went best times is extremely positive for them. It was a very, very successful weekend for SOFLO overall.”

SOFLO teammates Alfredo Mesa (27.28 split) and Jordan Colon (22.61 split) of Mater Academy were eighth in the 200-yard medley relay that finished in 1:41.42.

Broward County picked up two more individual state champions in the second of four state meets held over back-to-back weekends.

Fort Lauderdale junior Raphael Marcoux won the 50-yard freestyle in 20.61 and 100-yard freestyle in 45.17. His younger brother, Philippe was second in 46.18. The brothers were also members of the Flying L’s second place 200-yard freestyle relay that finished in 1:27.55 with teammates Tyler Zuyus and James Dika.

Tallahassee Chiles captured the girls team title with 234.5 points ahead of Gulf Coast with 212. Pembroke Pines Charter was the top Broward girls finisher (17th) with 45 points ahead of rival Fort Lauderdale by one point.

In the boys competition, St. John’s Creekside knocked off defending champion Miami Belen Jesuit, 190-181.5. Belen had won seven state titles including its first last year as a 3A team.

Fort Lauderdale was the top Broward boys finisher placing seventh with 104 points.

Chiles swept the 1-meter springboard diving titles with Chase Lane and Allison Greene winning.


1. Tallahassee Chiles 234.5, 2. Gulf Coast 212, 3. Creekside 175, 4. Gainesville 159, 6. Lakewood Ranch 117, 8. Martin County 81, 17. Pembroke Pines Charter 45, 18. Fort Lauderdale 44, 27. Northeast 23, 35. Hollywood Hills 11.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Creekside 1:49.07 (Abigail Ellis, Dani Gordon, Lauren Trummel, Kate Revels), 2. Gainesville 1:49.35, 3. Osceola 1:50.31.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Alena Kraus, Gainesville 1:49.81, 2. Kendall Brent, Fort Myers 1:50.20, 3. Hannah Burdge, Martin County 1:52.32.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Hannah Burns, COL 1:59.92, 2. Kayla Tennant, GC 2:04.94, 3. Grace Patrice, VEN 2:05.83; SOFLO: 5. Kelley Heron, PPC 2:08.54.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Taylor Anderson, MIT 23.00, 2. Osianna McReed, NE 23.96, 3. Hannah Kendall, WH 24.05.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Kayla Tennant, GC 54.09, 2. Madison Jean, LR 54.27, 3. Marlena Pigliacampi, SEA 56.67.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Elise Haan, GC 49.19, 2. Taylor Anderson, MIT 50.98, 3. Alena Kraus, Gainesville 51.05.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Hannah Burns, COL 4:46.68, 2. Kendall Brent, FM 4:50.69, 3. Makayla Ayers, CHI 4:58.86; SOFLO: 18. Lilli Calero, PPC 5:17.71.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Gulf Coast 1:37.69 (Alexis Simpson, Nore Gillen, Kayla Tennant, Elise Haan), 2. Creekside 1:39.55, 3. Chiles 1:40.47.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Elise Haan, GC 52.60, 2. Maddy Conway, WR 56.67, 3. Clair Kercheval-Roig, LEON 57.20; SOFLO: 6. Kelley Heron, PPC 59.44, 20. Liz Travieso, MA 1:02.57.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Dani Gordon, CREEK 1:03.88, 2. Morgan Ayers, CHI 1:05.51, 3. Savannah Sawyers, OSC 1:05.97.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Gulf Coast 3:30.05 (Alexis Simpson, Kayla Tennant, Niki Fistrovic, Elise Haan), 2. Gainesville 3:34.40, 3. Lakewood Ranch 3:34.92; SOFLO: 9. Pembroke Pines Charter 3:43.57 (Kelley Heron, Andrea Melendez, Lilli Calero, Victoria Hill), 13. Mater Academy 3:47.38 (Liz Travieso, Loana Nardoni, Nataly Jimenez, Vanessa Mesa).

1-meter diving: 1. Allison Greene, Chiles 446.65, 2. Abby Howell, ER 436.00, 3. Amber Brickery, OSC 416.30.


1. Gainesville 190, 2. Miami Belen 181.5, 3. Gainesville 169, 4. Tallahassee Chiles 127, 5. Fleming 125, 7. Fort Lauderdale 104, 11. Mater Academy 81, 13. Pembroke Pines Charter 65, 33. Martin County 13.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Belen Prep 1:36.11 (Alejandro Carriazo, Bernardo Lima, Max Garcia del Pozo, Daniel Simpson), 2. Gainesville 1:36.97, 3. Creekside 1:38.68; SOFLO: 8. Mater Academy 1:41.42 (Alfredo Mesa, Julio Horrego, Jose Llanio, Jordan Colon).

200-yard freestyle: 1. Luke Hanner, LR 1:39.03, 2. Seth Borgert, GAIN 1:39.90, 3. Hans Schroeder, CHAR 1:40.10; SOFLO: 11. Ryan Capote, PPC 1:44.41, 12. Jordan Colon, MA 1:46.14.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Marco Leo, Barron 1:52.99, 2. Matt Pelton, VEN 1:53.40, 3. Daniel Orcutt, FWB 1:54.04; SOFLO: 17. Juan Lucas, PPC 2:01.69, 20. Bruno Berti, PPC 2:04.36.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Raphael Marcoux, FTL 20.61, 2. Peyton Lee, LR 21.17, 3. Ryan Walker, BR 21.55.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Nicholas Loomis, STA 49.43, 2. Nick Hackett, FI 49.48, 3. Gian Garcia, CREEK 49.69.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Raphael Marcoux, FTL 45.17, 2. Philippe Marcoux, FTL 46.18, 3. Harrison Howerton, BT 46.62; SOFLO: 8. Ryan Capote, PPC 48.23.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Daniel Erlenmeyer, LR 4:27.76, 2. Seth Borgert, GAIN 4:33.70, 3. Eric Geunes, GAIN 4:35.92.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Creekside 1:26.72 (Gian Garcia, Owen Wheeler, Carter Strickland, Zach Burke), 2. Fort Lauderdale 1:27.55, 3. Fleming Island 1:28.36; SOFLO: 14. Pembroke Pins Charter 1:33.70 (Stephen Duhaney, Nikolas Ujueta, Noah Hernandez, Bruno Berti).

100-yard backstroke: 1. Hans Schroeder, CHAR 51.06, 2. Nicholas Loomis, STA 51.59, 3. Alejandro Carriazo, BP 52.12; SOFLO: 11. Juan Lucas, PPC 55.16.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Julio Horrego, MA 57.32, 2. Gian Garcia, CREEK 57.96, 2. Al Madden, JB 58.27; SOFLO: 12. Jordan Colon, MA 1:01.31.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Gainesville 3:09.67 (Seth Borgert, Josh Quillen, Eric Geunes, Brandon Parramore), 2. Creekside 3:11.00, 3. Fleming Island 3:11.49; SOFLO: 6. Pembroke Pines Charter 3:16.57 (Ryan Capote, Juan Lucas, Matthew Menocal, Andres Lares).

1-meter diving: 1. Chase Lane, Chiles 485.05, 2. Jake Servaites, SEB 401.75, 3. Joshua Morehouse, NE 384.20.

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SOFLO’s Colon, Perez, Travieso, Mesa Win District 12-3A Titles; Terra, Belen Win Team Titles

By Sharon Robb

October 24, 2014—South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers continued to dominate district competition Friday at the District 12-3A Swimming and Diving Championships in Miami.

Delanie Perez of Goleman was a double winner. She won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:20.74 and 100-yard breaststroke in 1:11.95.

Vanessa Mesa of Mater Academy was a member of the winning 200-yard medley relay along with SOFLO teammate Liz Travieso, winning in 2:01.75 and anchored the winning 400-yard freestyle relay again with Travieso to win in 3:51.24.

Mesa was also second in the 50-yard freestyle in 26.08 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:31.06.

Liz Travieso won the 100-yard backstroke in 1:04.86 and was third in the 50-yard freestyle in 26.47.

Jordon Colon of Mater Academy won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:47.68 and was second in the 100-yard breaststroke behind teammate Julio Horrego in 1:02.70.

Alfredo Mesa was a member of the 400-yard freestyle relay and Colon led off to win in 3:20.79. Mesa and Colon were also members of the runner-up 200-yard medley relay.

Mesa was third in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:51.26 and fourth in the 100-yard butterfly in 56.15.

“SOFLO high school swimmers are kicking the high school state series off smart and strong and achieving best times and advancing into regions without tech suits,” SOFLO coach Chris Anderson said.

Terra Institute of Miami won the girls team title with 478 points. Mater Academy was runner-up with 443.

Miami Belen Jesuit defended its title with 455 points. Terra Institute was second in 382 and Mater Academy was third with 322.


1. Terra Institute of Miami 478, 2. Mater Academy 443, 3. Mourning 300, 4. Hialeah American 235, 5. Goleman 111, 6. Hialeah-Miami Lakes 42.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Mater 2:01.75 (Liz Travieso, Dayme Delgado, Vanessa Mesa, Nataly Jimenez), 2. Hialeah American 2:06.09, 3. Terra Institute 2:13.65.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Maria Perez, HML 2:01.66, 2. Julia Talamo, TERR 2:02.82, 3. Nataly Jimenez, MA 2:13.35.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Delanie Perez, GOLE 2:20.74, 2. Loana Nardoni, MA 2:25.97, 3. Cristina Vale, TERR 2:35.99.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Omaira German, AMER 26.07, 2. Vanessa Mesa, MA 26.08, 3. Liz Travieso, MA 26.47.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Julia Talamo, TERR 1:02.08, 2. Omaira German, AER 1:02.26, 3. Ana Kondratovitch, MA 1:03.26.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Nataly Jimenez, MA 56.81, 2. Genesis Pabon, AMER 1:01.90, 3. Karen Perez, MA 1:02.36.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Maria Perez, HML 5:25.64, 2. Vanessa Mesa, MA 5:31.06, 3. Sofia Rodriguez, TERR 5:40.00.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Terra Institute 1:49.33 (Julia Talamo, Sofia Rodriguez, Catarina Vale, Cristina Vale), 2. Mater 1:54.36, 3. Hialeah American 1:56.34.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Liz Travieso, MA 1:04.86, 2. Ana Kondratovitch, MA 1:06.81, 3. Loana Nardoni, MA 1:08.28.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Delanie Perez, GOLE 1:11.95, 2. Cristina Vale, TERR 1:18.02, 3. Dayme Delgado, MA 1:22.45.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Mater 3:51.24 (Nataly Jimenez, Loana Nardoni, Liz Travieso, Vanessa Mesa), 2. Terra Institute 4:07.30, 3. Mourning 4:28.85.


1. Miami Belen Jesuit 455, 2. Terra Institute 382, 3. Mater Academy 322, 4. Mourning 320, 5. Goleman 174, 6. Hialeah American 75, 7. Hialeah-Miami Lakes 54.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Belen 1:41.90 (Alejandro Carriazo, Bernardo Lima, Max Garcia-del Pozo, Daniel Simpson), 2. Mater 1:42.55 (Alfredo Mesa, Julio Horrego, Jose Llanio, Jordon Colon), 3. Mourning 1:56.22.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Jordan Colon, MA 1:47.68, 2. Miguel Basalo, BEL 1:50.25, 3. Alfredo Mesa, MA 1:51.26.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Julio Horrego, MA 2:02.41, 2. Bernardo Lima, BEL 2:06.46, 3. Michael Limia, BEL 2:07.94.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Antonio Perez, HML 22.46, 2. Daniel Simpson, BEL 23.35, 3. Brian Nguyen, TERR 24.04; SOFLO: 11. Bryan Moran, HML 26.02; SOFLO: 11. Bryan Moran, HML 26.02.

1-meter diving: 1. Javier Saumell, BEL 291.25, 2. Jonathan Rub, MOU 256.30.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Alejandro Carriazo, BEL 51.87, 2. Antonio Perez, HML 53.20, 3. Max Garcia-del Pozo, BEL 53.48; SOFLO: 4. Alfredo Mesa, MA 56.15.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Christian Fowler, BEL 52.46, 2. Brian Nguyen, TERR 54.12, 3. Maurizio Pascual, TERR 54.45.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Miguel Basalo, BEL 4:50.52, 2. Rafael Mora, AMER 5:02.36, 3. David Llanio, MA 5:14.34.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Belen 1:35.66, 2. Terra 1:39.90, 3. Mourning 1:44.85.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Alejandro Carriazo, BEL 54.71, 2. Osmel Cereijo, MA 1:01.29, 3. Hugo Marin, BEL 1:02.63.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Julio Horrego, MA 1:00.30, 2. Jordan Colon, MA 1:02.70, 3. Bernardo Lima, BEL 1:02.79.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Mater 3:20.79 (Jordan Colon, Alfredo Mesa, Jose Llanio, Julio Horrego), 2. Belen 3:21.17, 3. Terra 3:41.24.

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SOFLO’s Colon, Mesa, Travieso Win For Mater Academy Against Westminster Academy

SOFLO’s Colon, Mesa, Travieso Win For Mater Academy Against Westminster Academy

By Sharon Robb

September 26, 2014—South Florida Aquatic Club swimmers continue to make an impact in high school swimming.

SOFLO’s Jordan Colon, Alfredo Mesa, Vanessa Mesa and Liz Travieso all came up big in their events against Westminster Academy on Friday in Fort Lauderdale.

In one of the closer Broward Miami-Dade high school dual meets, Westminster Academy swept Mater Academy.

Host Westminster Academy won the girls meet, 150-135, behind double winners Elizabeth Zubero and Jessica Nava, and the boys meet, 160-109 behind double winner Jason Woodburn.

Travieso and Vanessa Mesa each won an individual girls event. Travieso won the 50-yard freestyle in 27.12 and was second in the 100-yard backstroke in 1:06.44.

Mesa won the 100-yard freestyle in 59.05 and was second in the 50-yard freestyle in 27.24.

Colon and Alfredo Mesa were double winners for the Mater Academy boys.

Colon won the 200-yard individual in 2:04.78 and 100-yard breaststroke in 1:03.04, both by wide margins.

Mesa won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:54.04 and 500-yard freestyle in 5:13.44.


Westminster Academy 150, Mater 135


200-yard medley relay: 1. Mater 2:03.74, 2. Westminster Academy “A” 2:04.05, 3. Westminster Academy “B” 2:09.41.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Elizabeth Zubero, WA 2:00.98, 2. Nataly Jimenez, MAT 2:13.96, 3. Karen Perez, MAT 2:22.22.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Jessica Nava, WA 2:24.24, 2. Loana Nardoni, MAT 2:30.98, 3. Amanda Wood, WA 2:38.96.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Liz Travieso, MAT 27.12, 2. Vanessa Mesa, MAT 27.24, 3. Naomi Sanders, WA 29.06.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Sara Morales, MAT 1:08.50, 2. Agustina Nardoni, MAT 1:09.56, 3. Koral Lastella, WA 1:10.11.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Vanessa Mesa, MAT 59.05, 2. Ashley Tan, CSCA 1:02.63, 3. Ana Kondratovitch, MAT 1:02.64.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Elizabeth Zubero, Westminster Academy 5:19.74, 2. Nataly Jimenez, MAT 5:44.73, 3. Agustina Nardoni, MAT 6:09.78.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Westminster Academy 1:49.41, 2. Mater “A” 1:55.24, 3. Mater “B” 2:10.38.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Jessica Nava, Westminster Academy 1:04.00, 2. Liz Travieso, MAT 1:06.44, 3. Ashley Tan, CSC 1:09.73.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Mary-Elizabeth Mahoney, WA 1:19.16, 2. Dayme Delgado, MAT 1:23.47, 3. Ana Kondratovitch, MAT 1:25.01.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Mater 4:02.66, 2. Westminster Academy “A” 4:29.43, 3. Westminster Academy “B” 5:40.17.

1-meter springboard diving: 1. Johanna Holloway, WA 267.00, 2. Karin Sastre, WA 168.30.


Westminster Academy 160, Mater 109


200-yard medley relay: 1. Mater “A” 1:48.73, 2. Westminster Academy 1:52.80, 3. Mater “B” 2:15.59.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Alfredo Mesa, MAT 1:54.04, 2. David Llanio, MAT 2:03.32, 3. Adam Waters, WA 2:22.55.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Jordan Colon, MAT 2:04.78, 2. Chase Perry, WA 2:30.29, 3. Liam Timana, MAT 2:45.93.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Jason Woodburn, WA 22.71, 2. Peter Jones, WA 25.62, 3. Alejandro Landivar, MAT 28.41.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Jason Woodburn, WA 57.15, 2. Jose Llanio, MAT 57.22, 3. Christian Henderson, WA 1:10.55.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Chase Perry, WA 56.11, 2. Will Scasserra, WA 1:04.62, 3. Peter Jones, WA 1:05.98.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Alfredo Mesa, MAT 5:13.44, 2. David Llanio, MAT 5:15.21, 3. Christian Henderson, WA 5:55.95.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Westminster Academy “A” 1:47.50, 2. Westminster Academy “B” 1:56.68, 3. Mater 1:57.70.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Jose Llanio, MAT 1:01.20, 2. James Sparks, WA 1:09.96, 3. Adam Warters, WA 1:16.94.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Jordan Colon, Mater 1:03.04, 2. Will Scasserra, WA 1:14.28, 3. Trent Shaw, WA 1:28.24.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Mater 3:32.62, 2. Westminster Academy “A” 3:45.91, 3. Westminster Academy “B” 5:26.74.

1-meter springboard diving: 1. Alex Warters, WA 280.93, 2. Blake Shaw, WA 143.73.

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SOFLO Swimmers Take Silver, Bronze On Day One Of Speedo Zone Sectional Championships

SOFLO Swimmers Take Silver, Bronze On Day One Of Speedo Zone Sectional Championships

By Sharon Robb

July 10, 2014—South Florida Aquatic Club took silver in a women’s relay and bronze in an individual event to finish second among the women’s field on opening night of the Speedo Champions Series Southern Zone South Sectional Championships at the Orlando YMCA.

The 200-meter medley relay team of Marcella Marinheiro, three-time Olympian Alia Atkinson, Maria Lopez and Olivia Katcher was second in 1:59.09, just behind T2 Aquatics relay of Elise Haan, Justine Bowker, Kayla Tennant and Abigail Garner in 1:58.57.

Melissa Marinheiro, 17, was third in the 1500-meter freestyle in 17:06.27. Jessica Thielmann, 20, of Gainesville Swim Club won the event in a best time 16:15.74, bettering her previous best of 16:19.92.

SOFLO teammate Kylie Herman, 16, posted a best time of 18:18.40 in the 1500, shaving 4.01 seconds off her previous best of 18:22.41. Amber Hunter posted best times on her relay splits of 29.99 in the butterfly and 27.85 in the freestyle.

South Florida Aquatic Club’s women’s team is second with 86 points behind Scarlet Aquatics of New Jersey with 119. St. Andrew’s Swimming is third with 84.

“Our distance kids did what they needed to do to be successful, our girls relay performed well and our “B” relays were awesome,” SOFLO head coach Chris Anderson said. “Kylie had a solid swim and Alfredo and Amber had some great relay splits.

“We are very happy with our overall team experiences,” Anderson said. “There are some really great clubs here and we are just going to keep working hard. I felt we were successful tonight.”

Ronald Santos, 18, was SOFLO’s top men’s finisher and only point-scorer swimming a lifetime-best 8:31.80 in the 800-meter freestyle with huge time drop of 13.21 seconds off his previous best long course time of 8:45.01.

Santos has been training with SOFLO for the past three months at the suggestion of his former Indian River State College teammate Marc Rojas.

“I was pretty much mentally ready before the race,” Santos said. “I have been training hard for three months and mentally I have been happy with my training. I was ready to go.

“I was expecting a best time but I never experienced this much of a drop in long course. I have been putting in a lot of effort in my training and it paid off. I started the race well and finished well. This definitely gives me confidence for the 200, 400 and mile.”

SOFLO teammate Alfredo Mesa posted a best 50-meter freestyle split time of 25.34 on the relay.

After Day One, Scarlet Aquatics of New Jersey leads the combined (182) and women’s (119) team totals. Blue Dolfins lead the men’s team totals with 102.

The only other individual winner was Arthur Frayler, 20, in the 800 freestyle in 8:12.70.

Florida Gold Coast teams won three of the four relays.

Westminster Academy swept the men’s 200-meter medley (Daniel Robbins, Gregory Penny, Anthony Barbar, Logan Lassley) and 200-meter freestyle relays (Daniel Robbins, Logan Lassley, Anthony Barbar, Andrew Halliburton).

St. Andrew’s Swimming won the women’s 200-meter freestyle relay in 1:47.37 with Mckenna Keith, Brenna Ruth, Darby Goodwin and Megan Moroney.

Weather played havoc with the Central Florida meet. A major thunderstorm affected power and the meet was put on hold for 60 minutes.

The four-day meet continues on Friday. Prelims are 9 a.m. and finals are 5 p.m. Friday’s events are 200-meter freestyle, 100-meter breaststroke, 100-meter butterfly, 400-meter individual medley and 800-meter freestyle relay.

Florida Swim Network will be unable to live-stream the meet because there is no hard-wire Internet at the YMCA venue.


COMBINED TEAM TOTALS: 1. Scarlet Aquatics 182, 2. St. Andrew’s Swimming 174, 3. T2 Aquatics 125, 4. Tampa Bay Aquatics 116, 5. Blue Dolfins 106, 6. Gator Swim Club 92, 7. South Florida Aquatic Club 91, 8. Westminster Academy 88, 9. Swim Florida 68, 10. Dominican Republic 60.

MEN’S TEAM TOTALS: 1. Blue Dolfins 102, 2. St. Andrew’s Swimming 90, 3. tie, Westminster Academy , Tampa Bay Aquatics 80, 5. Scarlet Aquatics 63, 20. SOFLO 5.

WOMEN’S TEAM TOTALS: 1. Scarlet Aquatics 119, 2. South Florida Aquatic Club 86, 3. St. Andrew’s Swimming 84, 4. T2 Aquatics 66, 5. Golden Panther Aquatics 58.


1500-meter freestyle:

1. Jessica Thielmann, GSC 16:15.74, 2. Ariel Finke, SPA 16:51.86, 3. Melissa Marinheiro, SOFLO 17:06.27; SOFLO: 18. Kylie Herman 18:18.40, best time, 24. Kelley Heron 18:39.15.

200-meter medley relay:

1.T2 Aquatics 1:58.57, 2. South Florida Aquatic Club 1:59.09 (Marcella Marinheiro, Alia Atkinson, Maria Lopez, Olivia Katcher), 3. Trinity Prep Aquatics 1:59.47; 14. SOFLO “B” 2:07.05 (Kelley Heron,Jessica Rodriguez, Amber Hunter, Kathleen Golding).

200-meter freestyle relay:

1.St. Andrew’s Swimming 1:47.37, 2. Scarlet Aquatics 1:48.64, 3. Golden Panther Aquatics 1:48.91; 7. South Florida Aquatic Club 1:50.03 (Kathleen Golding, Alia Atkinson, Maria Lopez, Olivia Katcher), 14. South Florida Aquatic Club “B” 1:53.58 (Melissa Marinheiro, Marcella Marinheiro, Kelley Heron, Amber Hunter).


800-meter freestyle:

1.Arthur Frayler, GAAC 8:12.70, 2. Ryan Rosenbaum, Swim Fort Lauderdale 8:16.64, 3. Eric Stobbe, Scarlet Knights 8:19.75; SOFLO: 12. Ronald Santos 8:31.80, best time.

200-meter medley relay:

1.Westminster Academy Swimming 1:43.77, 2. Blue Dolfins 1:44.83, 3. St. Andrew’s Swimming 1:45.62, 18. South Florida Aquatic Club “A” 1:53.54 (Juan Lucas, Marc Rojas, Matthew Gonzalez, Ryan Capote), 25. South Florida Aquatic Club “B” 1:56.28 (Gustavo Valery, Jordan Colon, Ronald Santos, Ervin Marin).

200-meter freestyle relay:

1.Westminster Academy 1:33.80, 2. St. Andrew’s Swimming 1:33.93, 3. Blue Dolfins 1:35.24, 19. South Florida Aquatic Club 1:42.22 (Ryan Capote, Marc Rojas, Ronald Santos, Matthew Gonzalez); 22. South Florida Aquatic Club 1:44.08 (Gustavo Valery, Juan Lucas, Alfredo Mesa, Jordan Colon).

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com


SOFLO Swimmers Go The Distance On Friday At Lake Lytal

SOFLO Swimmers Go The Distance On Friday At Lake Lytal

By Sharon Robb

February 5, 2014

South Florida Aquatic Club will send a contingent of swimmers to West Palm Beach to compete Friday in the Lake Lytal Lightning 1650 Distance Challenge Meet.

The Florida Gold Coast meet has attracted distance swimmers from Plantation Swim Team, FLA, Swim Fort Lauderdale and SwimFast among others.

Swimmers will compete in one event, the 1,650-yard freestyle. It is a mixed gender event that will run fastest to slowest in ten lanes.

SOFLO swimmers entered to compete are: Kevin Porto, Alfredo Mesa, Vanessa Mesa and Sebastian Sierra.

The meet begins at 4 p.m. and final heat is expected to go off at 8 p.m.


What: Lake Lytal Lightning 1650 Distance Challenge Meet

When: Friday, 4 p.m., warm-up 3:30 p.m.

Where: Lake Lytal Family Aquatic Complex, 3640 Gun Club Road, West Palm Beach

Admission: Free. For information call team office at 561-310-4924.

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SOFLO’s Lucas, Colon, Calero, Capote, Mesa Make Top 16 At State 3A Meet

SOFLO’s Lucas, Colon, Calero, Capote, Mesa Make Top 16 At State 3A Meet

By Sharon Robb

November 16, 2013

Miami Belen Jesuit, making its debut in a new classification in the FHSAA State 3A Swimming and Diving Championships, won its seventh state boys title and second consecutive Friday night at the Sailfish Splash Water Park in Stuart.

The boys title came down to the final event, the 400-yard freestyle relay where Bolko De Pawlikowski anchored the winning relay to clinch the title.

Belen Jesuit won by nine points with 249 points ahead of Gainesville with 240 and Venice with 165.

“I was trying not to think about finishing first, just going fast,” De Pawlikowski said after the meet. “Whatever the outcome, I was going to be happy, but my teammates gave me a great start and I had enough left to win it.”

Those relay mates were Ryan Guso, Juan Perez Costa and Alejandro Carriazo that won in 3:09.55. Belen also won the 200-yard medley relay and finished second in the 200-yard freestyle.

De Pawlikowski, a senior, making his final state meet appearance, won the 100-yard backstroke in 50.13 and was fourth in the 500-yard freestyle in 4:30.73.

Tallahassee Chiles won the girls team title with 250 points. Fort Lauderdale was 15th with 53 points.

CeCe Williams of Chiles, Logan Samuelson of Fort Myers, Andrew Wojcik of Sebastian River and Danny Hartley of Jensen Beach each won two individual events to highlight 3A action.

Pembroke Pines Charter freshman Juan Lucas was 11th in the 100-yard backstroke overall and third in the “B” final in 54.86, duplicating his prelim time.

Lucas was also 24th in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:49.28.

Pembroke Pines Charter sophomore Lilli Calero was 16th in the 500-yard freestyle in 5:23.55.

Alfredo Mesa, a freshman, led off and Jordan Colon anchored Mater Academy’s 15th place 200-yard medley relay that finished in 1:44.50.

Colon led off and Mesa swam the third leg of the 15th place 400-yard freestyle relay that finished in 3:24.92.

Colon, a junior, was 11th in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:01.26, faster than his prelim time of 1:01.39 and was also 14th in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:00.67, faster than his prelim time of 2:01.16.

American High sophomore Ryan Capote was 11th in the 100-yard freestyle in 48.36, slower than his prelim time of 48.05 and 15th in the 50-yard freestyle in 22.37, slower than his prelim time of 22.11.



1.Chiles 250, 2. Gulf Coast 220, 3. Niceville 144, 4. Osceola 132, 5. St. Petersburg Northeast 121, 6. Gainesville 116, 7. Creekside 114, 8. Fleming Island 108, 9. Columbia 107, 10. Lakewood Ranch 92, 11. Martin County 87, 15. Fort Lauderdale 53, 16. Forest Hill 46, 32. Oakland Park Northeast 14, 45. Pembroke Pines Charter 1.


1-meter diving: 1. Caylie Hirapara, AC 428.85, 2. Alex Martorana, FI 416.70, 3. Abigail Howell, ER 413.40.

200-yard medley relay: 1. Gulf Coast 1:46.26, AA-C, 2. Columbia 1:49.70, 3. Creekside 1:50.38.

200-yard freestyle: 1. CeCe Williams, CHI 1:47.31, AA-A, 2. Hannah James, CHAR 1:49.46, AA-C, 3. Alexander Wittman, OS 1:49.58, AA-C, 7. Chloe Adams, FTL 1:55.66.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Hannah Burns, COL 2:00.95, AA-A, 2. Meghan Haila, CR 2:04.16, AA-C, 3. Kayla Tennant, GC 2:06.90.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Taylor Anderson, MIT 23.39, AA-A, 2. Elise Haan, GC 23.55, AA-C, 3. Caitlin Myers, NICE 24.02, 10. Fatimah Westbrook, FTL 24.61.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Kayla Tennant, GC 55.39, AA-C, 2. Madison Jean, LR 55.47, AA-C, 3. Hannah James, CHAR 55.58, AA-C .

100-yard freestyle: 1. Delaney Barnard, CHI 51.02, AA-C, 2. Hannah Bridge, MC 51.80, 3. Caitlin Myers, NICE 52.75, 5. Chloe Adams, FTL 53.04.

500-yard freestyle: 1. CeCe Williams, CHI 4:45.67, AA-A, 2. Hannah Burns, COL 4:48.99, AA-A, 3. Kendall Brent, FTM 4:50.95, AA-A, 16. Lilli Calero, PPC 5:23.55.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Chiles 1:37.71, AA-C, 2. Gainesville 1:38.64, 3. Fleming Island 1:39.89.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Elise Haan, GC 53.22, AA-A, 2. Julie Suarez, FH 55.58, AA-C, 3. Lindsay Lee, COL 57.46.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Meghan Haila, CR 1:02.73, AA-A, 2. Dani Gordon, CR 1:04.88, AA-C, 3. Sydney Simpson, LIN 1:05.43, 7. Fatimah Westbrook, FTL 1:08.53.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Chiles 3:30.77, AA-C, 2. Gulf Coast 3:32.82, AA-C, 3. Niceville 3:33.56, 13. Fort Lauderdale 3:44.25 (Morgan Meadows, Adrienne Aponte, Fatimah Westbook, Chloe Adams).


1.Miami Belen Jesuit 249, 2. Gainesville 240, 3. Venice 165, 4. Lakewood Ranch 159, 5. Sebastian River 124, 6. Charlotte 120, 7. Jensen Beach 106, 8. Winter Haven 75, 9. Bartram Trail 74, 10. Niceville 73, 15. Fort Lauderdale 53, 17. Pace 49, 19. Mater 45, 36. American 8, 40. Pembroke Pines Charter 6, 45. Martin County 2.


200-yard medley relay: 1. Belen Jesuit 1:34.95, AA-C (Boleck De Pawlikowski, Manuel Lopez, Alejandro Carriazo, Ryan Guso), 2. Gainesville 1:35.83, AA-C, 3. Sebastian River 1:37.37.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Logan Samuelson, FTM 1:38.58, AA-A, 2. Calvin Bryant, OSC 1:39.37, AA-C, 3. Jonathan Ratliff, MOS 1:39.74, AA-C.

200-yard individual medley: 1. Andrew Wojcik, SR 1:53.17, AA-C, 2. Marco Leo, BC 1:53.65, 3. Peyton Leeson, VEN 1:53.84, 7. Manuel Lopez, BJ 1:57.67, 9. Julio Horrego,, MA 1:57.88, 14. Jordon Colon, MA 2:00.67.

50-yard freestyle: 1. Danny Hartley, JB 20.73, AA-A, 2. Nathaniel Thomas, PACE 20.95, AA-C, 3. Ryan Guso, BJ 21.20, 4. Raphael Marcoux, FTL 21.22, 15. Ryan Capote, AH 22.37.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Danny Hartley, JB 49.57, AA-A, 2. Jonathan Ratliff, MOS 49.83, AA-C, 3. Aleja Carriazo, BJ 50.82, 11. Max Garcia del Pozo, BJ 53.39, 14. Ian Vicnansky, FTL 53.63, 15. Jose Llanio, MA 53.75.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Nathaniel Thomas, PACE 45.91, AA-C, 2. Cameron Guy, GAI 47.15, 3. John Hutton, FI 47.65, 7. Raphael Marcoux, FTL 48.15, 9. Juan Perez Costa, BJ 47.90.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Logan Samuelson, FTM 4:22.77, AA-A, 2. Calvin Bryant, OSC 4:23.47, AA-A, 3. Rafael Davila, GAI 4:30.46, AA-C, 4. Bolko De Pawlikowski, BJ 4:30.73, AA-C.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Venice 1:27.35, 2. Belen Jesuit 1:27.79 (Juan Perez Costa, Ryan Guso, Max Garcia Del Pozo, Daniel Simpson), 3. Gainesville 1:28.64.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Bolko De Pawlikowski, BJ50.13, AA-A, 2. Erin Erlenmeyer, LR 52.39, 3. Harrison Howerton, BT 52.44, 5. Alejandro Carriazo, BJ 53.63, 11. Juan Lucas, PPC 54.86, 12. Juan Perez Costa, BJ 55.13.

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Andrew Wojcik, SR 56.77, AA-A, 2. Julio Horrego, MA 58.21, 3. I.V. Simons, WH 58.55, 4. Manuel Lopez, BJ 59.30, 10. Bernardo Lima, BJ 1:00.91, 11. Jordan Colon, MA 1:01.26.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Belen Jesuit 3:09.55, AA-C (Ryan Guso, Juan Perez Costa, Alejandro Carriazao, Boleck DePawlikowski), 2. Venice 3:09.57, AA-C, 3. Gainesville 3:11.17, 8. Fort Lauderdale 3:18.40 (Philippe Marcoux, Ian Vicnansky, James Dika, Raphael Marcoux), 15. Mater Academy 3:24.92 (Jordon Colon, Jose Llanio, Alfredo Mesa, Julio Horrego).

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SOFLO’s Colon, Mesa Shine In High School Meet

SOFLO’s Colon, Mesa Shine In High School Meet


September 20, 2013

Jordan Colon and Alfredo Mesa of South Florida Aquatic Club are enjoying success during the first month of the high school season in Miami-Dade County.

Colon, a top age group swimmer in the Florida Gold Coast, is coming off a successful summer of swimming and shows no signs of letting up for his high school team, Mater Academy.

In a recent meet against Doral Academy and St. Brendan, Colon won the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:04.02.

Colon was also second in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:06.53, just behind St. Brendan’s Wayne Denswil, who competed for Suriname at the recent FINA Junior World Championships in Dubai.

Colon was a member of the winning 200-yard medley relay (1:45.33) along with Mesa, a freshman, making his high school swimming debut. Jose Llanio of Metro Aquatics and Julio Horrego of Hialeah Storm were also relay members.

Parents, coaches and swimmers are welcome to e-mail high school results and information for the weekly high school stories.

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