HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE SWIMMING NOTEBOOK: Jerew, Virgin Commit; Nick Dworet Stroke Clinic Coming Up; Bolles Coach Stepping Down

By Sharon Robb

September 11, 2108—Two top high school and club swimmers, Hannah Virgin and Hailey Jerew, have made verbal college commitments.

Jerew of AquaKids Sharks and recent USA Swimming Futures champion in the 50-meter freestyle, verbally committed to Florida Gulf Coast.

Jerew, a senior at Cutler Bay Academy, a Class 1A school. She is a U.S Open qualifier in the 50-meter freestyle and has a junior national cut in the 100-meter breaststroke. She was a seven-time finalist at the Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships in March.

Florida Gulf Coast won its fourth straight and ninth overall CCSA crown last season. Jerew is expected to compete in the sprint and breaststroke events in college.

Hannah Virgin, a two-time defending state 1A champion in the 100-yard breaststroke at Pine Crest, verbally committed to Virginia Tech. She won a state title as a sophomore in 1:04.06 and junior in 1:03.89.

Virgin competes year-round with Pine Crest. As a club swimmer, Virgin has a U.S. Open time standard in the 100 breaststroke. She competed in both breaststroke events and 200 individual medley at the 2017 Speedo Winter Juniors East meet.

At the Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships in 2017, she won the 200 breast (2:15.53) and was the runner-up in the 100 (1:04.65). She has dual citizenship competes for Sweden internationally. She is a Swedish age group championship medalist.


The inaugural Swim 4 Nick free swim stroke clinic will be held Sunday, Sept. 30, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at Coral Springs Aquatic Complex. The clinic is for novice and intermediate middle and high school swimmers. Participants should know all four strokes. Registration ends Sept. 25 at http://www.swim4nick.org. The clinic is open to all swimmers from Broward, Dade and Palm Beach to bring swimmers together for a day of learning and help keep Nick’s legacy alive.

The clinic, sponsored in part by Triton Insurance Group and presented by The Nicholas Dworet Memorial Fund, Inc., is a 501c (3) Charity and benefits the fund.

Dworet was killed Feb. 14, 2018 in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas mass shooting. Dworet started swimming at age 7 and had a scholarship waiting for him at University of Indianapolis this fall and hopes of swimming in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Dworet was always helping friends and teammates. In his memory, a swim clinic is being held in his honor for swimmers who want to improve through hard work and dedication just as Dworet did through the years.

High school and club coaches will be on hand to work with swimmers. There will be giveaways and raffles.


Pine Crest alum Marta Ciesla is more than ready for her sophomore season at University of Southern California. In the recent Cardinal vs. Gold intraquad exhibition meet, she went 36.40 in a 75-meter race, winning by more than a body length…Clearwater’s Becca Mann, also of USC, earned Pac-12 All-Academic first team honors. Mann, eligible for the award for the first time as a sophomore, earned first team honors with a 3.80 GPA. The U.S. national team open water swimmer, who has already written a book, is majoring in writing for screen and television.


Jon Sakovich, a former All-American at Florida, is stepping down as head coach of Jacksonville Bolles in December. He has been at Bolles for 18 years. Sakovich said he is seeking new opportunities. Bolles is beginning a national search for a head coach and aquatics director replacement immediately.

In a prepared statement, Sakovich said: “I am very thankful to The Bolles School for allowing me this amazing opportunity for the last eighteen years and I could not ask for a better place to work. It is time for me to seek a change in my career direction and look for new ways to expand my professional horizons. I am committed to the continued growth and success of our student-athletes and I look forward to working with them through the fall.

“The Bolles School and Bolles Swim Programs will always have a special place in my heart. Without this opportunity, I would not be the person, father and coach I am today,” Sakovich said.

The Bolles boys and girls swimming and diving teams have reached a combined total of 14 national titles. Fifty-nine Bolles students, alumni or Sharks have participated in every Olympics since 1972, representing 28 countries and claiming 20 medals.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com


Jerew Wins For AK Sharks; Golding, Rodriguez SOFLO’s Top Finishers On Day Three Of USA Swimming Futures Championships

By Sharon Robb

CARY, N.C., August 4, 2018—Hailey Jerew of AquaKids Sharks was the only Florida Gold Coast winner Saturday at the USA Swimming Futures Championships at Triangle Aquatic Center.

Jerew, 17, won the 50-meter freestyle in a lifetime-best 26.15, dropping 0.50. Two other FGC swimmers finished in the Top 8 of the sprint event. Rachel Botting, 16, of Pine Crest was fifth in 26.97 after going 26.85 in prelims. Athena Meneses-Kovacs, 13, of East Coast Aquatic Club was eighth in 27.11 after going 27.07 in prelims.

South Florida Aquatic Club’s top finisher was Molly Golding in the 200-meter breaststroke. Golding, 15, was ninth in a lifetime-best 2:39.79, shaving 2.12 off her previous best of 2:41.91.

SOFLO teammate Rafael Rodriguez, 16, was the top boys finisher, placing 14th in the 200-meter butterfly in 2:08.17.

The meet is one of four Futures meets held across the country. The championships are open to swimmers who are USA Swimming members and have achieved the time standards in one or more events. The summer meet provides swimmers with a new stepping stone between Sectionals and Junior Nationals. Some call the Futures meet a “junior” Junior Nationals.

The four-day meet ends Sunday with prelims and finals. Several Florida teams are competing including Gator Swim Club, Tampa Bay Aquatics, Highlander, Area Tallahassee, TS Aquatics, East Coast Aquatic, Pine Crest Swimming, Boca Raton Swim Team and Blue Wave Swimming.


COMBINED TEAM TOTALS: 1. Dynamo 586, 2. Marlins of Raleigh 446, 3 Aquatic Team of Meckelnburg 324, 4. TAC Titans 317, 5. SwimMAC 226, 6. Bolles 133, 7. Baylor Swim Club 132, 8. Cardinal Aquatics 120, 9. East Coast Aquatic Club 114.5, 10. Blue Dolfins 97, 29. South Florida Aquatic Club 31.

BOYS TEAM TOTALS: 1. Dynamo 316, 2. Marlins of Raleigh 243, 3. TAC Titans 167, 4. Aquatic Team of Mecklenburg 163, 5. Bolles 103, 41. South Florida Aquatic Club 10.

GIRLS TEAM TOTALS: 1. Dynamo 270, 2. Marlins of Raleigh 203, 3. Aquatic Team of Mecklenburg 161, 4. TAC Titans 150, 5. SwimMAC 145, 22. South Florida Aquatic Club 21.


200-meter butterfly:
1. Leah Gingrich, HURR 2:14.47, 2. Ashley Worden, MOR 2:15.13, 3. Chloe Hampson, BD 2:17.75; FGC: 8. Madison Cummings, ECAC 2:22.07.

50-meter freestyle:
1. Hailey Jerew, AquaKids Sharks 26.15, 2. Elizaveta Susorova, CARD 26.26, 3. Leah Gingrich, HURR 26.32; FGC: 5. Rachel Botting, PCS 26.97/26.85, 8. Athena Meneses Kovacs, ECAC 27.11/27.07; 23. Megan Murphy, ECAC 27.59/27.30; 71. Chloe Hernandez, GRSC 28.27; 86. Josefine Richter, PC 28.46; 106 Esther Lin, PC 29.46; SOFLO: 18. Gaby Banks 26.65, time drop 0.08/27.49.

200-meter breaststroke:
1. Alicia Henry, DYNA 2:35.06, 2. Sophie Anderson, TAC 2:35.53, 3. Brooke Zettel, TAC 2:38.40; SOFLO: 9. Molly Golding 2:39.79, time drop 2.12, 2:42.58; 27. Jessica Rodriguez 2:46.37; FGC: 23. Anna Auld, ECAC 2:43.82/2:44.54, 25. Olivia Dinehart, AKS 2:45.64, 35. Emily Weiss, PC 2:48.12, 39. Ryan Flynn, ECAC 2:49.31, 43. Emily Santos, Unattached 2:50.01.

100-meter backstroke:
1. Ellie Waldrep, BAY 1:03.15, 2. Brooke Zettel, TAC 1:04.25, 3. Mary Kelley, Unattached 1:04.80; FGC: 5. Athena Meneses Kovacs, ECAC 1:05.47/1:05.25, 6. Madison Commings, ECAC 1:05.93/1:05.36; 46. Megan Murphy, ECAC 1:07.35; 64. Kayla Kraft, GRSC 1:08.27; 76. Josefine Richter, PC 1:08.64; 106. Amanda Kopas, Azura 1:10.64; SOFLO: 43. Kelley Heron 1:07.31

400-meter freestyle:
1. Abigail Pilkenton, DY 4:20.48, 2. Adrianna Cera, MOR 4:22.31, 3. Katie Rauch, ATOM 4:23.43; FGC: 4. Anna Auld, ECAC 4:26.12/4:25.58, 11. Paige Maceachern, ECAC 4:27.02/4:27.86; 30. Daniella Van Den Berg, CS 4:32.05, 50. Olivia Hernandez, GRSC 4:37.77, 54. Olivia Dinehart, AKS 4:39.45.


200-meter butterfly:
1. Tyler Watson, NFS 2:02.72, 2. Scott Piper, MMA 2:04.61, 3. Mason Laur, T2 2:04.80; SOFLO: 14. Rafael Rodriguez 2:08.17/2:08.90; FGC: 17. Carlos Vasquez, TSA 2:06.08/2:09.26, 33. Sebastian Silva, Unattached 2:11.94.

50-meter freestyle:
1. Wen Zhang, DSDST 23.34, 2. Dawson Joyce, SA 23.51, 3. Jacob Rauch, ATOM 23.64; FGC: 23. Diego Mas, Unattached 24.58/ 24.39, 33. Diego Machado, TSA 24.77, 62. Nicholas Vale, PC 25.30, 81. Elvis Kotikovski, PC 26.20.

200-meter breaststroke:
1. Owen Downs, DYN 2:19.22, 2. Connor Dalbo, MOR 2:20.35, 3. Cameron Luarde, SWAC 220.70; SOFLO: 25. Samuel Quintero 2:28.65, time drop 0.01; FGC: 43. Alejandro Panting, Unattached 2:31.24, 48. Jimmy Hart, PC 2:31.91, 54. Jacob Silberman, PC 2:32.84.

100-meter backstroke:

1. Joseph Licht, TBAC 57.74, 2. Jacob Rauch, ATOM 57.78, 3. Elvis Kotikovski, PCS 58.04/58.64; SOFLO: 39. Lance Lesage 1:01.18, time drop 0.49; FGC: 60. Diego Mas, Unattached 1:02.56, 64. Nicholas Vale, PC 1:03.04.

400-meter freestyle:
1. Braeden Haughey, TAC 4:00.46, 2. John Vandeusen, Bolles 4:01.91, 3. Noah Smith, CFM 4:04.03; FGC: 26. Luis Bucaro, TSA 4:10.61, 42. Cameron Taddonio, BRST 4:13.01; SOFLO: 49. Rafael Rodriguez 4:14.97.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

SOFLO, AquaKids Sharks Get Some Racing In Despite Weather

By Sharon Robb

PEMBROKE PINES, June 10, 2018–South Florida Aquatic Club and AquaKids Sharks got a chance to race each other in the inaugural SOFLO AquaKids Sharks Dual Meet Experience this past weekend.

The older swimmers got a full day of competition in on Friday while weather cut the younger swimmers’ race day short on Saturday.

SOFLO, with more depth (99 swimmers), won bragging rights sweeping the team totals, but more importantly it was a nice change from training for both Florida Gold Coast teams.

While swimmers were training through the meet for future major meets there were a handful of time drops from both SOFLO and AquaKids Sharks.

Time drops included:

Maddie Smutny, AK Sharks, 200-meter butterfly, 2:43.31, time drop 4.61.

Mary Bauta, AK Sharks, 50-meter freestyle, 27.89, time drop 5.90.

Olivia Dinehart, AK Sharks, 50-meter freestyle, 29.76, 0.24 time drop.

Maya Coffey, SOFLO, 50-meter freestyle, 28.65, time drop, 0.43.

Victoria Torres, SOFLO, 100-meter freestyle, 1:08.75, time drop 1.25.

Shayna Blitz, SOFLO,200-meter breaststroke, 3:32.00, time drop 6.20.

Javier Roman, SOFLO, 100-meter butterfly, 1:08.63, time drop, 7.33.

Moises Rodriguez, SOFLO, 100-meter butterfly, 1:09.54, time drop, 9.89.

Heath Brames, SOFLO, 100-meter butterfly, 1:04.67, time drop 0.35.

John Paul Handal, SOFLO, 400-meter individual medley, 5:11.57, time drop 1.66.

Kaitlyn Consuegra, SOFLO, 200-meter freestyle, 2:39.35, time drop 2.73.

Elise Dinhart, AK Sharks, 50-meter freestyle, 38.60, time drop 1.07.

Juan Vallmitjana, SOFLO, 200-meter freestyle, 2:55.33, time drop 3.23.

Gavin Sheyda, SOFLO, 200-meter individual medley, 2:57.79, time drop 4.40.

Benjamin Kim, SOFLO, 50-meter freestyle, 36.7, time drop 3.66.

Diego Nazario-Vazquez, SOFLO, 50-meter freestyle, 29.88, time drp, 0.09.

Christian Tijero, SOFLO, 50-meter freestyle, 30.02, time drop 0.24.

Alessandro Pereira, SOFLO, 50-meter freestyle, 31.32, time drop 0.54.

SOFLO 869.5, AquaKids Sharks 698.5

200-meter medley relay:
13-and-over, 1. SOFLO A 1:15.88 (Victoria Torres, Mallory Schleicher, Jena Legaspi, Sara Quintero), 2. SOFLO B 2:22.39, 3. SOFLO C 2:45.25.

1500-meter freestyle:
11-12, 1. Alexis Christensen, SOFLO 19:32.88, 2. Izzy Wilson, AKS 20:38.10, 3. Kaitlyn Consuegra, SOFLO 21:53.89.

200-meter freestyle:
13-14, 1. Mallory Schleicher, SOFLO 2:14.38, 2. Olivia Dinehart, AKS 2:17.38, 3. Maddie Smutny, AKS 2:21.56; 15-and-over, 1. Mary Smutny, AKS 2:07.01, 2. Paige Lane, SOFLO 2:18.38, 3. Kylie Herman, SOFLO 2:21.78.

100-meter backstroke:
13-14, 1. Elena Dinehart, AKS 1:14.02, 2. Jena Legaspi, SOFLO 1:16.73, 3. Sofia Osorio, SOFLO 1:19.04; 15-and-over, 1. Jessica Rodriguez, SOFLO 1:14.85, 2. Maya Coffey, SOFLO 1:18.17, 3. Lucy Smutny, AKS 1:20.56.

100-meter breaststroke:
13-14, 1. Sabrina Osorio, SOFLO 1:28.33, 2. Emma Schain, AKS 1:36.34, 3. Mary Bauta, AKS 1:44.84; 15-and-over, 1. Hailey Jerew, AKS 1:25.13, 2. Gabrianna Banks, SOFLO 1:30.02, 3. Lucy Smutny, AKS 1:36.22.

200-meter butterfly:
13-14, 1. Mallory Schleicher, SOFLO 2:35.59, 2. Sara Quintero, SOFLO 2:37.90, 3. Maddie Smutny, AKS 2:43.31, time drop, 4.61; 15-and-over, 1. Mary Smutny, AKS 2:22.41, 2. Kylie Herman, SOFLO 2:46.45.

50-meter freestyle:
13-14, 1. Mary Bauta, AKS 27.89, time drop, 5.90, 2. Olivia Dinehart, AKS 29.76, time drop 0.24, 3. Jenna Marie Brames, Unattachesd 31.39; 15-and-over, 1. Gaby Banks, SOFLO 27.99, 2. Maya Coffey, SOFLO 28.65, time drop 0.43, 3. Sophia Bedoya, SOFLO 31.59.

100-meter freestyle:
13-14, 1. Sara Quintero, SOFLO 1:07.16, 2. Victoria Torres, SOFLO 1:08.75, time drop, 1.25, 3. Maddie Smutny, AKS 1:09.08; 15-and-over, 1. Mary Smutny, AKS 59.76, 2. Paige Lane, SOFLO 1:02.50, 3. Gaby Banks, SOFLO 1:07.10.

200-meter backstroke:
13-14, 1. Mallory Schleicher, SOFLO 2:38.93, 2. Elena Dinehart, AKS 2:43.71, 3. Jena Legaspi, SOFLO 2:44.92; 15-and-over, 1. Lucy Smutny, AKS 2:51.87, 2. Mary Davis, AKS 3:01.41.

200-meter breaststroke:
13-14, 1. Emma Schain, AKS 3:29.98, 2. Shayna Blitz, SOFLO 3:32.00, time drop, 6.20; 15-and-over, 1. Jessica Rodriguez, SOFLO 2:52.28, 2. Hailey Jerew, AKS 2:58.18, 3. Sophia Bedoya, SOFLO 3:43.57.

400-meter freestyle:
13-14, 1. Mallory Schleicher, SOFLO 4:41.71, 2. Maddie Smutny, AKS 5:03.79; 15-and-over, 1. Paige Lane, SOFLO 4:53.37, 2. Lucy Smutny, AKS 4:53.38.

100-meter butterfly:
13-14, 1. Olivia Dinehart, AKS 1:12.96, 2. Elena Dinehart, AKS 1:16.96, 3. Jena Legaspi, SOFLO 1:19.09; 15-and-over, 1. Mary Smutny, AKS 1:06.21, 2. Paige Lane, SOFLO 1:10.23, 3. Hailey Jerew, AKS 1:12.60.

400-meter individual medley:
13-and-over, 1. Sara Quintero, SOFLO 5:35.86, 2. Sofia Osorio, SOFLO 6:04.26.

200-meter freestyle relay:
13-14, 1. SOFLO B (No Names Provided) 2:00.45; 15-and-over, 1. SOFLO A 2:05.03 (Victoria Torres, Mallory Schleicher, Sara Quintero, Sabrina Osorio).

200-meter mixed freestyle relay:
13-14, 1. SOFLO F 1:52.75 (No Names Provided), 2. SOFLO G 2:07.76

SOFLO 1,482, AquaKids Sharks 573

200-meter medley relay:
13-and-over, 1. SOFLO A 1:56.55 (Juan Serna, Lance Lesage, Samuel Quintero, Heath Brames), 2. SOFLO B 2:02.59, 3. SOFLO C 2:06.86.

1500-meter freestyle:
11-12, 1. Christian Tijero, SOFLO 19:29.50, 2. Alessandro Pereira, SOFLO 19:46.13, 3. Javier Colmenares, SOFLO 20:00.35; 13-14, 1. Juan Colmenares, SOFLO 18:38.95, 2. Enrique Rodriguez, SOFLO 18:42.97, 3. Alejandro Mateus, SOFLO 20:00.01; 15-and-over, 1. Rafael Rodriguez, SOFLO 17:15.98, 2. Dante Padron, AKS 18:07.82, 3. Leonardo Mateus, SOFLO 18:14.17.

200-meter freestyle:
13-14, 1. Dominic Bono, AKS 2:11.09, 2. Enrique Rodriguez, SOFLO 2:14.23, 3. Javier Roman, SOFLO 2:15.42; 15-and-over, 1. Miguel Cancel, AKS 1:58.72, 2. Heath Brames, SOFLO 2:06.51, 3. Robert Wilson, SOFLO 2:10.57.

100-meter backstroke:
13-14, 1. Moises Rodriguez, SOFLO 1:09.93, 2. Yannai Michael, SOFLO 1:14.05, 3. Manuel Melendez, SOFLO 1:15.24; 15-and-over, 1. Ricardo Roche, SOFLO 1:05.01, 2. Lance Lessage, SOFLO 1:07.36, 3. Dante Padron, AKS 1:08.34.

100-meter breaststroke:
13-14, 1. Javier Roman, SOFLO 1:16.80, 2. Juan Colmenares, SOFLO 1:21.12, 3. Manuel Melendez, SOFLO 1:21.76; 15-and-over, 1. Miguel Cancel, AKS 1:11.22, 2. Juan Pablo Pineda, SOFLO 1:12.27, 3. Samuel Quintero, SOFLO 1:12.84.

200-meter butterfly:
13-14, 1. Alejandro Mateus, SOFLO 2:41.86, 2 Moises Rodrigues, SOFLO 2:59.69, No Third Place; 15-and-over, 1. Rafael Rodriguez, SOFLO 2:13.27, 2. John Paul Handal, SOFLO 2:31.34.

50-meter freestyle:
13-14, 1. Juan Colmenares, SOFLO 27.84, 2. Chris Vasquez, SOFLO 29.64, 3. Mark Andre De Gracia, SOFLO 29.85; 15-and-over, 1. Juan Serna, SOFLO 25.31, 2. Heath Brames, SOFLO 25.70, 3. Robert Wilson, SOFLO 26.44.

100-meter freestyle:
13-14, 1. Javier Roman, SOFLO 1:02.41, 2. Yannai Michael, SOFLO 1:02.64, 3. Chris Vasquez, SOFLO 1:04.99; 15-and-over, 1. Rafael Rodriguez, SOFLO 57.35, 2. Michael Arias, SOFLO 57.40, 3. Heath Brames, SOFLO 57.68.

200-meter backstroke:
13-14, 1. Enrique Rodriguez, SOFLO 2:35.77, 2. Logan Gonzalez, SOFLO 2:41.40, 3. Alejandro Mateus, SOFLO 2:44.38; 15-and-over, 1. Miguel Cancel, AKS 2:14.71, 2. Ricardo Roche, SOFLO 2:22.01, 3. Leonardo Mateus, SOFLO 2:26.02.

200-meter breaststroke:
13-14, 1. Alan Bertea, AKS 3:07.27, 2. Samuel Bullen, SOFLO 3:13.27, 3. Matthew Kim, SOFLO 3:16.55; 15-and-over, 1. Samuel Quintero, SOFLO 2:42.51, 2. Juan Pablo Pineda, SOFLO 2:49.11, 3. John Paul Handal, SOFLO 2:49.86.

400-meter freestyle:
13-14, 1. Dominic Bono, AKS 4:28.92, 2. Nathaniel Garrick, SOFLO 5:07.12, 3. Ivan Grass, AKS 5:19.11; 15-and-over, 1. Dante Padron, AKS 4:29.79, 2. Ricardo Roche, SOFLO 4:30.05, 3. Leonardo Mateus, SOFLO 4:36.91.

100-meter butterfly:
13-14, 1. Javier Roman, SOFLO 1:08.63, time drop 7.33, 2. Moises Rodriguez, SOFLO 1:09.54, time drop 9.89, 3. Alejandro Mateus, SOFLO 1:12.30; 15-and-over, 1. Rafael Rodriguez, SOFLO 1:00.01, 2. Miguel Sierra, AKS 1:04.41, 3. Heath Brames, SOFLO 1:04.67, time drop, 0.35.

400-meter individual medley:
13-14, 1. Dominic Bono, AKS 5:15.53, 2. Logan Gonzalez, SOFLO 5:54.24; 15-and-over, 1. Miguel Cancel, AKS 4:46.11, 2. Leonardo Mateus, SOFLO 5:09.80, 3. John Paul Handal, SOFLO 5:11.57, time drop, 1.66.

200-meter freestyle relay:
13-14, 1. SOFLO D 1:47.99 (No Names Provided), 2. SOFLO E 1:50.52, 3. SOFLO C 1:59.98.

200-meter mixed freestyle relay:
13-14, 1. SOFLO F 1:52.75, No Names Posted, 2. SOFLO G 2:07.76, No Names Posted.

1. SOFLO 551, 2. AquaKids Sharks 143

200-meter freestyle:
10-and-under, 1. Elise Dinehart, AKS 3:16.65, 2. Sarah Bedoya, SOFLO 3:36.41, 3. Olivia Wilson, AKS 3:37.73; 11-12, 1. Luna Delgado, SOFLO 2:38.43, 2. Kaitlyn Consuegra, SOFLO 2:39.35, time drop 2.73, 3. Hartley Pitters-Hinds, SOFLO 2:39.72.

200-meter individual medley:
10-and-under, 1. Giada Porven, SOFLO 3:06.86, 2. Nadia Molina, AKS 3:53.52; 11-12, 1. Natalia Sibug, SOFLO 2:54.15, 2. Reagan Lowe, SOFLO 2:59.65, 3. Luna Delgado, SOFLO 3:01.41.

50-meter freestyle:
10-and-under, 1. Sarah Vasquez, SOFLO 36.38, 2. Isabella Perry, SOFLO 38.20, 3. Elise Dinehart, AKS 38.60, time drop, 1.07; 11-12, 1. Alexis Christensen, SOFLO 31.58, 2. Anastasia Lutz, SOFLO 31.71, 3. Kaitlyn Barrios, SOFLO 31.85.

1. SOFLO 547, 2. AquaKids Sharks 153

200-meter freestyle:
10-and-under, 1. Juan Vallmitjana, SOFLO 2:55.33, time drop, 0.98, 2. Felipe Rodriguez, AKS 3:52.81; 11-12, 1. Alessandro Pereira, SFLO 2:24.91, 2. Adrian Hernandez, AKS 2:36.62, time drop, 3.23, 3. Hashan Ekanayake, SOFLO 2:36.77.

200-meter individual medley:
12-and-under, 1. Lucas Porven, SOFLO 2:50.37, 2. Gavin Sheyda, SOFLO 2:57.79, time drop 4.40, 3. Ethan McPeek, AKS 3:04.57.

50-meter freestyle:
10-and-under, 1. Benjamin Kim, SOFLO 36.78, time drop, 3.66, 2. Juan Vallmitjana, SOFLO 37.42, 3. Joseph-Blake Natino, SOFLO 39.23; 11-12, 1. Diego Nazario-Vazquez, SOFLO 29.88, time drop, 0.09, 2. Christian Tijero, SOFLO 30.02, time drop, 0.24, 3. Alessandro Pereira, SOFLO 31.32, time drop 0.54.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

SOFLO, AquaKids Sharks Dual In The Pool This Weekend

By Sharon Robb

PEMBROKE PINES, June 7, 2018–In a departure from a multi-team Florida Gold Coast meet, South Florida Aquatic Club and AquaKids Sharks will compete in a dual meet on Friday and Saturday.

The SOFLO AquaKids Sharks Dual Meet Experience at Academic Village Pool will feature some of the top swimmers in the Florida Gold Coast, all training through the meet for upcoming major meets.

The swimmers, who frequently train together, will compete for bragging rights.

Among AquaKids Shark’s top seeds are Mary Smutny, 17, in the 200-meter freestyle, 100-meter freestyle, 200-meter butterfly, and 100-meter butterfly; Hailey Jerew, 17, in the 100-meter breaststroke; and Miguel Cancel, 18, in the 200-meter freestyle, 200-meter backstroke and 400-meter individual medley.

SOFLO is led by top seed Rafael Rodriguez, 16, in the 1500-meter freestyle and 200-meter butterfly. He will also compete in the 100-meter freestyle and 100-meter butterfly. Rodriguez is coming off an impressive winning performance at the USA Swimming Southern Zone Open Water Championships in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Mallory Schleicher, 14, one of South Florida’s top open water swimmers coming off a fourth place at Southern Zones, will compete in four individual events and two relays.

Among top SOFLO seeds are Jessica Rodriguez, 19, in the 200-meter breaststroke and Melissa Marinheiro, 21, in the 400-meter freestyle and Alessandro Pereira, 11, in the 200-meter freestyle and 100-meter backstroke.

SOFLO has entered 99 swimmers (54 boys, 45 girls) in 345 individual events and four relays.

Swimmers will compete in four individual events plus relays.

The 13-and-over swimmers will compete on Friday at 6 p.m. The 12-and-unders will swim Saturday at 11 a.m.


What: SOFLO AquaKids Sharks Experience Dual Meet

When: Friday, 6 p.m., for 13-and-over; Saturday, 11 a.m., for 12-and-under.

Where: Academic Village Pool, 17191 Sheridan Street, Pembroke Pines.

Of note: Admission is free. SOFLO and Comets Swim Team Booster Club are meet hosts. For more information call 954-538-3721.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding Will Compete In TYR Pro Swim Series Opener In Austin

By Sharon Robb

January 11, 2018—After a break from competition, Kathleen Golding of South Florida Aquatic Club will compete against some of the world’s best at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Austin, Texas.

The meet begins on Thursday at Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swim Center and will continue through Sunday.

The TYR Pro Swim Series at Austin is the first of six stops for the series and will be swum in long course meters. Prelims will begin 9 a.m. CST Thursday through Saturday with finals beginning at 6 p.m. CST on Thursday and 5:40 p.m. CST on Friday and Saturday.

On Thursday and Friday will be conducted in the traditional prelims-finals format with the top 16 swimmers from prelims advancing to the ‘A’ and ‘B’ finals.

On Saturday, the 400 freestyle will have two heats of finals with the addition of a “shoot-out style final” for the 50 meter events. The competition concludes on Sunday at 8 a.m. CST with the timed finals of the men’s and women’s 1500 meter freestyle.

Golding, 17, a 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials qualifier, opens Thursday with the 400-meter individual medley in which she is seeded 16th in 4:50.65. It is the first of seven events for the talented swimmer.

Golding is also entered in the 100-meter butterfly, 100-meter freestyle, 200-meter individual medley, 50-meter freestyle, 400-meter freestyle and 50-meter butterfly.

SOFLO teammates Marc Rojas, 23, Rafael Rodriguez, 16, and Kelley Heron, 18, were entered but opted not to compete.

The meet will also feature the newly-created SwimSquad Battles that will be featured during the entire series. Four retired Olympians (Lenny Krayzelburg, Jason Lezak, Natalie Coughlin and Caitlin Sandeno), drafted the entire U.S. National Team along with a few 2016 Olympians. Four squads of six swimmers each will compete for points and prize money that will be awarded to a charity of their choice at the en of the series.

TYR is the official outfitter for South Florida Aquatic Club.

NBC Sports will provide live coverage of the TYR Pro Swim Series at Austin on the NBC Sports App on Thursday, and on live television on NBC Sports Network on Friday and Olympic Channel on Saturday. Each finals broadcast will begin at 7 p.m. ET. A live webcast of prelims will be available online at usaswimming.org.

AquaKids Sharks Hailey Jerew, 17, and Mary Smutny, 17; and Azura Florida Aquatic’s Patricia Casellas, 27, Luis Flores, 23, Edson Lima, 23, Daniel Torres, 26, and Gonzalo Vegas, 20 will also compete for the Florida Gold Coast.

Florida Gold Coast college swimmers Marcelo Acosta and Rachael Bradford Feldman will compete for University of Louisville.

Acosta has two swims that rank in the top-10 of Division I. Acosta owns the fifth-ranked time in the 1,000 freestyle (8:57.04), as well as the sixth-ranked time in the 1650 freestyle (14:45.42). Rachael Bradford-Feldman already has an 800-yard freestyle relay NCAA ‘A’ cut time of 6:58.41, also a school record.

Other meet stops are Atlanta, Mesa, Ariz., Indianapolis, Santa Clara, Columbus and U.S. Nationals.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

Smutny, Fungairino Win On Opening Night Of SOFLO Distance and IMX/IMR Challenge

By Sharon Robb

PEMBROKE PINES, October 13, 2017–Mary Smutny of AquaKids Sharks and Aitor Fungairino of Metro Aquatics won the first event of the Distance and IMX/IMR Challenge Friday night at Academic Village Pool.

Smutny, 17, won the 1,000-yard freestyle in 10:12.80 ahead of SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding, 17, who was second in a lifetime-best 10:19.28, shaving 4.19 seconds off her previous best.

SOFLO teammate Mallory Schleicher, 13, was third in 10:44.12, also a best time, dropping an impressive 41.48 seconds. Her previous best was 11:25.60.

Fungairino, 17, won the boys’ 1,000-yard freestyle in 9:35.56, off his best time of 9:29.86.

Rafael Rodriguez, 15, was SOFLO’s top finisher placing third in a lifetime-best 9:38.81, dropping 17.98 seconds off his previous best.

The three-day meet continues Saturday with two sessions.

Swimmers will get the opportunity to get some much-needed racing in and a chance to see how they stack up against the rest of the nation’s age group swimmers.

Up-and-coming swimmers will compete in the IMR (Ready) Challenge. All sessions are timed finals.

The USA Swimming-sanctioned meet is a fun, motivational meet to help young swimmers reach the next level in their swimming careers.

The IMR Challenge allows swimmers to see how they compare to other swimmers around the nation in their age group. Swimmers must compete in all the events required for their age group to establish a score.

Once a swimmer competes in each IM Ready event at least once in an official meet, swimmers and parents can check their rankings on USA Swimming’s website.

The IMX (Xtreme) Challenge is the next step-up from the IMR competition. It includes a series of five or six events. Once swimmers complete the IMX program they can also see where their score ranks nationally, among their local LSC and own swim club.

On Saturday, the 10-and-under and 11-12 IMR events are 100 IM, 200 IM, 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle and 500 freestyle and begin at 8:30 a.m. The 13-and-over 200 backstroke, 200 breaststroke and 400 IM begin 12:30 p.m.

On Sunday at 8:30 a.m., the 10-and-under and 12-and-under events are 50 backstroke, 100 backstroke, 50 breaststroke, 100 breaststroke, 50 butterfly and 100 butterfly. The 13-and-over events begin at noon and include the 200 butterfly, 200 IM and 500 freestyle.

In addition to SOFLO, among other Florida Gold Coast teams competing are AquaKids Sharks, City of Miami Parks, Hialeah, YMCA, Hurricanes Swimming, Azura, Gulliver, Flying Fish, Shelton Doral, SWAT and Pompano Beach.

The meet has attracted age group swimmers and several high school swimmers preparing for the upcoming district meets.


1,000-yard freestyle: Open, 1. Mary Smutny, AquaKids Sharks 10:12.80, 2. Kathleen Golding, SOFLO 10:19.28, time drop, 3. Mallory Schleicher, SOFLO 10:44.12, time drop; SOFLO: 5. Paige Lane 10:56.00, time drop, 8. Molly Golding 11:04.73, time drop, 11. Sarah Acevedo 11:09.48, time drop, 13. Jennifer Rodriguez 11:15.92, time drop, 14. Sara Quintero 11:16.80, time drop, 18. Maya Coffey 11:27.05, 20. Alexis Christensen 11:44.82, 21. Emma Twombly 11:47.21, time drop, 22. Sabrina Osorio 11:48.45, 27. Valerie Vank 12:05.90, 29. Sofia Osorio 12:07.82, 30. Victoria Torres 12:08.36, 31. Leah Pando 12:17.42, 33. Kerry Cunningham 12:27.72, 34. Jena Legaspi 12:29.73, time drop, 36. Mia Escudero 12:31.11, 38. Giada Porven 12:33.03, 40. Luna Delgado 12:38.27, 42. LeeAnn Ranalli 12:45.17, 46. Fiorella DiSalvo 12:50.76, 49. Kailey Smith 12:54.35, 51. Mariann Catalasan 13:10.50, 53. Natalia Sibug 13:24.77, 54. Anastasia Lutz 13:51.61.


1,000-yard freestyle: 1. Aitor Fungairino, MAC 9:35.56, 2. Andres Lares, Azura 9:37.55, 3. Rafael Rodriguez, SOFLO 9:38.81, time drop; SOFLO: 7. Ricky Roche 9:55.37, 11. Leonardo Mateus 10:09.64, 12. CJ Kopecki 10:15.60, 13. Joseph Lee 10:16.35, time drop, 15. Luis Villanueva 10:23.29, 16. Samuel Quintero 10:29.73, time drop, 18. Sebastian Lares 10:33.27, time drop, 21. Luke Lezotte 10:34.42, 22. Nicholas Munoz 10:37.02, 25. Juan Diaz 10:38.75, 28. Enrique Rdriguez 10:46.87, 29. Lance Lesage 10:47.11, time drop, 30. Javier Roman 10:48.02, time drop, 31. Yannai Michael 10:48.92, 33. Juan Serna 10:51.37, 34. John Paul Handel 10:54.25, time drop, 35. Juan Colmenares 10:59.80, 37. Brennan Binder 11:01.92, 39. Alejandro Mateus 11:21.97, time drop, 40. Christian Tijero 11:26.06, time drop, 41. Christopher Hau 11:26.40, time drop, 42. Roberto Garrido 11:28.60, time drop, 43. Alessandro Pereira 11:29.58, 44. Alex Golding 11:30.14, 45. Nathaniel Garrick 11:31.47, 47. Moises Rodriguez 11:38.50, 48. Aldo Zepeda 11:40.06, 49. Juancamilo Rivero 11:41.44, 51. Logan Gonzalez 11:46.35, time drop, 52. Chris Vasquez 11:48.82, time drop, 53. Javier Colmenares 11:53.54, time drop, 54. Lucas Porven 12:13.57, time drop, 57. Samuel Bullen 12:29.57, 61. Matthew Kim 13:10.08.



WHEN: Saturday-Sunday

SCHEDULE: Saturday, IMX/IMR, 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.; Sunday, IMX/IMR, 8:30 a.m. and noon.

WHERE: Academic Village Pool, 17191 Sheridan Street, Pembroke Pines.

OF NOTE: Admission is $5 per session. Heat sheets are available free at http://www.soflomeets.info/IMX or on Meet Mobile. For information call the swim office, 954-538-3721.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

Olivia Carter Wins On Day One Of Speedo Junior Nationals; SOFLO’s Kathleen Golding Competes Wednesday

By Sharon Robb

August 8, 2017—Olivia Carter of Enfinity Aquatics knocked off Dakota Luther to win the 200-meter butterfly on opening day of the Speedo Junior National Championships Tuesday at Nassau County Aquatics Center in East Meadow, N.Y.

Carter, 17, won in a meet record 2:09.02 out-touching Luther, the only World Championships qualifier in the meet. Luther was the fastest qualifier in prelims in 2:11.40, out-touching Luther, the only World Championships qualifier in the meet. Luther was the fastest qualifier in prelims in 2:11.40. Both Luther and Carter will be teammates at University of Georgia in the fall.

Other winners were:

Carson Foster, 15, of Mason Manta Rays, 200-meter butterfly, lifetime best 1:58.47.

Zoie Hartman, 16, of Crow Canyon, 100-meter breaststroke, best time 1:08.65.

Daniel Roy, 17, of King Aquatic Club, 100-meter breaststroke, 1:01.42. High school Swimmer of the Year Reece Whitley, the event favorite, declared a false start.

Erica Sullivan, 16, of Sandpipers of Nevada, 800-meter freestyle, 8:33.49, lifetime best by one second.

Johannes Calloni, 17, of Scarlet Aquatics, 1500-meter freestyle, 15:18.44. Calloni is Stanford-bound.

The top Florida Gold Coast finisher was Mary Smutny, 16, of AquaKids Sharks. Smutny was fifth in the 200-meter butterfly in 2:13.87. Smutny has seven events remaining. Marcella Ruppert-Gomez, 18, of Gulliver Swim Club was seventh in the 800-meter freestyle in a lifetime-best 8:47.72, a time drop of 6.9 seconds.

South Florida Aquatic Club’s Kathleen Golding, 16, a junior at Cooper City High School and 2016 U.S. Olympic trials qualifier, begins competing on Wednesday.

She will swim the first two of six events, the 100-meter freestyle (seeded 11th) and 400-meter individual medley (seeded 6th).

The five-day meet runs through Saturday. Prelims are 9 a.m. and finals 6 p.m. All sessions will be live streamed at usaswimming.org.


COMBINED TEAM TOTALS: 1. Sandpipers of Nevada, 59, 2. King Aquatic Club 38, 3. Scarlet Aquatics 32, 4. tie, SwimMAC and Nation’s Capital 28.

MEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. Mason Manta Rays, 48, 2. King Aquatic Club 36, 3. Sandpipers 30, 4. Scarlet Aquatics 29, 5. SwimMAC 23.

WOMEN TEAM TOTALS: 1. Chelsea Piers Aquatic Club 30.5, 2. Sandpipers of Nevada 29, 3. tie, Magnolia and Lakeside, 26, 5. tie, Crow Canyon County, Enfinity Aquatic Club 20, 15. AquaKids Sharks 14.


800-meter freestyle: 1. Eric Sullivan, SAND 8:33.49; FGC: 7. Marcella Ruppert-Gomez, Gulliver 8:47.72, time drop.

200-meter butterfly: 1. Olivia Carter, EAC 2:09.02; FGC: 5. Mary Smutny, AKS 2:13.87, time drop.

100-meter breaststroke: 1. Zoie Hartman, CROW 1:08.65.


1500-meter freestyle: 1. Johannes Calloni, SCAR 15:18.44.

200-meter butterfly: 1. Carson Foster, RAYS 1:58.47.

100-meter breaststroke: 1. Daniel Roy, KING 1:01.42.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com


AquaKids Sharks’ Clara Smiddy Wins Gold At Youth Olympic Games

AquaKids Sharks’ Clara Smiddy Wins Gold At Youth Olympic Games

By Sharon Robb

August 18, 2014—Clara Smiddy of AquaKids Sharks won the first gold medal for Team USA at the 2014 IOC Youth Olympic Games Monday night in Nanjing, China.

In a thrilling race, Smiddy, 18, won the 100-meter backstroke by 1/100ths of a second out-touching Great Britain’s Jessica Fullalove in 1:02.22.

It was the closest race of the night with Fullalove placing second in 1:02.23 and New Zealand’s Bobbi Gichard third in 1:02.25.

“She is swimming fast and she won and that’s what’s important at that level of competition,” said her longtime AquaKids Sharks coach Lou Manganiello.

Smiddy, 18, is coming off the Phillips 66 National Championships. She scratched from two events for an extra day’s rest and left immediately for China.

“We didn’t rest the whole way for seniors,” Manganiello said. “I knew she was capable of this. The win is more important than time at this level of competition with the pressure of competing in a major international meet.”

Because of her whirlwind travel schedule, her AquaKids teammates were unable to host a send-off party for her. After seniors she immediately left for China and after the Youth Olympics she heads to University of Michigan where she will be a freshman.

“We didn’t get to do a big send-off so we got the team in the water and did a “Go Clara Cheer” and texted it to her,” Manganiello said.

Smiddy was also fifth in her heat of the 100-meter freestyle in 57.38.

“I think she is swimming well and I think she has plenty left in her,” Manganiello said.”She didn’t swim very fast in the 100 free but that worked out to her advantage in the back the way the schedule is set up.”

Smiddy has the 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke and relays remaining.

In the men’s 200-meter freestyle, Azura Florida Aquatics’ Marcelo Acosta of El Salvador, silver medalist in the 400-meter freestyle, was second in his heat in 1:52.50.

Smiddy and Acosta are among eight Florida Gold Coast swimmers and one Florida Swimming athlete competing in the weeklong meet.

In other finals:

World record holder Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania won the 50-meter breaststroke in 30.14, missing her lifetime-best by more than half a second.

Russia’s Evgeny Rylov and Italy’s Simone Sabbioni tied for the gold medal in the 100-meter backstroke in 54.24.

Liliana Szilagyi of Hungary won the 200-meter butterfly in 2:06.59.

Italy’s Nicolangelo di Fabio won the gold medal in the 200-meter freestyle in 1:48.58.

Hungary’s Benjamin Gratz won the 200-meter individual medley in 2:01.08.

China broke the junior world record in the 4×100-medley relay winning in 4:03.58.

For swimming, prelims begin 10 p.m. and finals 6 a.m. East Coast time.

The Youth Olympics are an international multi-sport event held in conjunction with the International Olympic Committee that takes place every four years consistent with the format of the Olympic Games.

The Youth Olympic Games are designed to integrate sport with education and culture, inspiring participants to live by the Olympic values and become ambassadors of the Olympic spirit. It also could provide a dress rehearsal for 2016 Rio Olympic hopefuls.

China is hosting 3,800 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees at the second Youth Olympics. During 13 days of competition in 32 sports, 222 medals events will be spread over 27 competition venues.

NBC, NBCSN and Universal Sports are combining for 54.5 hours of coverage through the Closing Ceremony on August 28.

NBC Sports Live Extra—NBC Sports Group’s live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices and tablets—will provide streaming coverage of all the Youth Olympic Games appearing on NBC and NBCSN.

For desktops, NBC Sports Live Extra can be accessed at nbcsports.com/liveextra. The NBC Sports Live Extra app is available for Apple, Android and Microsoft mobile devices and tablets.

Coverage of the 2014 U.S. Youth Olympic Team can be found at TeamUSA.org and Twitter.com/USOlympic utilizing the #2014YOG hashtag.

For more information on the Games, visit Nanjing2014.com.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

SOFLO’s Jessica Rodriguez Takes Second At FGC Senior Championships

SOFLO’s Jessica Rodriguez Takes Second At FGC Senior Championships

By Sharon Robb

July 26, 2014

Against a strong field, Jessica Rodriguez of South Florida Aquatic Club finished second Saturday in the Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships at the Michael Lohberg Pool of Champions in Coral Springs.

Jessica Rodriguez, 14, was SOFLO’s top finisher placing second in the 200-meter breaststroke in 2:42.18. She was seeded fourth going into the final in 2:48.37.

SOFLO teammate Gustavo Valery, 16, was fourth in the consolation final of the 50-meter backstroke in a lifetime-best 29.50, bettering his previous best time of 29.63.

University of Michigan-bound Clara Smiddy, 18, of AquaKids Sharks broke the Florida Gold Coast record in the 50-meter backstroke with a lifetime-best 28.75 seconds

The previous FGC and Open record was 28.81 set by Carolina Colorado of the Davie Nadadores in 2013.

The All-American, junior national champion and record holder is getting ready to represent Team USA at the second summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China set for Aug. 17-22 before she heads off to Ann Arbor, Mich.

Smiddy highlighted another good Florida Gold Coast showing on the second night of competition.

Alejandro Carriazo, 15, of Metro Aquatics was a double winner. He won the 50-meter backstroke in a best time 27.88, dropping from 30.53 and 100-meter butterfly in a best time 57.40, dropping from 59.59. He first lowered it in prelims in 59.31.

Andrey Arbuzov, 24, swimming unattached for Miami Swimming won the 50-meter backstroke in 26.45.

Nicole Urquidi, 16, Gulliver Swimming won the 200-meter freestyle in a best time 2:03.62, dropping from 2:04.34.

Jennifer Marquez, 23, of Azura Florida Aquatics won the 200-meter freestyle in a best time 2:03.72, bettering her previous best of 2:05.00.

Carlos Herrera, 19, swimming unattached for Azura, won the 100-meter butterfly in a best time 54.70, dropping from 55.23. He was one of four Azura finishers in the top six.

Alex Cronin, 16, of Jupiter Dragons won the 200-meter freestyle in a best time 1:56.65, dropping from 1:59.71.

Emily Jurich, 17, of Pine Crest Swimming won the 200-meter breaststroke in a best time 2:39.42, with a huge time drop from 2:46.95. She bettered it first in prelims in 2:45.28 to earn the fifth seed.

Alexander Graudins, 23, swimming unattached for Pine Crest Swimming, won the 200-meter freestyle in a best time 1:51.71, dropping from 1:52.33.

Kelly Fertel, 16, of Rockway Swimming, the top seed, won the 200-meter breaststroke in a best time 2:36.56, lowering her previous best of 2:38.29.

Azura Florida Aquatics continues to lead the overall boys’ team standings with 289 points, an 81-point cushion ahead of Clearwater Aquatic Team.

Azura Florida Aquatics is also second overall in the combined team standings with 380 points.

The three-day meet concludes on Sunday with prelims at 8 a.m. and finals at 5 p.m.


COMBINED TEAM TOTALS: 1. Empire Swimming 424, 2. Azura Florida Aquatics 380, 3. Quest Swimming 329, 4. Miami Swimming 311, 5. Swim Fort Lauderdale 308, 6. Clearwater Aquatics 262, 7. Peru 234, 8. Greenwood Swimming 209, 9. Gulliver 177, 10. Coral Springs Swim Club 162.

GIRLS TEAM TOTALS: 1. Quest Swimming 240, 2. Empire Swimming 222, 3. Greenwood Swimming 209, 4. Swim Fort Lauderdale 208, 5. Miami Swimming 161.

BOYS TEAM TOTALS: 1. Azura Florida Aquatics 289, 2. Clearwater Aquatics 208, 3. Empire Swimming 202, 4. Miami Swimming 150, 5. Peru 138.

COMBINED 15-16 TEAM TOTALS: 1. Empire Swimming 322, 2. Clearwater Aquatics 298, 3. Quest Swimming 205, 4. Virginia Gators 200.50, 5. Metro Aquatics 172, 6. Gulliver 157, 7. Peru 152, 8. Pine Crest Swimming 116.50, 9. Miami Swimming 113, 10. Greenwood 92, 14. South Florida Aquatic Club 79.

GIRLS 15-16 TEAM TOTALS: 1. Empire Swimming 267, 2. Clearwater Aquatics 178, 3. Gulliver 145, 4. Miami Swimming 112, 5. Greenwood 92, 13. South Florida Aquatic Club 27.

BOYS 15-16 TEAM TOTALS: 1. Virginia Gators 200.50, 2. Metro Aquatics 165, 3. Quest Swimming 159, 4. Clearwater Aquatics 120, 5. Pine Crest Swimming 91.50, 11. South Florida Aquatic Club 52.


200-meter freestyle:

15-16, 1. Nicole Urquidi, Gulliver 2:03.62; SOFLO: 33. Lilli Calero 2:22.09, 53. Carly Swanson 2:28.13; Open, 1. Jennifer Marquez, Azura 2:03.72; SOFLO: 28. Kylie Herman 2:14.74, 56. Abolade Oyetunji 2:19.83, 75. Astrid Rigau 2:27.24, 80. Whitney Johnson 2:31.71.

50-meter backstroke:

15-16, 1. Madison Conway, Clearwater 31.36; SOFLO: 16. Liz Travieso 34.18, 33. Star Fassler 35.90, 42. Carly Swanson 37.38; Open, 1. Clara Smiddy, AquaKids Sharks 28.75, FGC, Open records; SOFLO: 71. Astrid Rigau 38.89.

200-meter breaststroke:

15-16, 1. Kelly Fertel, Rockway 2:36.56; SOFLO: 2. Jessica Rodriguez 2:42.18; Open, 1. Emily Jurich, Pine Crest Swimming 2:39.42.

100-meter butterfly:

15-16, 1. Beatrice Thompson, Empire Swimming 1:03.25; SOFLO: 36. Jessica Rodriguez 1:13.77, 37. Natasha Testa 1:13.97; Open, 1. Madeline Banic, Quest Swimming 1:01.49; SOFLO: 54. Whitney Johnson 1:13.87.

400-meter individual medley:

15-16, 1. Beatrice Thompson, Empire Swimming 5:00.28; Open, 1. Megan Brown, Greenwood Swimming 4:56.94; SOFLO: 12. Kylie Herman 5:30.83.


200-meter freestyle:

15-16, 1. Alex Cronin, Jupiter Dragons 1:56.65; SOFLO: 14. Ryan Capote 2:03.05, 16. Juan Lucas 2:04.27, 18. Alfredo Mesa 2:04.54, 34. Jonathan Strod 2:07.34, 49. CJ Kopecki 2:10.21, 60. Cristian Rossi 2:14.25; Open, 1. Alexander Graudins, Pine Crest Swimming 1:51.71.

50-meter backstroke:

15-16, 1. Alejandro Carriazo, Metro Aquatics 27.88; SOFLO: 12. Gustavo Valery 29.50, 20. Juan Lucas 30.52, 46. Brandon Fratianni 35.71, 47. Bryan Moran 35.88, 51. Mathew Delvalle 38.52; Open, 1. Andrey Arbuzov, Unattached Miami Swimming 26.45.

200-meter breaststroke:

15-16, 1. Mitchell Irwin, Clearwater 2:28.95; SOFLO: 26. Tyler Gibson 2:56.99, 28. Brendan Cassie 2:58.82; Open, 1. Shane McNamara, Empire Swimming 2:16.79; SOFLO: 33. Bowie Suen 2:52.56.

100-meter butterfly:

15-16, 1. Alejandro Carriazo, Metro Aquatics 57.40; SOFLO: 13. Alfredo Mesa 1:00.89, 19. Juan Lucas 1:01.94, 24. Esteban Diaz-Velasco 1:03.29, 28. Ryan Capote 1:03.38, 32. CJ Kopecki 1:03.94, 51. Cristian Rossi 1:06.95, 62. Matthew Delvalle 1:13.42, 63. Brandon Fratianni 1:13.92; Open, 1. Carlos Herrera, Unattached-Azura 54.70.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com

Becca Mann Wins First National Open Water Title; Blake Manganiello Wins 18-And-Under Title

Becca Mann Wins First National Open Water Title; Blake Manganiello Wins 18-And-Under Title

By Sharon Robb

June 13, 2014—Former Clearwater Aquatics swimmer Becca Mann of North Baltimore Aquatic Club won her first national open water title Friday at the U.S. Open Water National Championships in Castaic Lake, Calif. and qualified for this summer’s Pan Pacific Championships in Australia.

Mann, 16, followed her race strategy staying within sight of the early leaders. With two laps to go, she made her move to overtake the lead and win in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 13.95 seconds,a seven-second margin of victory.

Olympian Haley Anderson was second in 1:59.21.55, Eva Fabian was third in 1:59.22.08 and Christine Jennings was fourth in 1:59.23.91.

Megan Rankin of University of Florida was ninth in 1:59.54.57. Summer Finke of St. Petersburg Aquatics was 19th in 2:04.14.01. Casey Francis of Pine Crest Swimming was 24th in 2:05.27.71.

In the men’s race, Andrew Gemmell, 23, of Wilmington, Delaware came from behind to win the men’s 10K title.

Gemmell also took the lead late in the race to win in 1:50.45.93. It was his second U.S. national title.

Jordan Wilmovsky of Malibu was second in 1:50.49.36, Alex Meyer and Sean Ryan tied for third in 1:51.30.28.

Miami’s Blake Manganiello, 18, of AquaKids Sharks finished in tenth place in 1:52.28.34 and won the 18-and-under title. He placed higher than the top three qualifiers for Jr. Pan Pacs. However, Manganiello will age up before the event and will not be eligible to swim. Brendan Casey (14th), Chris Yeager (16th) and Logan Houck (20th) qualified qualified for Jr. Pan Pacs.

Joey Pedraza of Azura Florida Aquatics, in early contention, faded to 15th in 1:54.44.32. Ryan Rosenbaum, 19, of Swim Fort Lauderdale and University of Florida was 17th in 1:54.48.67.

The top four men and women finishers earned spots on the U.S. open water team, for Pan Pacs in Gold Coast, Australia. The men’s and women’s 5K races are Saturday.

This year’s nationals are serving as the selection meet for several international competitions including Pan Pacs, Jr. Pan Pacs and Junior Worlds.

Sharon Robb can be reached at sha11cats@aol.com