By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, December 4, 2022—Michael Barber is looking forward to the Dec. 8-11 Speedo Winter Championships in Plantation.

The 10-year-old fifth grader at Gator Run Elementary School in Weston is qualified in six events: 50, 100 and 200 freestyle, 50 and 100 backstroke and 100 breaststroke.

After some great training with his Asteroids teammates and Coach Luis Soler, he’s looking to improve and drop time. It also helps that he loves swimming fast.

“When I move through the water I feel really fast,” Barber said. “I’m not the best runner, not the best thrower, but I’m pretty good at swimming. I’m happy I started swimming, it calls to me.”

Barber has been swimming for five years. His dad Dave, a former swimmer, first signed him up for summer and winter league teams in South Carolina, where the family was living at the time. He also competed in football and soccer leagues but found his niche in swimming. He loves scuba diving and snorkeling. At age 9, he got certified for scuba diving in three days.

“It helps getting a workout in five or six days a week,” Barber said. “I like that, it gives me something to do on the weekends and week days when I don’t have anything to do. You have to come to practice every day and put the work in to do good. When I’m in the pool I’m thinking about my technique and going fast. I really like swimming fast.”

Barber loves working with Coach Luis. “He’s a good coach,” Barber said. “He helps your development and knows exactly what’s going on. He’s working with me the most on my backstroke. My teammates have been really supportive, too.

“SOFLO is a hard-working team that has good coaches, good swimmers and good community,” Barber said. “I do like SOFLO a lot.”

Barber said his best meet so far has been this past summer’s BB Championships where he earned JO cuts for his first JO meet. “I went really, really fast…faster than I’ve ever gone before.”

Soler enjoys working with Barber and watching his progress.

“He is a great kid,” Soler said. “He works hard and is a rule follower. I have been coaching him for a few seasons now and he has consistently gotten better every season. I’m looking forward to seeing how well he is going to do at Winter Champs.”

Each TYR Swimmer of the Month receives a free TYR backpack. Barber joins SOFLO teammates Lincoln Callaway Coy (September), Jacob Jones (August), Ethan Hall (July), Adrian Rendon (June), Niccolo Miccolis (May), Alex Golding (April), Guillermo Mantilla (March), Tristan Dons (February) and Hashan Ekanayake (January) as 2022 TYR Swimmers of the Month.

SOFLO sponsor TYR is an American designer, developer and manufacturer of recreational and competitive swimwear, caps, goggles, triathlon gear and accessories and one of the nation’s top companies. TYR, created by athletes, is named for the Norse god of warriors in Germanic mythology.

The company’s mission statement is starting from, powered by and made for athletes, we strive to create and re-imagine technologies that enhance experience and performance at every level.

Among its male-sponsored athletes are 2020 Olympians Michael Andrew, Tom Shields, Nic Fink, Townley Haas, Bobby Finke, Patrick Callan, Hunter Armstrong, Brooks Curry, Zack Harting and Jordan Wilimovsky and other elite swimmers Matt Grevers, Maxime Rooney, Nick Albiero, Jacob Pebley, Coleman Stewart, Justin Ress, David Curtiss, Charlie Clark and Ryan Lochte.

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By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, August 8, 2022–Amber Connor is more than willing to work hard in swimming.

The Chapel Trail Elementary School fifth grader loves everything about the sport including the social aspect and dry land training.

“I like swimming with my teammates, I made a lot of friends,” Connor said. “At the same time I still have to focus on swimming. I really love dry land. I like pushups, crunches, running and all the types of exercises we do.”

Connor loves to support her SOFLO team. The last time SOFLO had a fundraiser she called all her relatives and told them “they had to contribute,” according to her mom.

Connor, 10, currently swimming with the Meteorites, will move up to Asteroids and work with Coach Luis this month. Her next meet is the Aug. 27 SOFLO/TYR Back To School Developmental Meet.

Connor has been swimming for four years. She learned how to swim and then joined SOFLO where she worked with Coach George and moved up the ladder from pre-team to Little Dippers and Dippers. Her older sister, Jiana, 14, also swims.

“I like the swimming competition the most,” Connor said. “I am competitive.”

Connor competed in an after-school soccer program but said swimming is now “the priority.”

Her favorite stroke is freestyle. “I’ve been getting a lot better with freestyle,” she said.

Connor has progressed with every swim meet. She was most happiest with the Last Chance Summer Invite when she got three Junior Olympics cut times in the 50 butterfly, 100 breaststroke and 50 freestyle. “I like the short, fast races,” she said.

Her goals for the season with Asteroids are to “get at least five more JOs so I can move up. I know I have to work hard and keep up.”

Her mom, Marsha, has watched her daughter become more disciplined with her time thanks to swimming.

“She is disciplined with her time and makes sure she gets to her classes on time,” Marsha said. “I’m glad she got involved with swimming just to have a set routine and be able to manage homework, school and swimming.”

She loves the fact that both of her daughters are involved in swimming.

“I love it because I never learned to swim when I was young. I knew living in Florida I wanted them to learn to swim when they were young. By them just going to swim classes I found out about swimming competitions. I entered them and never looked back.

“I think it’s taught them discipline. It gets them out of the house doing some form of exercise. I like swimming as an exercise sport. I’m learning how much time and commitment it takes.”

Connor said her mom supports her and motivates her on both her good and bad days in the sport.

“I let them know that setbacks in life are expected. Swimming teaches life lessons and setbacks happen. I let her know she can be down for a little bit but you have to get yourself back up and push harder because anything you want in life is not going to be easy. You have to make the effort.”

A normal day for Connor is school from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. After coming home and eating, she gets ready for swimming practice at 4. After dinner she does homework and then goes to bed. She also makes time for her favorite computer game Roblox. Connor hopes to swim in high school and would like to work toward a college scholarship.

Each TYR Swimmer of the Month receives a free TYR backpack. Connor joins SOFLO teammates Eva Ortiz (May), Sally Golding (April), Natalie Gembicki (March), Sofia Lugo (February) and Valentina Remmele (January) as 2022 Swimmers of the Month.

SOFLO sponsor TYR is a USA manufacturer of recreational and competitive swimwear, caps, goggles, triathlon gear and accessories and one of the nation’s top companies.

TYR, created by athletes, is named for the Norse god of warriors in Germanic mythology. Among its female-sponsored athletes are ESPY Sportswoman of the Year Katie Ledecky, 2020 Olympians Simone Manuel, Lilly King, Annie Lazor, Ashley Twichell and other elite swimmers Melanie Margalis, Molly Hannis and Kelsi Dahlia.

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By Sharon Robb
PEMBROKE PINES, March 25, 2021–Eric Ferrer found his favorite sport and it’s swimming.

Ferrer, 10, a fourth grader at Pembroke Pines West Elementary School, trains with Coach Luis Soler and the Asteroids.

Ferrer has been swimming with South Florida Aquatic Club for nearly three years and is improving with every meet. At last month’s Florida Gold Coast Short Course Yards BB Silver Championships South, Ferrer made four Junior Olympic cuts

“I didn’t like any of the other sports like soccer, it just got boring,” Ferrer explained.

After he was involved in taekwondo for five years and earned a black belt at age 9, his mom suggested swimming. Ferrer said taekwondo helped him with swimming with his “flexibility, confidence, muscles and strength.”

Ferrer and is younger brother Gabriel, a SOFLO Dipper, turned out to be naturals in the sport.

“I can to talk to my friends,” said Ferrer when asked what he likes so much about swimming. “I can get very competitive and I like that.”

Swimming also helps with time management and discipline, Ferrer said. He trains Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 5:30-7 p.m and Tuesday and Thursday, 7-8:30.

While he does every stroke and most events except the 100 butterfly and 500 freestyle, his favorite is the backstroke. He said his biggest meets have been BBs and JOs and attributed his success to several factors. He said his mom was a big help making him healthy smoothies before BBs and JOs.

“My mom’s good drinks with bananas and beets, stretching and practice,” Ferrer said. “I really liked JOs because having to come back for finals was fun. It was really hard swimming morning and night. I was tired but it was a good experience.”

Ferrer has several goals for the future including “getting 11-12 JOs cuts, to move up to Bronze and work on my breaststroke.”

Between school and swimming, Ferrer likes to bike and reads a lot, he said. Currently, he is reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

His mom and swimming chaffeur, Lily Ferrer said “We are very proud of him. He works really hard.

“He had already maxed out on taekwondo so we were looking for something more of an overall workout,” she said.

“We had friends that used to be a part of the club and told us about it. He had been swimming already since he was 5 so we figured that would be the next best move for him. Something individual but at the same time a team-oriented sport.”

Each TYR Swimmer of the Month receives a free TYR backpack.

SOFLO sponsor TYR is a USA manufacturer of recreational and competitive swimwear, caps, goggles, triathlon gear and accessories and one of the nation’s top companies.

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By Sharon Robb

July 4, 2016—Mariann Catalasan is breathing easy since she took up swimming four years ago at South Florida Aquatic Club.

Her doctor suggested she start swimming to help with her severe asthma that had her frequently visiting the hospital emergency room.

Catalasan, 10, a member of the Asteroids, has improved her lung capacity and breathing which has led to her improvement in swimming.

The Franklin Academy fifth grader got her first Junior Olympic cut in the 100 breaststroke at the Jesse Vassallo Invite in Pompano Beach.

“I was really happy because I got into the Junior Olympics so now I can compete,” Catalasan said.

Since the Jesse Vassallo meet, Catalasan got her second JO cut in the 50 breaststroke with a best time.

Catalasan is also seconds away from getting her cut in the backstroke which she hopes to swim at the July 9-10 Area 3 Championships in Islamorada, a last chance meet for swimmers trying to get cuts before the July 15-17 FGC Junior Olympics.

“I’m glad I started swimming,” Catalasan said. “My doctor recommended it because I got sick a lot. He said it was good for my lungs. I haven’t been in the hospital for three years.”

No one is happier about that than her mother, Grace, who has watched her daughter’s health and swimming improve at the same time.

“We wanted her to learn how to swim to be safe,” Grace Catalasan said. “When her asthma started in the fall the physician told us not to stop swimming, that it would help her asthma.

“At first she was just swimming for her health. Her lungs got better. We haven’t been to the hospital for three years. For us it’s the greatest thing. If she was not a swimmer I think her asthma would be worse. Now that she is breathing, she is trying to get better. I love being a swim mom and seeing her healthy.”

Swimming is a healthy form of aerobic exercise for people with asthma, especially for those whose symptoms are triggered by outdoor allergies or cold temperatures.

The advantages of water-based exercise for people with asthma include breathing warm, humid air. Research suggests that swimming regularly may improve lung function in people with asthma.

Catalasan credits her coaches for her improvement in the pool. After watching this past week’s U.S. Olympic Trials on television, she is more motivated than ever.

“I like being in the water and making friends,” she said. “I liked watching all the other swimmers try for the Olympics. I want to keep getting better so I can swim in high school, college and Olympics.”

The TYR Swimmer of the Month award, chosen by the SOFLO coaching staff, is awarded each month to the swimmer who excels at both swim meets and practice sessions. Each TYR Swimmer of the Month receives a free TYR mini backpack.

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By Sharon Robb

February 8, 2016—-Odin Farkas and one of his friends signed up for swim lessons three years ago.

Farkas stayed with it and is still swimming. His friend didn’t.

“I first started at a water park and did swim trials,” Farkas explained. “That got me interested. Then I came over to SOFLO and tried out. They said I needed lessons so I took them and worked my way up.”

Farkas, 12, a sixth grader at Silver Trails Middle School, is enjoying the sport and having fun whether he is training or competing. He is training with the Asteroids and Coach Luis.

The South Florida Aquatic Club swimmer starts the new year off as the TYR January Swimmer of the Month based on his performance at the Jan. 29-31 SOFLO Invite where he earned two more Junior Olympic cuts in the backstroke.

“I am really happy how I got my two backstroke cuts, the last two I needed,” Farkas said. “Now I have all my JO cuts for backstroke and I will be able to swim all three. I am happy about those swims and my breaststroke, too.”

It’s the most JO cuts Farkas has earned in swimming. He got a JO cut in the 50 backstroke in the 10-and-unders and 11-12.

“I like the competition, I have a chance to be competitive every day. It’s not like football or baseball where you have to wait for a game,” Farkas said.

“I hope soon I will be able to do a lot better in practice and get back into my rhythm. I want to be doing amazing at practice. I like it that I have a chance to be competitive every day.”

Farkas has been swimming for nearly three years. The sport has provided him with self-esteem, confidence, discipline and a healthy way to continue in a lifetime sport.

“I really like how it’s fun, No. 1,” Farkas said. “I don’t like sweating or feeling very hot in the summer time. The pool cools me off. I like being there with my friends, too, and talking to them at the pool.”

Farkas is also working on improving his time management skills which swimming has helped with.

“I am not the best at time management but I get my homework done, I get my swimming done, I make it to practice on time and go to sleep at a normal time. I am good enough at it to get by.”

Farkas plays other sports for fun, but swimming is his only and favorite team sport. He hopes to pile up a few more cuts at the upcoming Area 3 meet and have a good JO meet.

“I like to make sure I stay healthy with swimming,” Farkas said. “It’s a great sport that’s easy on your body and joints.

“I plan on staying in the sport for a few more years. I like it. I like how it is an everyday thing. I’m glad I started swimming.”

The TYR Swimmer of the Month award, chosen by the SOFLO coaching staff, is awarded each month to the swimmer who excels at both swim meets and practice sessions. Each TYR Swimmer of the Month receives a free TYR mini backpack.

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SOFLO’s Elizabeth Chevaldova Swims Best Times, Two JO Short Course Cuts At IMX/IMR Challenge

SOFLO’s Elizabeth Chevaldova Swims Best Times, Two JO Short Course Cuts At IMX/IMR Challenge


October 1, 2013

Elizabeth Chevaldova of South Florida Aquatic Club was all smiles.

The fourth grader saw all her hard work at swim practice pay off when she earned her first two Florida Gold Coast Junior Olympics short course qualifying cut times at the IMX/IMR Challenge this past weekend at Academic Village Pool.

Chevaldova, 8, earned her 100-yard freestyle cut on Saturday in a lifetime-best time of 1:11.79, dropping from her previous best time of 1:19.18. She also got her cut in the 50-yard backstroke on Sunday in 38.85, another best time, dropping from 41.43.

It is her second Junior Olympics meet she has qualified for. During the long course season, he made her 100-meter backstroke cut.

“I was very happy,” Chevaldova said. “I like my times. I love swimming. It’s fun and refreshing.”

Chevaldova and her family moved from New York City, where she qualified for the state championships, to South Florida when she was 7. She started swimming when she was 6 ½. She was involved in gymnastics and dancing but has decided to focus solely on swimming.

After a brief stint at another FGC club, Chevaldova and her two sisters signed up with SOFLO where they have been swimming for nearly a year.

“I try my best, I have been swimming good,” Chevaldova said. “I want to go to the Olympics. I would like to swim in high school and college.”

Chevaldova swims with SOFLO’s Asteroids program. “I like my teammates and my coach,” she said.

Chevaldova would like to try and make more JO cuts before the March 7-9 FGC Short Course Junior Olympics at Coral Springs. She is just milliseconds away from qualifying in the 50 breaststroke, 50 butterfly and 50 freestyle.

“I am excited about going to the Junior Olympics,” she said. “It was fun when I made long course, now I am going to my second JO meet.”

Her SOFLO teammates, the largest team in the meet, did well on Day Two of the competition. Several other swimmers made JO and senior championship cuts and swam best times.

SOFLO’s individual champions on Saturday were:

Michael Arias, 10, 100-yard individual medley, 1:12.05, JO cut, best time; 100-yard freestyle, 1:00.45, JO cut, best time.

Vanessa Mesa, 11, 200-yard individual medley, 2:27.91, JO cut, best time; 500-yard freestyle, 5:46.32, JO cut, best time.

Rafael Rodriguez, 11, 200-yard individual medley, 2:19.31, best time; 500-yard freestyle, 5:16.66, JO cut, best time.

Kathleen Golding, 12, 200-yard individual medley, 2:10.95, JO cut, best time; 500-yard freestyle, 5:11.73, JO cut, best time.

Katherine DeBarros, 13, 200-yard backstroke, 2:22.90, JO cut, best time.

Kevin Porto, 13, 200-yard backstroke, 2:08.75, JO cut, best time.

Kelley Heron, 14, 200-yard backstroke, 2:10.91, JO cut.

Three-time Jamaican Olympian Alia Atkinson, 24, 200-yard backstroke, 2:08.16, senior championships cut; 200-yard breaststroke, 2:14.87, SC cut; 400-yard individual medley, 4:25.08, SC cut.

Delanie Perez, 13, 200-yard breaststroke, 2:38.95, JO cut.

Ervin Marin, 13, 200-yard breaststroke, 2:21.32, JO cut.

Jessica Rodriguez, 14, 200-yard breaststroke, 2:28.45, JO cut.

Jordan Colon, 16, 200-yard breaststroke, 2:19.33, senior championships cut.



200-yard freestyle relay:

12-and-under, 1. SOFLO A 1:53.70, 3. SOFLO B 1:57.22, 4. SOFLO C 2:07.04, 7. SOFLO D 2:12.53, 8. SOFLO E 2:16.94; 13-and-over, 1. SOFLO A 1:43.96, 2. SOFLO C 1:47.43, 3. SOFLO B 1:49.48, 4. SOFLO D 1:56.50.

100-yard individual medley:

10-and-under, 1. Claudia Acosta, Hialeah 1:11.99; SOFLO: 2. Molly Golding 1:13.65, JO, 3. Katrina Del Vecchio 1:18.65, JO, best time, 7. Sara Quintero 1:20.29, JO, 8. Michelle Marinheiro 1:20.59, JO, 9. Kayla Cunningham 1:21.07, JO, best time, 11. Trinity Hoyos 1:22.95, JO, best time.

200-yard individual medley:

11-year-olds, 1. Vanessa Mesa, SOFLO 2:27.91, JO, best time; SOFLO: 2. Isabella DiSalvo 2:29.84, JO, best time, 3. Kyana Castro 2:35.14, JO, best time, 4. Valentina Carrion 2:48.73, 12. Lauren Siegman 3:23.44; 12-year-olds, 1. Kathleen Golding, SOFLO 2:10.95, JO; SOFLO: 3. Annita Huang 2:27.92, JO, best time, 4. Alexandra Crespo 2:29.11, JO, best time, 5. Marianna Serrao 2:29.74, JO, best time, 6. Anabel Vazquez 2:30.19, JO, best time, 8. Elise Larin 2:32.09, JO, best time, 10. Mikaela De Gracia, 2:41.00, best time, 11. Kellie Wilcox 2:42.04, best time, 13. Alana Acevedo 2:53.83, best time.

200-yard backstroke:

13-year-olds, 1. Katherine DeBarros, SOFLO 2:22.90, JO, best time; SOFLO: 3. Delanie Perez 2:28.90, 6. Jennifer Rodriguez 2:36.20, 7. Zariya Harris 2:37.67, best time, 9. Isabel Shashaty 2:40.23; 14-year-olds, 1. Kelley Heron, SOFLO 2:10.91, JO; SOFLO: 2. Jessica Rodriguez 2:19.90, JO, 3. Stephanie Mlujeak 2:23.32, JO, 4. Abolade Oyetunji 2:30.91, best time; 15-and-over, 1. Alia Atkinson, SOFLO 2:08.16, SC; SOFLO: 2. Melissa Marinheiro 2:12.93, SC, 3. Maria Lopez 2:16.89, SC, 4. Andrea Melendez 2:30.72, 5. Carly Swanson 2:31.28, 6. Jessie Cordero 2:33.25, 7. Astrid Rigau 2:34.99, 8. Emily Nunez 3:08.44.

100-yard freestyle:

10-and-under, 1. Claudia Acosta, Hialeah 1:01.22; SOFLO: 2. Molly Golding 1:05.52, JO, 3. Michelle Marinheiro 1:06.65, JO, 5. Sara Quintero 1:08.85, JO, best time, 8. Katrina Del Vecchio 1:10.14, JO, best time, 10. Kayla Cunningham 1:10.98, JO, best time, 14. Elizabeth Chevaldova 1:11.79, JO, best, 15. Trinity Hoyos 1:12.31, JO, best time, 17. Sally Golding 1:13.99, best time, 18. Erika Pelaez 1:14.93, best time, 21. Sarah Acevedo 1:17.25, best time, 22. Jena Legaspi 1:17.90, best time, 26. Jasmine Ahmet 1:22.12, 31. Daniela Barreto 1:24.47, 37. Sabrina Osorio 1:33.34, best time, 38. Sofia Osorio 1:35.12, best time, 39. Vivian Chevaldova 1:42.44, 41. Lara Chevaldova 1:46.56, 42. Kerry Cunningham 1:51.88, 43. Molly Masson 1:53.04, 45. Mariann Catalasan 2:00.04, 46. Kelly Miller 2:02.68, 47. Judith-Alison Natino 2:03.09.

200-yard breaststroke:

13-year-olds, 1. Delanie Perez, SOFLO 2:38.95, JO; SOFLO: 3. Jennifer Rodriguez 2:46.50, 7. Isabel Shashaty 3:10.68; 14-year-olds, 1. Jessica Rodriguez, SOFLO 2:28.45, JO; SOFLO: 2. Kelley Heron 2:35.37, JO, 3. Abolade Oyetunji 2:54.05, best time; 15-and over-year-olds, 1. Alia Atkinson, SOFLO 2:14.87, SC; SOFLO: 2. Maria Lopez 2:49.73, 3. Astrid Rigau 2:51.41, best time, 4. Andrea Melendez 3:00.43, 5. Victoria Hill 3:04.94, 6. Victoria Lumelski 3:05.13.

500-yard freestyle:

11-year-olds, 1. Vanessa Mesa, SOFLO 5:46.32, JO, best time; SOFLO: 2. Isabella DiSalvo 5:54.78, JO, best time, 3. Kyana Castro 5:55.38, JO, best time, 5. Valentina Carrion 6:43.50, 12. Celenia Lumelski 7:30.75; 12-year-olds, 1. Kathleen Golding, SOFLO 5:11.73, JO, best time; SOFLO: 2. Annita Huang 5:41.55, JO, best time, 4. Alexandra Crespo 5:49.63, JO, best time, 5. Marianna Serrao 5:50.12, JO, best time, 6. Anabel Vazquez 5:51.98, JO, best time, 8. Elise Larin 5:56.47, JO, best time, 10. Kellie Wilcox 6:21.06, best time, 11. Alana Acevedo 6:34.82.

400-yard individual medley:

13-and-over, 1. Alia Atkinson, SOFLO 4:25.08, SC; SOFLO: 2. Kelley Heron 4:50.43, SC, 3. Maria Lopez 5:02.09, SC, 4. Delanie Perez 5:05.70, JO, 6. Jennier Rodriguez 5:14.92, 7. Katherine DeBarros 5;19.59, 8. Victoria Hill 5:25.10, 10. Astrid Rigau 5:25.83, best time, 14. Zariya Harris 5:41.06, best time, 16. Jessie Cordero 5:50.69, 18. Clarisa Melendez 6:07.24.


200-yard freestyle relay:

12-and-under, 1. SOFLO B 1:59.66, 2. SOFLO A 1:59.89, 3. SOFLO C 2:07.17, 5. SOFLO D 2:09.42; 13-and-over, 1. SOFLO B 1:36.38, 2. SOFLO A 1:38.87, 3. SOFLO C 1:40.63.

100-yard individual medley:

10-and-under, 1. Michael Arias, SOFLO 1:12.05, JO, best time; SOFLO: 2. John Paul Handal 1:13.03, JO, best time, 3. Joseph Lee 1:14.36, JO, best time, 4. Nicolas Rossi 1:15.14, JO, 7. Zackary Harris 1:18.32, JO, best time, 8. Akira Huang 1:22.40, JO, best time, 14. Alex Golding 1:23.59, JO, best time, 16. Marcos Vazquez 1:28.81, best time, 19. Randy Smith 1:31.79, best time, 21. Alejandro Mateus 1:33.55, best time, 22. Thomas Bogota 1:33.64, 23. Tanner Gibson 1:33.81, best time, 25. Mark Andre De Gracia 1:35.16, best time, 32. Aldo Zepeda 1:42.04, 33. Odin Farkas 1:42.97, 35. Gabriel Ferdinand 1:46.65, 36. Erick Quintero 1:49.84, 37. Daniel He 1:53.12, best time, 38. Miguel Crespo 1:53.12, best time, 39. Chris Vasquez 1:54.99.

200-yard individual medley:

11-year-olds, 1. Rafael Rodriguez, SOFLO 2:19.31, JO; SOFLO: 2. Leonardo Mateus 2:24.40, JO, best time, 5. Derek Tom 2:43.07, best time; 12-year-olds, 1. Aaron Rodriguez, Hialeah 2:19.98; SOFLO: 5. Brandon Moran 2:29.04, JO, 8. Bryant Segui 2:32.07, JO, 13. Victor Rodriguez 2:47.26, best time, 14. Sebastian Sevilla 2:48.54, best time, 15. Gabriel Saavedra 2:50.72, best time, 17. Sebastian Sierra 2:53.80, 18. Ethan Hew 2:54.68, best time.

200-yard backstroke:

13-year-olds, 1. Kevin Porto, SOFLO 2:08.75, JO, best time; SOFLO: 2. Ervin Marin 2:11.34, JO, 3. Samuel Quintero 2:17.83, best time, 5. Andres Arias 2:28.11, best time; 14-year-olds, 1. Julio Horrego, Hialeah 2:02.82; SOFLO: 2. Esteban Diaz-Velasco 2:05.25, JO, best time, 3. Alfredo Mesa 2:09.66, JO, 4. Jonathan Strod 2:10.22, JO, best time, 6. CJ Kopecki 2:15.70, JO, best time, 7. Bruno Berti 2:17.77, 9. Matthew Menocal 2:21.40, best time, 10. Juan Osorio 2:23.71, best time, 12. Tyler Gibson 2:32.42, best time; 15-and-over, 1. Osmel Cereojo, Hialeah 2:06.17; SOFLO: 3. Gustavo Valery 2:08.85, SC, 4. Ryan Capote 2:09.98, SC, 5. Jordan Colon 2:10.99, SC, best time, 7. Simon Ortiz 2:20.64, 8. Bowie Suen 2:23.37, best time, 9. Baldwin Suen 2:23.61, best time, 12. Brendan Cassie 2:36.80.

100-yard freestyle:

10-and-under, 1. Michael Arias, SOFLO 1:00.45, JO, best time; SOFLO: 2. John Paul Handal 1:03.23, best time, JO, 3. Nicolas Rossi 1:04.02, JO, 4. Joseph Lee 1:04.88, JO, best time, 7. Zackary Harris 1:09.29, JO, best time, 11. Akira Huang 1:12.17, JO, best time, 15. Alex Golding 1:16.10, best time, 16. Marcos Vazquez 1:17.14, best time, 18. Thomas Bogota 1:21.60, 22. Randy Smith 1:23.00, best time, 25. Aldo Zepeda 1:24.36, best time, 27. Mark Andre De Gracia 1:25.83, best time, 28. Alejandro Mateus 1:26.21, best time, 30. Tanner Gibson 1:27.33, 34. Ian Chalmers 1:30.07, 36. Erick Quintero 1:31.28, best time, 37. Fernando Barreto 1:32.72, 38. Odin Farkas 1:33.09, 39. Chris Vasquez 1:35.74, 40. Daniel He 1:35.85, 41. Miguel Crespo 1:37.75, best time, 44. Gabriel Ferdinand 1:44.07.

200-yard breaststroke:

13-year-olds, 1. Ervin Marin, SOFLO 2:21.32, JO; SOFLO: 2. Kevin Porto 2:36.37, best time, 3. Samuel Quintero 2:36.65, best time, 5. Andres Arias 2:54.84; 14-year-olds, 1. Julio Horrego, Hialeah 2:07.48; SOFLO: 2. Jonathan Strod 2:28.43, JO, best time, 3. CJ Kopecki 2:29.44, JO, best time, 4. Juan Lucas 2:40.37, 5. Alfredo Mesa 2:42.14, 6. Tyler Gibson 2:42.80, 8. Matthew Menocal 2:44.89, best time; 15-and-over, 1. Jordan Colon, SOFLO 2:19.33, SC; SOFLO: 2. Bowie Suen 2:26.40, 4. Baldwin Suen 2:37.95, 7. Simon Ortiz 2:53.47, best time, 10. Federico Molina 3:04.00, 11. Bryan Moran 3:15.50, best time, 12. Marco Crespo 3:18.36.

500-yard freestyle:

11-year-olds, 1. Rafael Rodriguez, SOFLO 5:16.66, JO, best time; SOFLO: 2. Leonardo Mateus 5:33.96, JO, best time, 5. Derek Tom 6:23.39, 7. Roberto Garrido 6:46.12; 12-year-olds, 1. Bryan Rivero, Hialeah 5:27.57; SOFLO: 5. Bryant Segui 5:43.65, JO, best time, 7. Brandon Moran 5:48.14, JO, best time, 13. Sebastian Sierra 6:20.68, 14. Sebastian Sevilla 6:24.21, best time, 16. Ethan Hew 6:52.75, best time.

400-yard individual medley:

13-and-over, 1. Julio Horrego, Hialeah 4:16.09; SOFLO: 2. Jordan Colon 4:26.98, 3. CJ Kopecki 4:28.28, 4. Ervin Marin 4:29.69, 5. Juan Lucas 4:34.30, SC, best time, 6. Jonathan Strod 4:36.27, SC, 7. Kevin Porto 4:41.86, best time, SC, 9. Gustavo Valery 4:44.97, best time, JO, 11. Bowie Suen 4:51.26, best time, 12. Alfredo Mesa 4:52.24, 14. Esteban Diaz-Velasco 4:57.41, 15. Simon Ortiz 4:57.79, 16. Samuel Quintero 5:00.06, best time, 17. Matthew Menocal 5:01.02, best time, 18. Bruno Berti 5:05.76, 20. Baldwin Suen 5:24.03, 21. Brendan Cassie 5:42.87.

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